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Pity poor Joe Biden. Every day he’s out in public makes him a convenient punchline for more jokes about diminished mental capacity and inappropriate touching of women and children. Yesterday he paused in a Delaware church to dispense more of his invaluable personal defense advice for America’s police officers who are currently occupied, trying to quell nationwide rioting:

“When there’s an unarmed person coming at them with a knife or something, you shoot them in the leg instead of in the heart.”

Obviously fifty years of feeding at the taxpayer trough has made Uncle Joe a subject matter expert in all things firearms- and self-defense-related. This is the guy who tells people to fire a couple of blasts from a shotgun in the air or blindly through a door when they think prowlers are lurking about.

“You don’t need an AR-15—it’s harder to aim,” he wisely noted. “It’s harder to use, and in fact you don’t need 30 rounds to protect yourself. Buy a shotgun! Buy a shotgun!”

Now, to much anticipation, the former veep has offered his latest bit of wisdom for the nation’s law enforcement community: they should shoot “unarmed” knife-wielding bad guys in the leg.

From Yahoo News:

Joe Biden said Monday that police under attack in the line of duty should shoot their assailants “in the leg instead of the heart” as a way to avert the killing of civilians.

“Instead of standing there and teaching a cop, when there’s an unarmed person coming at them with a knife or something, you shoot them in the leg instead of in the heart is a very different thing. There’s a lot of different things that could change,” Biden said in a meeting with community leaders at Bethel AME Church in Wilmington, Del.

Never mind that someone possessing a knife is very much “armed.” A knife can and will cause devastating injuries. And much like a gun, even an idiot can inflict horrific injuries with a blade.

What’s more, just hitting a moving attacker is incredibly difficult, especially as you may be moving also, behind obstacles, barricades or cover of some sort. That’s why every (actual) personal defense expert advises that defenders aim for center mass.

Trying to hit a leg out of some misplaced concern for the well-being of an attacker with murderous intent is a special sort of virtue signaling stupidity.

Here’s the video of Joe imparting his decades of expertise on a group of supporters.

Bless old Beijing Joe‘s heart. Maybe he should go back to gumming tapioca pudding and watching Lone Ranger reruns on TV instead of trying to take our guns and our right to self-defense.


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    • This only works if you have a balcony. He said to walk out on the balcony and fire off two blasts. The balcony is important, without it, the plan goes all to pieces.

      In the next stimulous bill, I demand that Congress provide every American home with a proper balcony.

      One sufficient to fire off two blasts from.

      Um, at the leg of course, because blowing off a leg with a 12 gauge is less lethal than the other thing.

      But only from a balcony.

      This may pose a problem for some, such as my home is a single story. So the balcony may need to come with a bigger house.

      Important to get those details right!

      • On a single story …your porch or patio or maybe a deck can substitute…make sure barrel is pointed AWAY from the dwelling.
        What if I use my flamethrower? What is the proper placement for THAT?

        • I’m not endorsing Joe’s tactics, but I will say it works if you have a back deck, and you want the kids rolling your back yard to leave and never come back. Don’t ask me how I know.

      • Let’s do get the details right enuf…On one hand it’s mild mannered criticism of biden while on the other hand the POTUS is called “excrement” on numerous occasions. Obvious whose camp you’re in whether you think so or not.


        • If you cannot handle having excrement in the oval office, you should have voted for a round toilet instead.

          Do not blame me for your poor voting habits or bathroom fixture choices.

  1. We have VASTLY different about what “unarmed” means…
    so I guess when he defeated razor wielding Corn Pop …he defeated an UNARMED man…hmmmm

    • a knife can penetrate a vest that a bullet cannot…need to keep that in mind…

      • so can an ice pick…and a sturdy pen…a screwdriver…an arrow…an axe…pointy tree branch
        be willing and able to improvise
        and armor only covers so much

  2. Haha, that’s one of the best images of Creepy Joe ever.

    Dumb advice is dumb. Knife less than 21 feet= good shoot.

    • The pic at the top of this page is perfect. Trump’s campaign should release a commercial consisting of nothing more than a video montage of Joe leaning in to dozens of women (and girls) and sniffing their hair. All to the sound of stripper cabaret music playing in the background. End with the simple words, “And this is only what the cameras saw…”

      • All to the sound of stripper cabaret music playing in the background.

        That there was funny!!!

