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San Berardino police (courtesy

CNN is reporting that 10 people have been injured in a “mass shooting” event in southwest Los Angeles, California. No fatalities have been reported so far and details on the incident are still scarce. California is known to have some of the strictest gun laws in the United States, with concealed carry heavily restricted and the most restrictive “assault weapons ban” in the United States in effect statewide.

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  1. You lost me at “CNN is reporting”

    Ugh that network is so ridiculous these days. All the news that doesn’t fit their agenda goes down the memory hole.

    • The location was a Jamaican ‘Jerk’ restaurant, and at this time appears to be gang-related…

      “There were about 50 people inside the restaurant in the 2900 block of Rimpau Boulevard when an argument broke out, Preciado said.

      Three men left the restaurant and returned with firearms and began shooting at another group. Others at the restaurant also opened fire, and some diners were caught in the crossfire, Preciado said.”

      • “Others at the restaurant also opened fire, and some diners were caught in the crossfire,… ”

        This will be the story, if we hear any follow-up at all – how guns used in self-defense make injuries/deaths from cross-fire more likely. hehe.

        • that funny to you (hehe)?

          untrained crooks and do gooders have not the skill or training to stop firing in a crowd at a moving target.

          If it was your family I guess it would still be “hehe”.

  2. I saw 3 dead 12 wounded. Also said 3 people went up to another group and they exchanged fire.

    Rush to judgement says gang issue. We shall see though.

    • Just in time for Prop 63 vote? That’s exactly what I was thinking. Too bad most people that vote for that meaningless piece of legislation don’t even know the implications of it for law abiding gun owners or that it won’t do a thing to help reduce gun violence…

  3. Main story on the CNN site is 3 old white guys in Kansas plotted to blow up Somali’s in an apartment complex.

    Now, if it was 3 Somali’s arrestted in plot to blow up American’s in their apartments, their mugs wouldn’t be posted all over the website, and their nationalities wouldn’t be divulged. It would just be “three suspects held in apartment bombing investigation.”

    But CNN is filled with anti-White racists and because they’ve got deep roots, people view them as legitimate press, not the progressive government propaganda that they are.

    • The real story would be “Why are 3 Somalis in KANSAS rather than in Mogadishu”.

      It’s 2016 – Somalis we gave you REFUGE, now GO HOME. Make it like the US you have seen.

  4. This is all because you can buy a machine gun at a local dime store if you are old enough to buy soda pop in california.
    Cue the call for more gun control laws.

    • I wouldn’t call for more gun control laws, I would pull the cops off the street and let things get worked out. They are mostly “blisters” anyway, show up when the work is done.

  5. Well …. you didn’t Really think CNN was going to cover Clinton – Podesta – Benghazi & media collusion exposed by WikILeaks did you ?

    • You told us – what? That gangs would continue to shoot other gangs? Why yes, yes they will, and there is absolutely no law that you can pass that will stop it. There is no politician who can stop it.

      The only way you could stop it, and what your ultimate goal must evidently be, would be to confiscate every firearm in existence. Except, of course, you can’t, because people can make them in their own homes, or print them on their 3D printers. And even if you could, that would result in gangs attacking each other (and bystanders) with knives. Or hammers. Or nunchaku. Or golf clubs. Or baseball bats. Or rocks.

      • As I recall the Bosnians/Serbs/Croats thought the American baseball bat to be the cat’s ass for communicating sans firearms. Love (of violence) will find a way.

      • He obviously hasn’t seen “Gangs of New York.” Or read any history about the wars prior to, oh, say, 1650. Or crime reports out of England where guns are banned but knife crime is vastly higher than it is here.

    • Come back to us when you want to talk about the causes of “gun violence” and not the symptoms, concernedamerican.

    • A pro-gun hellhole like my state. And I live in the most violent city in America, and my favorite bar is in Ferguson.
      Nah, I’m not afraid ’cause it’s all gang bangers shooting each other. No worries.
      No harm, no foul.

    • “Wouldn’t be surprised if the gun used came from the lax-law hellholes of a “pro-gun” state.”

      Like Baja California?

    • You don’t know shit from Shinola shoe polish.

      These shootings don’t happen in Australia, but not because of their of their guns laws, which have, at best, a 15% compliance rate. They don’t happen in New Zealand either, which has gun laws similar to Texas.
      They happen because certain primative peoples are just prone to violence. Too bad Eugenics has fallen by the wayside.

    • And yet, according to ATF’s tracing report of crime guns recovered in each state by state of origin, 70% of crime guns recovered on 2015 in California originated in…wait for it…California! The state that contends for the title of most firearms freedom restricting, somehow manages to supply almost three quarters of the crime guns recovered in that state. Curious, that.

      What percentage flood in from notoriously “lax” gun law states such as Indiana, Kentucky, North Dakota, South Dakota, Maine, and Vermont? 0% COMBINED.

      So much for the “lax laws in other states thwart the effectiveness of our state’s tough gun laws” myth.

      • In spite of our idiot gun laws CA is the largest, tied with Texas, gun market in America. We don’t need to import guns to get the job done.

  6. From the LA Times article:

    “Through July 16, overall crime rose 6.3% across the city compared with the same period last year, LAPD records show. Property crime was up 3.8%, and violent offenses climbed by 15.9%.

    “Violent crime was led by a 19.2% jump in aggravated assaults and a 16.8% increase in robberies.”

    It’s getting to the point where only the Big One can make things better in the City of the Devils.

    • This increase might be due to the “Ferguson Effect” where police are afraid to proactively reduce crime for fear of being called racist and murderers.

