Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), holds up an advertisement for a 12-gauge Striker shotgun during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington to discuss restrictions on assault weapons, May 2, 1994. A bill has been sent to the House which would ban 19 types of assault-style firearms. (AP Photo/John Duricka)
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The the CCRKBA has identified an actual “assault weapon,” yet the gun grabber community has no interest in banning it. TTAG actually opined on this topic in the past as well.

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms has just identified the “assault weapon” gun banners don’t want to ban, but when it comes to mayhem, this one has quite a body count to its credit, including eight people killed Sunday at a bus stop in Brownsville, Texas.

A man identified as George Alvarez drove a motor vehicle into a crowd of pedestrians outside a migrant center in Brownsville, killing eight and injuring ten other people, say published reports. The suspect has been charged with eight counts of manslaughter and 10 counts of “aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.”

“Brownsville was just the latest outrage which proves people intent on mass murder and mayhem don’t always use firearms,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, “but in none of these cases has anyone ever tried to blame, and then ban, motor vehicles. Yet, the victims are just as dead.”

Gottlieb pointed to other cases of mass murder, but each time, the perpetrator was held responsible. Their choice of weapon was never demonized in the media the same way firearms have been singled out.

“Remember the six people murdered by Darrell E. Brooks when he drove an SUV through the annual Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin in 2021,” Gottlieb noted. “Sixty-two other people were injured in that rampage.

“Eight people were killed on a New York City bike path in 2017 when an Islamic extremist deliberately ran them down with a rented pickup truck,” he continued. “The driver was punished, not every truck owner in America.

“Who can forget the 2016 mass murder in Nice, France when a man drove a large truck into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day,” Gottlieb recalled. “He killed 84 people and injured hundreds more. 

“The charges in Brownsville properly identify the vehicle as a deadly weapon,” Gottlieb said, “but neither Joe Biden or his colleagues on Capitol Hill are screaming to ban cars or trucks, which aren’t protected by the Constitution and never have been. Firearms, on the other hand, are specifically protected, and they know it.

“The double standard at work here is staggering, and it underscores what we’ve been saying all along,” he observed. “It’s not the tool, but the person using it. Penalizing people who didn’t commit any crime, and banning guns that weren’t involved might be good for a headline, but it doesn’t accomplish anything.” 

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    • I can’t wait for a major hurricane to strike Miami and the escape highways to be littered with dead electric vehicles.

      Supposedly, FEMA is buying tractor-pulled mobile charging stations to be deployed when states of emergency are declared, but we’ll see how that goes.

      Electric vehicles have a place, if someone wants one, especially if you charge at home. Your electric car can act as an emergency power source to keep your AC and refrigerator running for a few days, if necessary…

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      • “FEMA is buying tractor-pulled mobile charging stations”

        With your tax dollars. I don’t want my tax dollars to go towards charging another persons Tesla or other EV.

        • “I don’t want my tax dollars to go towards charging another persons Tesla or other EV.”

          You don’t have a choice in the matter, nor I… 🙂

        • You will change your tune about the fema mobile battery packs when president DeSantis sends one to Florida during a hurricane to make sure “ole sparky” will fire up and fry pedo Pete during a cat 4. Wouldn’t the left have a melt down if that happened. LMAO

      • Geoff is full of wishful thinking a progtard drivel. The place of “EV” is on the golf course. The US electric grid can NOT support the POS. In particular was the progs continue to dismantle coal and nuc power plants. While stopping construction of NG transmission/distribution lines needed to move NG to REAL electric production sites. Silly ass windmills and solar farms are NOT a base load solution. See Tx Feb2021.

        • “The US electric grid can NOT support the POS.”

          Paired with rooftop solar, it damn sure can, son… 🙂

      • Geoff, you’ve obviously never been a victim of a hurricane if you think gasoline-powered cars can still refuel when the electric power is out.
        I’ve got news for you, from my experience with Hurricane Sandy:
        When the electricity goes out, gasoline-powered cars and trucks can’t refuel either. After hurricane Sandy knocked out electricity here, it took weeks for gas stations to reopen, WEEKS! In order for gas stations to pump gas, they need electricity. In order for refineries to make gasoline, they need electricity. In New Jersey, the electricity was only out for a few days, but the gas stations were closed for weeks, so nobody could drive to work for weeks. Why? Because as soon as one gas station got its electricity back and reopened, every car and truck from miles around would flock to that gas station, wait in line for hours, and buy all the gas, so the gas station would run out of gas within hours and close. We spent days driving around on fumes, desperately looking for a gas station that was open — and then waited in line for hours, only for the gas station to close because it ran out of gas — then had to repeat the same process again the next day, searching for gas. People were lining up at gas stations just based on the RUMOR that they had gas, only to find out that the gas station was closed and they’d been fooled into lining up for blocks at a closed gas station! It was a nightmare, weeks without gasoline, even though NJ was only hit by weak remnants of Hurricane Sandy.

