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From the CCRKBA . . .

Alarming new data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows 42,915 people were killed in traffic accidents last year, so the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today suggested a crackdown on automobiles.

“Maybe we should ban cars,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, sarcastically. “After the CDC reported more than 19,000 gun-related homicides in 2020, there was a renewed push to ban certain types of firearms as the solution. No sensible person could honestly believe that placing new restrictions on cars, or guns, would result in a dramatic reduction in tragedy.”

According to the NHTSA, last year’s traffic fatalities were up 10.5 percent over 2020 when 38,824 people were killed and even more over the 2019 count of 36,096. Gottlieb noted far more people died in car crashes than were murdered with firearms in 2020, and it is likely the pattern will continue for 2021. FBI crime data for 2021 will be released in September.

“If you apply the same rationale to cars that gun prohibitionists apply to guns,” Gottlieb suggested, “politicians would be demanding Draconian restrictions on cars and people who drive them. There would be efforts to ban ownership of any vehicle that could cruise along at more than 70 miles-per-hour. We would prohibit young adults from owning cars with automatic transmissions, and there would be efforts to ban big engines with more than six cylinders.

Moms demand action CAR sense
(AP Photo/Brian Witte)

“I can imagine Joe Biden or some other anti-gunner demanding gas tanks hold no more than ten gallons of fuel on the argument that ‘nobody needs more than ten gallons to get back and forth to work’,” he added.

“Yes,” Gottlieb acknowledged, “it sounds absurd, but this is the same irrational approach Biden and other gun prohibitionists use to justify their efforts to ban semiautomatic rifles and pistols. Blaming cars or guns for the carelessness or criminal intent of the people using them isn’t just wrong, it is wrong-headed.

“Cars aren’t mentioned in the Bill of Rights,” he stated, “but owning firearms is a right specifically protected by the Second Amendment. People like Joe Biden should keep that in mind when proposing solutions to violent crime.”

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  1. Automobiles are murder machines, don’t even get me started on motorcycles……

    The Founding Fathers never envisioned people riding on anything but horses and mules…..

    • Well, Biden has recently signed legislation requiring all cars sold (beginning 2026) to have a “vehicle kill switch” so LE can remotely disable your car if they no longer want you to be in control of it.

      You might have physical possession of your vehicle, but if you’re making payments, the lender owns it. You’re paying registration fees, so the government owns it. And beginning 2026, Gov will have the ability to push a button and take your control away as well. You will have no true ownership of it.

      The automotive version of “you will own nothing and be happy…”

        • That already happens to some convicted of drunk driving, as a condition to being allowed to drive to work…

        • The UK already requires that by law. There must be a non-expired breath test kit in the vehicle for every adult, including passengers, at the driver’s expense. If/when pulled over, a LEO may require a test on demand.

      • #Wirecuttersfixthis

        I mean, it’s not like it’s hard to bypass an in-car breathalyzer. An LD kindergartner can do it.

      • Haz,

        I predict a busy black market in kits to disable such, and a robust market in pre-2026 used cars. OF COURSE, Senile Joe is seeking more control over my life; I won’t live as HE thinks I should (well, to be accurate, Senile Joe “thinks” about nothing, but his handlers and puppet masters “think” fascism is a great thing – so long as they are the ones in charge).

        • What are you? Kremlin’s paid troll? Who says “fascism is alright”? What are you trying to say?

      • Onstar already does it and has advertised it nationally.

        Too late.

        The 42,000 number sounds horrendous and is, but what percent of the national population? It’s been going down as time went by, but population is going up – and it’s not all naturally born citizens. Where’s the breakdown on that, and next up, where are we in having a decent standard to qualify for a drivers license for other than ID? A lot of states seem to hand them out like candy for just that purpose circumventing the entire point of getting one as a qualified driver.

        Goes to a class action lawsuit against the state for allowing our insurance fees to escalate because of their agenda. A million new illegals a year might be having some affect, right?

