Boulder Grocery Store Shooting
Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, the man accused of killing ten people at a Colorado supermarket in March, 2021 (AP Photo/David Zalubowski, Pool, File)
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By Colleen Slevn, AP

A judge ruled Friday that a man charged with killing 10 people at a Colorado supermarket last year is still mentally incompetent to stand trial, further delaying court proceedings in the case.

But the judge also said that assessment could change soon.

Experts at the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo have said there is a substantial probability that Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 22, can be restored to competency within the “reasonable future” and remain competent by taking medications, Judge Ingrid Bakke said during a brief hearing. It is a prognosis she first mentioned in a March 11 scheduling order.

The prosecution of Alyssa has been on hold since December, when Bakke first ruled that he was mentally incompetent — unable to understand legal proceedings and work with his lawyers to defend himself.

Alissa is being treated at the state mental hospital and was not in court for Friday’s hearing. The judge set a July 21 hearing to again evaluate Alissa’s competency to stand trial.

Bakke’s ruling came nearly a month after Boulder, the home of the University of Colorado, marked the first anniversary of the attack that killed workers, customers and a police officer who rushed inside the store.

Few details have been released about Alissa’s condition. Reports on his evaluations are not available to the public, but a court filing discussing one of the evaluations last year said he had been provisionally diagnosed with an unspecified mental health condition that limits his ability to “meaningfully converse with others.”

Competency is a different legal issue than a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity, which involves whether someone’s mental health prevented them from understanding right from wrong at the time a crime was committed.

After the hearing, District Attorney Michael Dougherty said the average time to restore someone to competency is six months. He declined to speculate on when Alissa, who as been at the state hospital for four months, may be considered competent.

Robert Olds, the uncle of one of the 10 people killed, front-end manager Rikki Olds, said Alissa has more rights than the victims. He remains fairly hopeful Alissa will go on trial but does not want to anticipate what will happen next because the legal process has been moving slowly.

“Eventually it will happen, I hope,” he said of a trial. “There is always that outside chance it won’t happen.”

Investigators have not released any information about why they believe Alissa launched the attack or why he may have targeted the supermarket. He lived in the nearby suburb of Arvada, where authorities say he passed a background check to legally buy the Ruger AR-556 pistol he allegedly used six days before the shooting.


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    • I see you’ve retrogressed to SHOUTING AT US, you f***ing douchecanoe. I had some hope when you actually posted something with PART of the post not being “all caps”, but that was apparently too civilized for you.

      TURN OFF YOUR DAMN “ALL CAPS”, NTexas, or . . . go pound salt in your @$$.

  2. “Robert Olds, the uncle of one of the 10 people killed, front-end manager Rikki Olds, said Alissa has more rights than the victims.”

    Mostly because you moron libtards voted your rights away. Congratulations! Boulder and Denver suck ass!

    • Democrats believe violent criminals and sexual degenerates have more “human rights” than normal, law-abiding citizens.

      • When it comes to victim’s rights and the right of self defense his mental condition is irrelevant now just like it was during the course of his murderous rampage.

        Anyone could have used any means necessary to stop him. Since self defense could not be exercised by the victims it should extend to a judge and jury without any interfearence from a bunch of ratbassturds who want nothing more than to get paid for “studying” the nutcase. Meanwhile while the “studying” is going on it’s the hell with the victims and their families and friends.

        If the perp is so mentally ill to kill without realizing the seriousness of his actions then he is mentally ill enough to die without realizing he’s being killed. Problem f-ing solved.

        • Precisely why I said Boulder and Denver suck ass. Had this cretin wandered a bit south such as say Castle Rock my bet would be there is a 90% chance he wouldn’t need to stand trial. This bastard is sane enough to know what he was doing was wrong, then he is sane enough to stand trial. Rot in hell Alyssa.

    • They all think they’re so fuckin smart and better than us yet still can’t seem to figure this basic shit out.

    • Lawyers say you have to be crazy not to try the insanity plea. I think this was one was coached very well by their lawyers.

  3. It matters not. Colorado has no death penalty. Allah would welcome him to paradise with 72 virgin goats…

  4. Justice in these cases is best served with a 124 grain dose of Pb administered during the apprehension phase, clears a mind right up.

    • What, 124 gr.? No, I would happily use one of my stash of 335 grain 444Marlin Beartooths for just such a special occasion. Also, gee I’ve never considered myself as a treatment… I’ve gotta go brag to my wife.

