New York Governor Kathy Hochul
New York Governor Kathy Hochul (AP Photo/Yuki Iwamura)
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On Thursday, Sept. 1, New York Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul’s new gun restrictions take effect and there’s one common feeling across the state: confusion.

The governor decried the decision when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Empire State’s subjective restrictive “may issue” concealed carry requirements. She said she was “shocked” and responded by pushing even more restrictions through the legislature.

Law-abiding gun owners have cried foul ever since, noting the gun control laws don’t hold criminals accountable and law enforcement and county officials charged with implementing and overseeing the rules have voiced concern.

First and Flawed

In Gov. Hochul’s rushed attempt to be first after the Supreme Court ruled against New York in its Bruen decision, her anti-gun bias has wreaked havoc in New York.

In Upstate counties that comprise the vast majority of New York’s geography, confusion reigns. Fulton County Sherriff Richard Giardino held an information session for law-abiding gun owners. It was jampacked with New Yorkers worried that Gov. Hochul’s gun control will ensnare them and turn them into criminals.

“We’re placed in an untenable position of enforcing laws that we might believe are unconstitutional, and as a former judge and DA, I still have my law license, I believe many provisions of this are unconstitutional and will be knocked down in the courts,” said Giardino.

In Greene County, Lisa and Richard MacLeod – owners of Recon Defense – have been swamped with calls, walk-ins and social media posts from concerned New Yorkers. “We are up to 13,00 hits on this already. Our phone has not stopped ringing. As far as what does this mean? Everyone is so confused no one knows what to do,” Lisa told local media.

New York Republican Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh told the New York Post, “A lot of times New York is trying to be first — the first to poke back at the US Supreme Court because they didn’t like the concealed carry ruling … So [Democrats] tried to be first and then they’re not best. It was sloppy drafting.”

The assemblywoman’s comments followed a scramble by the governor’s administration to reassure New Yorkers that prohibitions on recreational shooting sports weren’t included in the bill despite Assembly Codes Committee Chair Jeffrey Dinowitz (D-Bronx) telling Walsh the exact opposite during bill debate. “I guess that’s covered by this.”

Fighting Back

One lawmaker in Albany is leading her colleagues in their fight back and attempting to shield lawful recreational and shooting sports activities from the flawed law. Republican N.Y. state Sen. Pam Helming introduced legislation to protect the shooting sports and to clarify the law with language to deem competitive shooting sports events, often held at sportsmen’s clubs, exempted from the state’s list of “sensitive places.”

A “Gun Free Zone” sign, which is expected to be installed at Times Square, is seen during a news conference, Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2022, in New York. (AP Photo/Yuki Iwamura)

“The language in our laws matters – and the language in the law that takes effect on September 1 unfairly puts these programs at risk,” Sen. Helming said. “Participation in these sports is growing, especially in our rural areas. Shooting sports programs and competitions are conducted safely and responsibly, with applicable training and education and they should be allowed to operate as they always have—safely and successfully.”

Lawmakers aren’t expected back in Albany until the 2023 legislative session begins in January.

What’s Next?

Gov. Hochul’s new gun control law is a kitchen sink of constitutionally-questionable restrictions and don’t do anything to stop criminals in her state from illegally obtaining and misusing firearms. The law expanded the “sensitive locations” where law-abiding concealed carriers cannot carry firearms, which include federal, state and local government buildings, health and medical facilities, daycares, parks, zoos and playgrounds, public transportation including subways and buses, polling sites, schools and even publicly-utilized state forest preserves, including the 6 million acres of the Adirondack Park.

The law also allows the state to examine social media posts between neighbors to determine if an individual qualifies for a state-issued concealed carry permit. Court challenges are lining up fast.

Jane Havens, manager of Calamity Jane’s Firearms in Hudson Falls, N.Y., organized a recent town hall of her own to cover the new laws and it was attended by a few hundred people.

