3 Tips for Cutting Foam for a Custom Gun Case from LaRue Tactical

This month many of us received the first issue of the “LaRue Accuracy Report” in the mail. The report is LaRue Tactical’s new “digest for the discriminating rifleman,” as Mark LaRue puts it. Boiled-down, the publication is an eighty-eight page seasonal catalogue (translation: catalog) full of product images and info, along with a few short articles […]

UK and US Hoplophobes: “Only Cowards Carry”

It started out with mild curiosity sparked by a SHTFPlan.com headline: With Knife Murders Spiking After Gun Ban, UK Urges ‘Save a Life–Surrender Your Knife. After all, this is the country that developed blunted “anti-stab knives,” after “doctors … lobbied … for kitchen knives to be redesigned [because] it could help to save lives.” What new […]

EDC For CCW: Benchmade 484

It doesn’t look too mall ninja-esque, but Benchmade’s new 484 folder has all the right moves for an EDC for CCW knife. It’s bombproof-strong and fully ambidextrous. And it’s not so big or scary-looking as to frighten the muggles. If anything, it might be just a little too sweet to haul around every day and risk […]

EDC For CCW: Chris Reeve Sebenza (Full Review)

Chris Reeve makes some legendary knives and the Sebenza is his masterpiece. This amazing knife is sharp enough to shave with and tough enough to stand in harm’s way. But it’ll cost you almost the price of a brand-new GLOCK (which is obviously not shown here.) Tyler Kee kindly lent me his pride and joy and […]

EDC For CCW: Cold Steel Hold Out III

Cold Steel’s Hold Out is aptly-named: it’s incredibly slender and lightweight. It also brings the heat in the blade department (three inches of it,anyway) with full flat ground AUS 8 that’s among the sharpest factory edges I’ve ever held. At just 2.4 ounces, it will fit comfortably in just about any pocket. And just like the […]

EDC For CCW: CRKT “Tighe Dye”

A defensive-oriented EDC knife will have different features from an EDC knife that will spend most of its time shaving kindling, sharpening pencils, or opening boxes. Despite its name, Columbia River Knife & Tool’s soon-to-be-released ‘Tighe Dye’ is no earthy crunchy granola-crumbling knife. It looks more like a small dagger from Assassin’s Creed, because its full […]

TSA and Logic. Do These Things Go Together?

Travel is kind of a pain in the ass, nowadays. In America (the largest developed nation without reliable, efficient passenger train service) you’ve got three choices – automobile, bus, and airplane. And for all it’s speed, convenience, and relative low-cost, flying has gotten to be the biggest pain of all, thanks to the legacy of […]

The Massad Ayoob Chronicles, Part III

Massad Ayoob is The Man, in more ways that one. On the job with Law Enforcement since 1972, he’s the go-to guy for the straight skinny on personal defense. This is the third in a multi-part series, the result of a telephone interview earlier this week. If you’ve not caught the other parts of the […]