Columbia Columbiana South Carolina mall shooting
Members of law enforcement gather outside Columbiana Centre mall in Columbia, S.C., following a shooting, Saturday, April 16, 2022. (AP Photo/Sean Rayford)
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By Michelle Liu, AP

Police have arrested a suspect in connection with a shooting at a busy shopping mall in South Carolina’s capital on Saturday that left 14 people injured.

Columbia Police Chief W.H. “Skip” Holbrook said 22-year-old Jewayne M. Price, who was one of three people initially detained by law enforcement as a person of interest, remains in police custody and is expected to be charged with unlawful carrying of a pistol.

It is not immediately known if Price has an attorney who could speak on his behalf.

Fourteen people were injured during the shooting at Columbiana Centre, Holbrook said in a news release Saturday. The victims ranged in age from 15 to 73.

Holbrook said no fatalities have been reported but that nine people were shot and five people suffered injuries while attempting to flee the mall for safety.

Police said the 73-year-old victim continues to receive medical treatment, but the other victims have been released from local hospitals or will be released shortly.

Columbia Columbiana South Carolina mall shooting
Columbia Police Chief Skip Holbrook speaks to members of the media near Columbiana Centre mall in Columbia, S.C., following a shooting, Saturday, April 16, 2022. (AP Photo/Sean Rayford)

“We don’t believe this was random,” Holbrook said. “We believe they knew each other and something led to the gunfire.”

Investigators believe that at least three suspects displayed firearms inside the mall but are working to determine how many suspects fired weapons. Police said at least one firearm was seized.

Heavy police presence continued in the area hours after the shooting, though officers began letting more traffic through the streets surrounding the shopping centers and strip malls that are usually packed on weekends. Officers were also stationed outside a nearby hotel designated as a reunification area for people at the scene of the shooting and their families.

Workers from a couple of stores remained clustered in the mostly empty parking lot Saturday evening, waiting for police to let them back inside to retrieve their car keys and personal belongings so they could leave. They said they did not hear or see anything during the shooting but followed the mall’s alert system and were evacuated by police shortly after. They declined to give their names, citing company policies.

“Today’s isolated, senseless act of violence is extremely upsetting and our thoughts are with everyone impacted,” Columbiana Centre said in a statement. “We are grateful for the quick response and continued support of our security team and our partners in law enforcement.”


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  1. Yeah, let’s study the hell out of it, then blame it on the guns! Thugs-guns-no deterrent=current state of affairs!! Can’t fix something till you admit what it is!

    • to Chip

      All though the facts are not all known yet in this case most of the time the police find that the perpetrators bought un-vetted second hand guns or stolen guns.

      This is why every other civilized nation on earth for decades has had safe storage laws and Universal Background Checks. Two different Chicago studies as well as numerous police tracings in multitudes of other states and cities have proven that the average age of a crime gun (in the two Chicago studies) were on average at least 13 years old and had been through many peoples hands. This is how criminals and nut cases get their guns, its not rocket science.

      • every other civilized nation on earth for decades has had safe storage laws and Universal Background Checks.

        what ARE you tawkin bout, Dackie Boy? Name any other nation that regulariy “allows” normal citizens to even OWN firearms, and then requires a background check? Exceptingswitzerland, I can’t think of one. Most countries simply sa guns for WE but not for THEE. Go buy a basball bd.

        VBrasil have recently come a long ways toward turning that about. HUngary have allowed their citizens to own and use guns for quite a while now, and the restof the EU hates them for it. Ukraine just handed out thousands of weapons to invetted individuals who would simply steo up and say ME TO, I want one!!. Butunti their nation was invaded militarily no one but gummit could have them.

        Yu are correct in saying tht most guns used in crimes have been “wandering about” for sometime, often years, before located by LE.
        Funny tin gal these guns have searial nmbers, the magic thingie that makes them “traceable”. NOTT!!!! That’s a fairy tale. But that’s beside the main point: the law abiding who are forced to “properly store” (read: render them not availble right now” when NEEDED to repel foreign invaders, zombies, or the commonhousebreaker)) and pass “criminal background checks every time you want to buy another one ( even when one has a Gummit Ishued Mother May I Card to carry one on your person) as a precondition of owning one. I am old enough to have purchased a number of firearms by simply deciding which one I want, plopping the dead presidents on the counter, picking up the “DAYNJRUS” firearm and my change in one hand, opening the exit door with the other, and going home, accross state lines, all in less than ten minutes and the clerk never even knew my first name. Ya think there is a permanant record ot THOSE sales?

        Its never the hardware its always the software.