Her message to law-abiding gun owners and those trying to become them was short and simple. No matter how frustrating the process is, “Don’t give up this fight. We will help you.”

Firearm retailers are in a bind, too. New York passed an extensive security and record-keeping law that will also go into effect Sept. 1. NSSF met with the governor’s office and N.Y. State Police to obtain guidance for implementation guidance but the only thing that was clear was the state’s not ready.

NSSF was told to advise member retailers that state police won’t conduct inspections without proper guidance in place first and officials from the governor’s office didn’t want New York firearm retailers to spending their resources to comply until regulations are published. State police informed NSSF that a Frequently Asked Questions page will be created to assist retailers soon.

The confusion wrought by Gov. Hochul has been purposeful and targeted at law-abiding gun owners and the lawful firearm industry. New York gun owners new and old are sticking together in this fight and not giving up. The firearm industry isn’t backing down either.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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    • The problem is that these lawless political tyrants have almost unlimited funds available to them through taxation. They never have to worry about paying personally for their malfeasance. I wish there was some way to hold these b*st*rds personally liable for abusing their power under the color of authority.


    • New York doesn’t have any money. They take what they need from the taxpayers and still complain that people aren’t paying enough.

    • They have an unlimited amount…taxes.

      Now if they’d pass a law holding the legislator financial responsible for costs of unconstitutional laws, that would change, almost instantly.

    • Don’t worry everything’s going to be okay. Very soon you’ll be able to have recreational marijuana in the state of New York. All your problems will go away. All the crime will just go away. You were promised that by some very smart people.

      So there is no need for you to have firearms. Because all the crime will just go away now.

      “NY inches closer to recreational marijuana sales” vieo 2 min long

  1. I am very happy that most of the police/law enforcement in NY are against this woman and will work to have her removed from office. God Bless our fine police officers. We will all be happy to see Gov. Hochul no longer in office. In the meantime the Courts need to stop this new “law” and allow complete acceptance of the Supreme Court decision that is binding now!

    • “God bless our fine police officers”

      Please, by all means, go to New York and violate this new (illegitimate as recently defined by the USSC) law in full view of any police officer there. You will quickly see just how much they actually support We the People or the US Bill of Rights. Talk is cheap, and very few of them are even doing that much

  2. Why chaos?

    Put your guns in acceptable storage, and leave them there.


    Ignore NYS law, and become a criminal, whereupon you will not be held accountable for violating state law.

    • Sorry (not really), but I can’t help laughing my ass off about this “situation” in NY. It’s just totally hilarious. Better than SNL back in the ’70s.

      • “Sorry (not really), but I can’t help laughing my ass off about this “situation” in NY. ”

        The current population of NYS would still be British subjects.

        “Tough times create strong men, strong men create easy times. Easy times create weak men, weak men create tough times.”

  3. Gov. Hochuk the idiot is being sued by GOA-NY to obtain an injunction against enforcement of this blatantly unconstitutional law.

  4. The question is:- Is this action legal or is it illegal. If it is legal there is no cause for complaint until it is challenged in a court of law. Peanuts toi the US Gun owner and the industry in general. C’mon chaps pass the begging bowl.

    • “The question is:- Is this action legal or is it illegal. If it is legal there is no cause for complaint until it is challenged in a court of law.”

      It’s the law until it is challenged and overturned in a court of law.

      “Legality” has nothing to do with it. Hamstringing law-abiding gun owners is the whole point. As stated in the article, it has nothing to do with stopping criminals or reducing crime.

      You really don’t know anything about how the American legal “system” works, do you?

      • “Legality” has everything to do with it, when compared to what is “lawful”. The two terms are not the same, and cannot be conflated. Words put to paper and signed by a Governor is “legal”, but only such words that meet the standards contained in the USC are “lawful”.

