It’s Time for the Madness to End. The Gun Buy-Back Madness

There is no conclusive evidence that gun buy-back programs do ANYTHING to reduce violent crime. As TTAG has pointed out on many occasions—and will continue to to do so (for example, here)—these programs simply increases the existing market for improperly registered firearms. I don’t know how much an illegal gun costs in Jackson, Mississippi, but Councilman Stokes seems bound and determined to use taxpayer money to set a floor for that price. Lest we forget, administering these programs is hugely expensive, in terms of manpower and cash money. There’s also the amnesty aspect, which prevents cops from arresting people with illegal guns, which impedes their ability to trace their supplier. Illegal guns are illegal. Taxpayers pay police to arrest people who keep or sell these weapons. If they need help (i.e. more money) to do that job, give it to them. Otherwise, again, still, it’s time for the political pandering to stop. IMHO.


  1. avatar RuffRidr says:

    I have no problems with gun buybacks as long as they are privately funded through donations and such. I just get irritated when cities spend taxpayer money on these things. With all of the cutbacks in Police Departments countrywide, wouldn't this money be better served putting more money into these departments and more feet out on the street? These are PROVEN crime deterrents.

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