Heller Gottlieb McDonald Supreme Court
Dick Heller (L), Alan Gottlieb (C), Otis McDonald (R) after the Court's decision is announced in McDonald v. Chicago (courtesy Kevin Hulbert)
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From SAF

Today marks the 49th anniversary of the founding of the Second Amendment Foundation, an organization which has become a powerhouse in firearms rights litigation, with significant victories all over the map, including a landmark Supreme Court ruling in 2010, McDonald v. City of Chicago.

“As the saying goes,” noted SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb, “we’ve come a long way, but we still have a long way to go in our mission to win firearms freedom one lawsuit at a time.”

Right now, the SAF staff—a small but dedicated group based in a two-building complex—is planning for the 38th annual Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC). This year’s event will be held Sept. 22-24 in Phoenix, Arizona for the two-day event, which attracts hundreds of gun rights activists and leading Second Amendment advocates from around the country. Attendance at the GRPC is free, and to pre-register, sign up here.

GRPC Gun Rights Policy Conference
The 2019 Gun Rights Policy Conference (Dan Z. for TTAG)

SAF’s litigation efforts began with two early court victories, challenging a ban on handgun sales in New Haven, Connecticut and an outright ban on handgun ownership in San Francisco, California.  

“Those were two key lawsuits we won, and that was just the beginning of something which has grown into an organization we can proudly say represents and protects American gun owners and their right to keep and bear arms,” Gottlieb observed.

Since then, SAF has filed more than 250 lawsuits and currently has 50 legal actions filed in court defending Second Amendment rights.

In addition, the Second Amendment Foundation’s Legal Preemption Project has removed over 600 local anti-gun-rights laws off the books simply by threatening to go to court.

Adam Kraut, a practicing civil rights attorney based in the Philadelphia area, and who came on board late last year as SAF’s Executive Director, is excited and planning for the future, which includes a bigger 50th anniversary celebration in 2024.

“We’re living in challenging and exciting times,” Kraut said, “and I am glad to be a part of this organization. What SAF has accomplished with a veritable skeleton crew over the past four decades only signals what we have on the horizon as we continue to expand our legal footprint.

“We’re just getting started,” Kraut said.  

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  1. Dick Heller, Alan Gottlieb, and Otis McDonald.

    Three heroes of gun rights.

    We are truly blessed… 🙂

  2. I find it disgusting for an agenda History Confirms is Rooted in Racism and Genocide to be allowed to chew on The Second Amenment for one minute much less for years and years. Until orgs. supposedly on point Defending The 2A open their pieholes and Define Gun Control by its History for Gun Control History illiterate spoon fed America they are not seeing one dime from me.

    • To Debbie W,
      I don’t understand your thinking.
      I know you are obsessed with the racist history of gun control.
      Which is a true fact.
      This organization has made some impressive wins in advancing gun rights by fighting in court.

      Judges and courts don’t care about the racist origins of gun control.
      Pleadings in court referencing this will lose the case.

      So why not send 2nd amendment foundation $10 to help our cause?

    • The Hittites, masters of iron wheels and swords, forbade the teaching of making and sharpening iron edged weapons to the Israelites 3500 years ago. Nothing new under the sun.

    • “…why haven’t they gone after the BIG gun control law- the NFA?”

      It’s happening, right NOW.

      Tell me, would you prefer a sloppy case presented to the court likely to lose that sets us back DECADES, or one carefully-crafted and timed to make a real effect?

      Put it to you this way, thanks to the pistol brace fiasco they screwed-up by trying to ban them by decree instead of LAW , we stand a solid shot of getting that rule tossed. When that happens, another 50 million get sold, now making them “in common use” and expressly-protected by the 2A.

      Suppressors are likely to be removed because the rest of the world doesn’t bother regulating them.

      We stand a good shot of getting the full-auto registry re-opened, by court order. Folks are strategizing right NOW.


      • Oh, you mean the Auto-Keycard case that ended with jail time over a tchotchke? The hearing-protection act that is not moving? Or was there something else, Jeffy?

