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Fox 7 out of Austin, Texas, is reporting that a Taylor, Texas, break-in was cut short the other week when a knife-wielding home invader got dumped to the ground by an armed homeowner.

Here’s how police say it played out:

Austin Sumpter, 23, was armed with a knife when he broke into a home in the 2300 block of Donna Drive on Monday, May 27 around 11:35 p.m.

The homeowner called 911, and before officers could get there, Sumpter made his way inside where the homeowner, who was armed, shot him.

When officers arrived, they found Sumpter lying on the front porch with a hole in his hip that he hadn’t had when he began his attack.

Officers found the knife he was carrying. It was in a sheath inscribed with the words “Hail Satan.” Sumpter was taken to a hospital, and following treatment, transferred to the local jail where he was placed under arrest and charged with burglary of a habitation with commission of a felony.

Guess that faith in Satan thing didn’t work out too well for Sumpter. The Great Dark One didn’t do much to protect his boy, who looks pretty sad in his mug shot still wearing his hospital gown. Guess he’s about to learn what hell is really like inside prison walls.

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  1. Why not cover the story of the right wing trump supporter that got busted before he could carry out his plan to kill black people and liberals? Oh, that’s right, I forgot, only left wingers are violent.

      • missy…Since you sound like a finger pointing democRat lint licker try to keep the following in mind before singling anyone out…The democRat Party owns the Legacy of Slavery, Segregation, Jim Crow, the kkk, lynching, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities that account for centuries of unspeakable horrors.

        So when you see such Racism happening it is the result of the racism passed down from the democRat Party; the perp just didn’t up and pull Racism from his butt all by his lonesome.

        Best thing for you to do is step up to hold the democRat Party accountable for its history of race based atrocities the same way the democRat Party held old tobacco companies liable for cancer, etc. FJB.

        TRUMP 2024.

    • Missy12 you kinda blew your credibility when you stated Joseph Robinett Biden had no daughters.
      Bot much?

      • It is interesting that the account didn’t seem to know that Joe Biden had daughters.

        You would think that is something a robot poster would be aware of, part of its programming.

        Regarding the claims about showering together, just on the basis of a perhaps fabricated diary entry I am not ready to prosecute Joe Biden.
        And there are plenty of times when dads shower with their 2 to 6 year kids, coming off of the beach at the outdoor enclosed shower at the beach house. Everybody has on the swimsuit you just spray off the kids.

        In America, most people are innocent until proven guilty, all we have here is someone stating in a diary that she has a memory of showering with dad, no claim of molestation much less evidence or testimony.

        But I understand the cult loyalty imperative, accuse Joe Biden while ignoring Trump’s many comments about dating his daughter, got it.

        • “Regarding the claims about showering together, just on the basis of a perhaps fabricated diary entry I am not ready to prosecute Joe Biden.”

          Its not fabricated, she has authenticated that point.

          Did Ashley Biden Call Childhood Showers with Her Father ‘Probably Inappropriate’ in Leaked Diary? >

          “Note: On April 29, 2024, Snopes changed the rating of this fact check from “Unproven” to “True” based on testimony provided by Ashley Biden.”

          • Thanks for the link!

            What I did not find was any accusation from Ashley Biden that her father actually molested her. What I did find was a quote from her:

            “Repeatedly, I hear others grossly misinterpret my once-private writings and lob false accusations that defame my character and those of the people I love.“

            • MajorLiar,

              Wow! There is apparently no depth to which you will not go to try (vainly) to defend your senile pedophile, is there??

              “And there are plenty of times when dads shower with their 2 to 6 year kids, coming off of the beach at the outdoor enclosed shower at the beach house. Everybody has on the swimsuit you just spray off the kids.”

              As she stated in her diary, the showers (i) did NOT occur “. . . coming off of the beach at the outdoor enclosed shower at the beach house . . .”, (ii) Ashley was NOT “2 to 6 [year] old kid”, and (iii) even Ashley (who admits in her diary that this, as well as other things that happened with her, her family, and friends was responsible for her being “hypersexualized” from her early teen years) calls the showers “inappropriate”. I wouldn’t even rate that as a “good try”, MajorMistake.

              And even if there is “no evidence” of the plethora of crimes and defalcations by the Biden Crime Family and its white trash members (“no evidence”????? Eyewitness testimony of “the Big Guy” meeting with Hunter, Jim, and their ‘business associates’??? Emails??? Bank records??? Yeah, “no evidence”, you lying cretin. ‘Evidence’ has a definition. You ought to read it, sometime.), you CONSTANTLY bray about Trump being a “proven” rapist, and a felon (in a trial and judgement that won’t survive appeal, and is known to all who followed it to have been a partisan kangaroo court). So, where is all the “evidence” against Trump???? At this point, we literally do not even know what “crime” Trump was supposedly unanimously convicted of.

