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Stacey Abrams (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)
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By Larry Keane

Just like Seinfeld’s George Constanza, failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams probably thinks to herself, “I must be liked!”

She’s trying awfully hard as she auditions to join 2020 presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s ticket as the vice presidential candidate. Millions of gun-owning Americans have reasons for concern and should pay attention as election day nears.

Abrams joined Everytown for Gun Safety’s Veepstakes pageant, the gun control group bankrolled by failed 2020 Democratic presidential contender and billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Abrams spent a decade in the Georgia state legislature, including six years as Democratic minority leader, where she championed gun control. She introduced gun confiscation legislation deemed “some of the strictest gun regulation in the nation.”

This is the same Stacey Abrams who ran for Georgia governor in 2018 and lost to Republican Gov. Brian Kemp. Abrams cried foul and repeated inflammatory accusations. Still, none of it was true. That didn’t keep her from repeating her false claim that she had actually won the race to be governor of the Peach State.

Biden’s gun control history is well-known.

Gun Grab, Different Name

Moms Demand Action Founder Shannon Watts spoke one truth during the Twitter townhall that gun control advocates usually avoid. “We know firearms don’t cause hate crimes…,” Watts admitted. Millions of law-abiding firearm owners would agree. Abrams did too, but added her presence in Washington, D.C. would include a reinstatement of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban.

“We need to make certain that we have an assault weapons ban put back in place. It has worked before and it will work again.” That ban did not work, of course.

Abrams’ comments now are considerably different than her views on gun confiscation just a few short years ago when she told CNN’s Jake Tapper the gun grabbing bill she cosponsored in Georgia was just, “to start a conversation.” That bill wasn’t even referred to a committee for consideration.

If enacted, it would’ve turned thousands of law-abiding Georgians into felons by forcing them to turn in their modern sporting rifles, destroy them or go to jail. If she joins the Biden ticket and gets her way, that could mean owners of the nearly 18 million modern sporting rifles  would be instant felons.

Abrams tried to tell Watts, “There is no one who believes in eroding the Second Amendment…” Her legislative track record isn’t eroding the Bill of Rights, it’s taking a wrecking ball to it.  Her record is more in line with former U.S. Rep. Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, Biden’s proclaimed gun control sheriff, than Main Street, USA.

Belittling American Rights

Shannon Watts Stacey Abrams

Watts and Abrams also demonstrated they have little sympathy for the legitimate concerns of law-abiding Americans who recently purchased firearms for the first time. Instead, they smugly dismissed them as an easily manipulated group. They also cast aside their reasons for purchasing firearms during the coronavirus pandemic.

Watts instead blamed the NRA. “They’re using this pandemic to fearmonger. To divide our communities. And of course, above all, to sell guns.” Abrams smiled and agreed. There was no mention of local law enforcement stretched thin. No talk of criminals being released from jail. Not a word about those criminals committing crimes again.

November is Coming

Wrapping up the discussion, Abrams urged people to get involved and educated on the issues. She boasted of a 139 percent increase in youth voters in the race she lost in 2018.

Education and information on the issues is something all voters need. There are hundreds of thousands of new gun owners who now must consider what the candidates would do to their right to protect themselves and their families, even as they are learning about safe and responsible firearm ownership, handling and storage.

To get informed, get registered and get ready, visit NSSF’s #GUNVOTE.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. Larry Keane supports background checks and supported fix nics. NSSF patted themselves on the back for expanding the nics database.

    Do you support the bumpstock ban? What about red flag laws like the NRA does? They had a video for like 2 years and eventually took it down.

