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President Joe Biden (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
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Bad news for Brandon, this time from Boulder, Colorado. One of Biden’s own appointed federal judges issued a temporary restraining order yesterday blocking enforcement of Boulder County’s semi-auto rifle and “high capacity” magazine ban.

The judge ruled that the plaintiffs, including the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, have a substantial likelihood of winning its case on the merits and issued the TRO.

Our friends at The Reload have some additional context . . .

For the second time in as many months, a federal judge has blocked a Colorado locality from enforcing an “assault weapon” and ammunition magazine ban ordinance.

U.S. District Judge Charlotte Sweeney, a Biden appointee, issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) on Tuesday against Boulder County. It stops enforcement of the county’s ban on the manufacture and sale of assault weapons, which include the popular AR-15, and ammunition magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds.

“On this admittedly limited record and with a liberal analysis of this factor, the Court finds that Plaintiffs establish a substantial likelihood of success on the merits,” Judge Sweeney wrote, citing the Supreme Court’s recent decision in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen as justification for her analysis.

The TRO order marks the second indication of early success for gun rights advocates in the state since the Supreme Court handed down its landmark gun carry decision in June. Last month, an Obama-appointed District Court judge issued a TRO against the Town of Superior to block it from enforcing a similar ban following a lawsuit from the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners (RMGO).

The group subsequently filed suits against the Cities of Boulder and Louisville, as well as Boulder County, to challenge similar laws passed as a collaborative effort by the localities. The continued success of gun-rights advocates in these suits could deter future efforts to enact stringent gun control at the local level in Colorado. The ruling also shows the new Bruen standard of review for gun suits may be bad news for other assault weapons bans across the country.

Tuesday’s restraining order arrived the same day RMGO and the Cities of Boulder, Superior, Louisville, and the County of Boulder reached an agreement to halt the enforcement of the bans and consolidate the cases against them.

That’s a lot of victories in a very short time, all thanks to the Bruen decision.

From the Denver Post . . .

The original lawsuits all cite a recent ruling in the group’s case against Superior, which was filed in July. The judge in that case granted the group a temporary restraining order prohibiting Superior from enforcing the new gun laws.

“All judges, no matter their political persuasion, will be forced to rule that our right to keep and bear arms cannot be infringed – and that’s exactly why this (temporary restraining order) was issued,” RMGO Executive Director Taylor Rhodes stated in a news release issued Tuesday.

While the addled Commander-in-Chief constantly vows to ban America’s most popular semi-auto rifles along with the magazines that feed them, the courts are striking down those laws now on a regular basis.

Maybe someone should tell ol’ Joe the bad news. Not that he would remember it five minutes later.

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    • RE: “All judges, no matter their political persuasion, will be forced to rule that our right to keep and bear arms cannot be infringed – ”

      It’s either rule for The Constitutional Right To Keep and Bear Arms or rule on the behalf of stuck on stupid Gun Control busy bodies…Stuck on stupid busy bodies in love with an agenda that world history clearly confirms is rooted in racism and genocide. Get help Gun Control zealots…Mental help.

  1. The article pic… Joe: “But but but…I appointed her, shes suppose to do what I want. What happened?”


  2. They don’t care about the law or anything else. I’m gonna forgive your student loans. He knows everyone’s vote he bought will be free because the court will overturn it but not till after the election. Democrats take greater control in midterms. Again all media most secure election in history reading from the same script. We are taking all of your guns and ammunition, your car, and your home. Now that I think about it, your wife and daughter look pretty good. Repent turn away from your sin,confess JESUS is LORD

    • Well now isn’t that a cheery and increasingly likely path they may follow. That said still praying it is a desperation gamble instead of a calculated risk while preparing for the latter.

    • Without sarcasm, I’m pretty sure Jesus would be against the current incarnation of the “public-private partnership” that constitutes student loans.

      He did, afterall, have a problem with those money changers for a similar reason as I suspect he’d have with predatory loans mixed with propaganda.

      • strych9, excuse me but where is the “separation of church and state” that you Lefties are so fond of? The fact is that these “students” signed for the loans. That makes them RESPONSIBLE to repay what they borrowed. If what you are claiming is true, then why can’t I get my mortgage “forgiven”? I suspect you are one of those students who owes a lot of money that you have not repaid?

