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This might read like talking points copied and pasted straight from a Moms Demand Action email blast or a Feinstein Senate floor speech, but there are a lot of people — people who vote — who are pushing their representatives this way.

Guns. We must address legislatively the gun culture plaguing and spawning violence in our society.

We want legislation at the federal and state levels to eliminate bump stocks, require universal background checks and ban assault weapons, now.

We will march, protest and badger if they refuse to help our city’s elected leaders with commonsense gun reform. Our representatives have been duly elected by us to represent us, not the National Rifle Association. Will they refuse to act by hiding behind an archaic document, by referencing the state and federal constitutions, respectively?

– George Karpacs in a letter to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Gun Laws Need to Change in 2019


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  1. Yeah, we should do away with that whole archaic document. Who needs a government with limited, enumerated powers (Honestly, we tossed all that about a century ago anyway).

    Who needs freedoms of speech, religion, assembly, petitioning the government for redress of grievances?

    Who really needs a gun? Just the National Guard.

    Who wouldn’t want troops quartered in their home. Why do you hate the troops?

    Who needs to be secure in their persons and papers. Who needs warrants? If you haven’t done anything wrong, you have nothing to hide!

    Life, liberty, property; speedy trials; trial by one’s peers; protection from excessive bail, fines and cruel and unusual punishment; the assurance that our rights are not limited to those enumerated; the instruction that all powers not specifically delegated to the federal government are reserved to the states and the people?

    What a bunch of archaic gobbledy-gook. Who needs it?

    • Completely agree! Unfortunately even the conservative legislators like Ted Cruz like to think that rights not retained by the feds are completely reserved to the states conveniently ignoring the 9A rights retained by the people. Can’t have anyone smoking the Devil’s Lettuce after all, think of the children! “No, no, no silly citizen. The state determines what you can put in your body, not you!”

      • I must admit, your hemp guys are relentless and never miss an opportunity. Never mind the psychosis and demonstrated tendency toward increased violence. Question 11(e) on the 4473 must be absolutely infuriating. To paraphrase the Soup Nazi, “No guns for you, you pothead!”

        • Yup look at all that psychosis in Colorado, Oregon, California now… massive increases I tell ya! And don’t forget their children will have frog legs!! Nevermind, that we constantly prescribe all sorts of mind altering substances like amphetamines to children or that damn near every mass shooter is on some type of anti-depressants. Man that freedom sure is scary eh gramps?

        • I’m not sure I’m a pro pot guy, but I’m definitely anti prohibition. Cite one study demonstrating and increased propensity for violence related to marijuana use…I’d wait for a reply, but none exists. If you want to get down on something, at least be honest about it. Don’t use the leftists tactics, it’s ignorant, and ultimately ineffective.

    • Why should we continue to outlaw slavery/servitude for those out of prison? That’s such an old idea. Everyone should be required to work on behalf of the community regardless if they want to or not because it helps the unfortunate. The politicians, celebrities, bankers, corporations and government workers should order us to work as necessary for the greater good of the public.

      • “The politicians, celebrities, bankers, corporations and government workers should order us to work as necessary for the greater good of the public.”

        Glad to see you are warming to these ideas. Took you long enough. Well, except for that celebrities, bankers and corporations thing. Government would be completely in charge, and everyone (and every legal entity) else would serve to provide for the general welfare.

        • We need our counts, earls, marquesses, dukes, lords and so on. If we don’t have such groups to whom do we serve for? Who will tell us what to do and how to do it? It would be anarchy. There would be gun violence everywhere, all the time. It’s not what the government can do for you, it’s what you can do for the government.

        • I don’t think these things are too far off. I keep hearing about plans for a universal basic income. How long after that gets passed that mandatory community service becomes a thing to receive benefits. It soon becomes servitude one step at a time and there are people clamoring for it

        • Keep in mind that all the universal economic programs are to be means tested. The more you make, the less you get. And there is plenty of room for mischief.

          The whole scheme to re-tax certain Soc Sec pensions is a sneaky way to tax otherwise tax-free income. Not only do you get to payback some of your Soc Security benefit, you are obligated to do so based on your entire income, taxable and non-taxable. The tax on Soc Benefits (reflected in lower net pension benefit) is really an ancillary income tax.

    • People that vote blindly for all that associate with an unconstitutional political party of their choosing are the reason politicians have gotten away with legislating away the laws that comprise the Constitution and weaken our System of Laws which depend on the Constitution for their authority. All politicians today are guilty of being self-serving and care only about getting personal power, influence and wealth which leads to corruption.