      • Most ‘gun studies’ are bogus. This was reported by study done by the Rand Corp. The concluded that of the 27K plus gun studies done, less than 130 followed any kind of protocals or methodologies that real scientific studies use. Of the 130 left, they reported that some of the data methods were questionable. So dacian, but careful about the use of ‘a study by…’ because most of them are bogus and have conclusions that they try to make their data support.

    • catboss et al…What’s stopping you and your like minded bigoted pals from adorning yourselves in pointed hats and sheets and going down in the hood to bring things under, “Control?”

      Last week bigots just like you were stinking up this forum with accusations the person or persons involved the GA Range murders were Black all because of proximity to Atlanta. And of course the murderer turned out to be white just like you.

      Jerks like you come on forums such as this not to protect individual rights but to form a circle jerk with gullible morons prone to fall for your bigoted buttspew. You are just another dumbazz carrying on a tradition of race based demoCrap that began long ago. Of course since you are by all accounts a history illiterate it is impossible for you to realize you are nothing but another useful idiot carrying the water left by other useful bigoted idiots.

      For you the face of the boogieman is no doubt Black. With that said it stands to reason one day you may become the perfect wife for a sneaky white perp.

      • Debbie, I know and work with many decent people of color. I try to get them to arm themselves and always offer to take them to the range and introduce them to firearms. That doesn’t change the fact that over 60% of violent crime is committed by black males under age 28. Black males in that age range are about 4%-6% of the population. Clearly black male criminals are a problem out of proportion to their population.

        Now that Soros funded DA’s are letting them out faster than the arresting officers can complete the paperwork it’s even worse. Unless and until we admit the problem and face it we will never be able to solve it.

        Of course not all black people are bad. Of course they have all the same rights any other human being has. But if we don’t start addressing black male criminality seriously and realistically people will start addressing it themselves as you suggest.

        • The reason people don’t like discussing race is because they don’t want to be labeled a racist. You can’t solve a problem without first identifying it. It isn’t that skin color determines what type of person you grow into. It’s that different races have different cultures, and thus, the children are influenced and raised differently. Most people know this, but Democrats shout them down when they try to speak up, since they don’t want to be implicated. Furthermore, the current “situation” with many black families doesn’t politically hurt Democrats. Where is the incentive to work on the situation?

        • to Dud Brain

          quote—————It’s that different races have different cultures, and thus, the children are influenced and raised differently. Furthermore, the current “situation” with many black families doesn’t politically hurt Democrats. Where is the incentive to work on the situation?———–quote

          So if Black people have no incentive to work then how did we get a Black President, Black Vice President, or Black Congressmen or Back postal workers, nurses , doctors etc,etc.

          I would like to see what would happen if you said that to their faces.

        • Your comments would be funny if you weren’t trying to be serious. You completely misunderstood the entire point, making your entire comment completely pointless. I guess I have to hold your hand and guide you through it. I was referring to the Democrats working on the political situation, you dolt. The current situation of black people voting for them works, so why would they try to do anything differently? That’s a rhetorical question. Don’t answer. I’m done talking to the local fence post.

        • ond more piece of the “demographic puzzle” you forgot to include: some 90% of the black thugs dping these shootemups were raised in a home (or serial homes) with NO FATHER. Part of thie is the demographic result of decades of Dem party action destrpying the standard family etup. Welfare payments stop when a MAN is part of the household. So that right there is a very stupid driver that can/should be cured and until it is, family destabilising amongst the blacks will continue to worsen. WOmen get paid to make more babies in their husband-less shacks. The man-children resulting ARE the problem. But the system feeds this. One of the most basic facts of social engineering etc is that if you want more of something, simply susidise it. Guaranteed to grow more. LOTS more. This is a well established model in these rotten cities.

      • Deb.
        I admit I was wrong about the Georgia shooters race.
        Buy you seem not to understand the known facts that somewhere around 3-5% of the population, black males, commit somewhere over50% of the gun homicides.
        With Atlantas population being at least 75% black the odds were pretty good the shooter was black.
        All these numbers were from memory and most likely not exactly right but close enough to make the point.
        I’m not a racist. I just calls em as I sees em.
        Guess I jumped the gun on this one.
        My bad.

        • these numbers you made up are what is bs. blacks are arrested at higher rates than other groups. that does not necessarily mean they committed crimes at higher rates.

        • these numbers you made up are what is bs. blacks are arrested at higher rates than other groups. that does not necessarily mean they committed crimes at higher rates.

          Well where is your counter statistic that supports your suppustion of “not necessarily mean” or are you just trying to ignore the obvious?

          While you think about how to respond to that why don’t you also try to explain away the fact that the rates of arrest for these certain groups happen to align with the initial incident reports from the victims or will you somehow suggest that victims for some reason want to give a wrong description of the perpetratrator? Wouldn’t the victims want to give an accurate description so the perp will be caught?