        • This is true regarding refueling needs on an empty tank. However, if you make sure the tank is full before the Hurricane, you have much more range and pull power than an EV, not to mention if living in freezing areas which drain batteries further. The biggest advantage to gas is you can stock up on a few cans and store in the trunk to further augment that already full tank in the vehicle.

        • “Geoff, you’ve obviously never been a victim of a hurricane if you think gasoline-powered cars can still refuel when the electric power is out.”

          In 2004, where I live in central Florida, we got hit by *3* major hurricanes in about 5 weeks time. I was without power for 9 days total in late July to early August.

          In a tiny apartment with *zero* cross-ventilation, it royally sucked.

          I don’t need an education on what a hurricane is capable of when for two of those storms, I was listening to the loud popping sounds the roof structure was making in the high winds. I was concerned enough that I ran around frantically bagging up my electronics and CD collection in case the roof did come off.

          Sandy sucked, but it was more of an extended heavy wind and rain event with major flooding issues…

        • And yet, I can drive my Tesla home and have it fully charged (or my wife’s) even with the electricity out (solar and battery backup with a switch to detach from the grid). Not that we have lost any power in any of the hurricane’s I’ve been through in Tampa. And if I do have to evacuate, well, I won’t have to be stopping at a gas station with the rest of ya. I’ll supercharge and be on my way. One or a few may get knocked out, but not all of them. Some might say I don’t need 700hp, but goddamn is it fun to stomp on other “quick” cars.

        • Geoff and Stuck In NJ,

          Do either of you remember Hurricane Ida (August 2021)? When it was approaching and all the Tesla owners were driving north, away from the southern tip of Florida, to escape, it quickly became public news that there were not enough charging stations along the way to handle the recharging needs of those vehicles.

          **Tesla remotely “unlocked” the software limiters on those vehicles to allow an extra 50 miles of driving range.** Despite the shock that the vehicles already had the capability to drive further, it was still not far enough. Hurricane Ida has, ever since, been my go-to example of why I’ll never buy an EV. Even the leader of Toyota told Gov Newsom to pound sand last year when Newsom signed our new law mandating only EVs here by 2035, stating that Toyota will continue to focus on hybrids as the best electric-related option.

          My point? ICE motors (whether on gasoline or diesel) will always be superior to EVs for emergencies. If you need to G.O.O.D. right away and there’s nothing between you and your destination 400 miles away, an extra 5-gal jug of gas will ensure get you there. Pull over on the side of the road, pour the gas in the tank, and be back on the road within ten minutes. EVs require extensive charging time, and for 400 miles you might need to stop twice. And that’s if there’s even a spot available due to all the other Tesla drivers who’ll be fighting for juice too.

          Last year, a friend and I went from SoCal to a neighboring state to take a gun course. Due to our schedules that day, we left from our separate homes at separate times. There was only a single charging station for his Tesla along the way, and it was still far enough away from our destination that he wouldn’t be able to to anything more than drive there and then hope he could make it back to the same station on the return trip home. I, on the other hand, was able to make it all the way to the destination in that other State without stopping.

        • duhhhhh, guess what stupid, people who live in hurricane states like Florida, Mississippi, Georgia and others have been dealing with that for decades, your crying like a bitch for the one storm that hit nj after decades of nothing makes you look stupid.

      • “…tractor-pulled mobile charging stations…”

        Maybe little thorium reactors? Or each one opens up to expose an acre of solar panels? Or (gasp) diesel powered?

        I swear, there’s just too much about this green push that doesn’t make sense.

      • Just cheaper to buy a generator. I drove a lot of new Tesla’s and other ev’s when I worked the auto auction. I never found one I liked.

        • Fun fact. A year ago, I saw an older Tesla pull up in the parking lot where I had myself just parked. One of the very first Teslas from back in the beginning, years ago. I started up a quick chat with the silver-haired gentleman who stepped out of the car and commented that I hadn’t seen one of those original models in a very long time.