      The Framers/Founders new well that men are weak when faced with unguarded temptations, over time (longer than the terms lengths provided in the Constitution), bearing no penalties for abuse, would come to cherish those ill-gotten gains. That when they did fall they would serve those gains before serving the people.

      The only check the people have on those we have elected to serve “us”, the people, is refusing to reelect everyone that is not honest, trustworthy, loyal, transparent and keeps their Oath-of_Office, to the letter. Without out strict adherence to the Constitution our country will crumble.

      Constant attacks on the Constitution by progressive, elite, neocon politicians that cannot get the idea that they are public servants that have sworn to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, to the best of their abilities, so help them God.

      The Constitution is not an outdated historical document, not is it a living document that is supposed to change with the times. The only way the Constitution works is as it was originally written and has been legally amended in accordance with Article V. thereof. That is the only way the legal requirements in the Constitution can be changed!

      All attempts at work-arounds which ultimately alter the intent of the Constitution are un-constitutional and illegal. Remember, if the Constitution does not provide for something being done by government, government cannot do so no matter how much politicians want it done….PERIOD! But, either the States or the people may.

      The Constitution does not provide for, or mention, political parties. Therefore, they are un-constitutional at the central government level and must not be allowed to influence, or be involved in national elections. Political parties can exist in each individual State (at the State level) and through the Electoral College, and cast the vote of each individual State through electors from each State as explained in detail in the Constitution, (Article I., Section 2.) “and the electors in each State shall have the Qualifications requisite for Electors of the most numerous branch of the State Legislature.” Article I., Section 2. also provides the Term length of Members of the House of Representatives. “The House of Representatives shall be composed of Members chosen every second year by the people of the several states, “Members of the House of Representatives….” is all inclusive and means that all Members of the House of Representatives must be chosen each second year. This is law and makes the term length for Members of the House, two-years.

      Why two years? The House of Representatives is known as “The People’s House”. Reason being that the Framers provided short terms so that anyone wishing to represent their State by serving as a Member of the House could have a chance at doing so. Representatives that remain longer are keeping someone else from participating in government. Do not reelect anyone to the House of Representatives. Give others a chance to serve. Take a shot yourself if you are so inclined and take a shot at ending corruption in government.

      Government in the U.S. would not exist if it were not for the people. The people are responsible for choosing who will represent their voices governing the U.S.. We cannot all participate in government because we are too many and too far dispersed over our country. The Framers developed a way for our voices to be heard through others entrusted with the responsibility for listening to their constituents and then serving their needs, in their stead, in Congress. This entire concept has been disemboweled, over time, by politicians that will not follow rules, who think they know what is best for everyone and that they are entitled to order the rest of us around. NOT!

      Finally, the Second Amendment is one of ten amendments that comprise the Bill of Rights which was included in the body of the Constitution to protect those rights from politicians having short term goals for serving special interests, including an unconstitutional political party. Do you ever hear “voters”, “the people”, or “constituents” mentioned by politicians today? NO! All you hear is this party or that party. Our lives and our freedom and those of our children and grandchildren are at stake if we allow the present situation in politics to continue to fester and make us ill as a country. The rest of the World looks up to the United States to protect them from the Globalist agenda being advanced by the United Nations and Liberals today. The Globalist Agenda is all about control of every aspect of everyone’s lives including do you live or die.

      Please read: “Capitalism is Oppressive, Give Us Free Socialism” by author:
      ILEANA JOHNSON, American By Choice. She is a person that grew up under Communism/Socialism and knows, first-hand, what is going on in the U.S., and other countries right now, and what results we can expect if we don’t stop it.

      We, is you and me and all other American Citizens and Naturalized Citizens. We have everything to lose and nothing to gain but pain if we allow things to continue as they are right now. Lets try the painless way first. DO NOT REELECT ANYONE FOR THREE ELECTION CYCLES, removing everyone that is in office now.

      • The Constitution does not mention a lot of things, including political parties. But they are not unconstitutional due to the right to freedom of association. Nice try; no cigar.

    • Who needs the Constitution? You do and we all do because it is the fabric upon which our lives depends for liberty and freedom and the American way of life. Without it you would not be able to speak your mind or object to what others might say. Without it you would be told by government what you can do and what you cannot and pay the penalty for not follow the rules, often death, loss of personal property rights, long term imprisonment, heavy fines, and other similar great things.

