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A Walther and a pair of spare mags make up this pocket dump. Walther manufactures some good, reliable guns – guns capable of solid accuracy. What caught my eye is that the spare mags don’t appear to have holsters or pouches of their own.

If you carry spare mags do you just drop them in your pockets or bags/packs/purses or do you make a point to use a holster or pouch? And if you do carry them in your pocket or bag do you believe you will be able to retrieve and reload with no problems while under duress?


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  1. I’ve never carried more than one spare magazine.
    I have found a few organizer panels that are flat with pouches and elastic.
    The organizers are flat and hold a mag, Leatherman and about 8 feet of Paracord.
    The back panel is Velcro and helps to keep it up right in my front left pants pocket.

  2. Yes and yes. “Loose” in left rear pants pocket and yes, I can retrieve and reload from there with left (weak) hand at a speed I find acceptable. And third yes, I do train that way. I just hate cleaning the mags I drop on ground while training.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all.

  3. Some pants, jackets, or bags have integral mag pockets or loops. I’d want something that keeps a mag oriented and in position so I can locate and index it without searching or digging for it.

  4. I almost always were 5.11 pants or shorts, so I carry my spare mag in the cell phone pocket (which doesn’t fit my iPhone anyway). If I’m dressed up, I use a belt pouch.

    • Is that what that pocket on the left front is for? I always used it as a spare mag pouch. It fits perfectly.

  5. When I carry my Ruger .45, my favorite holster doesn’t have a mag holder. I do have a two mag, outside the belt carrier, but it prints through all my shirts, so I seldom add it when I dress. I guess – if I weren’t so lazy – I would go buy a better mag carrier, but I haven’t. What I do is stuff the two spare mags in a cargo pants thigh pocket with velcro flap, or in a front pocket if I am wearing slacks. Either way, I know I’m sacrificing some speed, that isn’t really an issue since I am already old and slow – if I cannot stop a threat with 8 rounds AND I am still functioning – the extra second or so dragging a mag out of my pocket just doesn’t seen that high on my, “Oh my God” list.

    For my other carry weapons, the holsters include mag pouches, that don’t print.

  6. I like the Crossbreed pocket mag pouch. It keeps the mag oriented in a back pocket. They might also work in a front pocket.

  7. Who the heck has a light on their EDC? Let alone having 10 lbs of crap in your pocket. I really question some of these.

    • So do I.

      Pristine pistols and large knives.

      I have some bad news for some. knives as defensive weapons…Jury’s usually take a dim view to slicing and stabbing someone multiple times…cause it will take multiples and the pictures the Jury will see will not put you in a positive light.

      So why carry large knives? Coolness factor?

      just sayin..

    • You evidently don’t come to this site often.

      Lots of people. I have one on my LCP and my 43.

      Pretty common.

    • A phone and a pocket knife is 10lbs?

      If it feels that way then you need to quit skipping leg day.

      I’m not even gonna comment on the “large knife” thing other than to say “Really? For realz!?”.

      • I think some people just feel the need to bitch about others to make themselves feel superior. Common trait among mellenials and gen Z. Aside from that, they probably have zero real world experience. Having a knife is huge benefit if one knows what they’re doing.

        • Even after a defensive GUN use, especially in non-gun friendly territory, you may/will be arrested and booked into jail…………whatever you are carrying at the time will be inventoried and placed into record. That includes knives, money, contents of wallet, pockets ect.

          The idea is to NOT make your defense attorneys job harder and the prosecutions job easier.

          Members of the jury, not only did this person shoot, but he was carrying this large knife (holds it up for all to see) “He meant to kill one way or another.” (and if it’s spring assisted, whichever current marketing term is) Optics are going to be bad as Mr. Prosecutor clicks it open rapidly several times.

          Additionally he/she carried extra magazines. “He meant to kill one way or another.”

          Personally..not only to I want to survive any confrontation/mugging/whatever, but I want to stay out of prison too.

          but you do you.

        • Stop it. That’s not a large knife. Not by any means. Your paranoia about about what some future hypothetical jury and prosecutor might say says way more about you then any one else. Look, if carrying a knife is all the sudden another one of those things that’s going to get you instantly convicted, please provide ONE example of that being a determining factor in a successful conviction. Just because you can personally make shit up in your head doesn’t mean that’s how it works in the real world. Of carrying a knife bothers you then don’t bother carrying a spare mag, or a gun, or taking training lessons, or openly supporting pro gun rights politics, or voting for anyone but dems. Carrying a knife can be a very beneficial tool in self defense, and I know that from personal experience. And no, I’m not typing this from a prison cell, so, you do you.

        • In 15-20 years of everyminute carry I have never used my gun even once. I bet I use my EDC knife 2-5 times a day. Fuck the prosecutor, the jury will be Texans. He starts spewing the crap you are talking about, he’s liable to get his ass kicked in the court room, with the judge refereeing.

    • The PL-MINI Valkyrie light works well on a compact EDC pistol. Its a 400 lumen light that does not extend beyond the barrel or below the triiger guard. You have fewer options for holsters with a pistol light attached, but you can find some (like the QVO Tactical “Discreet” IWB Kydex Holster for CZ P-10C with PL-MINI) or have a custom one made.

    • My EDC is G20 with two spares and TLR-2 hanging under the muzzle.

      Literally, 5 pounds of gun and ammo hangs on my belt every day. Plus a folder and a fixed blade.

