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That’s AirSOFT. Not AirHEAD. She seems like a nice lady, but I’m reminded of the proverb, Remain silent and people will wonder if you are wise; talk and remove all doubt.

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  1. Did not watch this video, but saw a couple of her a few weeks ago with a Glock 19 gen 4. Almost turned me off to buying the gun. Now I believe that she either had a bad Glock sample, or she was making some sort of mistake. She hasnt said anything on the topic in a month, so I think it was her.

  2. For me the video and its explanation, is appreciated.
    Olee! +1000 for you and the AirSoft!
    In my country, we also are grateful for involving women in AIRSOFT, because in my country there another proverb:
    More worth a woman with illusion and without cowardice, that thousands of women “normal sheep”Thousands of women who are “normal sheep”.


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