      Freedom and liberty depend on ordered authority. Without it countries crumble. The European Union is a good example of failed government that now controls the lives of its people. Individual country governments are controlled by the European Union to the point that no country can pass a law that diminishes an edict by the EU without consequences. Individuals are not less dominated.

      Here at home we must be vigilant of all things government and make public all the we see or hear that would not pass the test of public exposure.

      President Trump is entertaining two things right now that are, or could be, serious concerns to us all. The first is declaring that a National Emergency exists in order to get the wall on our Southern border built. I agree that a wall is necessary as well as armed guards with orders to shoot anyone that attempts to go over or under the wall.

      The U.S. is supposed to be a sovereign nation. We have immigration laws that could be upheld if politicians didn’t have their own agenda to push. Enforcing laws is the main job of president, yet, not many have done so. President Trump is trying but all those hoping for the fall of freedom and installing their Socialist/Globalist agenda, from headquarters in the United Nations, keep bad mouthing all that he does in attempts to prevent him from succeeding. Trump is not the enemy within, Liberals, masquerading as Democrats of old, are the enemy.

      Please consider this information before deciding that the ruination of the Constitution and the violations of the trusts of Americans by those they freely choose to represent their voices in government would make Jefferson cringe in his grave. The once honorable and concerned patriot that would give all for his country is all but gone in America, except for those faithfully serving in our military. Should anyone in Congress be told that they must act in a manner that put their life at risk for the benefit of the U.S. you would have him running for the hills in fear. Few patriots exist today. We are heavily enough armed to put down any attempts by those posing as our government to take our Constitution from us. Yet, should the powers to be tell people that they must surrender all arms or risk being shot, they would not be able to gather up their arms and run to the place of return fast enough. Cowards one an all. What has our country become, a welfare state….YES!

      • “Who needs the Constitution? You do and we all do because it is the fabric upon which our lives depends for liberty and freedom and the American way of life.”

        Anything that affects the majority should be voted on by the majority. The minority, through some faded document, should not determine the footprint of “liberty and freedom”. That is unfair, and undemocratic. The majority has the majority stake in any decision affecting the majority. The majority should not be prisoner to a minority belief.

        We already saw what happened when a minority segment of the population insisted on keeping slaves. A minority segment that frustrated the majority of the nation that knew slavery was inherently wrong. Instead, the minority segment kept waving that ugly document in everyone’s faces, refusing to allow the majority to craft and put into law the principal of anti-slavery through legislation.

        The requirement to amend the constitution prolonged the chaos in the country, and led to a brutal second civil war. Without that archaic paper, the majority could have solved the problem peacefully, through congressional legislation (where the minority segment was relegated to minority status).

    • It’s long past time we do away with that crime of a 13th amendment. Once we return to the rightful order humanity will be better off. “Freeing” Farm animals. How absurd.

    • Nothing new, that old document has been headed for the shredder long ago. This reminds me of the first time tha I saw a copy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights at the National Archives when I was living in DC. My first impression was, no wonder no one understands it, it is so freaking faded it is illegible. Then I thought of the Star Trek episode, “The Omega Glory.” Holy crap, we’re almost there!

  2. What archaic document jackass, the same one that permits you to say what you like? The same one you want to use to destroy a freedom and right? Once a right is lost the only way to retrieve it is war. Read the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence to get an idea of why the founders thought armed civilians were important and then tell me that taking away a right is NOT despotic. Check with the people of Venezuela about the 2012 law that took their guns. Have you checked their screwed up “economy” lately or are you just worried about screwing over your countrymen like the rest of the “liberal” and “progressives”?

  3. There’s a word for countries that stop ‘hiding behind’ their ‘archaic’ constitutions – dictatorship.

  4. The Bible and Ten Commandments and other laws and rules are archaic as well…so?
    Even if we banned all guns…the criminals would still have them, find them or make them.
    We already incarcerate more people than anyone else in the world. Where would we put all the people?
    HARSH penalties for ALL gun crimes…no early releases…no probation…see how that affects things.
    Oh wait…racist…would unfairly impact young brown and black males. Right?

    • one thing I found interesting about the recent, well-attended pro gun rally in Pittsburgh was the black faces in that group…and even more impressed by how eloquently they expressed themselves on camera…call it the “Noir effect”…we need to see more of drives the liberals crazy!

      • ^^^ this. The gun culture is more diverse than it gets credit for, and without sounding like a whiny proggie commie, should embrace that diversity. Creed or color doesn’t matter – what matters is you support the BoR, 2A, and real American values.

