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You gotta love gun control advocates. Even though not many do. Yesterday’s Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America rally in Indianapolis was another in the long, perhaps endless lines of damp squibs. Despite the group’s deep-pocketed benefactor’s political juice and financial largesse, MDA couldn’t assemble the promised anti-gun throng. Only about 50 Moms gathered a few blocks from the NRA convention to protest, well, the usual. I think “evil gun lobby” was the theme. Whatever. MDA jefe Shannon Watts’ bodyguards were the headline attraction . . .

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America's bodyguard (left) courtesy

As you can see from the snapshot at the top of the post, Ms. Watts was protected by two men straight out of central casting. I’m sure plenty of TTAG readers can (and will) tell us what’s wrong with this picture, close protection-wise (e.g., close protection means close protection). If nothing else, note that Bald-Headed Goon #1 (BHG1) is morbidly obese. When the you-know-what gets real, a fat bodyguard is about as useful as a thin sumo wrestler.

Not that Shannon knows that, or cares. The head of America’s most dangerous gun control group didn’t hire the two men to save her in the event of a genuine attack, but to prevent it. Through intimidation. Hence the bodyguards’ size, “look at me” suits, “I have no emotions” sunglasses and silence. Hence their Foo Dog positioning during the rally.

Watts was comfortable deploying burly BHGs for the same reason celebs are: they made her feel safe. Which makes perfect sense. Watts’ “common sense” crusade is not about actual safety – protecting average Americans from violent crime in America. At the sharp end, that would be best be achieved by helping Americans use their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms for self-defense. No. MDA is about making people feel safe. 

But not just any people. White people. Lest we forget, Watts founded One Million Moms for Gun Control (the group’s original, more honest if wildly inaccurate moniker) after the Newtown massacre. After a white spree killer murdered 20 white children and six white school employees in a lily-white Connecticut commuter suburb. The fact that the minority-member gang bangers have been mowing down each other – and innocent bystanders – for decades wasn’t enough to motivate the former Monsanto mouthpiece.

Yes, I went there. Why not? Aside from [some] people who’ve been shot or lost loved ones to firearms-related violence, people whose minds refuse to consider the possibility that a good guy with a gun could have spared them their agony, MDA’s core constituency – perhaps its only constituency – is people who are safe. White suburbanites who believe they don’t need guns because . . . they don’t. So you don’t either.

Shannon’s obvious strategy: use spree killer fear and random attack anxiety to convince these privileged, protected Americans that their safety would be safer if everyone did what they did: leave the gun stuff to to the police.

If you want to know why Shannon and her followers are happy that she’s hanging out with MIB BHGs, where you and I see them as blatantly hypocritical and a laughable example of security theater, there’s your answer. The bodyguards embody MDA’s underlying philosophy of passivity and subservience to nameless, faceless protectors. Goons are good – as long as they’re our goons. The idea that these goons would turn on their defenseless, pacifist employers doesn’t even ping their radar.

By the way, I reckon the BHGs are less capable of protecting Ms. Watts than your average law-abiding concealed carry American. If Ms. Watts wants real security, I’m sure The People of the Gun could make that happen. Ironically enough.

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  1. That “security” looks like their resumes include gigs at Justin Bieber concerts and the occasional weekend show at the Dew Drop Inn. WTF – can’t $50M get real security? Or are those the only people who would work for her… that would be an interesting wrinkle, wouldn’t it?

    • Well, the author is mostly right in that they’re not there for protection. They’re there to create the ILLUSION of protection. (And, probably, to prevent her from getting suckered into any more photos with gun rights activists. LoL) I’m forced to wonder, however, if there isn’t a more nefarious propaganda aspect to this ridiculous display. “Everyone look at me! I’m so successful and so hated by ‘gun nuts’ that I have to hire these hulking bodyguards to protect me as I do battle here in the dragon’s lair!” Very melodramatic.

      • Sounds par for the course from the head of “Bored Housewives Demand Attention.”

        • We need gun free zone. Signs printed in 3 or 4 languages so. Shooters understand they are not supposed to b shooting there

    • She doesn’t care about the price, she just doesn’t know security. This is the woman who thinks a sign will stop a criminal from bringing a gun someplace to kill people.

      • Do we really believe she does, in fact think that? Or, is that just part of the bigger strategy?