        • Honestly I am ok with student loans being forgiven for underemployed/unemployable graduates so long as the money comes from the college that charged them for the fancy toilet paper.

        • “…where is the “separation of church and state” that you Lefties are so fond of?”

          Walt, Strych9 is about as far from being a Leftist Scum ™ as it gets…

        • Keep calling me a Lefty.

          I’ll keep pointing out that repition is boring, you’re wrong and also probably an asshole.

          Now, pardon me while I actually stand up for Jesus and point out that he probably wasn’t a a big fan of cryptofascism which is what the current loan system basically is thanks to Obama and Bush.

          Not that I’d expect you, Mr. Beverly, to know that because it’s fairly clear you’ve never paid close attention to anything in your life apart from your own navel.

        • You must be new here to call strych9 a leftie. But also, how is it opposing the separation or church and state to say that businesses should be held accountable for blatantly false advertising?

          If I buy a car for $100,000 based on the manufacturers assurances, and then those assurances end up being ludicrously false and the manufacturer says to me “hahaha tough shit, guess that’s what you get for trusting me, loser!”, am I in the wrong for claiming I was duped?

          Agreements of any sort are only binding as long as both parties abide by the terms. Universities have failed in this for years, and it only continues to be a trillion scam because the federal government shields them from financial accountability with your tax own dollars

        • “The fact is that these “students” signed for the loans. That makes them RESPONSIBLE to repay what they borrowed“

          Of course, Republican politicians have no problem with their loans being forgiven and the taxpayers footing the bill:

          Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene had $183,504 in PPP loans forgiven.

          Congressman Mike Kelly had $987,237 in PPP loans forgiven.

          “According to the Department of the Treasury, Republican representative Buchanan applied for more than $2 million in Paycheck Protection Program funds as part of 2020’s $2.2 trillion CARES Act stimulus package. Buchanan is the fourth-wealthiest member of Congress, MoneyWise reports.

          Buchanan, whose net worth is estimated at $74 million, received three loans for car dealerships totaling $2.7 million to $7 million. He told the Tampa Bay Times that he hoped any eligible small business “would use the program to make sure their workers continued to get paid during this difficult period.”

          At least five car dealerships owned by the husband of Rep. Carol Miller, R-W.Va., also received loans, each ranging from $350,000 to $1 million, the data show.”

          The Republican millionaires are all too ready to feed at the taxpayer funded trough, all to the tune of millions of dollars, but let a student get 10k debt relief for their loans and it’s the ‘end of America’.

          Republican, thy name is hypocrisy.

        • ** No, Biden’s Student Loan ‘Forgiveness’ Is Nothing Like PPP **

          “This is a terrible comparison for numerous reasons. First, PPP loans were enacted by the government to stave off economic ruin it had initiated. The state sent checks so that employment wouldn’t crater after it forced the economy to shut down. In normal times, a company unable to repay debts to creditors enters bankruptcy. And perhaps student loans should also be dischargeable in bankruptcy. Though many of those bailed out by Biden’s executive edict aren’t on their way to ruin, but six-figure salaries.

          “Second, PPP loans, unlike student loans, were intended to be cash transfers from the government. They were structured to be forgivable “loans” before the law was passed. No one broke a contract. No one changed the parameters of the loans. No president walked in and unilaterally transferred the responsibility of PPP payments to other businesses.

          “Which brings me to the third point: PPP was passed with wide margins in Congress, not decreed by a president approaching a midterm in desperate need of votes.”

        • “Republican, thy name is hypocrisy.”

          OOoooo, oooooo! *waving hand* I have another one!

          * Paul Pelosi-Linked Business Has Millions in PPP Loans Forgiven *

          “Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has an 8.1 percent share in a company called EDI Associates, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

          “The restaurant company received loans of more than $1.7 million from the federal government, which won’t have to be repaid, the Daily Mail reported.

          “EDI Associates was given two loans – one for $711,708 and the other for $996,392.”

          Who knew that convicted drunk driver Paul Pelosi was a Republican? I’ll bet that Nancy is pissed

      • “Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition!” in the words of a chaplain at Pearl Harbor.

  3. Well then. The judges involved can surrender any hope that Brandon might use them to pack the Supreme Court!

  4. Sitting in Boulder as I type this I don’t really see why Bruen matters here. I think that’s just the judge hanging their hat on “Don’t blame me, blame that right-wing SCOTUS decision” as an excuse.

