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Star Wars Rogue One

It looks as though there’s lots of shooting in the latest Star Wars release, coming December 16th. The special effects seem to get better and better with each iteration. Remember, even in the real world, when democracy becomes tyranny, gun owners still get a vote. It would seem to apply even a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

From the Star Wars YouTube channel:

Watch the official second trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, in which Jyn Erso leads a group of unlikely heroes to steal the plans to the Death Star, the Empire’s ultimate weapon of destruction. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story arrives in theaters December 16, 2016.



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  1. “Blaster and Lightsaber Control Now !”
    Actually, maybe a little know fact…My nephew used to play his Xbox 360 elite, before being a 16-yr old, and moving on to the more powerful Xbox one for 4k gaming. He used to play the well done STAR WARS game “Force Unleashed 2 ; a STAR WARS side story about a powerful cloned Jedi replicant named Starkiller. Who was Darth Vaders secret Apprentice. During game play on an Imperial held planet. One of the cities had “Anti-gun/Blaster holo-bulletin boards” warning people of the weapons free-zone…Along with pictures of lots of heavily armed Stormtroopers…Kind of a parody of today……..

  2. I’m a big Star Wars fan, and what really looks good about Rogue One is it appears there will really be some war going on. A couple shots from previous trailers even suggested sniping. I hope they can deliver.

      • I love his character arc. He never becomes too warm and cuddly, but from his initial introduction on SG-1 through Atlantis, he really changes as a person. And he gets some of the best lines as well and David Hewlett can really slam out the technobabble convincingly.

        • I love how he alternates between being incredibly brave when it’s a topic he understands and being a huge pansy about anything else.

        • I didn’t enjoy Atlantis when it first aired but I think it had more to do with general fatigue over the overall series because I hadn’t watch SG-1 from the beginning and the Ori story wasn’t that entertaining. However, back in January I sat down with the wife to watch all the shows on Amazon because she had never seen them and when we got to Atlantis I couldn’t stop watching and wished they had continued the series.

          McKay was great but Sheppard had to be my favorite character. I really enjoyed the tortured soul still doing the right thing even though it always seemed to carry a high price.

        • SG-1 was the series but Atlantis is freaking amazing too. You really have to get into the whole story from the beginning. Universe was… disappointing but also interesting.

          Getting into SG-1 will cause you to snicker whenever someone uses the word “indeed” and will give you all the back story to understand Atlantis.

          I won’t wax all philosophical on my views about sci-fi, but Stargate has been a damn good series and whether the makers of the show realize it or not it has a hell of a lot more mileage in it if it’s done right.

        • I just realized I said I hadn’t watch SG-1 from the beginning but I meant I had.

          I agree about Universe but I think it had more to do with the show taking itself too seriously. SG-1 and Atlantis were humorous but Universe tried to be too real.

        • To me it Universe was darker, but I liked that. The problem was that it was too damn slow and confusing. WTF was actually going on? I don’t want to have to watch an episode twice to understand it.

          They got way, way too psychological with that show which is what killed it. The dark nature and a ship that refuels by flying through stars was awesome! The acting was great. They just went too far with the whole “mind bending ancient tech” thing.

          Just MHO of course.

        • Indeed.

          Seriously, is there a Stargate fan out there who doesn’t want a P90? For me, I love the way Sheppard uses it like a armrest. Looks comfy.

        • I always wished at least one member of the team would carry a real rifle, though. Just to have the power and range when it was needed. Later in the series Major Carter got a custom shorty M16. I was like, “Finally!”

  3. Question: Would a Blast-tech E11 imperial blaster carbine repeater, or a Blast-tec DL-44 “Han Solo pistol.” Qualify as an “Assault Weapons” under Massachusetts AG . Maura Healey’s letter of Ban decree?!?

      • “You might blow your balls off kid.”

        You know, that just may make a cool modern re-boot of ‘A Christmas Story’, this time in the south side of Chicago.

        I can see it now – It’s 2017, a “shorty” gets his first gat so he can be a lookout for his gang. An older gang member is showing his homie the right way to Mexican carry his Hi-Point.

        Hey, TTAG, how about a contest for the best modern rewrite of X-Mas story?

        • Generational difference I guess. I’d never even heard of this movie until like 2000-ish when my HS age employees started talking about it being on cable around xmas. I’ve tried to suffer through watch it, really I have. Booze, blow, x, sex during, nothing made me able to sit through more than 30 minutes of it even 15 years ago. Today? I’d (almost) rather eat a bullet.

          Like (original) Hawai’i 5-0, it was so terrible that only a 6 year old watching it has fond memories of what grownups knew was utter dreck.

        • The only thing current Hawai’i 5-0 has going for it is Grace Park in a bikini. Which is almost enough to validate the entire series…

        • “Generational difference I guess.”

          16V, I’m roughly your vintage, so I’m not sure where these generational differences you mentioned are…

        • Geoff, I dunno. Old before my time or something. (Though as the song says, I’m younger than that now…)

          The world I was in offered debating articles in the WSJ and Firing Line by 10th grade. Anything less serious than Apocalypse Now was seen a frippery. Don’t get me wrong, we all still drank heavily, did other drugs, chased women, and thought going 155 in a 928 that some kid’s dad bought him was really fast, back when it actually was. It was important to be as ‘grown up’ as one could be, as soon as you could. That was seen as “cool”.