              “But I understand the cult loyalty imperative, accuse Joe Biden while ignoring Trump’s many comments about dating his daughter, got it.” With the baseless crap you CONSTANTLY post, including literally unhinged defenses of a senile, stupid, serial child molester (which is documented in SO many public photos and videos that it has become a meme), and several “credible” accusations of rape (that seems to be the Leftist/fascist standard, innit???), you DARE to even comment about people supporting Trump being a cult???

              Do you even OWN a mirror, MajorMistake?? I mean, we KNOW you have no self-awareness (you make that manifest with every comment), but an intelligent, self-aware person might at least make an effort. Ah, I just identified the problem; “intelligent, self-aware person” – you are neither of those things.

              Sod off, swampy.

              • There are no mirrors in MinorLiar’s mom’s basement. He doesn’t cast a reflection.

        • “In America, most people are innocent until proven guilty, all we have here is someone stating in a diary that she has a memory of showering with dad, no claim of molestation much less evidence or testimony.”

          You moron – molestation does not always mean ‘sexual’. Biden showering with her was the “molestation”, inappropriate behavior, of any type, with a nude child (at) her (then) age is called ‘molestation’

        • Funny, Miner..”In America, most people are innocent until proven guilty,”..then, “But I understand the cult loyalty imperative,”..sooooo..Biden’s innocent until proven guilty, but those MAGA freaks with their cult loyalty – guilty as charged!!..even though there’s no evidence against them, and we really don’t even know what to charge them with, but hey, they’re MAGA, so they’re guilty!

        • MINOR49er you are again, a Liar. Trump never dated his daughter. But somehow you have to deflect for the perv, Sleepy Joe and his Hoe.

      • I think the Missy troll is just Miner in dr@g or maybe trying out a new set of pr0nounz.

    • It’s hilarious that you automatically assume this loser is a left winger.

    • Trump inspired violence does occur, and there is publicly available evidence to support that position:

      “Reviewing police reports and court records, ABC News found that in at least 12 cases perpetrators hailed Trump in the midst or immediate aftermath of physically assaulting innocent victims. In another 18 cases, perpetrators cheered or defended Trump while taunting or threatening others. And in another 10 cases, Trump and his rhetoric were cited in court to explain a defendant’s violent or threatening behavior.
      (MORE: 7 key questions about the threat of domestic terrorism in America)
      When three Kansas men were on trial for plotting to bomb a largely-Muslim apartment complex in Garden City, Kansas, one of their lawyers told the jury that the men “were concerned about what now-President Trump had to say about the concept of Islamic terrorism.”

      • What doesn’t inspire violence?

        Folks have been killed for sneakers, jackets, religion, gender, for creepypasta stories, romantic involvement, economic philosophies, political ideals, video games, respect and street-cred, for the sake of climate protection, to free captive animals, the solar cycle, etc…

        All just excuses crazy people use to justify their violence. Like none of this ever happened until Trump? You’re either 12 years old, motivated by partisanship at all cost or just completely disingenuous. In either case not worth paying attention to.

        • Cannibals killed Joe Bidens uncle because they were hungry, nothing personal, just hungry.

        • “What doesn’t inspire violence?”

          Joe Biden’s speeches.

          Yep, while serving in World War II, Joe Biden’s uncle did indeed go down in a plane in New Guinea, his body was never recovered. And it is true as Joe Biden said, there were cannibals in that area.

          That’s because, just like JFK’s brother, Joe Biden’s uncle served his country under fire. And his son Beau served in Iraq.

          No chance of Donald Trump‘s elders being anywhere near cannibals. Just like Donald Trump, his grandfather was a draft dodger who fled Germany to avoid military service and evidently Donald’s dad Fred had ‘other priorities’ during the war.

          • ‘”What doesn’t inspire violence?”‘..”Joe Biden’s speeches.”..righto, Miner, no one was ever inspired to violence after listening to one of Joe Biden’s speeches because they were laughing so hard at puppet boy they weren’t capable of violence.

          • “And it is true as Joe Biden said, there were c-a-n-n-i-b-a-l-s in that area.”

            The area, as in the ocean? That’s where the plane went down. The Puppet is a pathological liar.