      • Enough wetting your beds with fake fear of the “US government”. Are you really that scared? “Kill Switch” tech you are referring to, if it ever be used by police force, it will not be used against anyone who drives like a normal human being, is not drunk or a wanted fugitive!

        Also, some of you here, get it in your thick heads, if YOU violate rules of civil society and govt comes after you, it will get you no matter what! And they don’t need Kill Switch either. You cannot escape! I have a feeling, many of you dreamy kids watched too much car chase movies, where chased criminal successfully evades the arrest by driving “faster” and “better” than those “lousy” cops. Time to arrive on earth, kids! And enough with parroting nonsense phrases that are completely illogical. Again, if US govt is after you, you’ll be caught, sooner or later, and there is no weaponry on earth that you can legitimately own and that can protect you against it in any way! This is reality.

    • The Left DOES want to ban personal vehicles. If you look at or affiliates like they want to stop people from being able to drive and require everyone to walk, bicycle or use transit because they believe that automobiles are unsustainable death machines. They hate pickup trucks and ridicule the idea that any American could rationally want or use one. The irony of this parody is that it is real.

      • It will be real in BIG cities! And it’s perfectly alright. The reason, mostly, is horrendous traffics in large metro sreas, which causes so much problems I’m sure you know and I don’t have to list those here. Overall, you are exaggerating “reality”. Intentionally or otherwise, it don’t matter.

  2. Nobody needs more than four cylinders. Only professionals should be allowed to drive. Racetrack machines do not belong on the street. You’re safer if you don’t own a car.

    As Biden’s policies continue to destroy the American economy, nobody will be able to afford gasoline anyway. No gas = no driving = no car wrecks. It’s science.

  3. We have literally tens of thousands of people devoted to ensuring the safety of automobiles.

    There’s a fucking National Highway Traffic Safety Administration —

    This argument is so god damned dumb.

    What is wrong with you?

    • All you’re proving there, jsled, is that even with all that effort the .gov has no hope of stopping the car troubles. Just like the war on drugs. And now the war on guns.

      .Gov is not the answer. Never has been.

      • ^^^^ This ^^^^

        Although, to be fair, it is the ONLY opportunity jsled has to get an actual job. Teh gummint is always in need of morons.

      • Remember Reagan’s statement of which nine most words are the most terrifying:

        “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

    • Old Man Miller used to tell everyone that jsled was as sharp as a bowling ball. No one really listened to Old Man Miller, but, look above. jsled proves the old man right. As Bugs Bunny would say, ‘What a maroon!’

    • “We have literally tens of thousands of people devoted to ensuring the safety of automobiles.”

      In response to an article that is referencing one of the highest levels of automobile deaths in decades.

      You’re really not very good at this, are you, jsled????

      Although, inadvertently, you have helped highlight the utter incompetence of “federal regulation”. Thanks for that.

    • “What is wrong with you?”

      Pretty much every time you comment I ask the same about you, jsled… 🙁

    • Gee, I wonder why the literal fucking National Highway Traffic Safety Administration can’t prevent 43,000 deaths?

    • The difference is they are trying to make cars safer and not ban parts that make them safer.

      Have you ever tried to hold or shoot a gun that has a missing pistol grip? Its far less safe.

      Have you ever shot a gun that would benefit from a flash hider that protects the shooter’s eyes? Its very dangerous to have a momentary loss of vision when holding a gun.

      Have you ever had your ears ring so bad you can’t hear a thing? Its much more safer to shoot a gun with a suppressor since you can still hear other things, yet that too is highly restricted and in some places banned.

      Each and every gun regulation has been part of an end goal to ban guns and nothing with safety. That’s why each and every regulation always comes packaged as a good start towards another ban, and never about making guns safer.

  4. Two things:
    – “Everybody needs a car; no one needs a gun”
    – Banning cars would be the environmentalist whacko’s wet dream

    • “– Banning cars would be the environmentalist whacko’s wet dream”

      It’s damn sure on their wish list.

      In the meantime, a remote kill switch will suffice for their fascist needs… 🙁

    • A totalitarian’s wet dream too.

      Don’t like your state? You can move. Get to walkin’.

