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The Minneapolis police officer who put his knee on George Floyd’s neck for almost ten minutes deserves the scorn and legal jeopardy in which he now finds himself. He has become a pariah for good reason. In the coming months, he and the others responsible for Mr. Floyd’s death will face face a jury of their peers.

Sadly, a whole lot of folks have used the American tragedy of Mr. Floyd’s death as an excuse to riot, loot, and commit arson.

I’m told that a lot of people of color look upon gun owners as racists. That’s simply not true, no more so than the equally offensive and bigoted beliefs that suggest all blacks are criminals or all Muslims are terrorists.

As gun owners, we remain very sensitive to police misconduct for good reason. Police who abuse one person’s rights will abuse other peoples’ rights as well. Not only is abusing the civil rights of our fellow Americans morally (and often legally) wrong, but we don’t want to become the victims of police misconduct either. And there are plenty of stories of cops abusing gun owners’ rights.

Take, for instance, Roosevelt Twyne (above). Cops in New Jersey pulled him over a block from his residence for having tinted windows.

New Jersey carry permit
Source: Twyne’s GoGetFunding page

Fully licensed and in uniform at the time from his job as an armed Brinks truck driver, the cops nevertheless arrested him for illegal transportation of a handgun and possession of hollow-point bullets (yes, that’s illegal in New Jersey).

Cops charged him for the ammunition offense even though the Hornady Critical Defense ammunition Twyne carried were specifically mentioned by NJ State Police as being legal in the state.

“I was simply a block away from getting home after work,” Twyne told Newsweek. “I never thought I would be arrested, charged and have my life turned upside down over New Jersey’s convoluted gun laws, especially when I was a fully licensed, trained security officer.”

It took nationwide publicity and pressure from gun rights groups, as well as from local community leaders before prosecutors finally dropped the charges.

Of course, nothing happened to the officers who ran roughshod over Mr. Twyne’s civil rights. Or the prosecutor who initially sought to imprison Mr. Twyne over the legally owned and possessed handgun.

Even when a gun owner isn’t involved, we call out misconduct when we see it. We get riled up about a bad cop’s knee on George Floyd’s neck because we don’t want that same cocky cop’s knee on our necks either.

Gun people want everyone’s rights respected and protected. That’s how the rule of law works. Without it, we have anarchy.

Debris and carts are strewn in the Target parking lot near the Minneapolis Police Third Precinct, Thursday, May 28, 2020. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

And if you need a refresher in what anarchy looks like, one need look no further than Minneapolis or Portland in recent weeks.

portland riots
Rioters throw flaming debris over a fence at the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse in Portland, Ore. Following a larger Black Lives Matter Rally, several hundred demonstrators faced off against federal officers at the courthouse. (AP Photo/Noah Berger)

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  1. they pulled him over for having tinted windows. were they so dark they couldn’t see he was black? if so your racism theory goes out these tinted windows. has anyone actually rad the citation and arrest report? or is this speculation. first it was 8 minutes on Floyds neck, now its almost ten. can we get a specific time or are we going to keep throwing another minute in there? Is there anything anyone can same anymore in regard to any topic that isn’t related to racism, violation of rights, and people being keyboard commandos in regard to everything on tv and social media? There is not much in the way of positivity in this country or any for that matter these days. a minority population has more power that the majority population this day and age. the haves and have nots are not in balance anymore, because you don’t have to work for anything, you just whine and claim racism, or any other “civil” rights violation. and with no court proceeding or even due process you can lose everything. Yet “protestors” are getting away with vandalism, terrorism, murder, insurrection, conspiracy and more. WTF!?!?!?!?!

      • Most of these rioters are “Zoomers.”

        “Mellenial” has become a catch all phrase for young and dumb just as “boomer” Has for old and what not.

        The youngest “mellenial” by the standard definition is pushing 30 now, and the oldest mellenials are planning their retirements.

        Just as many being called “boomers” Are actually a mix of silent generation, actual boomers, generation x, and even older mellenials, as boomer now magically means anyone older then 40.