  3. I’ve worked several homicides involving edged weapons and other non-firearm weapons. The victims were very dead. Seen two men disembowled. That’s a sight that sticks with you. In old Memphis, TN you could legally carry a Navy Colt, but not a Bowie knife. If you’ve ever seen a wound inflicted by a handgun and a severe knife wound you would understand why. Slow Joe must have failed anatomy. Has he never heard of the femoral artery? Might as well cut someone’s throat. Me? I’m more afraid of a large knife than I am a handgun. Just me.

    • Bullet might do through and through…knife is usually very personal…twisted…ripped…
      Ugh….nasty thoughts.

      • Someone should take Creepy Joe to a morgue to show him real knife wounds. I’ll bet he will lose his lunch in 30 seconds to a minute.

  4. Joe’s just another guy you can tell has never been in an actual fist fight (I don’t buy the Corn Pop stories at all, either that or they’re true and Joe is literally retarded) yet still feels the need to dispense advice on something he knows fuck all about.

        • I agree 100%. The difference is Trump actually has his own ideas on running the country. Take away Joe’s BSing and his earpiece where people are telling him what to say and what’s left?

  5. Geez S L O W Joe I have seen someone stabbed. Not fun. Oh and boo-lit’s do funny thing’s. Like penetrate a spine and cause paralysis. Or render you sterile😖

    • Or really cool shit like allowing your entire bowel tract to spill out on the floor/ground as the victim stares in shock and horror (still standing) before they start frantically attempting to shove all that back inside their body (unsuccessfully)….

  6. They should let sleepy/creepy Joe do the Tueller drill with someone coming at him from 21 feet with a training marker knife. He would probably shit his pants (depends) and never get the gun out of the holster. Taking advice from an idiot makes you more of an idiot.

  7. Like they say around Boston (MA, not KY): Joe is wicked smaht.

    In South Boston, they would add: bless his heart. 😉

    • I grew up in Boston, KY back in the good old days when Hardin County was dry. I would LOVE to see creepy Joe make a campaign stop at the Boston Food Mart during lunch to connect with us hillbillies.

      Maybe he has some hunting wisdom he could impart to us.

  8. Personally I’ve been shot & cut up with a blade,
    (As long as you survive) if I had to choose only one,
    I’d take a bullet over the knife , Ooooh so much more painful the knife is… but on the upside , the knife leaves really gruesome scars, chicks I used to hang with thought scars were sexy… but I grew up in a rough neighborhood.

  9. I’m sure that’s the same rulings of engagement his Secret Service detail will use if. He is attacked by a knife wielding assailant or offended husband or protective father.

  10. That poor little girl at 1:34 in the video does her best to pull away from Joe to avoid his kiss, but there was nowhere to go. He wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

    • NOT if I shoot you in the leg, smallest piece I carry is a 10mm, it will take OFF your leg and bleed you out like a stuck hog”” (220 grain hard cast lead @ 1050 fps/540 ft.lbs.)

  11. Sleepy Joe was probley refferancing the man shot dead while walking away from cops. His mind gets stuck on past events that get alot of attention. I’ve been cut, stabbed and I’ll take the bullet if I’ve got a choice.
    However I’ll say this, if you can kneecap an assailant before he/she or it gets to you, then do it, as it’ll be far better for the mindset in the future. On the other hand if given no choice drop em like hot rock, as you have the right to defend yourself and loved ones. Self preservation is instinct. Shooting a person fleeing or walking away is murder not self defense and should be delt with as such.

  12. In a battle of wits, Slow Joe is unarmed.

    When I think that this ancient @ssh0le might become President, I wonder wtf happened to my country.

    • Creepy Joe as president will either have a “medical incident” or be medically retired. Then it is whoever is the vice-president that is the concern.

  13. Joe Biden, a total blubbering idiot is giving POG (people of the gun) firearm handling advice?. The guy doesn’t even where he is half the time. He has never been in a close confrontation with a drugged out hippie meth maggot. Reality dictates that you shoot center mass until you stop the threat. I prefer the Mozambique drill (two to the chest and one to the head) preferably with a 7.62 X 51 or 12 gauge foster slugs or larger, I think Browning makes a 338 win mag in a BAR rifle. .