      • go back to the galazyz from whence you hied hither. Then READ our founding documents. Yes, the ones got drawn up once we kicked the slimey limeys off this land.
        The Supreme Law of the Land is the US Constitution and all laws enacted persuant thereto, and all treaties drawn up with foreign powers that are consistent with the US Constitution. Anything else is null void, of none effect. In other words, Ho Chi Hul’s rantings are NOT law, and of none effect. Last I looked the State of New York had not seceded from the rest of the Union. Thus THEY and all their authorities are subject to the US Constitution.

        If this nit twit continues to enforce such blatantly unconstitutoinal laws she MUST be removed from office, per the US and State constitutoins. She should be charged with felony perjury, in the form of swearing an oath of office then failing/refusing to uphold that oath. She is in CLEAR violation of her oath. Remove her. The sooner the better. Then let her replacement decide whether to continue in HER footsteps or instead actually uphold New York and US constitutions.

        The REASON these commie tyrants continue getting off with their clear crimes is that so far NO ONE has had the intestinal fortitude to get up in their grille and STOP them, if necessary to the point of doing what I outlined above. The State of New York do not HAVE to tolerate this marxist rebel bent upon destroying the state.along with the rights of the citizens therein.

        • “The Supreme Law of the Land is the US Constitution and all laws enacted persuant thereto,…”

          Exactly where do citizens turn, in order to determine if federal (or state) laws comport with the US Constitution?

    • “The question is:- Is this action legal or is it illegal.”

      WRONG, you ignorant limey dolt.

      The question is : Is the law constitutional, or unconstitutional.

      Now, sod off, wanker… 🙁

    • Hochul’s “laws” are clearly illegal, if you’ve bothered to read anything about the recent Supreme Court decision. It takes a leftard to even ask your question.

        • I know your thoughts on the topic but demon possession is a popular theory and yes she has gotten notably uglier/weirder over the past year even with the vaxie cult thing she started out with.

        • Safe, Ha! You picked up on that, eh? Well in this case, plus one or two other similar ones, I could be persuaded to be open to all possibilities. Maybe it’s just one demon? I mean, they all look much alike and even dress and accessorize the same, like it’s some kind of uniform…

  5. Nice gig off from Labor Day weekend till January. Wake up New World Order on the way. Whole world lost their mind. Really think I’m the crack pot, Atheist Avenger? Repent, turn away from your sin, confess and he is faithful to forgive. That’s for me too, none deserve to get there.

  6. This is pure vengeance and using punishment of law abiding gun owners to enact it. She needs to be removed from office, she’s not fit to be governor with enacting blatant punishing and burdensome unconstitutional rights infringements for her own agenda vengeance.

  7. Albert you don’t have a dog in this hunt son. Wasn’t it just the other day they arrested a veteran in the UK for calling the poofters next door poofters on Facebook? Sounds like you live in a proper pisshole. It’s the whole world. Repent turn away from your sin.

    • Sadly, Albert soon may not be able to afford his internet access — or his electricity.

      “It’s true that Britain’s economic troubles, which were already growing, have metastasized dramatically in the last few two months, two in particular—a general rise in all-round inflation to 10 percent and a still sharper rise in regulated gas and electricity prices from $2,331 now to $4,237 in October and $5,026 in January.”

      • It’s normal for Brits to heat one room of their homes. I wouldn’t worry about any oil or gas shortage. If it gets too cold, the poofs can bunk together.

    • Relent. Cease your pushing of your chosen addiction onto others. Relent I say. The end has always been nigh…

  8. Don’t forget the brand new border around Times Square, and all those Gun Free Zone flashy signs being towed around by DOT gas/diesel pickup trucks.