    • Well… the 10 commandments are pretty archaic so probably not the best comparison…
      Not to mention they are incompatible with the constitution. Ever notice the first three commandments directly contradict the 1st amendment?

      • That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard this morning. The First Amendment is a restriction on government, whereas the 10 commandments are restrictions on individuals. There is absolutely nothing the following that is contradicted by the first amendment:

        1 “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before Me.
        2 “You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My Commandments.
        3 “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.

        The first amendment protects your right to follow those commandments.

        • In that sense I agree, but the commandments were intended to be the law of the land, punishable by death, which would contradict the constitution as the law of the land. Try worshiping a golden calf idol and telling Moses you have a constitutional right to worship however you want. Spoiler alert: doesn’t end well.

      • It’s One Nation under GOD guy. The Ten Commandments are definitely applies as moral and ethical laws! If you do not live by the 10 commandments regardless what you believe that’s uncivilized behavior. I’m not perfect I actually had to go back and read them cause I forgot a couple. But I can’t say there is a single one I disagree with.

        • Really?
          Its uncivilized behavior to be any religion other than a Judeo-Christian one?
          Its uncivilized behavior to work on Saturday? (or sunday depending on who you ask)

          Also fun fact: “under god” wasn’t in the pledge and “in god we trust” wasn’t on the money until they were added in the 1950’s

        • Everybody involved in this question see4ms to overcomplicate it, most likely due to men’s desire to get some free money whenever possible. Let’s face it, God is all powerful controls everybody’s every thought, every motion. Therefore, you can do anything you wish, it’s all good with god or you couldn’t do it. So, the only Commandment (all created by men) really needed is “don’t worry, be happy!”.

    • How many people make guns in prison? How many in England find other ways to murder their victims?
      Then I hear, but if we ban guns mass murders will not be easy, tell that to the victims of 911, to the victims of the French truck driver.
      What the heck, destructive devices were outlawed in the US with the NFA, but being illegal has not stopped many from employing them in acts of terror or mass murder since NFA was enacted. .
      Why not just outlaw murder. Brilliant idea, I wish someone had thought of this (as Hammurabi rolls in his grave and Moses cries me too!). Simple, I one up them, outlaw mass murder (whatever that is, 2, 3, 4,…, infinite victims).

      • “Then I hear, but if we ban guns mass murders will not be easy, tell that to the victims of 911, to the victims of the French truck driver.”

        C’mon, guys; we gotta do something. Leaving things as they are will prevent nothing. Are you willing to own all the blood that will be on your hands because you were one of those who refused to do anything at all to prevent more children from being murdered in their classrooms?

        “Life’s a bitch, and then you die.” is not an honorable code of life for the most law-abiding people in the country.

        • Ban mass murder. It’s that easy. Let’s do it now. We’ll all be safe and live happily ever after. Let’s see who is the first to propose a new bill to ban mass murder, Pelosi, Ocasio?

  5. How many people?

    Seems like these are the people who seek to overthrow the government.

    Mr. Karfax seems to have disdain for the constitution and is looking to subvert it.

    He and others like him bear watching and should be placed on a “no speech” list.

    The list will be kept secret until such time the proper authorities deem the time to bring them in and hold them for an indefinite time for questioning.

    Yeah…we don’t need some old document.

    • Real hard to overthrow the government when they have guns and the liberal lunatic who wrote this, along with all of his buddies, most likely piss themselves at the sight of a gun. We just need to keep the truth in government, and stop all the falsehoods told about guns and gun owner. Starts by election the right people.

      • Well, amend it. Our interloper, there, seems to have forgotten that the archaic document includes a way to change it, that’s been used many times.

        K-Pax problem is that not enough people agree with him. (?Them? ?It?) Maybe convince some people.

  6. “Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birth-right of an American…The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.”
    Founding Father Tench Coxe

  7. “We want legislation at the federal and state levels to eliminate bump stocks, require universal background checks and ban assault weapons, now.”

    So if you ignore that “archaic document”, where exactly are you going to find the framework to pass this legislation? Wouldn’t the rules surrounding the drafting and passage of that legislation be contained in that same archaic document. If you can throw out the rules related to the protection of the right to keep and bear arms, can’t I just ignore the rules that apply to the passage and enforcement of legislation?

    Not to mention, your premise is a tad flawed anyway:

    “We must address legislatively the gun culture plaguing and spawning violence in our society.”

    You’re going to have to do a little work to explain what “gun culture” is and you need to demonstrate how exactly it is “spawning violence”.