    • I haven’t heard this published yet but I heard a rumor from a police officer friend:

      The Sheriff Deputy (RIP) who was executed in Lancaster, CA (High desert LA County) last week would be alive now if it wasn’t for the Prisoner “re-alignment” aka release felons law AB109 and Proposition 47 that Gov Jerry Brown pushed on us. Some people think these laws are part of why violent crime is rising in big cities in California the past year or so.

      The Deputy’s funeral was attended by thousands of cops and Jerry Brown showed up and I heard every cop in the memorial snubbed him – didn’t listen to him talking, didn’t pay him any respect. The Deputy was murdered by a violent criminal on parole that violated parole twice but never got sent back to prison because of Jerry Brown’s laws.

      We’ll see how much we hear about the above in the mainstream media.

    • It even looks like it has less than a standard capacity magazine on there, doesn’t it? That’s CA for you.

      And I doubt it’s got burst fire capability (“M4”)… likely a patrol carbine.

      • Back in the day when my rich uncle paid me to travel with an m16 we had a mixture of 20 and 30 round mags. The 20 rounder was the original mags and we still had those in the inventory.

        Honestly, in every respect the 20 rounder was a “handier” mag to have in the weapon for just about every occasion. Moving thru thick brush. dismounting and mounting vehicles. Just casually walking around and don’t want to wear all your gear? Put a 20 rounder in the weapon and a couple of 20 rounders in the pockets of your fatiques and you were armed well enough for the occasion.

        The only time the 30 rounder was superior was when some asshole was shooting at you.

        • I agree. My 30 rounders for my Mini-14 are reserved for the range or if ISIS shows up in my neighborhood. I normally take 20 rounders on the trails. Sometimes I even go with 5 round mags. I refuse to buy 10 rounders because they represent gun control.

        • That’s what they were called in the day. Jungle fatiques if you want to get technical. BDU’s weren’t around then. I don’t know about prototypes but we had m16s with a three position safety. Safe. Semi. And full on giggle switch.

  7. all the more reason to relax the laws to allow law abiding citizens concealed carry.

    If just One had been there, lives might have been saved.

    • Why would a law abiding citizen go to a gang hang out? The qualifies as failure to avoid stupid places with stupid people doing stupid things.

      • The gangs might come to a normal law abiding citizen hang out via Section 8 or H1B?

        Stupid Places these days is only determined with 20/20 hindsight after an event.

        • I don’t know about you but I am pretty good at spotting gangbanger hangouts.

          Must be my 30 years of super 007 spy training. /sarc

        • Then you are blind to the Section 8 infiltrations happening all over the country where those gangs are allowed to move into neighborhoods in a manner purposefully designed to hide them better.

          And, the immigration problems in Europe are another good example. What are you going to do when your whole nation is a “stupid place” you think you are so smart to avoid? That won’t happen suddenly overnight where you see it happening.

          Folks make the analogy to the boiling frog for a reason. You might have ‘bad’ close by around you that you have not noticed.

        • And who has been harping about this for. Multiple years instead of preparing for the house to house gun grab?

          However, just because they have moved in doesn’t mean you need to show up where they gang out does it? This incident happened at a known gang hangout not on the street.

  8. It wasn’t even a real restaurant. It was someones house with a “makeshift” restaurant. They were having a party. LA Mayor Garcetti already came out and blamed ‘senseless gun violence’ so I guess the firearms must have walked up to the house and crashed the party by themselves.

  9. This won’t be getting attention because of the nature of the crimes. The perpetrators in this case are Democrat constituents. California has all the gun control you can imagine, with more in the pipe, because of unscrupulous people like Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom. The good people are leaving the state.

  10. This won’t be reported far. The perpetrators are the constituents of the Democrats that run the place. They don’t want to blame their cash cow constituents.

  11. It was some hood house where a guy hosts parties every Friday and Saturday much to the detriment of his neighborhood. It’s written that there had been other shootings there over the years and this one was gang on gang violence and nothing more.

    That area of la is not a place I’d like to live and while it isn’t the south la of 1995, it’s still home to the same population.

    If you read the bottom of the article you can see our brilliant mayor sympathizing with the family for a single sentence then attacking easy access to guns and the carnage they reap as the cause of this violence.

    Because every hood has $600 to go buy their Glock fotay after passing the background check, safe handling demo and firearm safety written test, then get back to the gun shop 10 days later to pickup their handgun.

    Easy access don’t ya know.

  12. Wait…it didn’t say “BREAKING”. Oh, that’s right, this is an everyday occurrence in So. Cal. Now they’ll push the hell out of Gavin Nuisance’s Prop 63.

  13. No big thing chickenwing. It’s just left-coast Chiraq. Funny but I was at an outdoor market in Chesterton,IN today and a mean looking tatted up biker dude was walking around- gasp! open carrying a very large pistol and NOBODY CARED. Maybe LA could use him…

    • I did summers at the Dunes near Chesterton –Johnson’s Beach — in the late 50s%early 60s.

  14. Sure glad I wasn’t there having a…. whatever when sh– went down! Can you imagine being a concealed weapon carrier and just happen to be in some place when everyone starts shooting at each other?
    As soon as the shooting stopped and I got out from under a table, I’d be out the back door and GONE. Especially before the cops got there and took my weapon from me for “examination”

  15. The owner of the house said he was catering a birthday party. Evidently in that hood, it’s not a party till somebody goes to the morgue. Oh those crazy West Adam’s Jamaicans…

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