    Realistically this is the same as it was before. A question of if the City/County can play by two separate sets of rules at the same time. Home Rule is a thing in Colorado and Denver uses it to enact and enforce laws more strict than the rest of the State. Boulder wants the bennies of Home Rule without the costs of actually being a Home Rule area.

    IIRC, they’ve lost on that before at the CSC. This is trying to end-run that loss with a childish rehash of a slightly different argument with the same functional outcome for businesses (if not private persons).

    I suppose the hope here is that losing at the state and the federal levels will send the Boulder antis home with their tail between their legs.

    It won’t. They don’t care about legal niceties or nuance unless they’re using it to fuck someone who disagrees with them.

    • Some will quit the foolishness. Some will be voted out because of the foolishness. Others, well, in for a penny, in for a pound and the devil take the hindmost, as the sayings go.

      • In Boulder, I wouldn’t bet on a goodly percentage changing and I wouldn’t bet on people voting any of these folks out.

        There’s a large contingent in Boulder that still wants to blow the entire Health Board and thinks they didn’t go far enough with all sorts of mandates. Mostly this seems to be directly related to “anything to show I’m not a Trump supporter” oneupsmanship.

        It’s a city (and county) effectively run by arteeests and lefty financial types. Set your expectations to “below sub-basement”.

        • That description strikes a chord with me, because I attended elementary school in Oberlin, OH and am familiar with that type of community.

          My daughter has no small amount of artistic skill, and as a teen she spent a lot of time in her room working on her drawing skills. One day I came home, and noticed a fancy hand drawn sign on her door that said something like “Knock First, Artist At Work.” I grabbed a black sharpie and added an “e” to the sign, thus: “…Artiste…” I got a satisfying eyeroll out of that.

    • “I think that’s just the judge hanging their hat on “Don’t blame me, blame that right-wing SCOTUS decision” as an excuse.”

      I’m surprised they’re folding so fast. I expected them to drag it out to the very bitter end (IE, the SCotUS).

      Then again, I hope they do, so Thomas can bitch-slap them into the next millennia.

      Could it be someone has whispered in their ear they really don’t want to tempt fate with a ‘Bruen’ part deux A, ‘Electric Boogaloo’?

    • Hmm, moderated, and I didn’t even use any fifty cent words…

      • Fifty cent words now cost a full buck.

        Send your “thank you” note to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    • strych9, If you bother to read the Constitution, you will find a clause there that makes Constitutional law superior to your local dictums. Article VI, Paragraph 2 of the U.S. Constitution is commonly referred to as the Supremacy Clause. It establishes that the federal constitution, and federal law generally, take precedence over state laws, and even state constitutions. So much to your chagrin, your Bolder law ordinance whatever is null and void! Enjoy sitting in Bolder, CO

      • Walter E Beverly III,

        What you said is nice. And it is even accurate in theory. In practice in the actual world? Not so much.

        strych9 is speaking to the actual situation on the ground in Colorado–in the world AS IT IS rather than as it is supposed to be.

        • Ah, yeah, but why are you surprised? DEMONcRATs rarely follow the law of the Constitution. As we speak Ms Hochul is being sued by GOA-NY for infringement on our Constitutional rights.
          Now, what is your point, arsewipe?

        • The point is dems don’t care. They will clog the courts for years and sympathetic judges will allow them to infringe until you and I are dead and gone.

          It’s happening all around you. You are stupid to believe otherwise.

        • The point is that you are the dummy. It doesn’t matter of your buds, the DEMONcRATs care or not. The point is they will be found in Contempt of the Supreme Court. Now who is the dumbass, dumbass?
          Is that you again, RIDERLESS/ShootOff Canuck?

        • When has any dem been found in contempt of SCOTUS and punished? Lawsuits will make their way though the courts and MAY be overturned. That could still take years. The time between Heller and Bruen was 14 years and look at all the attempts to block meaningful changes since Heller. Have you seen all the courts go pro-2A because of Heller? Of course not, and they aren’t going to change now. You are a fool.