    Also, while you are doing your homework, see if you can come up with a working definition for “assault weapons” and also present a plan for implementation and enforcement of “universal background checks.”

    Get back to me when you’ve done your homework.

  8. In case, like me, you are wondering, “Who in the heck is George Karpacs?” I found this information on Ballotpedia: , who lives in Pennsylvania.

    He ran as a write-in Candidate for Congress 2018, and was unsuccessful, apparently.

    He included “Gun Reform” as part of his political philosophy. He might claim to be a Republican, but that’s unclear.

    The next logical question is, “Who the heck cares what this person thinks?”. Maybe some few in Pennsylvania. Another bloviating wannabe politician’s anti-Constitution, anti-gun rights diatribe….

    • And this is why this country is headed towards an unavoidable Civil War the likes of which the world has never been witness to before. That an American citizen, who refers to our supreme law of the land as an archaic document, seeks to be an elected politician and government representative, is precisely why they will force us to DEFEND ourselves and our Constitutional Republic against their “War of Leftist Aggression”.

      • Although in the past I have scoffed at the idea of another American Civil War, I am beginning to think it is more likely than not. I firmly believe we are in a “Cold” Civil War already and it is drifting towards actual strife and violence at an accelerating pace. The long term outcome is unclear, but the Union we have known will not be the same.

        • {another ciil War

          “…I am beginning to think it is more likely than not.”

          We will know in two years. If the Leftists get the ‘reins of power’ (and at this point, I expect that to happen) and make a move on semi-auto firearms, I fear there will be repercussions.

          Even if they apply the screws slowly (No one will take your AR, we are just banning future sales and you will just be required to register what you have now), that will be the point of no return, if SCOTUS refuses to slap that down…

    • Thanks DerryM, I was wondering who George Karpacs was, also. Was he quoted just to stir us up? How many people actually follows this guy? No one around here knows of him. Maybe he wants to be Hogg’s sidekick.

      • You’re welcome. I am hoping someone else knows more about him than I could find. Otherwise, it seems his quote was posted for its outrage value, since Karpac is only parroting propaganda we have heard many times before and already know to be false. Nothing in what he says is original.

  9. Funny how George karpacs relied on that same archaic document or voice his criticism. In many countries he wouldn’t get the chance. If he took to he internet and said that in VZ or Saudis Arabia he would be arrested.
    Even jolly old England doesn’t tolerate speech others find offensive.
    But don’t worry George you benefit from the security resulting from a third of the US being armed even if you think gun culture is a problem.

    • “Commonsense” is completely different from “common sense.” All you have to do is look at “commonsense gun safety laws” to realize they have nothing to do with common sense. Any audible or visual similarity between the two terms is pure coincidence.

    • “Commonsense” is an adjective, like “commonsense gun laws”, which is a thing. “Common sense” is an attribute a person would have to have in order to recognize real “commonsense gun law”, for example requiring schoolteachers to be armed. Most bills pushed forward as “commonsense gun law” fly in the face of common sense.

    • That’s been the agitprop for decades, ranging from the removal of gun rights to the removal of informed consent to make ones own medical decisions.

  10. “Karpacs: The Gun Culture Plaguing America Hides Behind an Archaic Document”

    The archaic document to which he refers to is the law of the land,known as the Constitution,specifically the Bill of Rights,Marxist much Mr. Karpac.

  11. I remember Bill Clinton and his bunch talking about how the constitution was out of date and needed rewriting. Mr. Pervert also stated that some of the problems in this country are due to people having too many rights. Karl Marx would agree.

  12. the “archaic” document exists so we we can defend ourselves from commie-d-suckers & carpet-munchers in the cop-killer support-party like you, a**hole

  13. May the bird of paradise fly over his head and take a big dump! Typical Democrat line: guilty by insinuation and because we the elite say so and our Atheist, Agnostic and egotistical beliefs make us smarter than the God fearing Hicks that made our Constitution and Bill of Rights,

  14. The entire idea of some sort of permanency in governance is, itself, archaic. Life is moving too fast. Complications that would cause a mental breakdown among the founders is normal for this generation, and the future.

    We need to discard the archaic idea that a Constitutional Republic, filled with laws that cannot turn on a dime and give eight cents change, is somehow superior to the combined intelligence of 130 million voters. Straight democracy is the only means to keep this nation moving forward at internet speed, the only means for adjusting to the political changes here and around the world.

    The need of the moment should be the rule of the day, not some old timey debating society that takes tea at 4pm, and is governed by a group of fuddies who sit around late into the night contemplating Hobbes, Aquinas, Blackstone, Knox, and Hegel.

