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This pocket dump belongs to John in South Carolina and includes a Kahr CM9 and an Ontario Utilitac folding blade. The Kahr is carried in a custom Kydex holster.

We see a lot of folding blades in these pocket dumps, but not many fixed blades. Do you guys carry folders for their utility – opening boxes – or for self-defense? And if you carry them for self-defense, why a folder over a fixed blade?

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  1. That’s a pretty nice setup… Good to see a dedicated flashlight and not just a phone. Spare mag is a plus, the kahr micro pistols really are outstanding in my opinion… Especially if that’s a cm9 or pm9 with the trijicon night sights.

    I’d like to know what kind of spare mag holder that is.

  2. If I had a fixed blade, it would be “open carry.” I don’t want to tip my hand, so I use a folder with a thumb assist.

  3. Not even sure if I could find one of my fixed blades.
    I will own a Kahr in 9mm someday. Not sure why I have waited so long.

    • If you can, make that first Kahr one of the stainless steel ones, like a K9. You won’t be disappointed.

  4. I carry an S&W First Responder. It has a clip on it that keeps it up in my back pocket where I can get to it really easy. Smooth action. I can grab it and deploy the blade in one clean motion, probably as fast as I could a fixed blade.

  5. In my state, fixed blades are open carry only and I’m not looking to draw attention to myself.
    I prefer the Pm line, but cm is a solid choice.

  6. I gotta think about that cop/DEA/ATF, FBI guy that did a back flip dancing and his gin went off, and how most including me trash talked that, really tho it’s pretty cool a secret agent man can do a back flip dancing, so what the gun went off, yeah I know, blah blah blah, . Still pretty cool a secret agent man drops the stuffed shirt and dances and can do a back flip, I can’t…/. That john dude, His EDC sux becaus it’s not s Glock Highlander,

  7. “Do you guys carry folders for their utility – opening boxes – or for self-defense? And if you carry them for self-defense, why a folder over a fixed blade?”
    Both utility and self-defense.
    Kershaw Scallion Stainless inside front waistband where it is mostly hidden except for top of clip. I CC my 9 mm 99% of the time as I do not want to draw attention to myself. Same with the Kershaw. I figure the small size of the Kershaw will not present a problem as if I ever have to use it for self defense it will be up close and personal. I do keep it VERY sharp.
    Open carry and large fixed blade only when hiking and off the grid.
    I prefer to blend into the background so no open carry for me in polite society.

  8. I dig it. Kahr went from king of the mountain to the underrated sleeper of concealed carry. They are still well made, still thinner than most guns in the category, and still have arguably the best stock trigger on the market.

  9. My edc knives are both Spyderco. A para3 in M4 or pm2 in Rex45, and a Squarehead, both hairpoppin sharp. The Squarehead is for mundane package opening etc. and not scaring the cattle. The para3/pm2 handles an apple at lunch, bigger cutting tasks, and would be formidable in a self defense situation. Can easily go through drywall if I need to get out of where I am.

  10. I don’t EDC a handgun. (So go ahead, call me a comminist. like I could care). Texas is cool with fixed blade knives. but explaining it to Officer Friendly is a pain in the … sit-upon. So I have ‘TacForce’ assisted opening knife in my pocket (Officer Friendly keeps wanting to call it a ‘switchblade’, but yanno dood? They’re legal too!) and a Bahco Carpenter’s knife in a boot. Crazy good knife for the price. Use it every day.

    • No name calling from me.
      I don’t carry all of the time that I could.
      I’m at a point in my life where I can choose whether and where I go most of the time.
      I usually have a folder or multitool with me.

  11. My EDC is a Kahr PM9 with night sights and the Crimson Trace attachment.

    I’m no fan boy of any manufacturer.

    My Kahr has never malfunctioned over my five plus years of carrying and shooting it.

    Save your lunch money for a. few months and get the PM9 over the stripped down CM9.

  12. It’s nice to see a believable EDC here, finally. I also carry a CM9. I have a G43. I have an XDS, I have a few other Kahrs I could carry, but the CM9 is so small and light it gets the nod.

    It’s smaller than a PPK but fires 9mm and has the best trigger on the market.

    If Kahr gets on the ball and designs a P365 competitor, I’ll be all over it.

    • The CW9 is a 365 competitor. But kahr will not make a double or staggered stack pistol because they have always been about thin pistols.

      • In no way is a CW9 a P365 competitor. 7+1 isn’t competition for 10+1. And the CW9 is considerably larger than the P365.

        If anything, the P365 is about the size of a Kahr CM9. It will fit in CM9 holsters. It’s really impressive the P365 isn’t much thicker, too.

        Everybody is going to have to develop a small, thin, 10 round pistol or risk becoming irrelevant. If Kahr made a pistol the exact dimensions of a P365, I’d sell my CM9 and my P9, because the P365 and CM9 are practically twins.

        • Bingo. The comparison would be 7+1 P/K9 vs 12+1 P365. Pretty big difference. Both pistols have a lot going for them. Kahr triggers are among the very best imo. The 365 is pretty good. As mine breaks in I find I’m wishing for a stronger trigger return spring.

  13. I actually carry a Kershaw folder for utility propose, and a small fixed blade in a kydex sheith lased up in my boots for back up defense… My edc is a Glock 19, with Vickers Elite tritium battle sights agency arms barrel.and magwell and obviously a spare mag in a safariland stainless steel mag clip.. I have always carried more than one blade because I always end up using one for work or as a tool so I keep a spare that stays nice and sharp!…

  14. Basically my current set up as well, pm9 and a folder (which is more for utility than defense). Love my Kahr but my buddy just got a P365 and I have to say that it is almost the same size as the Kahr but has those extra rounds. I was able to shoot it last week and it shoots just as well as the pm9 for me.

    I do like that the pm9 is proven, but I’ll likely switch to the P365 if it proves reliable and consistent.

    • Mine has so far been perfect, but I’m only about 150 rounds in with American Eagle 124, Hornady Custom 147 XTP, Critical Defense 115, and Fiocchi Extrema 124 XTP. Digested all of them without hiccup, and so far I’m most impressed by the Hornady 147. I have some of the Sig practice and defense loads inbound to try, my friend says they work well in his 365.

  15. Idk about the legal ramifications of stabbing someone in self defense. Knife work is bloody and messy. It’s very different from shooting someone. I use my knives for utility, but I guess a knife as a back up to your backups backup isn’t a bad plan…

  16. I had a cm9 for EDC but traded it for a 9 mm shield. The kahr was a smooth shooter, but I didn’t care for the flimsy looking magazines. The slightly larger size of the shield feels better to me as well.

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