Gun Review: Win Gun M84 Airsoft Pistol

  Here’s a look at a gun that’s a little outside the ordinary here at The Truth About Guns:  the airsoft WG M84, a copy of sorts of the Beretta Model 84. For many years I scoffed at airsoft as a training tool. And then I started taking some force-on-force coursework – reality based training […]

SHOT Show 2015: New & Updated From KRISS USA

For 2015, KRISS has made some improvements to its well-known Vector line of .45 ACP carbines, SBRs, pistols, and SMGs. In fact, one of these changes — I won’t taunt the caliber commandos by calling it an improvement — is Vector availability in 9mm and, due to the existing design, the capability to easily switch between […]

Glock AirSOFT

That’s AirSOFT. Not AirHEAD. She seems like a nice lady, but I’m reminded of the proverb, Remain silent and people will wonder if you are wise; talk and remove all doubt.

NRA Convention: Airsoft Gatling Gun

As I rounded the corner, what do I spy with my little eye? What looked, for all the world, like a Gatling gun. And it was. Ish. It was an Airsoft Gatling gun. You can’t make this stuff up. This company sells all things Airsoft. Name a make/model gun. They’ve got it. God Bless America.

The Importance of Earnest Practice.

Most anti-gun types automatically assume that a non-law enforcement or military gun owner has limited skills. It’s the “civilians shouldn’t be trusted with a gun” argument. In a way, they are (kind of) not too far off the beam. The worst kind of self defense comes when you have a gun and don’t know how […]