        If she’s a statist / collectivist, failure of the signage to protect the innocent opens the door to more government, more centralized control and more diversion from the real issues at hand.

        This is fundamentally an ideological war – individual rights vs collective rights. Do we as individuals have the moral right to defend our own lives, or is that solely the purview of the State?

        I don’t know…trying to think about this rationally and objectively, I cannot imagine any even remotely educated and intelligent human being could POSSIBLY think a sign will stop a murderer on a rampage. That leads me to the question: “Okay, what might she REALLY think / believe, then?”

        I think their long terms plans are more well-thought and deliberate than we too often assume.

        • This. She’s smart enough to know what she’s doing, she’s a professional. This is just her next career move after Monsanto.

        • than John should be worried since she slept with the boss at her last gig. . . . . true, she married him, but wonder how his ex-wife in Alpharetta GA feels??

        • I think it’s probably complicated. As Sinclair said, “It is difficult to get a (wo)man to understand something when (her) salary depends on not understanding it.”

          I am fairly confident Watts understands neither guns, nor criminals, nor security. Whether the ignorance led her to her current stance or money did I can’t say.

    • She is self centered and I am certain that self preservation is more important to her than her cause. I bet they are armed. But considering many of these well known activists tend to be motivated my money, I suspect she didn’t hire the best or even second best.

  2. Robert, Robert, Robert. Those guys weren’t really hired security, they were Blues Brothers impersonators. Indianapolis isn’t exactly an “A” list town for Blues Brothers shows, so these guys are also heavy into pizza delivery and the occasional “security” gig. Bald headed guy did great Belushi hand springs after you left. Shannon loved it, too. Too bad you missed it.

    • At least the one guy travels with the anti-gun circus, as I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him before at a gun-control event in Fargo, ND. Based on the New York license plates I saw on a black sedan in the parking area of that event, I’m guessing he was assigned as an escort for the “No More Names” bus tour, when it stopped in Fargo in July 2013. Here he is in one of the photos from that event:

      Probably indicates he’s Bloomie-hired thug.

      • Hell, how can you tell? All I see is white skin, dark glasses, and blue suits. Not a distinguishin feature in the lot.

      • do IN or ND recognize a NYC permit? Me thinks we ought get this donut holders to be forced to draw and then arrested by local PD.

        • If they are retired cops, they might be carrying under the LEOSA (see my more detailed post, in the comments far below). If this is the method they are using to carry in other states, then they broke the law in ND (due to the location of their event).

  3. Has anyone else noted that Ms. Watts is looking kind of anorexic lately? You gettin’ over her Dirk, or do you dig scrawny women?

  4. Are you sure “million moms” was started after Newtown? I thought it was around long before that. ‘Course, maybe it just SEEMS like forever, you know?

    • I was confused at first too, but a quick Google search refreshed my memory.

      The “Million Mom March” was the one that kicked off several years ago, with Rosie O’Donnell as its mouthpiece.

      One Million Moms For Gun Control was the original Moms Demand Action, but obviously that name was short lived. Progressives wouldn’t be progressives if they weren’t lying, so the “Gun Control” bit had to go. Can’t have anyone telling the truth now, can they?

    • Indian is in state for Ms. Watts. Which makes it all the more embarrassing that she cold not gather any larger of a crowd. Did the press out number her minions? Or do they count as supporters too?

      • MDA’s twitter picture to claim 300 people uses a shot taken from BEHIND the reporters as if they are part of the crowd.

        • That’s why pro-gun-rights folks should always attend these events, and photograph the crowd from all angles. Then when they make these ludicrous claims, the photo can be posted to show the truth.

  5. She hired two body guards, so her hate group could increase their rally attendance by 10%.

  6. “After a white spree killer murdered 20 white children and six white school employees in a lily-white Connecticut commuter suburb. The fact that the minority-member gang bangers have been mowing down each other and innocent bystanders for decades wasn’t enough to motivate the former Monsanto mouthpiece.”

    Once again, and why I read TTAG…Robert’s sustained rate of logic, clarity of thought, and Thomas Paines’ hold on a single issue is worthy of my time.