      • Sorry, I was thinking elementally …Pb – plomb – (lead), although your take on it certainly deserves merit.

        • As$hole, if you’d have waited just a little longer I’d have had my 15 minutes of fame.

  5. More proof that we live in clown world….
    “defend himself”…. the courts need to be defunded…. and every monkey and rat that work in that mickey mouse outfit…

  6. If he is incompetent to stand trial, just keep him in a mental hospital. They can’t put him to death anyway. We need hospitals for the criminally insane, we just can not ever let them out unless they wish to stand trial.
    I don’t care where they are kept, as long as it is away from society.
    Being forced to take the pysch meds to stay in the hospital is a kind of death anyway, most would rather be in general population in the pen.

      • Not to go full-Yossarian, but that’s because you’re nuts and therefore belong in the nuthouse.

        • Meh, posted without the second half.

          But the fact that you don’t want to go to the nuthouse means that you’re sane enough for prison!

          There we go.

        • The Possum got to go through something as bad as a prison or a nuthouse, a term in a hospital burn unit… 🙁

      • Didn’t know possums had nuthouses; I thought those were only for squirrels. Caught a possum once in a live trap, though, so I know they have prisons. What are the therapy sessions like??

    • Sorry I don’t tolerate the virtues of the soft science that is psychiatry that pushes it’s own vision of the world at the expense of justice and victims rights while doing the same or worse things that it claims to champion against and making us tolerate a sketchy outdated legal defense that was probably came from the result of bribery, blackmail or extortion of a judge In England

    • Give him therapy. Lots of electro-convulsive therapy. Hydro-therapy with the protective bag. And intensive, and percussive, verbal therapy to discuss his thoughts.

      There’s a facility in Cuba that specializes in these therapies.

  7. More than enough reason to heavily restrict high capacity weapons of war. I might add that the vetting system needs to be way more draconian including Mental health tests, interviews with co-workers and neighbors and interviews with local law enforcement before a permit would be issued to possess such a weapon. In short these weapons at the very least should be added to the NFA list.

    The above restrictions apply in Japan which has one of the lowest homicide rates with firearms proving that their system works and works well. Japanese people are indeed allowed to own rifles and shotguns with skeet and trap shooting being very popular but you do not see Japanese people pointing sawed off shotguns out the window of their cars and blowing people away in road rage incidents like you do in the U.S. where road rage is a rising epidemic.

    • I really wonder what the response would be if lil ‘d’s neighbors were interviewed… direct airstrike on moms house ?

    • Proper avenue would be to eliminate Gun Free Zones except for the most sensitive areas. After all criminals do not obey them only the Law Abiding. This makes those zones a Self Defense Free, Criminal Accommodation Zone! Better to go back to a Second Amendment Society like the Founders envisioned. An Armed Society is a Polite Society!

    • Japan sounds like a nice place for you to live. I can give you $200 on your plane ticket. Dont worry about paying me back.
      It’s my way of saying thank you.

    • You really need to stop comparing apples to grapefruits. Japan was a different culture to start with. Firearms were never a big part of their culture. And unless someone is above middle class in Japan, the chances of having enough money to afford the permits and then the firearm is extremely low. Also, Police in Japan are allowed to conduct searches and inspections on the homes of Japanese registered gun owners. Are you fool enough to allow the same here?
      Of course, those involved with crime in Japan do the same as they do here. Ignore the law and commit their crimes. Many of which are not reported because of fear of retaliation from the gangs running many of the lower- and middle-class neighborhoods. And, before you ask, yes. I have spent a couple years living in Japan. And still have contact with people there.

      • In addition, the Japanese police can hold someone they arrest for fifteen days incommunicado. For those who can’t understand any words over two syllables that means without being able to contact anyone. They don’t even have to tell the prosecutor’s office that they have you. They can no longer interrogate you 24/7 for those 15 days. Previously 99% of crimes in Japan were “solved” with a confession. It was the large number of “confessions” that were repudiated at trial that caused the Japanese Supreme Court to rule that the cops cannot interrogate you for 24 hours straight in any one day.

        Right off the top of my head I don’t recall whether the Japanese Supremes set a limit on how long is okeydokey with them for interrogation each day.

        The cops always claimed they weren’t coerced confessions because they never used physical torture. That was the old days. More modern technique is tag team interrogations.

        In addition to searching your residence and place of business if you have a firearms permit, the local koban cop (small two man neighborhood substation) visits each house once a year to chat and interrogate about happenings in the neighborhood. Just a visit from Officer Friendlysan.

