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Reader tmm took last week’s honors. Win a new Black Arch holster for yourself this week by entering the best caption for this photo in the comments by midnight Sunday.


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  1. “The Chief admitted that local police may have overreacted slightly while responding to a report of a child locked in a car but emphasized that officers had the well being of the child in mind at all times…”

  2. Police with machine guns. Pictures like these will either silence the anti-militarization of police crowd, or send them into a fuming liberal fit of rage.

  3. After universal background checks failed to stop crime, the police employed universal stop and frisk, using tear gas to smoke out the resistors.

  4. A little-known fact about President Harry Truman is that he became homicidally enraged when confronted about his extremely poor personal hygiene.

  5. “See, Charlie, this war on alcohol is going so well we should have it won in 6 months. After that we’ll go after drugs. And then guns. I’ll bet by 1940 this will be a clean, sober, gun free country.”

  6. “Put your hands up.”
    “OK, officer.”
    “EWW! My God! That smells terrible! Put you hands down. PLEASE!”
    “Sorry, officers. I’m afraid I haven’t had a bath in a couple weeks. Where I was hiding from you guys – they didn’t have a bathroom.”
    “Alright. Just let us put on these gas masks. … OK, now put your hands up.”

  7. I think the original caption is better than most of what we’ll come up with

    “Newton police do sham to test guns”


  8. Police Chief: I don’t know which one of you clowns put that skunk in MY new patrol car, but I do know who’s gonna get it out !!!


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