    • I believe one of the kids slaughtered at Sandy Hook was black/latino. . . . just saying. Shannon is still a RACIST. Yep – I said it

    • You both are precisely correct–as is RF. One of the vids posted in another thread last week showed a similar “rally” outside NRA HQ, and included a telling exchange. One of the privileged “moms” (almost certainly now an empty-nester) maintained stoutly that only cops (among civilians) should be able to possess guns. The gadfly interviewer asked, but what if you’re in a really bad neighborhood, shouldn’t you be able to have a gun to protect yourself. Her answer: You can always avoid bad neighborhoods. The follow up that sadly wasn’t asked: What if you are poor and have to live there? That arrogant elitist harridan had no concept that real people live in those kind of places.

  7. Now now… Everybody knows fat people make better bullet catchers in the executive protection services racket…

    If I’m getting shot at, I sure as hell would rather have a fat-guy-body-armor than skinny-guy-body-armor!

      • I think he is implying that the body of the fat or skinny guy is itself armor for him. “Armor body” Might be a better term.

    • The thin guy can probably fight and move better. The fat guy better already be hugging you if you expect him to get between you and a bullet.

      Aside from that somebody who doesn’t take care of their body shouldn’t be expected to care about yours.

  8. You know Big Country in the cheap suit with the Oscar Mayer hotdog neck is packing heat…

    Fat people won’t fist fight, they’ll just shoot yah.

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if the fatsos could handle themselves just fine, lard asses notwithstanding. I know a big fat guy right now that can walk the talk. He’s been my best friend from age 6. He punched me once and I left the ground, like in a cartoon or one of those fighting video games. Some fat dudes can flat out throw down no doubt. Some can even run fast, albeit not for long. You never judge somebody by their big fat lard ass as you might end up totally surprised.

      • For every one of the NFL Lineman types there are dozens of the people of Walmart types.

        • Yup. There are people with a layer of fat who have plenty of muscle under there and can run a mile just fine… but do you think she’s smart enough to get those?

        • Let me fix it for ya:


      • I remember reading stats from a lineman once (which one doesn’t matter), what I noted was that he was more than double my weight yet could run significantly faster (and presumably father) than I can. . . and arrive there with enough strength to bench-press three of me. I recall thinking that it simply wasn’t fair that someone so much larger and stronger could also run faster. Genetic gifts indeed. These two however appear to be severely out of shape. I suppose if what’s needed is to stand around looking intimidating and to return fire if fired upon (thus drawing said fire) they might do fine. What I don’t see them doing is dealing well with a hasty foot retreat.

  10. Ms. Watts and her gang are dictionary examples of white skin privilege. She lives in a lily white gated community just outside Indy.

  11. Those “bodyguards” are like Shannon herself, whores for the coin, not principles. They have no moral standing worthy of consideration.

  12. “If nothing else, note that Bald-Headed Goon #1 (BHG1) is morbidly obese. When the you-know-what gets real, a fat bodyguard is about as useful as a thin sumo wrestler.”

    Never underestimate the importance of Cover & Concealment!

  13. I don’t like guns and nobody else should either. However when I go out in public I hire people with guns to protect me. Just like my idol and sugar daddy does. Don’t do as I do, just do as I say and nobody gets hurt. Priceless.

  14. Your ending comment that people of the gun would provide her better security is probably correct. Which raises an interesting question … if the NRA had offered to provide Ms. Watts armed security to protect her during the NRA convention appearance, would Watts have accepted? Should the NRA have offered?

    • Followed the link, one of the Twitter exchanges was very interesting. Gun owner tweets, “so you can have guns to protect you but I can’t have one to protect myself..” MDA big bug Erika Hyphenated-Last-Name tweets, “Are you prohibited by law, a felon, seriously mentally ill? if not, all good here”, ie we don’t mind you having a gun. Someone that does twitter, etc needs to ask her: Since everything you said falls under the rubric of “current law”, and that’s “all good” for you–what exactly is it that you are trying to change? Maybe that’s why they aren’t doing any better than they are.

      • That “prohibited by law” part. To make it all-encompassing. Guns for me and my security team; no guns for you.

  15. I don’t think the skills of the bodyguards here really matter that much. To me, it’s simple posturing. This is Watts saying: I’m taking on the NRA and the NRA is a group of very dangerous people. I am a bold crusader up against homicidal maniacs with guns who could attack at any time. I am risking my life to protect your children from these NRA fiends! I am Sharon Watts of Monsant… Of Mom’s Dem… Of Everytown Something Something! Hear me roar.