          He smiled and said he will continue owning it for life if possible, because the incentive Tesla offered back in the beginning was free charging and battery pack replacement for life(!!). For years, his maintenance costs have been almost nil.

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  1. “Remember the six people murdered by Darrell E. Brooks when he drove an SUV through the annual Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin in 2021,” Gottlieb noted. “Sixty-two other people were injured in that rampage.

    Murdered? Rampage? Miner49er (backed up the MSM) assured me he just took a wrong turn into a parade, and accidentally hit a few people with his assault vehicle. At least the media didn’t speculate on any racist motives, despite the fact he had stated his disdain for white people. It’s weird how sometimes they’ll speculate on racist motives, but other times they won’t. Maybe we can figure out a pattern?

  2. After the smoke clears and the dust settles it comes to…

    1) The Second Amendment is one thing.

    2) The criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, feet, fists, vehicles, etc. is another thing.

    3) History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is a racist and nazi based Thing.

  3. They always scream GUNS GUNS GUNS
    but most everyone has an assault vehicle.
    they are trying to ban ones with internal combustion engines though. gotta go green

    • And with how quiet EVs are, you’ll never hear ’em coming. It’s like they have a suppressor or something…

      • “And with how quiet EVs are, you’ll never hear ’em coming.”

        Some areas actually *require* that EVs make engine noises if they are too quiet…

      • The EV POS need to resurrect the original Red Flag Act (as UK Locomotives Act 1865). A man walking in front of the vehicle with a red flag.

        • Wasn’t there a requirement for someone to stand in an intersection and fire a rifle as a warning a car was coming?

  4. Who says they aren’t trying to ban cars? Using false data about climate change they are trying to restrict the free movement of citizens by imposing alternate and mostly unworkable means of transportation on them.

    We are dealing with true evil here, folks.

    • They would love to ban non-EV cars. They know they can’t because most people depend on them daily. They’ll continue to regulate them out of existence for the regular folk.

      • Works until we have a hard winter then the chargers largely don’t work. But who cares about a bit of Holodomor for the northern states.

        • Extreme cold really kills battery capacity, as well.

          Do the amp-hours return when the battery returns to normal temps?

        • Generally, yes. The chemical reaction that generates electricity is affected by temperature, and EV battery packs can lose significant capacity above 115°F or below 40°F. Return the battery temp to within that range, and capacity will generally be restored. Most have heater circuits in them that warm the battery in excessively cold conditions, which of course, depletes some of the stored capacity.

        • Well that explains why the only ones I see running in Jan-March are the ones that are stored in a garage up here. I had assumed that the cold just killed the battery’s current through resistance issues related to temperature but if it tries to keep the battery warm it would run the power down rather quickly especially with the drain electric heat tends to bring…………oh and no more gas hookups for new construction is a thing at varies stages over the next decade it seems.

  5. George Alvarez is his name, another immigrant hating Hispanic criminal. What a surprise, is it a he/she or a she/he also? Don’t think for one minute this is not orchestrated by the Dem, China or both.

  6. They love to say that “Cars aren’t designed to kill, like guns are!”

    Here’s the thing – Literally countless *BILLIONS* have been spent making passenger vehicles safe, like implementing safety glass and seat belts, yet those vehicles still kill and maim tens of THOUSANDS annually.

    We can easily cut vehicle deaths by 50 percent, by implementing one easy thing –

    Make the national speed limit 35 MPH, *strictly* enforced. They won’t do it, they will claim it makes getting where they are going will take too long.

    Too long? How fucking selfish of them. They would rather let thousands of children’s lives be cut short every year just because they are unwilling to take a lousy few extra minutes a day getting where they are going.

    Lay the guilt trip of dead kids where it rightfully belongs, right at their selfish feet.

    (That’s the way we need to frame the ‘national discussion’ they claim to want… 🙂 )

    • Slowing down would be a good thing.
      Country full of high speed nervous “wrecks”, we have got more free time then our grandparents had and we still cant go fast enough to do nothing.
      Grandma always had hot coffee, bacon , eggs and biscuits in the morning for us and that’s using a wood stove and a pitcher pump.