        • You’re both wrong. They are Offendials. Anything they don’t agree with triggers an Offended response. They have been taught in Our Marxist education system. That nothing is as important as their feelings regardless of truth. They’ve also been taught that protesting is how things get changed even if it means burning, looting and assaulting those who disagree with their feelings. Their mentors and teachers have allowed them to act out with the tantrums we see in several major Liberal controlled cities. Along with Cancel Culture. As a weapon to force change that justifies their feelings. These are creatures ruled by emotions. Which the leaders of the liberal socialist demcrats have understood for decades and have been grooming their acolytes since the 60’s. What We are seeing now is the fruit of their labors.The problem is now that the fruit is ripe. People are beginning to find out that it leaves a bad taste in their mouth. Keep’n My Powder Dry…Yours is Up to You.

    • Eight minutes 46 seconds. I see no reason to be imprecise other than to cloud the discussion with manufactured uncertainty and distract from the truth. 8:46 is a damned long time to hold your knee on a man’s neck while he lays there unresisting and begs for his life, his momma, and finally dies.

      And hell yes police routinely pull drivers over for being black, and then make up excuses for doing so. Tinted windows are a commonly used lie, as they certainly were not so dark the cops couldn’t see the color of the driver inside.

      And arrested a licensed security guard in possession of his license with ammunition allowed to be carried in that asswackbards un-free State? It’s both because the driver was black and because those officers are Hoplophobic idiots.

      Fire Them!

      • White, black; doesn’t matter. It’s standard operating procedure in Soviet Jersey.

        Never transport a firearm through Soviet Jersey.

        The New Jersey Supreme Court even says that the State’s firearns laws are treacherous (but legal).

      • You are one dumb butt, Floyd wasn’t a good influence on any planet, unless you believe raping white woman is not a crime, it’s obvious he was resistant that’s one of the many reasons they had to use force to control him.

    • Overly tinted windows are an accident waiting to happen and all the man should have got was a ticket to remove the tint. If he had no warrents, etc. he should have been on his way. But no those bullets are a problem, the gun is a problem. It is hypocricy for the cop to make an issue out of a gun when the cop has a gun and ammo. Is the arresting cop special when it comes to having a means of self defense? The cop must think so otherwise he would have seen the man as a man who can look out for himself and his loved ones while he waits the average 11 minutes for cops to respond to 911. Frankly I do not want cops jacking with people who are not disrespectful azzhats or dirtbag criminals.
      The registered democrat cop who placed his knee on the neck of G. Floyd for waaaaaay too long and helped kill George should never have been a cop especially after all the complaints filed against him but thanks to uppity democrats he got lots of passes like those democrat mayors who give looters, bullies and arsonists lots of passes.
      And neither should cops be cops who are a-hole enough to detain and arrest people over something like projectile type, etc. Why a cop with obvious bad judgement like that could do anything to anybody and I do mean anybody. Hope that answers your wtf.

      TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

      • Oppressive governments like NJ tend to attract similarly oppressive minded cops. This is a pretty regular thing there. While I think it’s great to see White people rising to defend a Black person, I think it is profoundly more important to see increasing numbers of Black people rising to defend White people. Something pretty important is happening when we see that happening.

      • If overly tinted windows are an accident waiting happen, then 5-O needs to go without as well. As usual, they have their precious care out.

    • MtnDewey, you are a blithering moron. And the rest of us can prove it using math.

      Is 3 almost 10, no. Is 4 almost 10, is 5? How about 8 minutes and 45 seconds? That seems like that number is both 8 minutes in initial reports and yet also, using elementary school level mathematics when rounded to the nearest multiple of 5, almost 10 minutes.

      It’s almost as if you’re a boot licker who should really spit that cop dong out of your mouth before proving how stupid you are.

      May five cops have you at gunpoint one day, with you on your knees crawling towards the one who’s yelling the loudest… Stupid cuck.

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  2. >he and the others responsible for Mr. Floyd’s death will face face a jury of their peers.