    • That’s what I was thinking too, if they actually thought we were a threat, they’d be doing their public appearances from something akin to the popemobile.

    • That’s it exactly. I think Robert’s off the mark when he suggests the bodyguards are there to make the Moms “feel safe”. Quite the opposite, they’re there to scare her supporters. The implication is that they’re necessary because one of those crazed NRA terrorists might strike their “rally”. It’s not “security theater”, it’s drama-queen “victimization theater”, intended to inflate the importance of their group in their own minds. They must be on the path of righteousness, if those evil gun owners are out there trying to kill them, right?

  16. Ms Watts is a mouthpiece for hire. She was a politic hack in Missouri. She shilled for Monsanto, helped fight the labeling of genetically engineered products and stood up for corporate interests against farmers. Her “beliefs” obviously come with a scannable bar code & a price tag attached. She will shovel someone else’s dung and call them diamonds as long as she can get a paycheck, some first class airfare & lodging, and polish her ego a little. If she REALLY believes her hype, she’d carry his butt into downtown Chicago or Detroit – where illegally obtained guns are killing American citizens EVERY SINGLE DAY. But no, she prefers not to take on a real challenge. Save real lives. MWF Executive. Employer must provide quality transportation, accommodations, & security. Hand her the brush & she will whitewash. Ethics negotiable.

    • You got that right. She couldn’t care less about guns or Moms. She’s after the Bloomberg Bucks. After she wrings all she can from this gig, she’ll be off on another well-paid cause. She’ll do a bankroll analysis and get behind anything she can exploit. She’s a nuisance for hire, a professional hemorrhoid.

  17. Actually… a correction:

    “When the you-know-what gets real, a fat bodyguard is about as useful as a thin sumo wrestler.”

    Well, technically, assuming your thug ain’t prone to using FMJ, a “fat bodyguard” IS your cover.



  18. More people are shot in Chicago each week than Afghanistan or Iraq and no one addresses the real reasons why. Let’s see her pull off a rally in Camden or Oakland calling for gun control and the residents would ask them how do they plan to disarm the criminals.
    Crime flourishes because the population will not snitch or work with the police, who in turn expect little help and are concerned with going home each night in one piece. Gun control is a sideshow.

    • Don’t forget that a big reason they don’t snitch is retaliation by the gangsters against snitches and the law-abiding in these areas generally can’t get ahold of guns to protect themselves if they were to snitch…

    • EXACTLY. If she is SO concerned with halting gun violence, “go where the action is” I say. Why is she wasting time with a small group of soccer moms when there are kids by the hundreds dying in Chicago, Oakland…both in states that already have draconian gun laws??? Because upper middle class & rich white suburbanites donate money $$$$ She won’t have a moms against guns rally in West Oakland. Those mothers don’t want platitudes, they want solutions. Their children are dying everyday. In their own backyards. They are not worried about one sociopath with a rifle, they worry about streets filled with gangbangers, and every second their kids are outside their homes they are at risk. This is not about crafting new laws, it’s about enforcing the ones already on the books and ending the cycle of poverty by giving those kids a chance with real educations & real job opportunities.

  19. I still think TTAG would have had better video than Dana if they had arranged a “Dirk meets Shannon” event like I offered. . . . .

    Anyhow – Shannon is racist. She doesn’t give two $hits about anyone black or brown dying unless it happens within 1 mile of her home or more specifically, if somehow, it is someone she knows personally as the “help”. Her kids attend a privileged mainly white private school in suburban Indianapolis. Her husband John was nudged out as a high level exec of Wellpoint, an insurance company that is known for screwing over its policy holders, and as an added bonus, Wellpoint just settled a lawsuit related to insider dealings among its executives that occurred around the time Johnny was there (yet, why doesn’t the media discuss this??). She also prostituted for Monsanto against sick kids and advocated for genetically modified foods. But hey, who am I to judge?

        • I dunno Dirk, some of the comments on this thread make me think some of the bloom is coming off the Shannon rose…

        • she is being sent down to the Summer League for now, but who knows. . . . . a veteran pro like her can always work their way back into the starting line up . . . how do you think you get to Carnegie Hall?

  20. 1. Why is it that these leftard chowderhead STILL haven’t figured out the difference between “feeling safe” and “being safe”? Too much fluoride in their water?