    • I find it very interesting that you associate speed limits with severity or frequency of deaths. And yet, any serious analysis of say the German Autobahn vs our highways always notes that Germany takes driver education and vehicle inspection seriously as well as road maintenance. IMHO the number one reason, beyond DUI, for our relatively high motor vehicle death rate has less to do with speed and more to do with how shitty you cagers are at driving. No, I don’t own one, I ride a Bonney. What I see cagers doing in cars on their daily “commute”/trying to kill me drive is horrendous. Those of us who ride, and thus it doesn’t matter who’s at fault, we lose, understand that every single one of you is either actively or passively trying to kill us. We use speed to get as far away from you all as possible. Rant over. Sorry.

      • “…with how shitty you cagers are at driving.”


        Son, I put down around 100 miles a week on two wheels with no engine. With only a helmet and gloves for ‘crash protection’

        You don’t need to lecture to me what cars can do, I found out the hard way a few years back with a 140,000 dollar hospital bill for a few pounds of metal installed in my lower leg.

        Take your ‘cager’ crap and shove it up your ass sidways… 🙂

        • Oh, the settlement with the driver who hit me got me some shiny news guns and a small mountain of ammo sealed up in ammo cans, thanks to that dingbat cager probably texting while driving… 🙂

        • Wait just a dog gone minute here. You are crapping on a motorcyclist for complaining about oblivious people already unskilled at operating a 2 ton motor vehicle, being preoccupied by a cellphone almost killing him on a daily basis? With all that orthopedic injury (and I am sorry you were injured) you would think they would have checked for brain damage.

        • I did get a nice concussion from that accident, I found out later my helmeted head broke her windshield.

          I’m most surprised I didn’t end up with major neck or back problems…

        • Debbie,


          That biatch ain’t NEVER looked good. Ugly on the outside; ugly on the inside.

      • Comparatively speaking of course. What she looked like when she was a much young woman as compared to now, well, it’s quite a contrast.

        Oh, and I dron’t dink.

        • ” What she looked like when she was a much young woman as compared to now, well, it’s quite a contrast.”

          For proof of that, Nancy Pelosi was a ‘Miss America’ in the early 1960s…

        • “Pretty is as pretty does.”

          “Beauty is only skin deep. Ugly is to the *bone*.”

          The late, great, Redd Foxx…

  7. Why didn’t Joe visit Waukesha? It’s plain and simple, that blood is on the hands of the progressive left.

  8. If veehickles are going to be used in mass shutezings the only logical thing to do is raise the price of tires.

    • “…raise the price of tires…”

      They have been. My cost on tires has gone up as much as 15% every quarter since Jill & Susan moved into the White House. It’s gotten to the point that my suppliers don’t even bother to post the upcoming increases any more.

  9. “Brownsville was just the latest outrage which proves people intent on mass murder and mayhem don’t always use firearms,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb.”

    Sorry, it’s just a bit too soon to declare that the perp committed “murder.” Let’s apply the same standards that we are to the NY subway case.

    Awaiting toxicology reports — it’s possible that he was drunk. I’m surprised that the police have charged him with manslaughter and assault so soon, but they may have access to more pertinent information than they’ve yet released.

    And no, I’m not excusing the crime of drunk driving.

    • I am, if you were not supposed to drink and drive they wouldn’t have drive up service windows.

      • “…not supposed to drink and drive they wouldn’t have drive up service windows.”

        Or cup holders to hold your can of beer… 🙂

        • muscle cars from the 60s, dangerously overpowered, 0 cup holders
          minivans from the 90s, dangerously underpowered, 23 cup holders
          do miss that 68 camaro the 97 caravan not at all

      • possum — we used to have those in Florida at the ABC state liquor stores.
        All gone now — not the stores, but the drive-up windows

        You could drive up to the window to get your alky, and the attendant would ask “Would you like a set-up with that?”

        • We called ’em ‘Roadies’, in that tiny paper bag.

          The nicer stores would rinse off the top of the can before handing it to you.

          1987 was the last of that, wasn’t it???

          Real popular with the miners just off of work down in the phosphate mine counties, with ‘Beverage Castle’ drive-through package stores…

        • tsbhoa good to hear, wild as drive through daiquiris was as a concept and utterly stupid I am happy it still exists because a portion of paper wrapper on a drinking straw counting for it not being a open container is great.

  10. They absolutely do want to ban them.
    Fleets of self-driving, always connected, EV’s owned by monster corporations that are short-term rented to the customer based on their personal ESG or social credit is the plan and they won’t be cheap. There simply aren’t enough materials to provide an EV for every household let alone driver even if such a thing were permitted but t won’t be so no car for you. Move to a 15 minute city and use the scooter share kiosk.