    The Hennepin County coroner indicated that Floyd’s cause of death was not trauma or asphyxia. Rather, it was most likely a heart attack, exacerbated by fentanyl use and possibly a recent COVID-19 infection.

    Chauvin was certainly not following protocol, but it’s a stretch to say he was “responsible” for Floyd’s death when a minor car crash could have done the same thing. Certainly any accepted protocol for forcing compliance on a suspect resisting arrest (such as a tazer) would have triggered the same cardiac event. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always the first to say qualified immunity has both gone too far and is abused on a daily basis, but when the difference between a suspect having a heart attack during an arrest and second degree murder is whether there were any protocol violations, you really need to stop and consider your position on policing as a concept; if you agree with that dichotomy, you’ll have to join in the leftist shout of “abolish the police” to be logically consistent.

    • It’s funny as fk to watch all the “George Floyd” dindunuffin crowd….
      This POS WAS NOT killed by that cop…. and everyone knows it!!!!!
      What happens to this cop is an example to every “right leaning” person…. you better get with the program!
      You will be/are a slave for the ghetto class…. and things will only get progressively worse….. UNLESS….. True AMERICANS start resisting this NEW WORLD ORDER…..

      RESIST THE NWO!!!!!

    • Depraved indifference is also a crime, and it’s on full display in this case. Unless the prosecution really screws up (which could happen), Chauvin is going to be convicted and sent to jail.

      People are probably going to riot if he gets anything less than an instant, public execution, but that’s another story.

      • If he feds don’t send him to jail first for tax evasion, for which he and his soon-to-be ex wife were charged today. Apparently he was a hard working guy–who failed to disclose his off duty work as an armed security guard. And more.Even if what he did did not cause or contribute to George’s death, he is going to prison and losing his gun rights.

        • Tax evasion? FFS…

          I’m convinced the Feds could nail literally *anyone* for some kind of tax-related offense if they really wanted to. When they pin tax evasion on an otherwise nobody like Chauvin, that’s how you know they’ve got nothing.

    • This moron can’t read the document he’s posting. Is he Biden posting anonymously? The case title says “CARDIOPULMINARY ARREST COMPLICATING LAW ENFORCEMENT SUBDUAL RESTRAINT AND NECK COMPRESSION.” Translated for these pinheads: Heart and breathing stopped because of police holding him and squeezing his neck.

        • Wanna try that again?…. we don’t celebrate criminals in this country you fkn pukes

      • If you’d read past the title, you might have seen the text of section III: “no life threatening injuries detected”. Or section IV: “toxicology”, which listed the aforementioned fentanyl, as well as the taking of an antemortem blood sample at 9:00 PM (also note the 9:25 PM time of death on the first page) meaning he died in the hospital hours later. If he had been strangled for ten minutes like you’re saying, he’d have been pronounced as DoA. Not even the hindbrain can survive total hypoxia for that long. And, of course, section II: “natural diseases”, which describes his severe arteriosclerotic heart disease and cardiomegaly. All this adds up to “the knee on the neck had nothing to do with it”. The title you read and quoted actually supports this: the cardiopulmonary arrest (heart attack with loss of breathing) complicated the law enforcement subdual, not the other way around. So not only did you not read past the title, you failed to even understand it when it was the only thing you read.

        Unfortunately they’ve taken down the link though. Hopefully you downloaded a copy and can actually read it this time. But I’ll see what kind of file hosting links you can post here without getting auto-deleted as spam and upload my copy. Unless it’s available in a web archive site which, if you find one first, would be a much better link to have here.

    • How come these people only have heart attacks when the police are around? What about that kid that they injected with ketamine?If the police never had been there he would still be alive. Why are people saying he was resisting when video shows he wasn’t? It’s like you are trying to lie to hurt black peoples feelings. You are mean.

      • The comment I responded to originally said George Floyd died of a heart attack. The name of the commenter and what was written has been changed. This is a govt. op. George Zimmerman has some explaining to do.