      The more you look at a lot of the “plans” from the Left the harder it is to chalk it up to stupidity. Some of the people at the top of the Lefty hierarchy must be aware that these ideas literally cannot function in reality and desire the control that comes from collapsing whole systems/parts of society.

      Seems like they’ve taken the lesson of Greenpeace and applied it to virtually everything.

      • Jim – I suspect that a very good case can be made for more than one pair of shoes – loafers, sneakers, dress shoes come immediately to mind. Shoot (pun intended) even the army issued me two pairs of boots AND a pair of dress shoes 🙂
        That is the problem with analogies, they don’t always apply well in the real world.
        I think most of us understand your point – “because”

  5. People like pedobiden can’t keep in mind what way an elevator goes if given three guesses.

    Don’t feed the trols.

  6. Oh but sneaky democRats will say you have to be licensed and insured to own a car, etc. No you do not. Anyone can purchase a car or build/restore a car without experiencing an anal exam like Americans who exercise a Constitutional Right. Vehicles require license, insurance to operate on a public road. Not so on your property, etc.

  7. Aren’t they though? Buttihimmler has already floated bringing back the national 55mph speed limit as a fuel cost saving measure. Bidens infrastructure bill contains all sorts of implausible nonsense like mandatory breathalyzer ignitions.

    In the end nearly all of these fatalities come from misuse of the automobile. Just like firearm related fatalities.

    • Gov:
      I once worked as a machine tool field service engineer in the Midwest. Sometimes it took MORE than 10 gallons to get to work.

  8. Why aren’t we talking about distracted driving causing the uptick in traffic fatalities? Hitting a little too close to home, is it? The only logical conclusion would be to ban mobile electronic devices like phones. We made do without them for decades.

    • Heh heh heh, the gov will give you a free spy device, I mean cell phone, if you cant afford one.
      So forget that.

  9. Nobody needs assault vehicles that have more than a 10 gallon gas tank, 75 hp max engine output, 4 cylinders, manual transmissions (no fully automatic ones), must have crank windows (no push button power stuff), and the key must be micro-stamped and bio-mechanical so that only the registered owner’s DNA can start it. I might have missed a few items, but that’s a start.

    • If I recall correctly, the first Volkswagen (People’s Car, in German) was 35 HP.

      Barely enough to get out of it’s own way, because any more is wasteful…

    • It would be an environmental nightmare if everybody suddenly started living clean, healthy lifestyles. Talk about over crowding.

      • If they would only stop interfering with Nature trying to cure overpopulation with the corona virus… 🙂

      • Over 100,000 overdose deaths, 65% of which is from illegally manufactured fentanyl. There’s no power to gain in working on that, so it’s ignored.

  10. quote————“Cars aren’t mentioned in the Bill of Rights,” he stated, “but owning firearms is a right specifically protected by the Second Amendment.———quote

    Wrong: But before we get into that one cars are necessary for most Americans to get to work and shop while guns are not. Life would not change much at all if guns were completely eliminated from sale in Capitalvania but life would come to a stop without automobiles. The comparison is just plain laughable.

    Down through the years the U.S. has made great strides in cutting down on auto deaths with things like mandatory wearing of seat belts, safety glass, air bags, anti-lock breaks etc, etc, etc, but the U.S. has done ZERO to cut down on gun deaths which have only progressed as time has gone on despite momentary lulls in the ever escalating carnage.

    As far as 2A guaranteeing the individual the right to bear arms this has not been the case as court decision after court decision has approved restricting and even banning some firearms from across the counter sales.

    As I mentioned many time before 2A’s main reason for being passed was to cajole the states into joining the Union while getting to keep their own private armies to murder slaves and any uprising by them as was going on at the time in Haiti and the Founders were well aware of what was happening in Haiti.

    • Leftist/fascist babbles what???