    Of course the private jet set will still have their personally owned luxury SUV’s.

    • “…Fleets of self-driving, always connected, EV’s owned by monster corporations…”

      Self-driving will *explode* when drunks can get in the back seat of their car to drive them home when the bars close.

      Why they aren’t pushing for that hard, I just don’t know… 🙁

  11. I object to the idea that cars are not protected by the constitution just because they aren’t enumerated in the Bill Of Rights.

    The founders pretty clearly said ‘this isn’t a complete list

    Courts have upheld a right to travel.

    Travel, for all of my lifetime at least, has absolutely required a car.

    Cars are protected, just not enumerated.

    • It isn’t written in stone that they have to be affordable. The plan is to make vehicles and fuel more expensive and less available until people look for other alternatives. The idiots pushing this don’t understand that public transportation is impossible in rural America. Actually the people in charge understand this fully. That’s the point. The idiot followers, as demonstrated below me, apparently don’t have a clue how life works outside of a large city.

      • If everyone rode a horse we wouldn’t have enough hay.
        Whys that?.
        To many humans.
        We get the human population down to around 7 the earth would be a much nicer place.

  12. Think of how many people we could save (in the long run) if it were illegal to commute in a car alone. If you are a single commuter you must, unless legally handicapped, ride a motorcycle. Now I said in the long run, because a very significant portion of those cagers forced onto motorcycles will be dead inside the first year, but after God sorts that all out, much safer for all.
    And think of all the gas saved since we don’t cause traffic jams. Now that’s something the greenies should get behind.

  13. Here’s something you’ll never hear a Democrat politician say:

    He used a high-powered assault vehicle with a fully automatic transmission and a high-capacity fuel tank.
    Nobody needs a high-powered assault vehicle with a high-capacity fuel tank and a fully automatic transmission!
    High capacity assault vehicles have no place on our streets or in our neighborhoods.
    Assault vehicles with automatic transmissions and high-capacity fuel tanks are designed for one thing and one thing only: to kill as many people as possible as fast as possible!

  14. Why Don’t people sure the car makers? They should make the cars less deadly, make them go slower. have more safety features. Prevent vans from exploding.

  15. The counter argument is that we need cars to get to work and go shopping because the U.S. is the only industrialized nation that has not put any emphasis on public transportation and the resulting pollution tsunami pollutes and poisons the air we breath everyday,

    We do not need assault rifles and there is no reason to own one. Of course the Far Right believe they can use them to overthrow the government and turn the U.S. into a jackbooted right wing all white state that is a dictatorship which is all the more reason to ban them or at least put them on the NFA list.

    • You can’t ban them, they are in common use, and expressly-protected by the 2A.

      According to the Supreme Court, the final legal authority in this great nation.

      Suck on that, son. 🙂

      • The counter argument is that “We the People” need guns for self protection.
        According to many going to work is more important!.
        Driving is a privilege.

      • to Geoff

        And you forget that the disingenuous Scalia while talking out of the other side of his mouth said the Courts had the right to regulate or ban any weapon they deemed a danger to the public. And just as the Trump radical supreme court reversed the Roe v/s Wade constitutional right for over 50 years they could just as easily use Scalia’s words to ban assault rifles. So coming right back at you Suck on that one,

        • Dumb as always. R. v, W. did not ban abortion, moron. It left it to the states as it should have been in the first place. Why during that 50 years did your side not codify R. v. W. In law?

          Banning guns is a violation of civil rights. Right there in the constitution. You know. Like making people sit in the back of the bus based on race. Or poll taxes.

          You never get tired of proving you’re fascist scum, do you?

        • “…said the Courts had the right to regulate or ban any weapon they deemed a danger to the public.”

          Annually, hands and feet kill more than all rifles combined.

          Suck on that, fascist scum… 🙂

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, for your edification, public transportation is costly. Not to mention it taxes the entire tax base for a service that should be the RESPONSIBILITY of the individual. Care full fill that responsibility. Please don’t tell us that “save the earth-global warming” nonsense.

  16. The stated goal of the Liberals and the left has always been to ban private transportation. They do not want you to have a privately owned vehicle. They want everyone using public transportation. That is how they will eliminate death by automobile.