  3. Anyone who thinks all the riots have ANYTHING to do with the death of George Floyd probably also believes the riots were spontaneous.

  4. Kind of ironic that kneeling on a guys neck started a trend….

    Kneeling during the anthem
    Kneeling before the flag
    Kneeling for blm.

    Am I missing something?

    • Not missing a damn thing Tom…what IS missing is Floyd acting the fool. They deleted that vid. He was known for being a drugged out felon loser. This chit was planned as much as Barry Soetoro being “selected” by Valerie Jarrett et all to be President. Whoever wins in November we’re still in a heap of cow dung…

    • Just Colin rebelling against his wealthy white oppressors (parents). Its a hard knock life growing up in the suburbs. Im glad most NFL teams see him for the plague he is. He can move back to his oppressor’s basement.

  5. Not all gun owners fight for everyone’s civil rights, some would do away with some of the rights beyond the bill of right or the first ten rights. No every legal gun owner is warm & fuzzy about all the amendments.

    • Remember when Alyssa Milano was ringing the alarm bell due to the surge in gun ownership…then admitted that she owned guns? Yeah. She thinks average folks owning guns is icky. There’s plenty more just like her.

      • The real issue is what is now referred to as being a “Karen” or a “Ken”, what used to be called “nosey”. People nowadays do this just to dunk on each other.

        No one can leave anyone else alone any more. Everything is a reality show or Facebook feed and people extend that to real life.

        From HOA’s to PC it’s all the same shit. People thinking that everyone else needs to live by some undefinded code that some “Karen” just made up in her own head because she thinks somehow all the things that others do are her business and must live up to some set of standards that only she knows.

        Shit, my wife and I almost got run out of Sam’s Club for ripping on each other because some speech code nazi decided that our jokes to each other were offensive even though this walking contractor bag of phalluses had to walk up and ask us to fucking repeat them so he could get angry when we didn’t agree to repeat our conversation that he couldn’t make out the first time. God forbid we make fun of each other in an “unapproved of by some dipshit guy” manner and do so at an unobtrusive volume. The fucking humanity of it all! It’s worse that apartheid for Christ’s sake!

        Words are violence! So is silence! I’m microaggressed by your private conversation so you must tell me what was said so that I can pitch a fit about how uncouth you are!

        • Theres a quote from John Cleese,” If people can’t control their own emotions, then they have to start controlling other people’s behavior.”
          It sounds like you got a nice dose of that.

        • “…this walking contractor bag of phalluses had to walk up and ask us to fucking repeat them so he could get angry when we didn’t agree to repeat our conversation that he couldn’t make out the first time.”

          Strych, you and your wife should have frozen for a second with a look of total shock and horror on your faces, and then turned and faced that fuckwit and started *laughing* at him as if it was the funniest fucking thing you two had ever heard. Laugh so hard tears start flowing.

          Watch how fast he turns and hauls ass outta there.

          On a totally serious note – We need to develop some strategies for dealing with these perpetually-offended types, and maybe the mockery I described could be a tool in the toolbag.

          Something to think about…

        • Ing/Geoff

          If this was some dipshit faculty member I’d have probably taken his head off. Random dude at Sam’s Club, not even an employee? I was kinda shocked by it but more by how it went down.

          At first I thought he was gonna get violent and I was either going to have to fight or shoot him but then he just stood there and threw a tantrum like a little kid. This guy’s like fuckin’ 50. I couldn’t even be mad once I realized he wasn’t actually going to do anything. I was actually embarrassed FOR him and even more for the lady I assume was his wife. It was like watching someone have a midlife crisis compressed into about four minutes. I really thought he was going to cry and/or throw himself on the ground and kick and wave his arms like a cartoon. It was like watching a full grown adult have a “leave Brittany alone!” moment in public for no reason. Absolutely, completely and totally sureal.