      You’re too stupid to breathe, dacian the stupid. YOU Leftist/fascist idiots were the ones who originally pushed the notion that “driving is a privilege, not a right”. Hoist on your own petard, aren’t you?? You are welcome to your opinion on whether guns are “necessary” or not; like all your other opinions, it is stupid and uneducated, but we expect that of you. Show me where it says “Bill of Needs”. Our Founders (and back then, English common law) has LONG recognized an inherent human right to self-defense. Which implies the means to exercise that right, i.e., access to firearms.

      Everything you say, each time you post, is babbling, nonsensical, ahistorical, uneducated, illogical idiocy. Fortunately for you, you are also too stupid to be embarrassed, so you don’t even realize what a pathetic @$$clown you are. So your ENTIRE “value” on this forum is to provide opportunities to mock you mercilessly. If my enjoyment of TTAG is going to be sullied by the Leftist/fascist ilk of you and MajorStupidity, at least it affords me the opportunity to enjoy mocking your stupidity, ignorance, lack of education, and inability to engage in logic. It would be even more fun if you were capable of embarrassment, but if you had that ability, you wouldn’t post most of the idiotic babble you do.

    • So where is the citation that the Founders discussed Haiti when deliberating the BoR? You have yet to produce it, but insist on claiming it. Are you lying to us?

      We we have listed prohibited persons, made background checks, and made a lot of laws and regulations regulating the possession, use and transfer of firearms. But you claim nothing has been done, guess you haven’t paid attention.

      • to Storm Trooper

        Here is the book you are to terrified to ever read

        “The Second” by Carol Anderson.

        It covers 2A from the beginning to the present and the racism that was responsible for its passage.

        • Further, Charles C.W. Cooke demolished a similar argument in National Review:

          “As always, I would recommend that those readers refuse to fall for the ruse and instead see this essay for what it is: An attempt to undermine the idea that the Constitution protects the “bearing” as well as the “keeping” of arms, and to cast those who contend that it does as heirs not to the Founders but to the treacherous architects of secession and white supremacy.”

        • The question posed to you:
          So where is the citation that the Founders discussed Haiti when deliberating the BoR?

          So break this done, the task was to provide reference to the Founders discussed the Haitian Slave revolt as part of ratifying the 2A. The conditions were to provide a citation that proved your assertion. The standard was to bring forth a historical reference that provided a factual reference.

          You are s No Go.

          Here is why:

          The author uses a single statement made as support for the idea the backbone of the 2A was for quelling slave revolts. The use of a slave revolt, when taken in context, was an example of an internal rebellion that was not an example of foreign invasion relating to the Federal Governments role. Carol Anderson, and Carl T Bogus, who began this idea did not cite anything said by the Founders relating directly, or indirectly to the slave revolt. He too contended a single passage in the debate provided proof. When reading the entire exchange of the argument in securing the 2A and the necessity of including as a part of the BoR, the slave revolt in the Colonies was a minor thought and not the prevailing idea.

          At the same time, voting was a privilege of a select few, with NJ being an outlier that allowed “all inhabitants of this colony, of full age, who are worth fifty pounds … and have resided within the county … for twelve months.” to vote. At the time this included women and freedmen. Yet today we do not say the practice of voting is racists because of the laws of the past.

          Our Declaration of Independence declares: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” In the 246 years since these words were penned, we have made great strides to live up to this simple truth.

          So the task remains unfulfilled by you. Where was the Haitian Revolt mentioned when the 2A was ratified? Simple task, you made the assertion, you are responsible for providing the truth.

        • to Storm Trooper and the other Jack Booted non believers

          From the book by Carol Anderson and a special program on the History of 2A that appeared on a CNN special.

          Here we go again Right-Wing bullshit trying to glorify the Founders of Capitalvania who were no different than todays, greedy, power mad and thoroughly corrupt politicians.

          The Second Amendment was the greatest hoax and most slickly worded document the Founders ever wrote. They knew they could not come right out and restrict severely gun ownership so they constructed a very vaguely worded document that gave them the power through legislation and the courts to restrict gun ownership while giving the proletariat (hillbillies) the illusion they had firearms rights.