            A two second search finds these mainstream articles:

            White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed on Thursday that President Joe Biden’s maternal uncle, Ambrose Finnegan, died during World War II when his plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean and was not eaten by c-a-n-n-i-b-a-l-s.

            Here’s a good one:
            Prime Minister James Marape said the people of his Pacific Island nation didn’t deserve to be called c-a-n-n-i-b-a-l-s after President Joe Biden implied his uncle’s body might have been eaten during World War II.

            And here you are still defending yesterday’s talking points (AKA lies) after Democrats were forced to abandon it.

      • minor49iq…If people are influenced by what they see from a POTUS then why aren’t you out sniffing hair, farting in front of Black Americans and pooping your pants in front of vets?

      • MINOR49er, Biden has inspired more violence along with Joker Hochul, and Grewsome Newsom with their decidedly blatant policies which encourage violent criminal acts.
        Just because someone invokes Trump’s name does not mean he is responsible, except of course in your Leftist world.

      • Can’t be the story Missy12 is thinking of, because neither it nor the linked story from The Hill (which is pretty neutral for today’s media) says anything at all about the thug being a Trump supporter.

        Apparently no one was racist before Trump invented the concept….

        • Well, I don’t think this story said anything about the perp being left winger. I think Missy assumes much.

  2. “Summer of Love”, Little Missy? Right leaning mostly mind our own business, while you the unemployed living in mommy’s basement can’t seem to? It’s because you don’t have any business to mind?

    • Because her kind are warped with the theory about a certain po, belief that acts more like a doomsday cult but have never studied the effects of the implementation.

      To her kind, if you can’t redwash history, you ignore it. Much like how the “Free Palestine” groups have obviously not studied the history of the region of the last 100-150 years. I couldn’t say whitewash because “white” is a trigger word to them.

    • Pistol would probably heal over without too much drama unless it got a really unlucky angle and caused a shatter instead of a hole punched through. Most long guns ……..well yeah your statement is likely to stick.

      • You’re probably right. If his pelvic girdle had been ruptured, I doubt he would have been released from the hospital the same day.

        • Sid,

          No “probably” about it – if the perp had taken a bullet in a bone in the pelvic area, it would have been several days, at least. Bullets are “dirty” for medical purposes, and a penetrated bone carries a high risk of bone infection (which is a stone B-I-T-C-H to cure!!). No, it had to be a flesh wound. And to the shooter – better shot placement, if there is a next time, eh???

  3. According to the article about a week ago low shots are no good.
    I doubt the perpetrator will file time in a prison.
    County DOC is my guess.
    Strange that after being shot he sheathed his knife, it seems he would have just dropped it. Perhaps he wasn’t wielding the knife?
    I suppose the story wouldn’t have sounded as good as ” Man with sheathed knife trys to gain entry into a home and is shot.”
    And off topic a little, if Satan was such a fck up and God is all knowing why did God cast Satan down here with us?,,,,, LOL. I guess so we could vote for Biden🤪

    • I doubt the perpetrator will file time in a prison“

      You are probably correct, from the photo he doesn’t appear to be one of the ‘usual suspects’ as y’all put it so this story will just kind of go away after a week or so.

      Right, if God is so loving and all powerful, why does he tolerate evil happening to good people?

      Why did he give the Earth to Satan to rule over, and torture God’s children that he ‘loves’ so much?

      From the evidence I’ve seen, there ain’t no ‘Satan’, and there ain’t no God or if there is it don’t give a shit about us humans.

      • I tend to agree with you, miner. If there was a God you would not be here. You, hillary, biden, hitler, mao, stalin, all proof God does not exist.

        • Free will is proof that God loves us. Without free will, we’d be slaves. You’d never know to appreciate the good without the bad. What would mean more to you, an honorary degree (etc.), or one that you had to work for?

          • But is there really free will in religion?

            As I understand the doctrine, God knows the future so he knows the fate of every soul he creates before he creates that soul.

            Under the doctrine, God controls everything, so he knew who would backslide before he created them. Therefore, their fate is in his hands, not theirs.

            And God takes free will at a whim, as he did when he hardened pharaoh’s heart.

            Pharaoh was going to let the Jews go, but the lord hardened his heart rather than letting pharaoh follow his free will to do the right thing and let the people go.

            Therefore, the murder of Egypt’s first born is upon God’s hands, he sent the angel of death to kill the first born so the blood guilt is his.

              • Kloran

                Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
                Publication date
                Ku Klux Klan (1915- )

                Extra points if you can figure out why they gave it that title.