  9. Every gun control law that New York State passes, our New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy copies, so I’m sure the same exact law is headed to New Jersey.
    The article neglected to mention that under the “sensitive places” now called “gun-free zones,” New York has also banned guns in churches and houses of worship!
    That’s a blatant violation of religious freedom, and a danger to everyone who belongs to a church or synagogue.
    Many churches and synagogues allow, appoint, or designate members with CCW licenses to be security against the next mass shooting in a church or synagogue, but now the State is saying they’re no longer allowed to do that! The State is saying that churches and synagogues must be disarmed-victim zones that are sitting ducks against mass shooters, terrorists, neo-Nazis, and any other criminal who wants to shoot up a church or synagogue.
    As a member of JPFO (Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership), I find this not only dangerous but a blatant violation of both the 1st Amendment freedom of worship and the 2nd Amendment.

    • “Many churches and synagogues allow, appoint, or designate members with CCW licenses to be security against the next mass shooting in a church or synagogue, but now the State is saying they’re no longer allowed to do that!”

      Churches can simply ignore the law for now. The breadth and depth of the ‘Bruen’ decision is crying out for a test case. In the rare instance where they may need to protect the congregation from a criminal, dare them to charge you. You will be swamped with offers of legal help, especially if you ask for it… 🙂

      • Make a citizens arrest and charge him with violation of his oath to office. Maybe it’ll start a movement. Embrace your inner Arlo Guthrie. Be the pickle.

  10. It’s my concern that with all the concrete, or cement, cement is like concrete, concrete and steel, concrete and steel is heavy, it’s my concern that with all that heaviness, heaviness is weight, its heavy, its my concern, that with all the heaviness New York City will sink into the , the, the ocean.

    • You need to work on the delivery.

      You missed the obvious by failing mention Manhattan might ‘tip over’ into the ocean.

        • “Pretty good though. Guam. #neverforget

          Rep Hank Johnson gets a bad rap. I was stationed on Guam a coupla times. We had to schedule inbound and outbound flights so the up and down motion of the island wouldn’t cause water to flood the low areas.

      • Kamala and that silly twit being called a press secretary. I think it was yesterday she said that people don’t just walk across the southern border. If she had a brain, she would be vacuous.

        • I think yer guys might even be more stupider than our guys. Not sure how that can possibly be but there it is…

  11. “its my concern, that with all the heaviness New York City will sink into the , the, the ocean.”

    Relax. There are neoprene floats under Manhattan.

    • And many, many pet alligators that were flushed down over the years…

      • Send ’em down here to MS. Our resident ‘gators will raise ’em up right (or eat ’em), and we have a ‘gator hunting season every year from Aug 26 to Sept 2. If we had more ‘gators they’d extend the season. 🙂

  12. Typical Democrat response to nearly anything they don’t favor. Accuse the opposition of everything vile they can think of and punish the law abiding taxpayers while allowing the criminals to walk.

  13. If this sociopathic lunatic is actually elected to the office she was given, NY is toast. Pretty soon the only people left will be criminals, and victims. Every sane person will leave, and take their tax money somewhere else.

    • If memory serves aright, it was put in the place of power after another corrupt criminal was removed from office for equally criminal activity. I can ahrdly wait till this dirt bag gets removed in a similar manner.

  14. The application for a preliminary injunction blocking the new NY law was denied today by the federal district court as the named Plaintiff lacked standing, as did the associations supporting him. THAT SAID, the court denied the application without prejudice, issuing a lengthy decision that essentially concluded that had there been a proper plaintiff, he would have granted the injunction because the equities favored the citizens of NY. I haven’t had a chance to read the decision, but he apparently would have left in place the training requirements, blocked the sensitive places portion, and dumped the good moral character requirements.
    For decision see:

    • A right delayed is a right denied, and the lack of injunction means a lot of NY gun owners are about to lose their rights. Hopefully not for long though, and I think NYS is much more on the ropes with this law than the denial of injunction suggests.

      I just read the decision, and though I’m no lawyer and am probably missing things, I wouldn’t be shocked to see some very quick action in the next few days. The judge all but encouraged the plaintiffs to clean up their standing issues and go for round two.