          In reality 2A was written for the States to cajole them into joining the Federal Government by agreeing to let them have their own private militias to murder slaves if they revolted. The founders were worried and well aware of the then current slave unrest and later full-blown slave revolt in Haiti as the super white rich of Haiti had already begun to flee for America bringing their slaves with them.

          In reality there were anti-gun laws on the books in many cities large and small before the Revolution and none were rescinded after the Revolution, in fact they became more numerous right up to the present days. All this proved what a joke 2A has always been from the very beginning.

          State Militias of the time often kept guns locked up in arsenals and there were some cases of them even taking guns from people who did not tow the party lines. So much for the Founders being pro-gun. Politicians of that era were as big a liars and con artists as they are today, saying one thing but doing quite another.

          The corrupt power made leaders of the time in colonial America were no different than the corrupt power mad politicians of today and the corrupt courts often voted to appease popular sentiment in complete violation of the Constitution. Witness the Dred Scott Decision which legalized slavery or the Plessy v Ferguson case which legalized segregation (something the Far-Right racist Republicans still support). And the Supreme Court sat on its ass, a least for a while, when Roosevelt imprisoned 120,000 Japanese American Citizens during WWII mostly for political points he needed for the next election. The Far Right loved him for the atrocity.

        • All of that and you still did not prove your assertion about Haiti.

          I know you will still assert it in the future and we will call you out on it. If you lie anout oe fact, your other words are suspect as well.

        • to Storm Trooper

          quote————————All of that and you still did not prove your assertion about Haiti.————–quote

          The truth was thrust right in your face and you naturally rejected it all with the wave of the hand because it did not suit your far right warped political agenda.

        • “The Second Amendment was the greatest hoax and most slickly worded document the Founders ever wrote. ”

          The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

          Yeah very slick. “SARC” added because you aren’t to bright.

        • Dacian you made a statement, your source did not verify your source. I thought I was clear in explaining that to you.

          Next time I will dumb down my answer. I even went beyond your source, to the source they used. I did not reject it off-hand, i researched your source. I am not at fault for your lie or misquote, now show where the slave revolt was discussed prior to the ratification of the 2A.

      • Driving a point. Even walls have a breaking point.

        Always drive the truth home regardless of the density of the wall.

  11. A REAL issue. Next week OBiden is planning to turn control of US medicine over to a incompetent 3rd world pissant at the WHO. Specifically “pandemic” BS. The WHO is the most incompetent and crooked of all the incompetent crooked twits at the League of Nations.

    It will be minute thereafter the WHO decides that firearms in the US is an epidemic and will “Fix” if for the demtard progs. On signature at this meeting (NEXT WEEK) it is intended to be binding on the US. US Constitution be damned.

    • They probably think this will be a workaround for their indefensible, authoritarian disinformation board they had to dissolve. It won’t be an official treaty without a vote, not that they care. The Constitution is meaningless to them. They ignore it daily.

    • The solution is sooooo simple. Yet no one wants to appear “uncivilized” and be the first to say it.

      You want to make the world a truly better place? Simply off about 4000 of the right people.

      A tactical “battlefield” nuke properly placed in a certain Swiss city at the right time would fix like 50% of the world’s problems in less than a second.

      • Too optimistic, strych9, there are THOUSANDS (perhaps millions??) of wanna-be fascists out there, who would be happy to step up and take the place of the “Martyrs of Davos”.

        • Wannabes don’t really worry me. If they go from wanna be to try-hard we can deal with that quite easily.

          I look at this like welding. Worry about the edges, the center will sort itself out. You already control an edge, the people are increasingly turning against this and will continue to do so as life becomes entirely unaffordable and simultaneously more totalitarian.

          That just leaves the other edge, the elites that have the ear of governments. Take care of that edge and we’re good to go.

        • That’s war. I don’t think it would be over so easily. Yes, the elites have already declared war on us. Do you think, in their sick minds, they push policies to preserve resources (meaning less availability to the average Joe) so that they alone will be able to use them in the future? An example would be John Kerry. He said it was fine for him to constantly use private jets because he was doing the Lord’s work, or something to that effect. But it wouldn’t be okay for you.