  14. Sniff sniff. Damn, who farted? Oh, it’s Creepy Joe talking our of his as again. He doesn’t use Listerine.

  15. I’m by myself in the shop working on guns, no one else in the house and I’m cringing….

  16. If you are Black and you do not vote for joe…You are not Black…Thus is the claim of slave master joe. Almost daily the lily white a-hole joe boasts how he is the one Great white hope for Black Americans. That is until it’s time for joe to hold his very own democRat Party liable for Monetary Reparations. That’s Monetary Reparations for slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the KKK, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based democRat Party atrocities.
    Instead joe and his democRat ilk attempt to blame others for what their democRat Party is clearly guilty of all while the evidence against the democRat Party is overwhelming..Until Black Americans wise up and escape the democRat Party plantation and hold the democRat Party liable for Reparations they will remain stuck on stupid.
    Bottom line…It makes as much sense for a Black American to belong to the democRat Party as it does for a Jew to belong to the nazi party.

    • All that reparations stuff–it’s their guilt talking. Either that or they are simply buying votes.

      • Buying votes with unfulfilled promises has been a mainstay of the democrat playbook. Since at least the 60’s. Worked to keep many people of various races,colors and creeds. Down on the modern day plantation of welfare, rundown public housing and inadequate schools.

    • He’s also no longer fit to be armed with anything more dangerous than a popsicle stick.

      • Jeez, Dys, don’t you know he could take an eye out with that? No popsicle sticks for creepy Slow Joe; nothing more than a wet noodle.

    • Should Joe win then next February the media and democrats will agree with you as they pull out the 25th amendment.

      • That’s a good one! They would only do something like that to their enemies. They have zero principles.

  17. He also wants to stop “transferring weapons of war” to the police. By his definition, that seems to be anything other than a musket or double barrel shotgun.

  18. Gee, I dont know. Last gangbanger methhead with a knife that made a California headline killed 66% of the people he attacked. Better odds than all the Cali spree shooters combined in the same year. Well, if its any consolation, he already forget what he said and has molested 2 or 3 young women while getting coffee.

  19. Well…comedians don’t have to look very far with this guy…makes their job really easy
    might even put them out of work…

  20. Yup, shoot someone in the leg so that the bullet misses and hits and kills an innocent bystander and then go to jail and get sued, great idea!

    I do agree with the shotgun for home defense, with pups you don’t have to worry about having just 5 shots…but of course if you need more than 5 shots your aim is way off, or to afraid to hit a person.

  21. He needs to stay out of churches. And after this I wouldn’t trust that churches pastor ever again. For inviting him in. Like inviting in a vampire.

  22. Morons who qualify to be president of the brain injury ward should not offer insane advice.

  23. Gropin’ Joe is just doing what democrats do… saying or doing anything to anybody at anytime to get them to vote democratic… its the same thing that Kamala Harris did to Willie Brown to get her political career started… Joe just doesn’t have to go to his knees in front of everyone… they let him do that in the car or backstage

  24. Well well the words of truth, How does anyone get so much stupidity in one head.

  25. Shooting the leg increases chances of the bullet passing through the offender and hitting an innocent bystander.

  26. I always aim for the right testicle, always. Thank you all for watching another episode of Dementia Joe!

  27. This is the Idiot they want to be President? He’s gonna get railroaded in choosing a token vice president. Either him or trump, hmm. At least trump is being hard on trade. Biden is worthless and gonna cave to the powers that be. Lame choices.

  28. It would be fun to watch if Governor Sarah Palin were to challenge Creepy Joe Biden to go skeet or trap shooting with her. Only 12 gauge, 3&1/2″ chambering allowed. They could then take the Alaskan guide qualification course where they have to shoot a simulated charging bear. They could end the shooting session by gunning down an innocent Caribou with a 7mm Magnum. (I confess that I would enjoy observing the resulting undamped harmonic oscillations.)

    When it is time for the Presidential debates, Trump can designate Governor Palin as his surrogate. She kicked his ass before. She can do it again. As an added bonus, Creepy Uncle Joe Biden would yield to the temptation to sniff her hair and grope her on live television. Then we could all enjoy watching Governor Palin give Creepy Joe a physical ass kicking.

    • Let’s keep it real, vice president to vice president.

      Dick Cheney, after a few two many martinis in the duck blind, blasted a fellow Hunter in the face with a shotgun.

      Plus there’s that whole Iraqi war of lies with hundreds of thousands dead.

      Joe don’t seem so bad when you think about the alternatives…

      • Yes, Miner, let’s keep it real.

        1. Dick Cheney is a joke and I’m pretty sure he isn’t running for president.

        2. I’m glad you’re upset over the Iraq invasion. You should be. I’m sorry to inform you that your boy, Joe Biden voted for that war. There’s a photo of Bush signing the resolution with Joe standing nearby smiling more than anyone in the room.

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