      • Ahh. The blessings of Permitless Carry. I can walk into any of a half dozen gun shops within 35 miles of me, buy whatever N0N-NFA firearm and however much ammo I can carry, and the only paperwork is the Federal 4473. Pay cash and out the door in under 10 minutes, load up in my car, and leave the gun on the seat in plain view or hide it, and drive around town stopping for groceries or whatever and carry it open or concealed without a permit. And the State of MS will have no clue about any of it. If I’m attacked at any point in the journey I have the right to use whatever force I deem necessary to stop the attack. And I will be immune to any civil actions unless I’m convicted of a crime, which is very unlikely. The law gives me the presumption of justifiable force, including deadly force, if I’m not the initial aggressor. The fact that I do not have a permit is irrelevant.

        • All of what you describe is why I left NY and haven’t looked back. It’s nice to wake up each morning without worrying about what my state government might do *to* me today.

        • YUPPERS!!

          Mother May I Cards should be done away with. Everywhere

          I love what Davi Codrea says:

          if a person cannot be trusted in public with a gun, how can he be trusted without a gun unless he has a designated qualified custodian?

          It ain’t the hardware, it is ALWAYS the software.

          It ain’t the tool its the one holding it.

      • Yes, the Judge pretty much gave the Plaintiffs a road map on how to cure their standing and jurisdiction issues. Once those are addressed, I will be surprised if a Preliminary Injunction is not granted. The Judge laid out a pretty detailed case of why the CCIA will not ultimately pass muster.

      • Lack of standing but most key points of the law are indefensible was my takeaway from first glance.

    • Seems to be the case, well next dozen lawsuits and reassessing where I do business for a bit.

  15. It doesn’t matter if the action is legal or no, it will still be enforced.
    This places the legal gun owner in the position of having to determine should they give up the right of self defense, or risk jail and possible loss of job and home, while to the average criminal a stint in jail is just a cost of business.

    • “It doesn’t matter if the action is legal or no, it will still be enforced.”

      That was my point in responding to the limey bastard, but I was taken to task by hair-splitters over the words “legal” and “law,” and was even told to vacate the planet.

      It’s no wonder that all of the instruments searching for intelligent life are pointed away from Erf.

  16. Lawmakers aren’t expected back in Albany until the 2023 legislative session begins in January.

    Awesome. This blatantly unconstitutional law could get struck down, and there would be no restrictions on CCW until they get back in session. Maybe being called back to work in the middle of Christmas vacation will teach these asshats to pads sensible, Constitutional laws.

  17. This horrid beast is just a power and control freak. She is having a hissy fit, mental breakdown, threatening to pee on the floor, and all manner of other nasty actions if she does not get HER way. Courts, judges, sheriffs, be damned along the way.

    She actually reminds me of another governor some years back in another state. Not quite clear, the memory, had something to do with school children… uhm, called out the state Guard to try and force his way. Thumbed his nose at the US Supreme Court, he did, just like this ho chool thing is. doing. Trying to recall how it ended.. seem to recall it did NOT go well for that governor, at all. Came back with a bucket of egg on his face…. hmmm, oh its starting to come clear now. George was the guy’s front name. Uhm, OH YES I just remembered… it was George Wallace, governor of I think it was Alabama maybe Arkansas. He was refusing to integrate the schools in his state per an ORDER from the US SUpreme COurt in the wake of a court decision outlawing segregation of achools. Wallace tried to fightit, but was physically removed from a school he was blocking from integrating, by armed National Guard troops. He was FUMING MAD. I saw it on the TeeVee set when I was a kid.
    Wouldn’t it b grand to see Ho Chool confronted by Fed troops and removed from the Governor’s Mansion and indicted for her crimes. Spozed ta ENFORCE the laws as written. Fool thinks she can get off refusing to abide by SCOTUS’ decision in Bruen. Let it burn, schweethawrt. Hope we get to see it all on the TeeVee set. Just loke Georgeie Boy getting thumped.

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