        • My wife and I say things to each other in public places just to mess with people. Like in the female isle at stores she will ask me what flavor douche I would like her to get. The reactions are priceless

        • People need to chill out and find a purpose in life. This douche is probably just externalizing how poorly he feels about himself. Self-righteous people have a need to put down others so they can feel better about themselves. Over the top PC/outrage culture pushed by the Left doesn’t help.

  6. Indeed. I will fight for gun rights for all lawful Americans.

    I also believe some folks need to have their citizenship permanently revoked and deported to China or some third world country…

  7. SomeGun Owners Fight For All Americans’ Civil Rights.

    FTFY. Some really do only care about their own property and privileges because they haven’t the first clue what a “right” actually is.

  8. Whenever some headline crime occurs there are gun owners on this forum who trip over each other to go racist if they even suspect the perp is Black. I am thankful I am am not stupid enough to think the boogie man is going to be Black. Those who are fixated on skin color are prone to leave the door open for some lily white perp to make them their bitch.

    Frankly and I get no pleasure in saying it…There are law abiding gun owners who are not worth spit when it comes to Gun Rights and would lay America down at the feet of democrats in a heartbeat. They are easy to spot. They talk about everything but voting and defending Gun Rights and find sneaky ways to bash those who pull the wagon.

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

  9. “Gun Owners Fight For All Americans’ Civil Rights”

    Absolute and total nonsense. Not remotely true. People pick and choose their causes they care to fight for. Some may pick several, it is the rare few who pick all Civil Rights as their personal cause.

    Mostly people put in the degree of concern and action that suits their particular interests and needs. Since few ever experience the heavy hand of government forcing them to shut up, or burn books, or ban some form of expression under the threat of deadly violence, well most don’t worry about Free Speech. Or if they do they misapply it, get worked up about some non-government, private party telling them “No”.

    What is true is that when it comes to resisting actual tyranny, late 18th century stuff for example, well the right of free speech and right to be armed are co-dependent. Neither stands without the other.

    • Which is why one actually *can* say that gun owners, provided they actually do fight for Second Amendment civil rights, are supporting and fighting for other rights in the process.

  10. It’s all about getting rid of Trump. Russia hoax, impeachment hoax, virus hoax, lockdown hoax and now protest hoax. Keep businesses closed due to virus crap but let people gather and protest??? It’s all a setup and lies interlocked together. Everything instigated by violent cry baby democrats hungry for corruption and power. Funny how they were campaigning and enacting serious and stupid violations of 2 A rights before this liberal woke nightmare began. Northams Virginia, Bloomberg games and Beto. We need to help eachother to get through what’s coming.

    • Any “hoax” is one being performed by Trump. Getting rid of Trump can only be good for this country. If he loses, which is not a certainty, we will have some years doing what we were doing before, endless political and legal battles defending gun rights.

      At least if Biden wins he will be no more than a one term President. That much is manageable. He’ll hit the wall with Congress, as all President’s do, and his legislative agenda will get shredded.

      Rare are the exceptions.

  11. Nobody is responsible for Mr. Floyd’s death except Mr Floyd himself! I’ll hate to see the riots when these officers are found not guilty!

  12. cops in NJ arrested that man because NJ is a communist country and only the communist elite can have guns. and anyone who votes for a democrat is in fact voting to be treated that way since the democrat party is really the communist party.

  13. And the answer is YES…
    Several members of a heavily-armed black militia group were injured after one of its members accidentally fired several shots during their Black Lives Matter protest in Louisville, Kentucky, on Saturday. The self-described “Not Fucking Around Coalition” (NFAC) had planned a rally at Baxter Square Park to protest the death of Breonna Taylor by Louisville police. This is the same “clown show” that marched on Stone Mountain supposedly looking for a gun fight with some white boys…

    YES, give them ALL guns, then just sit back and watch the show, only a matter of time til they take each other out… I mean DAMN how do you ACCIDENTALLY fire SEVERAL shots, unless you have an “illegal” device attached to your weapon OR you are carrying a firearm with a RESTRICTED full auto capability.. Whatever the cause/reason they should keep up the good work….

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