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When was the last airsoft review we posted here at TTAG? Probably about never, which is probably when we’ll run the next one too. But in the interests of sheer ballistic goofiness, I thought I’d pass along this short video showing how to spray airsoft pellets all over the bloody place and have it cost you hardly any money. Except for the pellets. You’re gonna need a lot of those . . .

This soda-bottle ordnance is the perfect complement to your (void where prohibited by law) soda-bottle dry ice grenade. I’m not sure why he calls it a bullpup, except that the ‘breech’ of the barrel is behind what functions as a trigger mechanism. I don’t actually plan on trying this for myself, but I’d probably wrap the thing in duct-tape if I did, to cut down the plastic-bottle shrapnel if there were a barrel obstruction and the thing decided to go poof instead of ‘ppffffttt.’

And remember, in NYC you can only use a 16-ounce bottle.

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  1. Please forgive the re-post, but it might amuse someone:

    When I was thirteen, the kid across the street got a new Daisy air rifle and promptly took out one of our windows and the porch light.

    As the One Who Fixed things in my household (my father was all left thumbs except with woodwork) I took umbrage and approached the father. His response was to tell me that his kid was a “man” and it was between me and him – then he closed the door in my face.

    So… two days later, some stainless steel tubing, a 1000 PSI liquid CO2 cylinder (it’s astonishig what a kid could scrounge in the ’70s) a funnel, some odd bits and a quart carton of BBs rather seriously defaced the house across the street in about five seconds.

    When the father emerged intent on field stripping me, I yelled “Send out your kid! This is between me and him.”

    He got this pained expression and turned ’round. I never again saw that Daisy…

    That was about 500 rounds a second, at roughly $7 per thousand – in 1975 dollars, of course.

    Still makes me chuckle, in an evil sort of way.

  2. Kind of silly, kind of cool, but that video was extremely well done as far as an instructional video. I wish more videos were as well shot and narrated as cleanly and specifically as this guy did his.

  3. I really don’t get the hate-on some of the PoTG have for airsoft. For a few hundred dollars I can get a good quality training tool that perfectly replicates the manual of arms of my real firearms, that I can shoot for pennies on the dollar, and I can use it for force-on-force training with minimal extra equipment. Besides which, airsoft games are fun.

    • From what i’ve seen around the webs, the hate seems to be caused by guys trying to portray their game as somehow in the same ballpark as actual warfare. Some airsofters have a lot of affectations of actual operators.

      • Granted, some players use it as an opportunity to be something they’re not, but escapism is kinda inherent to the human condition. Imitation is the highest form of flattery and all that.

        So long as people keep level heads on their shoulders I really don’t see the harm. Is it really any worse than enjoying the latest Michael Bay film or Call of Duty game? I’ve been playing airsoft myself for a while now, I have yet to meet anyone who thinks that playing gives them godlike battlefield prowess worthy of tier 0 status. In the few cases of stolen honour that I am aware of those responsible have been outright vilified by the community. There is little tolerance for disrespect of that degree.

        On the other hand, sports like airsoft can be a great “gateway drug” for initiation into the PoTG, as it starts with the basic presumption that firearms are cool, that they are worthy of interest in their own right. To my mind that’s a sentiment that we should be supporting, not mocking. Ridicule does not earn one friends.

        • I have played all my life ( ok so I’m only like 19 but). Now I use it to practice 3 gun because I have nowhere I can practice but in my backyard and I can’t even feed my mosin because if ammo costs.

        • Absolutely. I’m a hardcore airsoft player ($1500+ worth of gear, and the skill to use it effectively), and my interest in airsoft preceded my love of firearms. If not for my interest in the sport, I would probably not be anywhere near as zealously pro-gun as I am. Plus, as has been stated, the force-on-force simulation is a critical part of training for a DGU scenario. It’s one thing shooting at paper targets that are stationary and not returning fire. It’s quite another to shoot at someone who is moving and returning fire. Everyone who trains for a DGU should at least play some games with GBB (gas blowback, where the slide moves back with each shot, simulating a firearm and creating a surprising amount of recoil on the metal ones) pistol. Practice moving, shooting, reloading, firing from cover, taking cover, etc.

    • I bought my airsoft Glock 18 and P90 back when I was living in the Air Force dorms, because I could close my drapes and plink away all day. Not to mention that I’m not going to be able to afford a real full-auto anything any time soon, so having a toy that I can use whenever I feel like in the back yard or the basement has payed for itself a few times over in fun.

  4. Back in the 70’s you could buy a cheesy plastic BB machine gun that ran off of compressed air or co2 canisters, depending on the adapter. I think we still have one lurking in the attic of our garage somewhere. Cheap junk plastic gun with astainless steel tube for a barrel and the trigger was crap and a half. But it was fun.

  5. Great video, Wow! A machine gun for pennies. If you like it, you better build it and use it fast, before all the new laws come out, and rest assured, they will.

  6. I’m just imagining hooking up a few of these somehow (I have no idea) to a home security system. With video and audio. And some way to not get the meter-readers or cable guys. Movie-script potential only, perhaps.

  7. Bahhh! These airsoft weenies! Back in my day we had paintballs and that’s the way it was and we liked it. 300 fps, stung like a bitch, paint would explode all over everything and we like it! You’d get hit in the face and taste soap for the rest of the day and we liked it! Someone would show up running hot and you’d get hit by a paintball that’d sting like a million bees and you’d like it! You’d shoot that fat ba$tard and the paintball would disappear into folds of his blubber and we liked it!

    All this progress! Life was simpler then. You could spit paintballs at people and play the game for pennies a day, and we like it! None of this taking lighters apart. None of this subterfuge! The difference between a paintball gun and not a paintball gun was simple and we liked it! The line between combatant and non-combatant was fat as a chisel-tipped Sharpie and we liked it! You young
    un’s make life unnecessarily rough on yourself and on us old folks and we don’t like it! Go back to paintballs and make life easy and us old folks with like it. This new fangled airsoft is difficult and expensive and we don’t like it…

  8. I had a M-16 electric airgun ( from tokyo, no red tip) that used a 500 round mag and was loads of fun to strip cardboard boxes with. I carried it to a gun show to sell to a airsoft collector and was approached 5 times by people asking if I wanted to sell my AR, thinking it was real. The burst rate wasn’t as fast as this model but it was faster to reload and didn’t require an air tank on my back.

    I also had an incredibly lifelike Sig 228 with two mags. It had blowback action and disassembled like the real thing. Also a Japanese import without red tip.


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