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There are few moments in life that are sweeter than firing the first rounds through your brand new silencer. It’s the moment you’ve been looking forward to for months, the day you get to update and finally take the plugs out of your ears. And, of course, record the whole thing on video for bonus internet points. The only question left: what do I buy next?

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  1. The first time I shot a .40 was a Glock at a rental range in Utah. I rented the gun and a can and bought 2 boxes of ammo. As I had never fired a .40 before I shot the first box without the can to familiarise myself with the gun. For the second box I screwed the can on. And immediately saw that the can was so big it blocked the sights, making them useless. All my shooting was done at an indoor range at 7 yards. I don’t know how or why but I got better groupings with the can and no sights than I did using the sights.

    • If you don’t have suppressor height sights, shoot with both eyes open. It’s similar in effect to a red dot sight. Front sight(dominant eye) superimposed on the target(non-dominant eye)

  2. Isn’t that a young Tommy Lee Jones standing in for Nick in the above pic?? Just sayin’!! Stunt double??

  3. I like the sound of the alternated rounds in the last third of the video. Congratulations on your new toy.

  4. Next? 22 suppressor. At least that’s what I did. Even more fun and less(relatively) expensive per round, although it tends to even out since I shoot a ton more rimfire suppressed than I do centerfire.

  5. I called the ATF about my can’s status. They said it went into the system in March and the turn around time is nine months after the item goes into the system 🙁

    • They just started telling that to people only about a month ago. I went into the system in March also. Hopefully we’re still in a 6 month batch instead of the new 9 months. Ugh.

  6. Guns, especially quite guns are sooooo much fun!
    When I lived in the “Old” Australia, the one where suppressors were an over the counter item and a threaded barrel was $7.50 extra, my feral bunny count reached triple digits on successive weekends. Saving the environment, one ‘Phuut’ at a time!
    And there was beer, lots of beer!


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