          I know it was different for other folks, even back in the early go-go ’80s. But that was my experience.

        • “…we all still drank heavily, did other drugs, chased women, and thought going 155 in a 928 that some kid’s dad bought him was really fast, back when it actually was.”

          Ah, that explains it. My socioeconomic class called folks like you ‘Plastoids’. Plastic people, plastic money. Drove expensive German cars (VW GTIs qualified as expensive German, when a hatchback cost 30 grand new in 1980) Perfectly coiffed hair, robotic mannerisms and oh-so-predictable responses.

          I was the tech geek that wore jeans and T’s and drove a beater ’71 240Z with Bilstein gas shocks and an aluminum flywheel.

          In the *highly unlikely* chance you would hang out with me, you’d make damn sure none of your friends would see me hanging around with *you*.

          (“It’s not nice, but it’s reality”. Bury my heart at Wounded Knee…)

    • DL-44 rate of fire is too slow to classify as an assault blaster, and it overheats to fast (still my fav in SW:B though). The E11 is absolutely an assault weapon. It is the M16 of the Empire

  4. I flat burned out after the core 3 (4-5-6) of the trilogy of trilogies.

    1,2,and 3 did nothing for me. When the last one came out (7) a magazine visited Lucas Film HQ where they discovered Lucas has set up an office to ensure continuity with the story arc of the movies.

    ‘Continuity’ guy mention they have intentions of extensively branching out the story via movie spin-offs and new story lines.

    That depressed me.

    Lucas, just let the damn thing die, will ya? 9 movies wasn’t enough?

    • Lucasfilm did have a continuity guy, and his job was to ensure the timeline was correct not just in the movies, but in the books, and the animated series, and the graphic novels, and everything else. That’s the reason that we know how and when Chewbacca dies; it was written into a book, that story was accepted as canon, and everyone else is supposed to adhere to it.

      The problem is that is no longer the case. When Lucas sold the rights to the story to Disney, he also sold the canon, and the rights to do whatever they want with it, up to and including doing things that directly contravene accepted canon.

      Here’s a story about the guy who was in charge of it all, from back in 2008:

      And a couple of stories about what happened with the Disney sellout:

      • That Wired one was the mag article I was referring to, glad my recollection hasn’t totally evaporated…

        • Lucas was never big on continuity, he even told a employee of his that continuity is for wimps. He also always considered the expanded universe as a parallel universe to his movie universe, that it isn’t a part of it. He is also well known as a rampet flip flopper, always changing his mind.

          Personally Rouge One looks like a one of the mill, generic gritty scifi films with little of the Star Wars mythos.

    • When the pathetic hack-meister JJ Abrams was turned loose, all bets about following “canon” went in the trash.

      This is the douche-nozzle responsible for childish tripe like Lost and Revolution fer chrissakes, let alone the steaming piles that he has turned the Star Trek franchise into. Absolute vapid trash making absolutely vapid trash. Disgusting.

      My dog excretes more creative piles that JJ Abrams ever has. Populist syfy fecal matter for the lowest common denominator.

      • Pretty much. there aren’t enough words in the English language to express my distaste for the Star Trek reboot or any of Abrams work.

        The first two episodes of the Westworld reboot was pretty good but I assume that was because Abrams involvement was limited to cutting checks.

        • JJ did not have much involvement in Lost, he just suggested the island be weird and directed the pilot and that was it. I do agree his ST reboot sucked as did TFA.

        • As a kid who loved the original, despite having Abrams name associated with it, the Westworld reboot looks really, really good. He must be just cashing checks, if he had anything to really do with it, it’d be a trainwreck, like everything else he touches.

          To me, a guy who can’t deliver anything even marginally realistic on such a slam-dunk simple premise as Revolution deserves to be drawn and quartered. Lost was a sick joke. What he has done to Star Trek is unforgivable, and I can’t bear to even see his Star Wars puke. I’ve heard from enough people that it is unwatchable.

    • Agreed. The first three movies (episodes 4, 5 & 6) were all the story needed. By the end of 6, Luke was reunited with his father (Darth Vader); the evil emperor was dead, killed by Vader who then died of his wounds (A bad guy turned good still has to atone for his sins.); and Leia was free to hook up with Han since she was actually Luke’s sister. The epilogue should have been, “Everyone lived happily thereafter.” Everything after the first three has been garbage, intended to fill theater seats, not to tell a story.

      For those into science fiction and fantasy, the downfall of Star Wars reminds me of Frank Herbert’s series, Dune. The first novel was complete in itself but Herbert’s goal was to discuss, at interminable length, the long term harm that results from turning a person into a god. I never finished his series. (There are two Dune movies. The good one is a three part miniseries made in 2000. Part one corresponds to the first novel. Quit there.) David Weber’s Honor Harrington series has fared better. However, I can’t help wondering whether his recent books, set after the end of the war between Manticore and Haven, were planned from the start or were tacked on to keep the money coming in.

