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Color-Fill Carry: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day Smith & Wesson SHIELD

Today’s pocket dump comes from Dee in Florida who calls this his “slim carry.” It includes a color-filled Shield and a Kershaw Cryo II with a paracord lanyard attached.

I’m torn whether to ask about lanyards on knives or color-fill so I’ll let you guys decide what to debate. Have at it.

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  1. A rope tied to my knife seems to get in the way when skinning animals. I’d assume( I love that word) a lanyard would be convenient in a marine environment. To me brashly emblazoning the company’s logo on a firearm is a bit tacky, in my opinion the plastic guns look toy like enough with out the colors.

  2. I like a little color in a mostly darkened world. The Shield is a fantastic one to color, mine is zombie green. It’s not too brash. I do not like the lanyard on my knife however. I can see a legitimate use for one that is only a self defense carrier, but I use mine so much in a wet environment that it would be a bit nasty to place back into my pocket. I wipe it off before re-pocketing and a lanyard that is absorbant just would not do. I do agree with the “slim carry” title as my Shield is the slimmest carry gun I have.

  3. What do you use for color fill? I see it a lot.

    Womder what thye use.

    Back in the day, a lot of Smith shooter colored to barrel roll marks with white or gold.

    Always wondered, never asked.

    Dont like lanyards on knives. Gets in the way.

    • I’ve used my wife’s nail polish before. Stripe the lettering a few coats and lightly wipe away with acetone-free remover until only the colored lettering remains.

    • There is a specialist product called wipe off paint that is made for filling in engraved or embossed lettering, Alternatively any slow drying enamel could be applied and the excess wiped off.
      I don’t see the appeal of permanently coloring roll marks etc. but a temporary rubbing with chalk makes them easy to see and photograph.

  4. I like a small/ short lanyard on my pocket knives since I carry tip up. It creates a kind of pull tab for retrieving the knife and a bit of personalization for identification. Not overly huge fan of clown colors applied to weapons unless they’re raceguns.

  5. It would seem there are only two carry guns. Glock and shield. To be frank, the shield is a pos. I’ve fired several and they all have terrible triggers. I cannot understand how that gun became so popular.

  6. I carry a .40 Shield on my daily run with the mutt. How’d they become so popular? Well, a while back you could pick one up for $239 after rebate… As for the trigger, my EDC is a Glock 43 and I’m sure those who think the Shield’s trigger is awful wouldn’t like that either. Awful compared to my Gold Cups or the STI I own, or my old 5 -screw Smiths, but for a half-cocked striker it’s fine, as far as I’m concerned. I can knock down the row of plates with the Shield as easily as I can with the 43, or my 19 or 23.

    As for the color fill? I don’t think the person you’re pointing at will even notice. No real opinion on the lanyard, except I’d probably try to get by with just the belt clip.

  7. Color fill on this is terrible if you’re going to do it make it look professional or like it came that way white,gold or silver are decent and don’t make your gun look like a 3 year old was playing with it as far as lanyard on knives c’mon man it’s a folder not a fixed blade please remember we are dealing with actual tools here and every tool has a purpose. Don’t be a #mallninja

  8. I am at a loss as to what’s wrong with the trigger on a Shield
    Way better than a Glock
    Not as nice as a Sig 938
    All 3 are very popular carry guns we see here all the time


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