                P.S. Muhammad was white. We know that because it is mentioned multiple times in the Quran, also romanized Qur’an or Koran. (The form Koran was most predominant from the second half of the 18th century till the 1980s, when it has been superseded by either Qur’an or Quran.) He also instituted black African slavery that still exists in Muslim countries to this day.

            • Note that it also said that Pharaoh hardened his heart. This is not a case of God removing Pharaoh’s free will. God doesn’t do that. This is a case of Pharaoh reacting to God’s presence with defiance; a hardened heart.

              If my little kids are being too rowdy in an adjacent room, I could tell someone that I’m going to walk into that room, give them a stern look, and they will settle down. I know they’ll react to my presence that way because they’re my children. It doesn’t mean that I altered their behavior by removing their free will.

      • I think God cares about humans less then he does about the other creatures of His earth.
        Humans,The only species that destroys itself along with the ground it inhabits.
        Without (modern)humans the water and air would still be pure.

      • MINOR49er. God has allowed us to have free will to make decisions for ourselves. After all, he allows you to deny Him and does not smite you. IT seems however, that you Lefties love the fact that criminals have free will to take violent criminal acts against the defenseless. And you do want us all to be defenseless, don’t you?

      • MajorMoron,

        Once again, you prove your COMPLETE ignorance of Christianity.

        “From the evidence I’ve seen, there ain’t no ‘Satan’, and there ain’t no God or if there is it don’t give a shit about us humans.”

        Walter and a couple others have already told you how bombozzlyingly ignorant your comment is, but I’m happy to pile on. “Free will” is a CENTRAL tenet of both Christianity and Judaism (Really!! You should study it, sometime!). God gave us free will precisely so we would NOT be automata; humans are inherently unpredictable (other than to the extent Hari Seldon could predict broad outcomes, due to ‘psychohistory’, if you are literate enough to pick up the reference) and chaotic, and, yes, possessed of “free will”.

        And you find it persuasive that you have seen (at least in your tiny little mind) “no evidence” of God or of Satan? Gee, that’s certainly a persuasive argument!! What “evidence” have you seen of bosons?? Care to cite me actual “evidence” of “climate change”, and the “evidence” that what you are calling “climate change” is primarily caused by factors OTHER THAN naturally-occurring events? The “hockey stick”, perhaps??? “Climate models” (which have, quite literally, NEVER correctly predicted a damn thing)??

        You idiot Leftist/fascists constantly tout your “belief in science”, and y’all can’t even DEFINE science (Hint: it has NOTHING to do with “consensus”). I’m glad you are a Leftist/fascist, MajorMoron; I’d be embarrassed to have you on the conservative/libertarian side . . . not that there’s any chance of that. Like the Scarecrow, you’d have to get a brain, first.

    • From the article you cite:

      “The Trump administration ordered the ATF to short circuit the pending legislation by reclassifying bump stocks as machine guns, despite the agency’s earlier approval of them as legal semi-automatic accessories.”

      The agency’s earlier approval was during the Obama/Biden administration, which also oversaw the restoration of the right to carry firearms in federally managed national forests, parks and BLM lands under the 2009 CARD Act.

      • Wow, miner. goebbels would have been so proud of you. Spin, spin, spin.

        There must not be a single mirror in your house.

        • No spin, just the actual facts of history.

          Is there some fact I mentioned in my post you believe is incorrect, if so what?

          • Spin doctor. You know that the only reason that corrupt admin signed the card act was because they needed that win to brag about. You act as though they went above and beyond for gun rights when you know that they would have preferred not to have guns attached to that bill.

            You are a shameless troll.

            • “the only reason that corrupt admin signed the card act was because they needed that win to brag about“

              What issue did they need a win on?

              The CARD act addressed predatory lending practices, wouldn’t most working people want an end to predatory lending practices?

              C’mon, y’all remember those guys, up and down the boulevard right outside the main gate,‘We finance E3 and above! Buy here, pay here!” With our easy (high) pressure payment plan, you miss one payment and we’ll take all your shit…

          • Generally telling the whole story or enough of it in context to show what other factors were involved in the otherwise uncharacteristic behavior shown above. But lies by omission are handy tools for crafting narratives.

            • “lies by omission“

              Would you care to be more specific, or are you sticking to vague generalities because you ain’t got shit of substance?

          • MINOR49er, you would not know what a fact was even if one came and smacked your puss.

  4. Really going to make everyone watch as we dig up how Obama wanted funding for the rest of his agenda in basic running of government and threw a minor concession to gun owners to get it again? You or your predecessor(s) have pushed this tired assed bullshit of hollow lies for years and it’s still as much of a lie of omission as it would have been a decade ago. Now run along or post your next contrived talking point.