      • I loved the Dune series and read all six of Frank Herbert’s original books. For someone with an interest in politics, they’re absolutely fascinating, because fundamentally they’re about how power flows, what kinds of power there are, and the advantages and disadvantages of using each kind.

        As for the Honorverse, I got five or six books in and then lost steam. I don’t even remember where the story was at the end of the last book I read. I just wasn’t compelled to pick up the next one.

    • Yeah, it’s a side story prequel to A New Hope. From what I understand, it’s essentially the story of how the Rebellion learned of the Death Star and obtained the plans.

      • and they wrote out the Bothan spies and replaced them with Humans. And the humans survive… #BothanLivesMatter

        • A common misconception. Many Bothans died getting the plans for the second Death Star. We don’t know how the Rebellion got the plans the first time, and this is that story.

        • “how the Rebellion got the plans the first time, and this is that story.”

          If that is the case, then this one has to be prior to 4 (like 3.5), not 7.

        • Geoff’s response hadn’t posted before I wrote that, but I was agreeing with Gabe saying the same thing. Episode VII came out at the end of 2015. This is officially not an episode, but “A Star Wars Story”. It is not part of the main storyline, but takes place in the same world. It’s to the main Star Wars story what Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead is to Hamlet.

  5. I crossed the threshold of “oh I understand…I just don’t care.” Between hosing Haitians, Walter Conkrite rolling in his grave, and half the poppy wanting to install a liar and thief, devoid of a moral compass, I couldn’t give two shits about mythology fast forward into the galaxy when we have yet to get Johnny astronaut past the moon.

    Not to be mr negative, solve that speed of light problem invoking warp drive then I’ll jump onboard.

    • If you mean “solve the speed of light problem without invoking warp drive” then you’re literally asking for the impossible. Unless relativity is very incorrect, traveling at the speed of light would require infinite energy.

      We have very good reasons to believe that relativity is correct. Therefore, if you want to have fast travel between stars be a feature of your science fiction story, you need to concoct some means of getting places that changes the game somehow. Hyperspace, warp drive, space folding, worm holes, something, because physics won’t allow you to just go faster.

  6. I’d rather spray my groin with lighter fluid, strike a match to it and try to put out the fire with an icepick than watch yet another Star Wars debacle.

    • Once Abrams is involved, suicide becomes a preferable option to actually viewing the resultant “product”.

    • If I’m not mistaken, the word on the street was that when they were done shooting Rogue One, Disney thought it was too dark, thus many scenes had to be re-shot. To me, this means that what they ended up with initially was probably good exactly because it was dark, but now it will end up looking like another Jar Jar Abrams’ cookie-cutter garbage thanks to Disney’s meddling.

    • Another attractive very young adult hero with what appears to be decades of experience and training.

  7. Not sure about all the shooting, war on the rebellion, guns and what not, but the actress sure is cute…

    Doh! There I go being all deplorable again. Darn those basic human drives: Breathing, Eating, Reproducing, Desiring to continue living. I don’t know what I’m going to do…

    I must be in need of some sensitivity training…

  8. Well after the carbon copy disaster the was The Force Awakens I have a faint glimmer of hope. I just wonder if we’ll actually get a capable Empire as an antagonist or the usual Empire with the Incompetent Evil alignment. Oh and can we ditch all the dam force user types, great message there “normal people are helpless and need some fortune cooking twit with magic powers comes along and saves them.”

  9. I like that the empire is comprised of Nazis and liken the rebels to revolutionary war Colonials. Han Solo’s Jerry Mikulek-esque character (may he rest in imaginary peace) was always pro gun.

  10. Why the HELL do you Morons continue to pay and fund HOLLY – wood lies ? // Merlins ” magic wand ” was said to be made of ‘holly ‘ wood ……. AKA … Illusions ……you stoooopid sheeple !! F*UK HolyWeirD…… Here is an actor who tells it like it is ……. Jon Voight will not be asked to appear on nbc – cbs – abc – cnn – KKKOrporate media ………

    • Wait Star Wars isn’t a documentary!? OMG thank you so very much for clearing that all up for us, we had no idea!!
      Well your job here is done. You can go back to reading your cuneiform written on clay tablets safe from the corrupting influence of the modern world. Which would probably explain why you don’t seem to grasp that ellipses are not a substitute for periods nor do slashes fill in for commas.

    • Please don’t link to The Conservative Treehouse anymore. It’s actually a pretty good site, and your association with it does nothing but bring it down.

  11. With all the crowing about diversity and whatnot in the new Star Wars, I’m surprised more progressives didn’t notice just how eco-friendly Disney’s approach is, since 95% of the last one was made from post-consumer recycled material.

    By the way: A new Star Wars flick every year? With such a tight production schedule and the potential for rapid cultural oversaturation, there’s no way that could ever possibly backfire when it comes to dealing with the most notoriously unpleasable fanbase in the world. All I can say to that is “May the Force live long, and Nanu-Nanu!”

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