    2, What is this fascination with shaved heads, black garb, and wrap-arounds? Are these the earmarks of socially maladjusted misfits needing to “impress” upon everyone that they are efficient killing machines so that everyone need feel afraid, ….. very afraid? Looks more laughably insecure, to me.

    • 2. A: Because it makes them think they look “operator as fsck.” Maybe they did 20 years and 100 lbs. ago.

  21. I have to say that the mere fact that Watt’s had armed guard’s looking after her says many things to me. The loudest of which being that to her and her like we are all psychopaths. And at any one moment we are likely to snap and go completely Laughner.

  22. At least the one guy travels with the anti-gun circus, as I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him before at a gun-control event in Fargo, ND. Based on the New York license plates I saw on a black sedan in the parking area of that event, I’m guessing he was assigned as an escort for the “No More Names” bus tour, when it stopped in Fargo in July 2013. Here he is in one of the photos from that event:

    Probably indicates he’s Bloomie-hired thug.

    • It wouldn’t be overly surprising. Bloomberg has been known to send NY LE officers over state lines to attend gun shows. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were former NYPD or state police..some sort of special commission so they can get LE “professional courtesy”.

      • If they are retired cops, they could carry in almost any state under the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA), as long as they have ID and are maintaining qualification with their weapon.

        An interesting note: if this is the method they are using to legally carry when out-of-state, then they still must follow some state laws when carrying. Examples include bans on carrying weapons in state-owned buildings, courthouses, and parks. Also, private property owners may restrict carry on their own property. More info:

        Might be worth researching if the circus is coming to your town; if they violate state-level carry restrictions, then getting them rousted by the local cops for illegal carry would be justified (what’s good for the goose, is good for the turkeys, to paraphrase an old saying).

        It would be great PR, too…

        “Gun Control Group Members Arrested For Carrying Guns Illegally”

      • Hell, Bloomie and Kelly sent NYPD cops to LEBANNON AND IRAQ. The real Federal cops I knew hated those assclowns. All they did was get in the way.

  23. After reading the link Dirk Diggler posted regarding the MDA timeline and Shannon Watts’ leap onto the gun control stage, I’m now convinced that she has been just a paid hack for Bloomberg since the beginning. The beginning being pre-Sandy Hook. I think they were just waiting for an incident to capitalize on and launch.

    In retrospect, their actions are more like a PR firm than activists. She doesn’t engage because she doesn’t know the material. She works from prepared statements in controlled friendly environments. And like any good PR firm, you like up some willing rubes to give credibility locally…just as you would, justifying genetically managed seeds or setting up a speech from a Mayor…(just look at the photo from the Austin MDA “rally”). They don’t allow any discussion, only make statements (notice the leader does the talking) and tightly control the message.

    And then there’s drawing the foul…demonizing the “gun nuts” with cries of bullying and harassment (POTG unfortunately fall into this trap overdoing it too much sometimes). And my favorite, the charge of the light brigade tactic…sending three or four well intentioned crusader grannies in to tell Staples to comply or else…knowing full well they will fail…because if they sent them in expecting to win…in would have never been publicized.

    I think the key is to expose the MDA lie and destroy the credibility.

  24. She is a hypocritical moron!Ya know let het get mugged or attacked then maybe she’ll get a dose of reality and get off off her high horse!

  25. maybe you are onto something, how she seemed to be waiting in the wings. The more I look at the massacre at Sandy Hook, the stranger it continues to be. Please tell me how there were No crime scene photos. No video (like Columbine). No blood. Uncanny accuracy for a 120lb kid hauling 40 pounds of gear rattling 150-200 rounds in 6 minutes no less-that not one person saw in 3-4 years..with zero electronic footprint…for an Aspergers kid no less… Forget the news chopper HD footage of cops hauling guys in camo out of the woods. Forget that ambulances were blocked from accessing the school to save kids per START protocol (can you say lawsuit), forget only a Dr can pronounce someone dead (not an ME or cop) at a hospital. Forget people just milling around, not wearing work clothes, many wearing ID tags, the closed casket funerals, horrible photoshopped pictures (especially the Parkers), bizarre interviews, bizarre ME interview, 90 day gag order and each family assigned their very own state trooper, forget families were never allowed to ID their dead kids, shown pictures instead (?) forget zero motive, forget it all. And the 12 million divvied up by families, a 50 million new school? 3M from the DOJ, millions to the school district and town…No names published or ages….not a single company performed the biohazard cleanup, not one. Shannon in the wings, along with of the most well orchestrated gun control pushes seen in a long time. Just saying….