        • That’s war. I don’t think it would be over so easily.

          Yes. It is. How easily it is over is up to you.

          Yes, the elites have already declared war on us.

          Then the war’s afoot and your choices are surrender or fight, no? At this point how easy it is doesn’t much matter, does it?

          Do you think…

          I don’t read minds. I suspect this is a mix of cult-believer type behavior and malicious planning. To whom which applies and/or in what mix for each person, I have no clue. Nor do I particularly care. There are three solutions no matter how you cut it or wish to think of it. Those are what matters.

        • Yes, war’s afoot, but it won’t be solved by offing people. That’s the dangerous type of talk that the Buffalo shooter used to justify his mass murder. There’s still a chance to turn it around. The biggest obstacle, as far as I can tell, is the Left’s control of the media, academia, and pop culture. People are waking up to all of those issues. Look what just happened to Disney.

          Unbiased control of twitter alone would do wonders for informing people (hence the freak out). Next, Congress needs to catch and prosecute Big Tech for lying under oath. They should subpoena their algorithms. Or maybe political leanings should be a protected class, and the DOJ could subpoena the algorithms. Congress doesn’t do that without us taking out the RINOs in the primaries. Nothing works without election integrity.

  12. Wanting Brandon to ‘keep something in mind” is like wanting a toilet to keep some shit for later after you flush it.

    What about deaths by bad prescription overdoses, poisonings, and contraindications? Upwards of a 100k a year and climbing? Not to mention over 125 thousand people dying every year, and climbing, from merely the regular use of just taking their medications AS PRESCRIBED! and more and more dying every day from medical malpractice, and now deadly Covid Vaccination side effects from boosters that do Not Prevent Catching Covid!

    What about ALL the Veterans still dying from Agent Orange and Gulf War syndrome?! And they STILL don’t Ban most of these toxic chemical herbicides and pesticide applications even after a major lawsuit settlement recently!

    How much Big Pharma blood money did they donate to the Socialist Sniffer Regime campaign to spike the election?

    We the People are going to throw you fucking Marxist totalitarians out of office in less than six months like a stinking box of Cat Litter.

    Get ready for it.

  13. Car fatalities, although tragic, are accepted.
    If Karen wrecked her car on the way to the anti-gunm rally she’d blame it on the gunms.

  14. Driving is the most dangerous activity most U.S. citizens engage in on a daily basis. I just completed a a large triangle across North central Florida. It was almost a demolition derby.

    • I’m not surprised.

      North Florida is the worst, you have those 1,000+ a day Yankees moving down here to dodge…

  15. Apples and Oranges.
    The purpose of a car is to transport people.
    The purple of a gun is to kill people.

    • “The purpose of a car is to transport people.”

      Shit-poor design, since they kill 40+ thousand a year. We must stop the senseless killing by mandating a strict 30 MPH national speed limit. That will cut fatalities over 50 percent, and only cost the American people a few extra minutes a day.

      Isn’t a few lousy minutes a day worth saving thousands of lives on an over-populated polluted hell-hole of a planet?

    • False. A very false argument. Its the moron argument. Its the argument of the simple minded and uneducated and uninformed. Its an argument of ignorance. Its the argument of people who can’t look up and understand the definition of the word “purpose”.

      The purpose of a gun is not to kill people. That this has happened does not define its purpose.

      Its like saying the purpose of a swimming pool is to kill people because someone was drowned in a swimming pool by an act of someone else.


      the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists:”

      Tools and “things” are used the way the people having them use or misuse or irresponsibly use or or accidentally use or employ them. Its those people who define the purpose, intentional or not, in the moment of use, “the reason for which something is done” by using the tool or “thing”.


      have as one’s intention or objective: ”

      That a person applies a tool or “thing” in an intentional manner to a certain objective or outcome does not mean the tool or “thing” has that purpose. Sure, there are, what are called, ‘purpose built’ “things”. For example, a hammer is ‘purpose built’ to drive a nail but if that hammer is used to damage or harm does that mean the purpose of the hammer is to damage or harm? Nope, not by any means.

