US Virgin Islands governor Kenneth Mapp
courtesy BVI News
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You know how they say it’s virtually impossible to kill any government program once it’s in place…because someone always benefits and it develops its own interested constituency? Yes, well it seems that the authority to confiscate firearms works pretty much the same way. At least it does in the territories of the US Virgin Islands.

You may remember that back in September, as Hurricane Irma was bearing down on the Caribbean, USVI Governor Kenneth Mapp declared a state of emergency and signed an order authorizing law enforcement agencies and the National Guard to confiscate residents’ firearms and ammuntion.

The order stated that,

The Adjutant General is authorized and directed to seize arms, ammunition, explosives, incendiary material or any other property that may be required by the military forces for the performance of this emergency mission in accordance with the Rules of Force promulgated by the Virgin Island National Guard and approved by the Virgin Island Department of Justice.

Because who would possibly have cause to defend their life or property in the aftermath of a devastating natural disaster?

Anyway, Hurricanes Irma and Maria have long since come and gone (five people died and thousands lost their homes). But, as the Daily Caller is reporting, Governor Mapp has seen fit to extend the authorities’ right to confiscate Virgin Islanders’ weapons. Although he poo-poo’s the idea that it’s a gun grab.

Gov. Mapp told TheDC in a phone interview Thursday that the national guard “is not authorized to take arms and munitions from civilians,” and complained that he continues to receive “foolish” questions about this.

The Sept. 4 order, however, explicitly gives authorization to “seize” arms and ammunition.

Mapp said that this language is in “every declaration or activation of the national guard” that came before he took office. And added that it doesn’t allow Adjunct General Deborah Howell to “take weapons from civilians without proper compensation.”

Well, as long as he says so….

You can read the renewal of the order here. Whether or not any Virgin Islander’s guns have actually been taken, the authority to do so is still in force. And experience and common sense would tell you that any legal authority given the government — and plenty that isn’t — will, at some point, be exercised.

Or is that too tin foil hat of us?


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  1. Still waiting for President Trump to restore 2nd amendment rights to my Eastern Com Bloc State…Maybe the RINO in Congress will step up this platform and provide constitutional relief to these civil rights challenged areas! Still awaiting a revival in the USA and our US Constitutional-Bill of Rights…

    • And you’ll keep on waiting. No government, left right communist or Capitalist, has any interest in its citizens being armed.

    • Actually according to all the e-mail traffic I’ve been getting from the NRA, they are busy pushing their Auto buying program, their wine club, their (insert thing here that has NOTHING to do with guns).

      Makes me almost sad that I joined the NRA.

  2. As a USVI resident, I don’t know of any guns being seized. I agree with Mapp on this one, this is just silliness. They’ve got bigger things to worry about. Our USVI Police commissioner and Governor have been very supportive of the rights of lawful citizens to be armed. The commissioner is the best we’ve had in years. Stop spreading this nonsense.

    • The best you have had is a long way from being almost okay. Registration, and permission to buy, and not even a provision for concealed carry equal less than acceptable.

    • Went back and read the emergency order and it was renewed Dec 1 2017. Sorry Larry you are the lobster that is in the pot that doesnt realize it is being boiled.

    • “lawful ”

      You are always “lawful”, until the government decides that you aren’t. The United States was not founded by “lawful” citizens. It was founded by smugglers, rioters, tax cheats, and cop killers. About as unlawful as you can get.

    • As a USVI resident, I believe this is the first time I’ve heard anyone agree with Mapp on anything.
      He fumbled the road clearing, he’s fumbling the trash incineration issue, fumbled on Dsnap and on supply distribution. The big island is still at 30% power restoration (its been there for two months now), and We can’t even get cruise ships to show up on schedule.
      If this weren’t already a may issue territory, where you’ve got to wait moths for any sort of firearm permit, I’d have a lot more patience with his “oversights”. This isn’t a government I’d trust with much of anything and it’s been caught behind the 8ball on every issue since well before the storm.

  3. “take weapons from civilians without proper compensation.”

    I believe my idea of proper compensation would differ greatly from their’s…………..

  4. Republicans should seriously consider what happens if they don’t use their majority to deliver protection to the People of the Gun right now while they still have a majority.

    They already got beat bad in Virginia this past November (lost 17 seats there) and are going to get their butts whipped in the national 2018 election.

    They’ve failed to deliver the SAFE Act, failed to deliver national reciprocity, failed, failed, failed.

    If they don’t act now, it will be worse than 1994, worse than 1986. If the Dems get the upper hand in this environment, they will initiate national registration and national confiscation.

    • It’s not “if”, it’s “when” the Dems get the upper hand. They will long have lost patience. Expect their revenge on us to be horrible and swift. Prepare accordingly.

      • The last time the democrats got control of Congress, they trashed the economy, the DOW lost more than half it’s value, the Unemployment Rate more than doubled and our mortgage institutions were nearly destroyed.

        Anyone who votes for a return to hat a has a bad case of shitferbrains.

      • I agree. They didn t push gun bans when they had total control, preferring free shit for the masses instead. Next go around will be disarming the same masses.

        And they will get back in

    • Good luck with that…New York tried…and even they admit it is a failure…most people did not register…and good for them for NOT doing so…

  5. Quick lets petition for immediate review by the Supreme Court! Oh wait, they have abrogated their constitutional duty to defend the 2nd Amendment. Go right ahead and take our guns. Its not like anyone is going to stop you.

    • They seldom defend any of the Bill of Rights. We need a mass overturning of many of their decisions, especially Terry v. Ohio.

  6. ‘…or any other property that may be required by the military forces for the performance of this emergency mission…’

    Why would the National Guard need your weapons or any other property? My guess is this is a carte blanche order that they can take anything they want if they can justify the need for it to support their mission. In this case, there’s no need to specify weapons, as it will only ruffle a lot of feathers unnecessarily. However, until I hear about actual seizures, this isn’t at all like New Orleans where weapons were actually seized, not out of need but ‘for your own protection’.

  7. If I got robbed or assaulted or had my home invaded after being disarmed…the government would see a billion dollar class-action lawsuit in a heartbeat…just sayin’…
    if you take the guns, you damn well better be prepared to show up and defend people when they need it…or pay the price for not being able to do so
    when seconds count…cops are minutes away…right?

  8. This is still an emergency? If the “emergency’ lasts until all consequences from the storms have disappeared, it’s gonna be goin on for a while. Sadly, the convenience of “emergency measures” tends to make the new rules stick. France’s “emergency” search, seizure, & surveillance are still in place.

    When it’s done arriving, it’s no longer an emergency.
    When you’re done responding to it’s sudden arrival, it’s no longer a crisis.

    If you’re solving things, eventually even an emergency becomes a crisis, maybe a disaster, then a problem, a trade-off, and at last just a cost. Re-upping an emergency order looks like they’re stuck in permanent disaster.

  9. So if the NRA and I butt heads they sick Moms Demand Action against me then,they cause trouble and call me a ” sexist pig” , I’m not particularly familier with that species. Could you tell me about it please.,,. Moms I think your NRA is callling

  10. This shouldnt surprise anyone …. the ” Emergency War Powers Act ” is still in place , renewed by congress, no doubt enhanced by the UN patriot Act.


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