    • “the most well orchestrated gun control pushes seen in a long time.”

      If MDA was one of the most well orchestrated gun control pushes seen in a long time, we may be in better stead than I had ever hoped.

      This whole thing has been a laughing stock since its inception. They have actually accomplished very little, if anything at all.

      Not a paper tiger by any stretch because it did have the potential to go very badly for gun rights side, but their message has largely fallen on deaf ears.

      • “well orchestrated gun control campaign” comment was not derived from MDA at all. You are spot on, they are a joke. Pathetic at best. However, a prez signing executive orders, Senate ginning up support (that fizzled), NY CO and CT legislators jamming bills through in the middle of the night, parading the Parkers and other SH families on Air Force One on a speaking tour to discuss common sense measures we we can all agree upon…a few days after the so called massacre. Just all too quick, at least to me. Hey, it all backfired, no pun intended.

        • What are you saying, exactly? Because it sounds like you think there’s some kind of conspiracy involving not only the hundreds of first responders who had to wade through the blood that was most assuredly there but the legislatures of multiple states and half of congress, all in a country where the president can’t get a blowjob without it becoming public knowledge because there’s no such thing as a secret in politics.

          Gimme a break. Taking advantage of a tragedy is nothing new… and believe me, having read some of the gun control bills passed or put forth there is no way they were prepared in advance. Things were a complete mess, legally, and had to be changed again and again to even make sense.

        • I’m not claiming Sandy Hook didn’t happen or was some part of a conspiracy. I’m not claiming all of the post Sandy Hook hysteria was preplanned. I was simply saying, that looking back at the speed at which the MDA/million mom stuff came together…a couple of days, that I believe that MDA was planned pre-Newton, and had not been rolled out yet. My bet is that Newtown, caught them off guard and accelerated their timeline.

          I don’t buy Shannon was so moved that she suddenly was inspired during yoga. I’m of the opinion she had already been inspired to use her professional skills to create MDA by a corporate sponsor.

        • dh34, I agree with your hypothesis. Too much happened too quickly to be a last-minute, thrown together PR campaign.

  26. Ape puts his hands on me, I’d draw down on him and place him under citizens arrest for battery.,..

  27. “If nothing else, note that Bald-Headed Goon #1 (BHG1) is morbidly obese.”

    That man’s girth guarantees that he will stop any bullet without any possible chance of overpenetration.

  28. Well since we know she can be bought, I think the NRA should buy her so she can speak out against gun control. I’m pretty sure the irony of that would kill the entire Bloomberg AstroTurf movement

  29. I think folks are missing the real reason why she hired the Two Stooges as body guards. Ineffective or not, doesn’t matter. Having these two up there demonstrates to her fellow cultists that “gun people” are dangerous, and have probably threatened her life, and she has to “do something” to make her (feel) safe. They are much less a statement about her security than they are yet another somewhat subliminal message that her foe – us – are a bunch of unhinged halfwits with dangerous weapons.

  30. OK, so these private security guards are just that – private security guards.

    If one of them lays hands on a person, what’s to stop that person from punching them in the throat in self defense? Or thumbing them in the eye?

    Self-defense is self-defense.

  31. I figured she hired security just because she thought DirkDiggler was going to show up!

  32. I disagree with your representation of fat bodyguards as useless. As an overweight security professional myself, I have more bulk to stop incoming intruders, therefore protecting my client. Haha The rest of your points are valid.

  33. Regardless of the intended message, I suspect the message to fellow MDA moms depends on how die-hard you are. For much of the rest of the populace, I doubt the hypocrisy can be missed.

    Not to mention the stupidity. Two BHG’s when you are agitating at a convention that is *packed* with people carrying? It reminds me of the bar scene from the Norris flick, Code of Silence.

    Shannon with goons and Dana (almost certainly – she made no secret of having her CCW here in St. Louis) carrying also illustrates a big difference between the two sides. Which side believes in being able to take care of yourself and which believes in some nondescript, nameless, monolithic mass protecting you?

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