    In fact, the idea of self-governance and limited government is archaic, as demonstrated by the fact that the US is the only nation still attempting to operate under that concept. Governments are not established by “the people” but by people of superior intellect, education or wealth.

    Governments are established to contain the unruly populations who do not have the knowledge of, or capacity, for dealing with important questions of state. Governments are established for the benefit of all, not for individuals. Limiting government to a bunch of rules and regulations means that the important matters of the day go unaddressed, to the detriment of “the people”.

    We need a Constitutional Convention to write a new, more facile and agile guiding principle for dealing with the modern world.

      • “Fantastic idea. It virtually ensures an American future that looks exactly like South Africa.”

        There ya’ go.

        Now, yer cookin’ with gas.

        • “My Dad used to say that, “Now We’re cooking with gas” haven’t heard that in quite awhile.”

          My grandparents use it alot. They lived through the period where coal and wood fired stoves and heating were common. So, cooking with gas meant you were on a higher and more efficient economic rung than before.

  15. “We will march, protest and badger”

    Those actions are also known as the freedoms of assembly, speech, and to petition the government for redress of grievances. That same archaic document protects those in its First Amendment. Soooo…….are we just picking and choosing our favorites, or is the document truly archaic and inapplicable to the modern world?

    Before you commit to an answer, know that the human propensity for bitching and moaning is no older and no less relevant today than is the human tendency to impose one’s will upon others by fiat and force. That’s what the Second Amendment protects.

    One must be extremely careful what one wishes for, because you just might get it. Ask Mexico and Venezuela how that civilian disarmamnent thing is working out for them. Think your experience will be different? Think again.

  16. [quote]We want legislation at the federal and state levels to eliminate bump stocks, require universal background checks and ban assault weapons, now.[/quote]
    We want legislation at the federal and state levels to remove silencers from the NFA, allow ownership of newly made machine guns, and allow national concealed carry, now.

  17. What do you think it looked like to russians, ukrainians and germans when they watched as their nations were guided (seemingly on auto-pilot) into socialism? Do you think any of them ever stopped and declared “Wow, look at this rapid change, I think this is going to culminate in the murder of tens of millions of civilians.”? Certainly not. Same thing now. This is communism and global government being actualized in the US. It took them two world wars and the middle east wars to come this far, they’re not going to stop now. Just because they call it something other than “socialism” doesn’t mean that it isn’t. Look at the way our economy has been stolen from the people. Look at the way we are represented by our government. Do you feel like it makes any sense at all? How did the bolsheviks and other socialists manage to murder so many people? They certainly didn’t go to the “genocide-people-store” to pick out people to do the killing. No.They used the people of those nations: the police, the government. They manipulated those nations’ economies and media to the point that they could actually cause government employees of various offices, to shoot their own citizens in the head and dump their bodies into holes, by the millions.

    We are not special, at least in that regard, we have all of the same human vulnerabilities as those countries. And we’re proving it now with the willing submission of our citizens walking straight into “communism” without even asking “how did we get here”. You shouldnt be looking to your government reps to fix this for you, theyve already betrayed us over and over, the moment they dismissed their constitutional restrictions. That’s how we got this far. The only thing that differentiates us is our constitutional republic. If you haven’t noticed, they have destroyed that, all but on paper. For now, the constitution still has to be begrudgingly acknowledged by our representatives in times of scrutiny, but that scrutiny has been removed from the citizens and is now only administered by the same corrupt politicians only when it benefit them to placate to public outrage. What is happening right now is a consorted process to systematically retire the constitution and label it as the source of our problems, when in reality, it hasn’t been followed, at all, for a long, long time. The past 50 years of “progress” were merely a bunch of foreign, unamerican interests, building a parallel government, to destroy and work around our *actual* government, and in-turn, render it totally impotent, as these pseudo-government functions are funded directly by the federal reserve system through corrupt congressional spending bills (too large to account for) and given autonomous-priority while our legitimate government (which is the only one accountable to the people) is left to rot on the vine and labelled “antiquated” by the coordinated media/corporate/global chain of slave-money. If you don’t understand this by now, you’re going to be in for a surprise and will probably be easily guided into the wrong direction as a useful tool for them when this whole thing comes to its climax. Hopefully people who understand this have or are connecting with one another within their communities to support each other and preparing to keep your families safe from what’s coming. It’s already a war, when it goes hot, hold honor close. Don’t be caught on the wrong side.