      I’m 6’0, 185, and somehow I can make that system disappear under a slim-fit oxford.

    • LOTS of people are carrying with a WML these days. Personally I carry a G19 with an X300.

      I don’t consider the WML an absolute necessity – I still carry and use a handheld light – but good to have so I can put two hands solidly on the gun and still have light on the target when it is time to shoot. Since it has little impact on me from a weight or comfort standpoint (after getting acclimated, of course) then… why not?

    • I’ll never understand how idiots on this site will mock others for being MORE prepared. If it works for them, especially a light on their daily carry, wtf is the problem. Are you really so self centered that you cannot see the benefits of a weapon mounted light?

      smfh @ these fools. Go back to facebook and share it with a picture to your own inner circle.

  8. I just drop my extra in my left leg cargo pocket. I want some kind of clip that wouldn’t hinder my speed if I were in a bad spot and needed a reload quickly.

    • Honestly, I did that for quite a while, until I went a while between range trips and discovered how much crap was inside the magazine, pocket lint, crunchy grit of some kind, all manner of mess. Maybe it would have worked, but I couldn’t bring myself to try it. I broke down and cleaned the mag, and ordered a holster for it. I’m not sure how fancy it has to be, but something to keep most of the garbage out.

  9. If I’m just going outside to my mailbox or going to get gas, I just carry my G26 with an extended mag. If I plan on being out for more than 5 minutes, I carry a spare mag in a kydex Dara holsters IWB mag carrier.

  10. I have a small kydex holster I put on my weak side with 1 spare mag. The last thing you want is being in need of a spare mag and it is stuck in a pocket, or it has moved and as you grab it you have to figure which way it is oriented.

  11. We just had this pic. Like a week ago. The spare mag is only loaded with one round for the pic (though the original guy claimed he was switching ammo between guns).

      • Spares also look nothing like the mag in the gun, I’m thinking he’s carrying the spares for his wife, who has a real gun!

  12. I used to run timed trials with friends on VERY complex courses (with running, crunches, lifting an 80 lb. bag over our heads mid-course – I know, it’s hilarious and that was the point, to make REALLY rough heart rate) and I would often run them with mags in the pocket, starting out “just to see” the difference. I always won, by many seconds, and found removing the mags from pockets under duress was just as fast, I think because all your life you are mentally removing things from your pockets in a hurry, I don’t know. If anything the difference was so slight as to be almost imperceptible.

  13. Maybe carry your EDC magazines in the magazine pockets of Varusteleka Särmä TST Tactical Jeans. These jeans have a pistol magazine pocket inside each front pocket and also two hidden rear pockets sized for AK-47 magazines.

  14. Co soldering the number of EDC posts that skip showing a holster I sort of suspect the guy just didn’t bother to show his spare mag pouch(es).

    I didn’t bother showing my mag carrier in my post and no one even mentioned the lack of it. IIRC, I got more comments on having too much shit on my key rings (a valid criticism btw) than I got about the holster or anything else in or missing from the post.

  15. If I wear my EDC pants (Vertx Hydes in the winter, Condor Ciphers in the summer) the spare mag goes in the rear left hip mag pocket. If I wear shorts or non-discrete EDC pants I carry the spare mag in a slightly angled kydex holster at 11:00 position. I practice reload drills from both spare mag locations, but am not sure which works best yet.
    Still my current EDC, minus the belt knife:

  16. What? I can’t hear u. …. Home made Cherry Vodka….. mmmmm gooood. Awow I can still typisitic. Cherry Vodka. Guuuuuunzzzzzzz ,. ,,,, whooopie. Bot not. 6.5 Creedmoor’s AR bang go bang bang. …. Should Possum be allowed to own firearms????…. possum hides

  17. Did you find an adapter for the proprietary older Walther that is on my older Walthers or is that pistol a newer version with a standard rail? It doesn’t look like that light is clamped onto the factory rail. Walther used to sell an adapter but I missed getting some by 8 months. I found out after I called Walther in Germany….. eventually found a guy in the US that makes a run of adapters every year or so. And that’s not a big knife at all and who cares what a jury thinks if you had to use it once or twice to save your life while you’re on your back being pummeled. Who knows, maybe you lose your gun during the wrestling phase. Please don’t what if me or tell me how f’ing hard you train for every possible contingency… shit just happens.

    • That is a 2/3rd Gen P99 with a normal rail. I have one of the RedFish (WaltherForums) adapters for our 1st Gen P99s, it is nicely made if kinda bulky but allows you to run anything you want on it, just be prepared that the activation switch will be lower than it would on a direct mount, a Surefire X400 was tricky but APLc was fine.

  18. Can’t/won’t carry that much. No WML; 3-3-3, always carry a folding knife and use it for GP each and every day. (and keep it sharp) Extra mags? I ain’t SWAT, I don’t intend to engage a gang of nogoodies. I have had 0NE DGU and the threat took one round, end of threat. Also was the last time I went to a Holloween party at a bar. May want to check in w/a retired LEO. Most that I have met have lower back issues from carrying an overloaded duty belt.

  19. Wardrobe and situation dictate. If I am wearing 5.11s, then I don’t wear a dedicated mag pouch. If I am wearing more restrictive pants without extra pockets, then I wear a mag pouch on my weakhand side.

  20. My jeans have pockets that work fine for a mag. I’m not as concerned about them falling out in a fight (or while running to catch a train) as I am a firearm.

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