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This is a racially charged video. Only it isn’t. But it is. [Text amended from the original, which was a classic example of over-thinking, over-writing and over-egging.]

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  1. I probably wouldnt get very many hits but if I could afford to waste the ammo, I would do this in a heartbeat

    • I believe he was using an M&P15-22. I would use up all of the .22LR I have doing that if I had the chance. Looks like a lot of fun.

  2. I think you might be reading too much into it. Looked like a gun guy having fun. I wish I have the facilities to be able to do that, looked like a blast.

  3. Awe c’mon! Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar……..with a firecracker in it! If it were me shooting I suppose it would be the IRA at fault! From your write up, I’m not clear on the point you’re making, Robert. Unusual for you. Anyway, where do I get an admission ticket for that ride?

  4. Wow. Just wow.

    TTAG’s leader again shows that he has no sense of fun, and could very well be racist to boot.

    Because only black people are in gangs, I suppose.

    • For the sake of argument black people make up about 12% of the population. About half that number are males. So about 6%. About half of those are at prime age to be in trouble. So about 3%. That 3% of the population have been blown up to boogey man status by the msm and the culture to the point that people living in areas that rarely if ever see a black person are pissing down their legs in fear of the invincible black gang banger.

      And of course, we People of the Gun who have suffered the very same demonization by the msm, fail to see the irony.

  5. Sat here with a huge grin. Just a week ago my buddy and I were doing this on Francolin and Guinea fowl from the back of a truck. I had a bolt 22 and he had a single shot 12 gauge.
    Way too much fun!

    • Strafing guinea fowl. fun times. I k new an old farmer who had 3 atrractive daughters back in WVA. He had a flock of guinea for security and a shotgun. Just about impossible to sneak in there. Yeah, I would definately strafe guineas.

      • They are noisy. We were told to not shoot the black headed ones, (breeders), only the blue headed ones, (wild).
        We got enough to feed the whole camp, 12 people. Francolin are very similar to Partridge or Chukar in size and taste.

        • You got enough to feed 12. I must assume large bag limits. Sounds like your trip was a real success.

  6. The way I see it, if gang members did more target practice, there should be less collateral damage anyway, so why not encourage it? If that’s even what I thought was happening here, which it isn’t.

    • And the more gang members who die in drive by’s the fewer gang members we have on the streets. It’s a problem that solves itself.

  7. Colion Noir is a good guy and this looks like good fun. Check out his channel if you get a chance. He is one of my favorites on youtube.

    Regarding the drive-by practice… I can imagine it is incredibly difficult to do. Maybe it would be a handy skill to have if you ever visited South America, Africa or Chicago. Sadly there is no range like this in my area so I’ll just have to visualize it for now.

  8. I suppose that if someone wanted to bump off a bunch of superannuated duffers in lime green pants and white shoes, shooting from a golf cart would be the way to go.

  9. Let’s not forget that the primary purpose behind the second amendment is to have a capable militia. Every American male should be learning military skills to deter the government from oppressing us. That they are oppressing us is perhaps a symptom of Mr. Farrago’s attitude that we should only train for personal defense and should be careful not to anger or scare any sissies.

    We should all be learning to shoot from moving vehicles, learning to shoot crew served weapons, learning to call in artillery strikes, and learning how to shoot down drones. How are we to remain free if we can’t destroy drones? We should learn how to do combined arms attacks and defenses in depth. We should be cultivating leaders who can plan military actions.

    If we had enough people so armed and trained, we would not be talking about FISA courts abusing their power, which should never have been granted or self-expanded.

    Unlike Mr. Farrago, I think the growth of imaginative training facilities for weapons is a good sign.

    • You bring up good points. I do think we need to be much better at coordinating and working together to have some sort of SHTF militia networks in place.

      I hate the whole “But we have twitter!” attitude that people have, thinking they don’t need to bother with organizing with fellow citizens now because modern technology will grant us quick communication. If SHTF, the government could kill the Internet and cell activity with the flick of a switch.

      Get out there, get to know your neighbors and nearby residents, train together and have contingency plans in place. And like you said, it’s not going to hurt to practice some basic combat skills. If our experienced vets each train up 5-10 people to give them baseline skills we will be much better prepared to face natural disasters, “doomsday” scenarios and the possibility of a Stalin-esque government.

    • I also want to add that I wrote that last post of mine with a nasty lump in my gut. I’ve always philosophically believed we should train to deter government oppression, but mostly I believed in training to deter foreign invasion. That we now have such an unbelievable situation with TSA looking at our wives and children naked, the government reading our mail and email activity, and who knows what else that has not yet been revealed, makes me sick to my stomach.

      I’m not calling for revolt or armed actions. But I think now more than ever we need to be thinking about what would happen if we can’t rein the government back under control. I do not wish to have my child and her children living under oppression.

    • Wait. I never said that. And it’s Farago with one “r.” Unless you’re being intentionally arch. Whatever that means.

  10. There has to be someone out there that can fund a few “Shooter’s Carnival” rides like this across the nation. A sure fire way to keep the ammo flowing, and loads of fun.

  11. It was also like a drive thru museum of horrible American cars.
    They really should have the Pintos explode when you shoot the back!

  12. Looks like having linked side-by-side magazines would have really helped out there.

    I need to seek out training, but with practicing for IDPA, along with my own steel practice, an attraction like this would definitely help me choose a training facility over just going out and shooting my own steel.

  13. Back when I was a young man and Terrorists were not exclusively white I used to engage in a similar exercise using the excess pumpkins following Hollows Eve. We could not afford a golf cart so used a 4X4. Was it fun? I think so, I was always the driver!


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