        • “that does not necessarily mean they committed crimes at higher rates.”

          You’re saying that when police see non-black people commit crimes, they just look the other way? When someone reports a crime in progress, and the police show up, do they just leave when they see it isn’t a black person? Where did you learn about this? Is it a nationwide phenomenon?

        • “You’re saying that when police see non-black people commit crimes, they just look the other way?“

          That is sometimes the situation. You might note the recent story were two teenage boys were fighting, the police only handcuffed and arrested the black individual even though both were fairly involved in the fight.

          “A video showing police officers breaking up a fight between a Black teenager and a white teenager at a New Jersey mall has prompted outrage over the police response.

          New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said Wednesday that the “appearance of what is racially disparate treatment is deeply, deeply disturbing.”

          One video of the incident reviewed by CNN shows the boys arguing before the white teenager points his finger at the Black teenager’s face, and the Black teenager pushes the white teenager’s hand back. The white teenager pushes the Black teenager, who begins to throw punches at the other boy. The white teenager punches back.

          The Black teenager ends up on the ground. Two Bridgewater Township police officers arrive and separate the two boys.

          The Black teenager begins to get up and is pinned to the ground by one officer and rolled on to his stomach, with his hands behind his back. The other officer pushes the white teenager onto a nearby couch and then assists in handcuffing the Black teenager. Eventually, officers stand the handcuffed Black teenager up.“

        • Black children are often handcuffed and arrested for normal childhood behavior:

          “The American Civil Liberties Union of Hawaii is seeking half a million dollars in damages on behalf of a Black 10-year-old girl who drew a cartoon some found offensive.

          A bullied Black girl at Honowai Elementary School on Oahu drew a portrait of one of her alleged aggressors in January 2020. When the parent of the alleged bully saw the picture, she demanded the police get involved.

          The Black girl, who is diagnosed with ADHD and only identified by the initials N.B., got arrested and taken to a station – the Pearl City Police Station.

          According to the report by the ACLU, Business Insider cited, N.B. was handcuffed in front of her classmates, taken into custody, and interrogated by law enforcement without her mother present.

          N.B. did not get charged with anything, and she got released to her mother, Tamara Taylor.“

        • “An Unjust Burden: The Disparate
          Treatment of Black Americans in the
          Criminal Justice System
          By Elizabeth Hinton, Assistant Professor, Department of History and Department of African and African American Studies, Harvard University, LeShae Henderson, Special Assistant, Research, Vera Institute of Justice,
          and Cindy Reed, Senior Editor, Vera Institute of Justice“

          “Disproportionate Minority Contact in the Juvenile Justice System
          Racial and ethnic disparities weaken the credibility of a justice system that purports to treat everyone equitably. Across the country, juvenile justice systems are marked by disparate racial outcomes at every stage of the process, starting with more frequent arrests for youth of color and ending with more frequent secure placement.“

        • Correct me if I’m wrong, but you didn’t list any non-black people that were seen committing crimes and let go. Was the black kid tried for a crime and the white kid let go? It looks like the NJ example shows police having a racial bias in treating the two kids differently. I’ve seen a study that shows blacks are more likely to be roughed up by aggressive police. That’s also more likely to happen in young vs. old and male vs. female encounters. Obviously, that isn’t equality. However, what we’re talking about is enforcement. You’re pushing back on a comment that called BS on the police letting non-black criminals commit crimes, yet you didn’t give any evidence of it. There’s plenty of evidence of letting black people, and black aligned people, commit crimes. Have you ever heard of a mayor or governor holding the police back so people could just loot and riot? I have.

          Maybe I’ll check out “An Unjust Burden” later. I don’t have time now, but anything that says treat everyone equitably instead of equally is most likely commie trash. I don’t have high hopes for it.

        • fight between a Black teenager and a white teenage

          whycome you put the capitalB in front of the one colour word and not the other? Thisis blTANT RACISM RIGHT THERE. Either put the big one in front of both or put it in front of niether. Two colours, why make one “look better” than the other? Do you ever do this with orange and purple? Or how’s about green and pink? Squeeze me I forgot. That’s Green and pink.

      • Debbie, did you hit “reply” on the wrong comment? Your reply makes no sense in the context of my comment.

        • no. it doesn’t like taking it’s place at the bottom and imagines it’s posts profound enough to be higher up the list.
          the 2nd amendment is one thing.
          flogging a dead horse quite another.

      • Boogie Man was black, he ate worms and carried a smoking big stick and busted alarm clocks on his head. Dont you watch WWE? “I’m the Boogie Man and I’m coming to get cha.”

  2. “22-year-old Jewayne M. Price”. It’s not guns. It’s the American Negro out of control. There, I said it.