        • Did I mention that foreigners are forbidden to carry any blade over 2 cm in public? Two cm is just shy of an inch.

          If a Japanese citizen wants to own a sword and isn’t a high ranking politician or a very large business owner or someone on the “A” list, they need a permit to own a sword. I don’t know what the definition in Japan is of a sword, but I am under the impression that many large knives (over 10 inches?) qualify as swords.

          Not too many years ago a tourist from the U.S. was arrested in Tokyo because he had a Buck knife on his belt. He spent several days in the Tokyo crossbars hotel until the consulate could get him sprung and on a plane back to the states.

    • Japan is an ISLAND you fool. So is England. Smuggling guns onto an island is much harder than, say, Mexico. If we banned guns in the US like they did in Japan or England the result would work about as well as the stringent gun control in Mexico. Or about as well as the 18th Amendment. Why are you so damn committed to disarming good people and helping mafias and cartels?

      • Even being an island does not stop guns from being illegally imported into Australia. Barely 3% of incoming containers are inspected. Most busts are from tip-offs.

        • of course doesn’t stop completely. but i’m sure you agree it’s harder to smuggle something onto an island than, say, a county with a porous 2000 mile land border.

    • Once again, dacian the stupid decides to parade his ignorance and idiocy.

      dacian the stupid, “Mr. Madison, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.” But thanks for playing.

  8. Well, since he’s considered a retard, just execute the turd, he won’t know what’s happening, right???
    He won’t be missed.

    • No, they had a ban on Ar-15 style semi -automatic rifles with large capacity (over 10 rounds) magazines, hardly anyones definition of an “assault rifle”, well , ok, maybe MSM. But not anyone that counts.

      • No, they didn’t.

        First, it was an “AWB” with a “large capacity mag ban” tacked on. Technically done as two laws.

        Second, both laws, AWB and mag ban, were struck down March 18, 2021 on state-preemption grounds and the shooting occurred March 22,2021.

        Further, the guy bought the gun in Arvada, which is split between Adams and Jefferson Counties and has home-rule as a Home Rule Municipality under Colorado law. Boulder County and City laws had no bearing on his ability to get the gun, nor was it illegal for him to transport it into Boulder following the judicial action four days prior.

        This was cited (to the point of being annoying as hell) as the reason for the shooting occurring according to the locals. A number of whom I have the unfortunate luck to have to interact with five days a week.

        Boulder, as of this month, has announced plans to reinstate and expand the ban. I would expect that to once again, last a few years until it’s struck down on the same grounds because Boulder has not adopted, nor does it plan to adopt, home rule making any law like this a de facto breach of the aforementioned state-preemption on the topic.

        • I think they might be able to get away with it since preemption got neutered last June. It’s pretty weak sauce.’re from outside the locality, you basically get a warning the first time you violate the local restriction. Of course, even if Boulder had a local ban with a death penalty, attached it still wouldn’t have changed this outcome unless they were also searching every car at the city line.

  9. Of course the freak is mentally Incompetent. What other excuse would they use. That makes it all right and justifiable, doesn’t it.

  10. Competent enough to fill out a 4473.
    Crayz or not if you kill somebody you should face the consequences.

  11. Same thing happened to the Santa Fe Texas School attacker. He will spend a few years in the Booby Hutch and then be released. Mental incompetents who kill more than 2 people should be automatically terminated for the good of humanity, not as punishment but to insure they can never do it again.
    Meds never work because the coconut always decides they are OK and quits taking them.

    • Yup, my girlfiend had to call the cops on just this scenario three days ago. The guy was pretty amiable however he told her he’d quit taking his meds and started stalking her and peeking in her windows.

  12. The people here calling for the death penalty must be Leftists.

    Boulder got what it wanted in terms of Polis repealing the death penalty. What? Y’all don’t believe in a republican formbof government no more?

      • Boulder was the main area pushing, even harder than Denver, for a repeal of the death penalty. Denver was too busy fighting about legalizing magic mushrooms (something they’re now collecting signatures to make statewide too).

        The people of Boulder got exactly what they wanted in terms if there being no chance to execute this guy. They championed the policy and now they have it.

        What business is it of anyone else’s what happens to the guy when they very people who pushed hardest for taking the death penalty off the table are now the same people who may/may not wish to use it in this case?

        I mean, let’s be real here. No one outside the families of the victims actually gives a shit about this guy or the people he shot. No one in Boulder County, no one in Colorado and certainly no one outside the state. So spare me the outside cries for “justice”.