      The “purpose” of a tool or “thing” is defined by the intent of the person using it and/or the circumstances of its use or use objective and not by the tool or “thing” its self.

      If a gun is used for hunting the purpose of the gun is for hunting.

      If a gun is used for sporting (e.g. target shooting) the purpose of the gun is for sporting.

      If a gun is used for defense (e.g. family, personal, home) the purpose of the gun is for defense.

      If a gun is used as part of a collection (e.g. a collector) the purpose of the gun is to be part of a collection.

      If a gun is stored in case its needed the purpose of the gun is to be stored in case its needed.

      If a gun is used for criminal violence the purpose of the gun is for criminal violence. And here is where we arrive at the problem of “purpose”, the violent crime problem exacerbated and thus sidestepped and allowed to flourish to be ignored in favor of morons claiming “the purpose of guns is to kill people, thus all law abiding who have a gun are guilty.”

      When a criminal uses a knife to kill, do we say “The purpose of knives is to kill” ? Nope, we say a criminal killed someone with a knife.

      The “purpose” of a tool or “thing” is defined by the intent of the person using it and/or the circumstances of its use or use objective and not by the tool or “thing” its self.

  16. Do they even teach drivers ed in schools anymore? I’m so old I took my road test in the Flintstone mobile! The DMV gives out DL like it IS a constitutional right. Takes a lot of the fun out of riding my motorcycle watching out for mindless Phux behind the wheel.

  17. Our traffic laws are medicore at best, and the enforcement is abysmal.
    If there is enforcement, they only write overpriced tickets for that juicy state income. Speed almost never kills people. Germans aren’t wise people by any stretch of the imagination, and even they manage to have almost no deaths on highways without any speed limits.
    Instead, dashcam submission portals for actually reckless driving should exist. Yes, i know, big brother and reporting others to the government. If we had private highways and authorities… but that’s besides the point.
    Drunk driving kills. Texting and driving kills. Overtaking on the right and other dangerous maneuvers kill. Road rage kills. THAT is what needs to be punished, not some silly numbers because they can be measured and punished with juicy fines.

    • Not to mention communities designed to reduce the *need* to drive buy way of useful public transit and daily needs like grocers, phamacies, and schools within or in easy walking distance of residential areas.

  18. When I was a child in Seattle, on the east side of the Mercer Island Floating Bridge, a sign stated that 36,399 people were killed in auto accidents in 1960. The population was 180,671,158. In 2021 the population was 332,915,073 with 42,915 people killed. It seems that the numbers are looking good.

    • “It seems that the numbers are looking good.”

      They are, vehicle safety has been *drastically* improved since 1960, and fatalities-per-mile have been cut dramatically…

  19. and this is not even counting the around 2,000,000 injured (not killed) annually due to car accidents, over 90,000 of those are children under age 12. About ~1.2 million of those injured will die later as a result of, or due to complications from, those injuries and will not be counted as car accident fatalities.

    On the other hand guns save the lives of over ~2,500,000 annually (~7,000ish daily or more nationwide) due to defensive gun use that either prevents a crime, thwarts a crime, or stops a crime.

  20. Here in nthe UK the number of ROAD deaths was around 1700 in 2021 I believe [easy checked on the web]. which on a per. capita basis equals to around 9/10,000 USA. Still a far far too many by any stretch of the imagination but considering that atvthe time of writingb there are just short of 43 million vehicles on the, very much worse roads the UK makes the UK as far as road deaths are concerned pretty damn safe in comparison. BUtbvthat numkber does NOT reflectvthe actual number od ROAD ACCIDENTS by any mean’s. It’s only the modern dessign , particularly in ‘crash’ protection that tech that has made it so. When you consider thatvthere were MORE deaths on the roads of the UK [and no doubt the USA in the late 30’s/ early 50’s than there are today Auto Engineering has a lot to be proud of and none more so than the USA where is was first taken seriously by FORD with the introduction of SEAT BELTS and by SAAB Sweden in Safety Cage construction.