      • “You mean the protected class that can do no harm and cannot be prosecuted “

        No, black youths are prosecuted more harshly than similarly situated white youthful offenders.

        See the examples above.

        • util you look up and find the prior historyof these individuals and compare/contrast, you are blowing smoke. I ignroe smoke. What of their record, rap sheet, prior “contacts”? Yuo’re not playing wiht a full deck. Doan bee raycyst.

    • Are you saying we f*cked up when we brought them over as slaves? And we were so nice to them…..

      • “Are you saying we f*cked up when we brought them over as slaves? And we were so nice to them….. “

        Yep, Americas socioeconomic system was poisoned by 250 years of Government imposed, Christian approved black slavery, that damage didn’t disappear overnight with the emancipation proclamation.

        • You’d think by some of the comments here that we white overloads did the poor blacks a favor by ‘liberating’ them from a life of poverty living in a shithole like Africa.

          Instead of being appreciative, they get all uppity and start shooting each other. How f*cking rude……

    • And, just gettin’ his’n life together……before that nasty ole gun jumped him and make him do it. Devil…, gun….same difference in Libturd parlance…….made him do it.

      • Thanks for giving us a perfect example of racist bigotry, bravo!

        You folks immediately assuming this was some sort of gang violence thuggery, without waiting for those involved to actually make statements is just par for the course.

        Black people are not entitled to self-defense, if one of them employs a weapon it must be criminal violence, right?

        That is the very definition of prejudice, to pre-judge someone before the facts are in.

        Aren’t black citizens afforded the same right of self-defense as white folk?

        “State Rep. Todd Rutherford, who is representing Price, said his client was at the mall when two people fired on him; Price fired back in self-defense.

        Rutherford told WIS-TV that he and Price think they know why he was attacked but would not comment further, stating that he will let CPD handle that.

        Rutherford stated that there were prior Facebook threats and that Price has shared the information he has with police.

        “It was unprovoked by him. He called the police, turned himself in, turned over the firearm that was used in this, and gave a statement to the Columbia Police Department,” said Rutherford. “That is why he got a $25,000 bond.”

        • Minor
          We said nothing about blacks. Amish, Jewish and hillbilly but not blacks. Learn to read. Get a sense of humor. Or just some sense.

  3. This ain’t nothing. Just wait until we get a few million more illegals. It’s only going to take a few more months. Many being military age males with gang type affiliations from their own 3rd world countries. For many of them murder is a daily way of life.
    Tool up, be prepared, it’s coming to a town near you soon.
    FJB and the dems

  4. Of course it must have been the guns. Could not have been the cultural trends of those involved to just shoot with little or no reason beyond “He Disrespected Me!” Couldn’t be a couple of thugs, gangsta’s or punks who don’t have the guts to step up as a man and go deal with a problem with their fists.
    What the disarmament people don’t understand, It’s the very policies promoted by their fellow leftists that cause most of the problems that lead up to punks with guns just shooting before thinking. It’s the “You’re a victim, and, You’re not responsible for anything because it’s someone else’s fault” mindset. No responsible adult male in the household. No real self discipline or self respect taught in the schools or the home.
    But, no. It must be those magical mind controlling firearms and their evil spells that force these choir boys to go out and commit these crimes. Can’t be the street trash attitudes and lack of self control.

  5. Over a dozen people shot, and the best you can do it charge this guy and his buddies with illegal posession of a firearm??? What the He11 is wrong with Columbia, SC that this is the best this guy can come up with! No doubt that Jewayne was “a good boy” who was “just turning his life around” and was about to “apply to the local community college.” Did I leave anything out?

  6. Sadly, this problem is not about skin color, which is merely a brand identifier……as the Nike Swoosh. It is totally about what is between one’s ears and in one’s heart, about their imprinting…..or NOT. Sadly, Dems realized there is way more power, control, wealth to skim, scam, squander, and with which to buy votes of the Government Plantation Dwellers in Government than ever was in cotton. Blacks were selected for their apparent brand identifier as the Useful Idiot Tools to achieve Libturds’ agendas. As even sader yet, Blacks still almost 90% vote for their modern day Government Plantation Masters. Blacks are their own worst enemy. Wasn’t it Forrest Gump that remarked, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

  7. Pissant gangbangers are now trying to build street cred with mass shootings. It’s Copy Cat Crime. The fact that such behavior is illegal, that innocent people might get hurt, and that they might go to prison, isn’t even considered. Caused by democrat beatifying Thuglife.


  9. Gonna sound messed up, but I really don’t care about ‘gun violence’ in blue counties in my state…

    After everything that has happened, if you voted dem and you get shot, you asked for it. I won’t extend my empathy to people who not only disrespect it, but politically take advantage of it.

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