    • Exactly- folks should already be making community connections and perhaps even training together in smaller “assault squads” to be able to DEFEND ourselves and the Republic from these terrorists. Make plans for the “What if” worst case scenario happens, including seizing the voter registration records in your area. That way you’ll know who and where the local enemies sleep at night. I’d also suggest buying a set of PVS14s.

      • Hmm … that sounds like that whole “militia” thing, as in, you know “a well-regulated militia, being necessary for the preservation of the free state”

    • Not a bad set of observations, but…

      It is tiring and confusing to try to understand when one line of thought transitions to the next. Paragraphs were invented for a legitimate purpose. The modern notion that because a sentence hangs in the air (does not run a full line), that construct is to be construed as a para break defies several hundred years of English language syntax, and is unhelpful to the reader.

    • “They manipulated those nations’ economies and media to the point that they could actually cause government employees of various offices, to shoot their own citizens in the head and dump their bodies into holes, by the millions.”

      Propaganda no doubt played some role in this but the real motivating factor was the fact that if you didn’t shoot people in the head someone shot your family members in the head and then shot you.

      It is… er, well, was widely known that NKVD officers were given a quota for arresting and dispatching a certain number of “disruptive individuals”. Failure to meet quota meant you were suspected of sympathies to the “disruptive individuals” labeled as a “disruptive individual” yourself and shot. Due to this in areas where NKVD presence was heavy the streets were deserted at certain times because that’s when quotas were coming due and it was known that those NKVD officers who were behind in meeting their quota would simply pick people off the street.

      “theyve already betrayed us over and over, the moment they dismissed their constitutional restrictions. That’s how we got this far.”

      This is partly true and partly not.

      Overall the reason that these “betrayals” happen is because, generally, both the politician and the public are ignorant of our civics and history. The ignorant politicians, like Ocazio-Cortez say stupid shit and still manage to get elected by a population that has no idea that what the politician is saying is stupid. Then the politicians ignore the Constitution and… nothing happens because, overall, the public is too ignorant to know that the Constitution has been violated never mind get bent out of shape about it. I mean, we’re talking about a country where most people actually believe they live in a Democracy rather than a Republic and, if you were to ask them, have no fucking clue what the difference is.

      Really, we’ve fallen victim to a landmine laid long ago by an enemy that no longer exists. The Soviet Union started working on… let’s say “massaging” our academics and media back in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. The whole idea was to plant notions in education and media that would filter out of higher academia and pollute the rest of the educational system while being supported by a media narrative that these things were good and true. This would eventually lead to the fall of the United States when the values that were learned by society at large via education and media were in direct conflict with the whole concept of our Republic. This was meant to make the country ungovernable. Our self destruction meant a Soviet victory without them having to have a serious war with us.

      It took a few decades longer than the Soviets thought it would and they didn’t survive as a political entity to see it work but what’s going on now in our country is a result of KGB actions taken against us for the two decades after the end of WWII.

      The Soviets actually had a brilliant plan that they executed quite well. The goal of a virtually ungovernable United States in which the public can’t actually agree on virtually anything and which really doesn’t have a universally accepted set of shared values is exactly what we have today.

      As with most things the root of the problem is our educational system or lack thereof. The question is how to fix it like Bruce Lee, with a quickness.

  18. Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer, Kennedy, Karpacs
    They all share a few things in common. They are immigrants or the children of immigrants and they hate the Founding Documents that the British Protestants who created this nation left to their posterity.

    All immigration has been harmful to the posterity of the Founding generation.

  19. Archaic document huh?

    It allowed this moron to have the free speech to lambaste what our nation is based on. Maybe we should review this archaic documents first amendment? Do these imbeciles not realize the pandora’s box they are opening by such statements? Of course they do, but they think since they are them, THEY can pick and choose what rights are followed? Keep on that path and see how it works out…

    • We don’t need no archaic document to give us free speech, or any other civil rights. If the majority of the country want completely free, unregulated, unconstrained speech, they can vote for that legislation. If there are certain types of speech the majority don’t want to allow, they can vote for that legislation.

      The constitution simply provides for a tyranny of the minority. What kind of fair is that?

  20. Hey Everyone! Look! A Tolerant Progressive/Liberal who’s hating on an entire culture that they find distasteful and dangerous!

    • “The Mainstream Media Culture Plaguing America Hides Behind an Archaic Document.”

      Without an old constitution, we could just have legislation that gives us the same protections, but with a more expeditious capability to respond to rapidly changing society.