  22. Ban large capacity fuel tanks. Require a $200 tax stamp for the muffler. Close the car show loop hole. No more private sales, all sales must go through an authorized dealer after a background check. No online automobile sales.

  23. That’s why I say we have no hope for change except by force. This country has been taken over by corrupt politicians for over 45 years. Everyone one that in government from the past 45 years has baggage. They all need to be put on trial and investigated.i do home work ….. 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐬𝐜𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐤.𝐜𝐨𝐦

  24. I’m not the biggest fan of this argument. I get it, but it has some holes in terms of inviting counterarguments that are unfalsifiable, which are the kind of arguments anti’s love.

    Sure, they’re bullshit, but that’s 99% of what they say anyway.

    For example, something along the lines of “38,824 deaths occurred with “proper licensing” which, quite obviously, suppresses the number of deaths. Without licensing the number would be much higher. Therefore, if we license guns the same way we license cars the number of gun deaths would be far lower.”

    • This is going to sound crazy, but people drive without a license all the time. I’m sure I’m not the only one. I personally began doing it when I was nine. My youngest uncle wasn’t worried about laws. He had me driving all over the place on major roads. As I got older (think 13,) I began to take my parents’ vehicles (without permission) every chance I got. If I was left at home during the day with a vehicle and keys, I took it out for a drive. Sometimes I took it out at night while they were asleep. Unfortunately, I accumulated a largish stack of speeding tickets at a young age. My license was suspended on two occasions. Does anyone believe I stopped driving at that point? They’ll probably arrest you now, but I got pulled over once while my license was suspended. The cop was nice enough to just give me a ticket, but my passenger had to drive me home. The problem was, my car had a manual transmission, and she didn’t know how to drive one. Hilarity ensued.

      • None of which falsifies their argument.

        People who argue in bad faith are not going to be deterred by your cutsie little facts.

        They’ll simply posit that the vast majority of drivers are, in fact, licensed and that this reduces deaths. Ergo, licensing guns in a similar manner would have the effect they claim.

        It’s not meant to be a reasoned and rational argument. It’s the political version of emotional clickbait.

        Even if you did, somehow, manage to pin them down on this they’d simply move on to “No law stops 100% of the behavior targeted by the law. That’s why we have laws, to punish those who break them”.

        These people will say whatever is convenient at the time, even if that statement directly contradicts the previous sentence they spoke/wrote.

        • Yeah I was just having some fun. I’ve had those types of conversations, and that’s exactly how it goes.

  25. DUI first offenders should be issued a “Motorcycle Only” drivers license for 1 year. If they survive that year they may request an automobile license. Hey, I ride a motorcycle myself.

  26. I bring it up again. There’s an area of stats that no one, not even pro-firearms advocates pay enough attention to in the battle against those wanting to ban/restrict guns (but not automobiles as a normal everyday public health disaster). It’s not just non-gun violence, i.e. the majority of violence, but the number of such cases that are vehicular violence. These include both intentional use of a vehicle to inflict injury or death, and drivers later convicted of criminal use of a vehicle resulting in injury and death. For my area, I compiled for a sample year a significant number of such deaths due to DUIs, criminally negligent, distracted driving and fleeing law enforcement. Because these incidents take a long time to investigate, prosecute and try, I highly suspect they are ignored by researchers. It’s not something they can quickly mine from existing data or government sources and make a quick study funding buck off of. Such incidents happen everyday, involve a minority of individuals who usually have an inveterate history of irresponsibility or could never be detected as a potential danger, yet collectively constitute a mass killing on a weekly basis at least.

    is the other If you’re looking for an article of modern life that when abused or used without attentive responsibility is an instrument of public health disaster, it’s the automobile. No matter how many laws or

  27. Sad to note but true. With respect to the general subject of legislation, try as one might, there is precious little common sense to be found.

  28. Better ban those evil killing machines disguised as purposeful transportation that run rampant in all our cities!

  29. Since the government has open up the law suits for gun manufactures, and allows people to sue the manufacture for the actions of the moron behind the gun, we need to start suing the car manufactures for the actions of the moron behind the wheel.


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