        The registry isn’t going to be reopened any time soon, anyone claiming otherwise is a grifter.

        • Oooooooh, such an insult coming from someone anonymous. All that non-credibility!

          Grow a pair, 7-Up, they sold a piece of metal intended to be put in a firearm after trimming.

          They played with fire, and got burned. I would say put on your big-boy pants, but you have nothing to fill them.

          You are just like 7-Up, never had it, never will… 😉

      • First I’ve heard of anything about a lawsuit against any part of the NFA besides the one against the braces. You’d figure it’d be big news among the gun rights crowd.
        Hell, with Bruen, the NFA should have been one of the first things to get challenged. In part or as a whole.

    • Because it would have cost everything if it had been lost and is still a factor now so either fund the lawsuits to build the casework or go free men don’t ask permission but try not to be a liability.

      • Clueless gonna Clueless.

        The auto key cards don’t work -even the ATF couldn’t get them to work until they started cutting outside of the lines and then only could get the rifle (with M-16 parts) to slamfire or malfunction which can be done to any rifle with random slivers of metal shoved in a just the wrong place.

        The auto keycard was nothing more than metallic business card with drawings on it. The metal stock was not even close to the right thickness for a lightening link nor were the drawings accurate or to scale. Anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot and a Fudd who’s opinion on any gun forum is permanently suspect for all time afterwards. You just showed yourself for the ignorant Fudd you are.

        Perhaps you actually do work for the ATF.

        • lot of copies of lightening links out there…easy to make…but they rarely hold up with intense use….

      • If I had the money to fund the lawsuits, I would have brought the cases to court myself.
        1 case for the Hughes amendment
        1 case for the tax stamps/registry
        1 case for SBR/SBS/AOW
        1 case for suppressors- would even throw in how some other countries REQUIRE suppressors if you own a gun
        1 case for the full autos
        A final case for the NFA as a whole.

  3. History is rhyming again.
    Just as there was massive resistance from the states after the Brown versus Board of Education decision.
    The states are once again putting up massive resistance against the Bruin decision.
    The Second Amendment Foundation is primarily how we fight back.
    But don’t stop voting. Attend meetings. Fight them face to face.

  4. I’ve never felt the lives of those wanting to erode our freedoms are worth even the annual cost of the dues we’re often paying for the organizations that exist by such funding to keep evil and tyranny in check. In the past such tyrants typically met only one form of doom very much deserved. I wont be around to see and enjoy such glories. We seem to have too many on the right that are far more tolerant than those sorry bastards forever existing in and on the left. Deserved and needed liberation cannot and will not, come too soon.

  5. Since at least May 5, 2009, Alan Gottlieb has been in Federal court opposing #OpenCarry. Richards v. Prieto (formerly Sykes v. McGinness) Federal Eastern District of California NO. 2:09−CV−01235−MCE−KJM

    Alan Gottlieb is also a convicted felon. He was convicted of a crime of moral turpitude.

    Fun fact, With the exception of Vermont, concealed carry was (and in many states is still) a crime of moral turpitude.

  6. I never realized before that Alan Gottlieb is George Costanza’s long lost twin.

    Too bad he seems so against open carry and is a proponent or safe storage laws which make it difficult or impossible to have a firearm in the home ready to be used against attackers and home invaders. Perhaps Larry doesn’t like people carrying rifles in public or scary holsters visible on their hips.

    Fudds gonna Fudd.

    • “Too bad he seems so against open carry and is a proponent or safe storage laws which make it difficult or impossible to have a firearm in the home ready to be used against attackers and home invaders.”

      The ‘Heller’ decision made ‘safe storage’ laws illegal :

      “Similarly, the requirement that any lawful firearm in the home be disassembled or bound by a trigger lock makes it impossible for citizens to use arms for the core lawful purpose of self-defense and is hence unconstitutional.”


      It doesn’t matter what his opinion on that issue is, the SCotUS said “No.”…


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