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“Sir, is that your Studebaker blocking our Mom’s driveway?”

We have a stack of 2018 calendars thanks to the good people at Wilson Combat. Last week’s winner was Alan Esworthy. This week’s champ will get one, too. All you have to do is get your caption in the comments for this photo by midnight Sunday.

Wilson Combat 2018 calendar.

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  1. if you look very closely at this picture and the wind is just right you can hear Gunny Hartman’s aneurism exploding.

  2. After that night, the professional scarer James P. “Sulley” Sullivan was never heard from again. His last door was destroyed to ensure no others were lost to the Melody Lane Three.

  3. Wow this looks remarkably similar to MY neighborhood. Mine was a few years later circa 1960-1964. Good times. Don’t care about a calendar…

  4. Years later when Rudy was told “you’re 5 foot nothing, 100 and nothing, and you have barely a speck of atlethic ability…..” – it did not faze him. He’d heard it all his life. Every team or squad should be blessed have a Rudy.

  5. “Take five, men. Smoke ’em if you got ’em. Wait, where did you got ’em? I mean get ’em. Mom’s gonna be pissed. If she finds out she won’t let us watch ‘Combat’ tonight.”

  6. Back when free range kids, playing war, and running around 5e neighborhood was cool… and your parents were cool enough to imitate.

  7. “boys, i need a volunteer to go indoors and play parlor games with your fragile cousin agnes.” (2nd and 3rd kids from left each take one step back).

  8. Before Malheur… before the Nevada standoff… the Bundy brothers formed their first militia to protect their toy wagon from the bureaucratic bullies who roamed the neighborhood unchecked


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