Benchmade Mini-Griptilian courtesy

If you weren’t one of the two distinguished winners of our wildly successful content contest here at TTAG, there’s good news. You still have one more shot. That’s right, you have another chance to dazzle us with your erudition and creativity. We’ve just started another content contest at The Truth About Knives¬†and this one’s arguably better than the first one. Because not only are we giving away another FNS-9 pistol, courtesy FNH USA, but because the site is called The Truth About Knives, the winner will also pocket a beautiful new Benchmade Mini-Griptilian blade. So make the jump over to TTAK, get the full 411 and start writing.


  1. Holy canoli ANOTHER FNS-9 courtesy of FNH USA? Can you tell them I could really use a Scar 17s so if they’re feeling generous maybe they could let you give one of those away?

  2. Wow I guess it is too late to win the knife, but I have got to try.Hey I bought a new Browning Hi Power in 1985 and carried it on duty in my armed guards job until buying my FNP .45 ACP in 2009. I preach the FN philosophy every where I go. No brag ,just fact.I live in Columbia,SC too. That’s sorta like living in Sturgis if you are a Harley dude.


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