        He will get exactly the justice the people of Boulder wish to apply to such a crime. No more, no less. And no one really gives a fuck either way other than how far they can virtue signsl to their own in-group. So why act like a Leftist and stick your nose into Boulder County’s business? They got exactly what they wanted from representative government. They pushed hard and won. Good for them, right?

        It’s not like a jury in that area would vote to put the guy to death anyway. Shit, they’d rather jail cops for shooting the “community moose” when it attacks someone.

        • Ah gotcha, they banned capital punishment (again) a few years after I moved up here. Didn’t agree with it or vote for it then and still advocate for it being an option but ultimately you do have a point in the community chooses it’s misery.

        • “So spare me the outside cries for “justice”

          The idea of America relies upon the common concern for one another.

          “Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence, were all my business. The dealings of my trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business!”

        • Sorry strych9 but that is not true at least for me. These people in Boulder may be idiots but that doesn’t mean they deserve to die at the hands of a lunatic. I do grieve for the families that lost loved ones.

        • Gee, be careful with virtue signaling so hard, MinorIQ, you might dislocate your arm patting yourself on the back. No, America was founded on no such thing. America was founded, and mostly followed, until y’all “Progressives” f***ed things up, on the idea that you were ultimately responsible for yourself. REAL mean do help their neighbors, when needed (not when they’re too f***in’ lazy to take care of themselves), but that’s VOLUNTARY, you Leftist/fascist idiot. Nice try at historical revisionism – ranks right up there with your IDIOT assertion that Article I, Section 8 expressly authorizes universal gun control. Oh, and f*** right the hell off.

    • I didn’t vote for the pole smoking asswipe. He also got rid of preemption. Something that does absolutely nothing to curb crime.

  13. I don’t buy the mentally incompetent crap. He knew how to buy a weapon, ammunition, and make it work. He evidently planned at least a couple days in advance to arm himself and then attack perhaps not at a particular store, but somewhere. he also seems to be competent enough to bullshit his lawyers enough to keep himself in a hospital instead of prison or a county jail.

      • There is a joke about a patient in a state mental hospital interacting with a stranded motorist and the punch line is, “I’m in here because I’m crazy, not because I’m stupid.

    • And? Criminals get weapons even when they are not supposed to have them. Your dreams of gun control will never prevent that. Until those who chose to commit violent crimes are dealt with accordingly, nothing will change. And disarming those who have not committed a crime will not help.

    • dacian the stupid, flexing his Leftist/fascist ‘street cred’. P*** off, dacian. You have NOTHING to say that anyone else on this forum gives a shart about. Go back to your circle jerk.

    • It’s true, Mohammad the prophet did indeed marry a nine-year-old, just like Mormon holy man Warren Jeffs, so there’s that.

      But both Muslims and Christians worship their Abrahamic god Allah/Yahweh, who has killed millions of babies, urging his followers to “dash their brains out against the walls”.

      Well, all except “the girl children who never laid with a man, keep them for yourself!”.

      Wait, scratch that, I imagine there were a lot of virgins drowned during the Flood…

      • MinorIQ,

        Just a pro tip: A person who actually (i) had a functioning brain, and (ii) knew WTF he was talking about, would be embarrassed by your lack of understanding of Christian v. Muslim theology. But that’s OK; no one expected an intellectual argument from you. (Want a hint, or do you want to fail this one all on your own??? If Allah and Yahweh are allegedly “the same God”, rationalize the (rather substantial) differences in their teachings. Oh, you can’t???? Quelle suprise!!!).

        You are too stupid to insult.

  14. “Mentally ill” eh? No doubt EVERY follower of the pedophile “prophet” who commits such attacks from today foward will employ this defense in order to skirt being held accountable for their crimes.

  15. A one year delay is nothing. The druggie loser that shot up the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood in 2015 (including killing the first officer to respond and two others) is still deemed incompetent by Colorado and Federal courts. He’s been sitting in that same Pueblo loony bin for 6.5 years despite trying to plead guilty.

  16. What jail is he in?…about 10 honey buns, a book of forever stamps with envelopes, a phone card and a $100 store credit, should handle it quite nicely..

  17. I’ve always has a problem with the “Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity” Legal Definition and its use. A far better and more accurate definition would be Guilty But Insane. No Death Penalty, but you’ll spend the rest of your life in a Forensic Psych Unit.
    Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity is a contradiction in and of itself.

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