    • “how Obama wanted funding for the rest of his agenda in basic running of government“

      Do you really believe that or are you just lying to prove your loyalty to the cult?

      The fact is, the CARD Act of 2009 had nothing to do with funding the government.

      “The Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 is a consumer protection law that was enacted to protect consumers from unfair practices by credit card issuers by requiring more transparency in credit card terms & conditions and adding limits to charges and interest rates associated with credit card use.“

      You see, Republicans are in the pocket of the big financial institutions who are ripping off consumers like you and me, and the CARD act was passed to protect working folks from these predatory lending practices that allow the money lenders to screw you.

      “A large part of the Credit CARD Act of 2009 is designed to encourage the flow of information to allow consumers to make more informed choices. For example, the CARD Act requires credit card companies to inform consumers on every statement how long it would take to pay off their debt if they only made the minimum payment. Additionally, the CARD Act requires credit card companies to inform consumers on how they can access their annual credit report.“

      This is just further proof that conservative Republicans don’t give a shit about the working class, why are they not out front leading the charge to protect citizens from the money lenders’ predatory practices?

      That’s the part y’all don’t want to admit. the CARD Act of,free to cancel the account.

        • “Republicans managed to get national park carry inserted into a “must-pass” bill“

          Nope, the article is still lying.

          I posted actual text showing the facts, all you have is childish insults.

      • MINOR49er, If your CARD ACT is so wonderful and not a method to enrich the Federal Government, can you tell me why the fines levied in enforcing this law, go to the government coffers rather then to the people who were allegedly “victimized by the predatory financial institutions?

    • “a minor concession to gun owners“

      Sad, you just can’t help yourself.

      Abolishing the Reagan administration prohibition on guns in national lands, opening up over 200,000,000 acres to the lawful carry of firearms and giving control back to the states is a “minor concession”?

      “National Parks/National Wildlife Refuges: As of February 22, 2010, Section 512, Credit CARD Act of 2009 (54 USC § 104906 and Title 36 Chpt. 1 Part 2 § 2.4) took effect changing federal law to make park firearm regulations reflect state law. For example, if a state allows open carry and/or concealed carry or loaded/unloaded firearms in vehicles, carrying a firearm or possessing loaded/unloaded firearms in a vehicle is allowed in a National Park in that state.“

      “Currently, 193 million acres of land is designated national forests, located in 42 states“ the 84.9 million acres,acres are located in Alaska.&text=National Forests: In 1891, the,to designate public land reserves.

      So, would you be kind enough to tell the group exactly how many millions of acres of taxpayer land where Donald Trump restored the right of Americans to bear arms?

      • Ooh touched a nerve to get that wall of text. LOL keep posting you may get a reward in your denial of basic reality.

        • Again, would you be kind enough to tell the group exactly how many millions of acres of taxpayer land where Donald Trump restored the right of Americans to bear arms?

          Like the Obama/Biden Administration did…

          • MINOR 49er are you denying that the Biden Administrations is trying to disarm America?

            • Talk is cheap.

              Actions speak louder.

              So, would you be kind enough to tell us exactly how many millions of acres of taxpayer-owned land where Donald Trump restored the right of Americans to bear arms?

            • “You are positively frugal both in context and content.“

              economical in use or expenditure; prudently saving or sparing; not wasteful“

              Why yes, I do strive for economy of words and language, although I think it’s best to quote actual text when citing a particular source.

  5. Those supporting 1 political party over the other and arguing crap policies and talking points need to realize neither party is working for your best interests or for what is best for the country. And, as a politician, that does include Trump.
    Republicans are not the solution to our problems, but the Dementiacrats are the cause of most of them.
    Any elected official from local township officers to the white House are tools to be used and removed/retired as soon as they no longer serve the needed purpose. While I do support much of Trumps agenda, he is as we all know, a self absorbed, self promoting politician. Come November, vote for whomever you believe is the best option. But at least stop pushing politically driven lawfare and twisting and stretching the laws to make minor misdemeanors into felonies.

    • It’s amazing how long people manage to live without ever getting it. It’s the lukewarm attitude of people like you that has allowed this country to fall into it’s current state. You think you’re standing above the fray by denouncing everyone. You’re actually outside of it, like you’re too good for it.

      “Oh no, Trump is a narcissist. Oh no, he’s an egomaniac.” Do you not understand why Rand Paul didn’t win the nomination in 2016? Do you not understand why someone like Thomas Massie will never be the president? If you haven’t figured it out by now, then I doubt you ever will, along with many others, to the detriment of our country.

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