      • which just means, by now we’d have no public political speech, ‘hate speech’ banned. no private ownership of weapons, and when charged with certain crimes you could just be imprisoned indefinitely with no charges.

        • “which just means, by now we’d have no public political speech, ‘hate speech’ banned. no private ownership of weapons, and when charged with certain crimes you could just be imprisoned indefinitely with no charges.”

          That is called democracy; majority rule. Allowing a small segment of the population to control the lives of the great majority (because of some old ideas written down on paper) is a bit of tyranny, isn’t it?

  21. I cancelled the plans for my Neutrino Fission Bomb. I’m not going to get the desired results. I am now working on a Neutrino Fusion Bomb and if my calculations are correct I should be able to destroy the entire universe.

  22. “If all men are created equal, that is final. If they are endowed with inalienable rights, that is final. If governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, that is final. No advance, no progress can be made beyond these propositions. If anyone wishes to deny their truth or their soundness, the only direction in which he can proceed historically is not forward, but backward toward the time when there was no equality, no rights of the individual, no rule of the people. Those who wish to proceed in that direction can not lay claim to progress. They are reactionary. Their ideas are not more modern, but more ancient, than those of the Revolutionary fathers.”

    • “If…”

      If a bullfrog had wings, he wouldn’t bump his ass on the ground.

      “If” is a big word, filled with all sorts of mischief.

      Just because the founders said “it”, or wrote “it”, doesn’t make it so. We are now free to decide things are what we declare them to be; no universal, immutable “truths”. I can be a woman, or a horse…and you can’t ignore it, or claim it isn’t so. So, if the founders made a declaration we find unhelpful, we can say that declaration isn’t so.

  23. Background checks, ‘common sense’ or otherwise, are only good when processed, just like a driver license examination. When you leave the building it is up to you the individual to operate the vehicle in a responsible manner or be a reckless driver.

  24. The only way to expand gun culture and protect it is to ensure children are taught about their american Heritage of Arms Rights. Others are going to have to do the same thing in other states. This is a long term battle. Those without children mostly don’t care. THEY have taken over the school systems. You have to find a way to get involved.

    “Firearm Education: Teaching the Second Amendment in Kentucky school system grades K through 12”

    • “The only way to expand gun culture and protect it is to ensure children are taught about their american Heritage of Arms Rights. ”

      The current birth rate is below replacement level. The pool of available children to educate keeps getting smaller, and more indoctrinated.

  25. Whenever somebody says that the 2nd Amendment is “archaic”, I immediately wonder how they feel about the 13th…

    • Indeed.

      I recall once reading in the comments section of a news site, a cmmenter arguing in favor of banning semiautomaitc weapons because the police would have power and just cause to frisk and search gangbangers. Another commenter pointed out that the police would use skin color as a proxy.

      A state willing to defy the right to keep and bear arms would have little to no reservation defying the equal protection clause.

  26. Will they refuse to act by hiding behind an archaic document, by referencing the state and federal constitutions, respectively?
    Yes. we should get rid of these outdated documents and go to a streamlined and efficient Nazi Dictatorship not bound by pesky checks and balances.
    Sieg Heil! Fur Volk, Vaterland, und Fuehrer!

  27. The Second Amendment is not the only constitutional provision with adverse public safety implications. While no murder conviction was ever thrown out on Second Amendment grounds, murder convictions have been thrown out on Fourth and Fifth and Sixth Amendment grounds. If these amendments were repealed (or ignored), it would be easier to punish criminals. How many lives would be saved? What would be the price for those lives?

  28. I have taught my children that the only Amendments that actually count anymore are the 1st & 2nd Amendments – The Supreme Court has more or less invalidated most of the others in Favor of “Government”. I will say anything I like & I will respect other people to their face but reserve the right to disagree. I will be civil & courteous up to the point that they don’t threaten me or my Family in which case I will reserve the RIGHT to defend Myself & My Family by whatever means Necessary. It’s pretty simple – Political Correctness & Government Control is just SLAVERY. Live FREE or Die Fighting!

    • All Respondants:

      Read and interpret history.

      Progressives, like Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Rosenfelt, I mean Roosevelts I AND II have “thrown out” the Constitution a long time ago with the personal income tax and the Federal Reserve banking system.

      The Constitution does not state that “Congress shall make no law. . .” regarding the 2nd amendment, as it does for the 1st. So, the framers anticipated that change one day would be needed. The provision was temporary due to the threat of ‘Mother Britain” posed. Hint: War of 1812.

      The time for change is NOW!…..


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