        • Walter the Retarded Thanks for proving my point, RIDERLESS/SHOOTOFF CANUCK. Changing your screen name did not hit who and what you really are.
          In light of the Bruen decision and the composition of the court overturning is doubtful at best. It might take years but as the State of New York is in Contempt of Court, it will be costly to them. I have seen since Bruen the courts are adhering to that decision.
          Move on fool. Your mother has your din-din ready.

      • This is fairly rich coming from a guy who has in the past assured me, in the strongest possible terms, that government only does things to the benefit of the people which that government serves. And that this is such a universal truth that it even applies when the enforcement includes the laws of another country. And it must be doubly so in cases where that other country openly states the laws are being misinterpreted and inappropriately enforced. Because government loves us all. Your argument, not mine.

        Now, since your past behavior indicates that you’re clearly quite easily excited by the thought of attempting to deepthroat government toe box at every opportunity, where’s your tongue for Boulder’s boot? Not even gonna lick the tip?

        What, wore yourself out with a window this morning?

        • stych9, I never said the government benefits people. As a matter of fact, I have said the exact opposite. The LEAST government is the BEST government.
          Time for beddy bye time yet?

    • Don’t understand Home rule, whatever, but to cut to my question….

      Is Denver’s restrictions going to be upcoming on the chopping block?


    • NTexas is either a fed or some type of blue-anon freak. He does the all caps thing and gibberish because he thinks that’s what pro 2A people talk like. It’s so boring and I wish he would give it up. If this is not true NTexas, respond. I’m not the first one to point this out.

      • I find it amusing he can type his name properly without all caps, but uses all caps when it comes to doing the actual post. So he knows about the caps lock. He does this on purpose.

        • .40 cal Booger,

          Ooh, good catch.

          Your revelation leads me to believe that nTexas wants attention (or could even be a government employee agent provocateur) and thus uses CAPS LOCK to attract attention.

        • Typical childish Progressive Democrat tantrum. Scream. Stomp their feet… then threaten to hold their breath until they turn blue.

      • Obvious product of a low quality public education is self evident. Numbnut cannot comprehend the distinction of Democracy & Constitutional Republic.

        NTexas, this country is the latter. And since a fuckwit like you cannot be bothered to read the writings of our Founding Fathers to discern what they meant and why, search for “Tyranny of the Majority”. That, being the reason why we are a Constitutional Republic (mostly to keep low order intelligence mouth breathers like yourself from screwing things up).

  6. “All judges, no matter their political persuasion, will be forced to rule that our right to keep and bear arms cannot be infringed – and that’s exactly why this (temporary restraining order) was issued,” RMGO Executive Director Taylor Rhodes

    Au contraire mon ami.

    Or, in the immortal words of the fictional character Vizzini in the movie The Princess Bride:

    • I have no doubt that the Bruen decision hardly phases Far Left Progressive governments of all shapes and sizes around the United States. They will continue to violate the Second Amendment and the Bruen decision at will–all too happy to see court cases challenging their laws, which will take several years to sort out of course.

      If the Far Left deserves any credit, they deserve credit for constantly flinging new excrement at the wall just as fast as court cases strike down previous excrement flung at the wall.

      • Why would they be fazed?

        It provides lots of new opportunities to use your money to defend their policy preferences and force you to pay yet more money to get those policy preferences thrown out by a court.

        Bleeding the opposition from both sides, what’s not to like?

  7. Let’s see if this can work in Illinois where localities were allowed to ban weapons before concealed carry took effect in 2013. Hope this can reverse some of the cities and Cook County, Chicago restrictions on firearms and magazines. We can only hope, but no one has really taken Illinois to court.

  8. theBiden ain’t going to like this kinda stuff and if the Supreme Court keeps fcking over his plans, Appointed for Life, wont be a very long job.

  9. It would be a shock if local and state politicians, as well as Federal politicians and bureaucrats would actually read the Constitution and follow it as written. Would make life so much easier for all involved.

  10. Here’s the great thing: the deranged Dems are passing laws that shoot for the moon and will quickly (relatively) and easily get struck down. If they had an iota of brains, they would pass subtle laws that would get a hearing and have a chance of winning. Require the same hours of firearms training as police and a reasonable amount of insurance for a CCW, and it might stand up to an appeal or two. A higher court might not even grant Cert, and it might even fit Bruen. Making half of NYC, and stores off limits by default, is a direct ignorance of Bruen and asking for consequences.

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