    • I believe it was last fall, and we were driving down a multilane freeway in the Big City, when a few vehicles passed us and kinda converged into side-by-side lanes ahead. One was a big diesel dually pickup, one was a Harley with highrise handle bars and flared chrome exhaust tips, and the other was some kind of low slung race car thing. I smiled and told my wife, ain’t this a great country? Where else on this planet can you see that on a regular basis? &%$*# leftists want to take it all away and replace it with their fool notions of gov’t slavery.

  17. I do not see it as being useful fort the anti-gun community to compare what may well be a case of manslaughteras by a driver under the ‘influence’ with a DELIBERATE and planned assault with a FIREARM -most usually a SEMI-AUTO rifle.
    Perhaps somebody could enlighten me as to HOW MANY DELIBERATE MASS KILLINGS there have been in AMERICA since the beginning of 2023? Or, come to that in the last year? No make that TEN YEARS !! How many VEHICLES have been driven into schools with the deliberate intent of killing as many kids as possible TEN YEARS -and don’t tell me that a 40-ton PLUS PETERBUILT at 70mph couldn’t do it.

    Equally there is no point in making an example of such extremely RARE mass shootings ini other parts of the world. I would have though that by now that it would be obvious that these things DO HAPPEN elsewhere and are IMPOSSIBLE to prevent but they are extraordinarily rare, especially SCHOOL SHOOTINGS, whilst in the USA they are extraordinarily COMMONPLACE and are becoming almost an acceptable part of of everyday life.
    Would Americans accept over 20,000 MILITARY casulaties.witrh not anenemy in sight, year-on-year EVERY YEAR and INCREASING exponentially on the basis of a disputed CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT and not do something about it! I cannot for the life of me see what there is tio bloody well debate .
    The SUPPOSED RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS is, to me, not worth the life of a SINGLE CHILD and in a CIVILISED COUNTRY no GOVERNMENTOF ANY POLITICAL PERSUASION would survive a month that did not take serious steps to rectify the situation month that did not take drastic action.

    • Congratulations on that massive word salad, subject. Choke on it.

      We’re waaaaaay past giving a fat rat’s arse what you think, seeing as we kicked your royal asses out of here some 240 years ago.

      Oh, and how about some appreciation for America’s pulling your nuts out of the fire — not once, but twice during the last century?

      There sure are a lot of graves of American servicemen in Yurrop. You should be on your knees thanking us, else you would still be on your knees servicing your Nazi masters.

    • Thanks to Britain’s NHS and their “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on embarrassing injuries, we have Prince among kings Albert recently recovered from his last session with Madam Lash where something sizable was inserted into a particular orifice and the ambulance was called to have the object removed at the hospital. The X-ray will be topping the hospital’s hall of shame file for months.

    • peterbuilts do not weigh 40 tun plus you moron.
      they weigh 17568 as per the Manufacturer plate riveted to the multiple ones I have driven.
      and no tractor and loaded trailer can be over 40 tons without special permits.

      so, just like the second amendment and firearms you have proven you know NOTHING about the trucking industry.

    • Oh my, well theres Uncle Albert, I’m so happy to see your still alive. God bless you Sir and thank you for your service.

  18. It’s not about gun control, it’s about people control. The far left hates our Constitution. They want to control us. We got a little taste of what they want to do during the pandemic. Now that the pandemic is over they want to use climate change to control our lives. The really sad thing is that there are so many people who vote for these idiots. We have met the enemy and the enemy is us. We will piss away a good thing if we don’t wake up soon.

  19. Oh how sweet. my cat just brought a dead perch and laid it on the bed, good kitty.

  20. I’m off grid out here. Who is going to pay for the added equipment to handle the electric load to charge an EV? I already have wind and solar set up to power the household and basic energy needs. With 3 back up generators for the times wind and solar aren’t working.
    1 propane, 1 light gasoline portable, and 1 heavy diesel for when I need to run heavy equipment in the shop.
    An EV as are currently available, are just not practical for my needs. Nor am I going to put the amount of money into something that just isn’t capable of meeting my needs.
    Now, these so called Assault Weapons. Would anyone like to demonstrate exactly who these weapons assaulted? As always, it is the person using the rifle that commits the crime. The rifle is just the implement used. Could just as easily been a century old lever gun, or a couple gallons of fuel, gas/alcohol, etc. And a road flare. Infact 1 of the worst mass murders in the US didn’t involve direct use of firearms at all. Remember Oklahoma City? Diesel fuel and nitrate fertilizer.


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