    • A little OT in regards to this particular article on Abrams, but directly concerning the erosion of the 2A. Just yesterday, the Nutty Ninth voted to reinstate our ammunition BGC law in full force, without any statement addressing Judge Benitez’ constitutional arguments in his injunction. The judicial panel said that Californians are sufficiently able to purchase ammunition under the law. That’s news to me…I’m a lifelong born-and-raised Californian who has owned, restored, built, and shot my entire adult life, with literally 100 hours of professional instruction and countless days at the range. Oh yes, and a non-existent criminal history. In other words, a model citizen. Yet I do not qualify for BGC approval to buy a box of ammo because I have utilized the state’s legal and permissible alternatives and not willingly entered myself into their database. So no soup for me. Am I able to “sufficiently purchase ammunition under the law?”

      These people are **so** removed from reality…

      • Yep. That is why I try to always post this on his articles. If gun owners support the current background check system and 4473 in any manor why would we not see pushes for ammo background checks?

        The only thing that comes from background checks is infringements, expansions of power and abuse by the government.

        I will never agree with people like larry keane that it stops crime or reduces it nor do I see reducing crime as justification for infringements.

        I’m sorry you have to deal with that in CA.

    • Get the NFA lockdown on fully automatic firearms before you start complaining about bumpstocks.

    • Eroded? Like standing in the middle of a flood plain with the levee’s washed out, eroded? Well duh, the levee”s been washed out for years.

    • Because somehow repeating these statements over and over becomes truth in their minds (or the minds of those they enslave): “I support the second amendment, no one is coming for your guns, we must ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines, we are coming for your AR15, I support the second amendment, we are coming for you firearms manufacturers, no one is coming for your guns, I support…”

      It is an abusive relationship, where you get beat up, blamed, criticized, threatened, and then told “I love you baby, don’t go, I would never harm you.”

      • They use the Goebbels strategy with zero remorse or sense of irony.

        A lie repeated enough becomes the truth.

    • The 2nd Amendment recognizes the rights of armed citizens to defend against governmental tyranny. You can’t do that without AR and AK pattern rifles with large capacity magazines. Next question.

  2. Is this some kinda competition between all the dems, see which of them can tell the biggest lie and keep thr straightest face???

  3. As a person of color, you would think that she understood the racist roots of gun control. But she is a demotater first, human second. They are all happy to jump on Mini Mike’s train. Sleepy/creepy Joe wants to start ‘Fast and Furious 2’ that way he can get more Border agents killed and more guns to Mexico.

  4. Don’t much care. There is no viable option in this election. Just as in 2016 all choices lead to real bad news.

    Our elections need a safety mechanism. All names on the ballot include the standard choice of “NONE OF THE ABOVE”. If “None” wins, the candidates are tossed aside and the entire circus begins again without them.

    Also, any elected official, having won with less than 51% of the vote, who then claims a mandate or a landslide or a big win, or similar language, shall be fined not less than $1,000,000 for each lie told.

    The money to go to shooting range construction around the USA. Especially on BLM land near me, because I thought of it!

    Finally, any politician that is fined more than twice under the above rule gets publicly spanked on his or her bare ass with a paddle from the principal’s office. On camera.

    I’m also leaning towards bringing back the public stocks and the pelting with rotted veggies. The only problem there is the current shortage of nitrile gloves for the vegetable tossing citizens.

    Damn the Current Apocalypse!!!

    • Yeah, remember 1992 when Bill Clinton was inaugurated and very quickly began pushing his AWB, for which he had a “mandate” since he had never even mentioned it during the election. The Dem party claims (to this day) that had nothing to do with the party’s crushing defeat in 1994, but Clinton knew exactly what happened, could not convince the Bitch to avoid gun control in 2016, here goes Joe! Doesn’t matter, he wasn’t gonna win anyway.
      I always thought if “none of the above” ever wins, all other candidates should be excluded from public office, for life.

    • Regarding the mandate, whoever wins gets to implement their policies. That’s how it works.

      • “Regarding the mandate, whoever wins gets to implement their policies. That’s how it works.”

        In political lexicon, “mandate” is different from “winning”. “Mandate implies an overwhelming majority of voters demand a particular policy, whether it was part of the campaign promises, or not. A simple “win” by plurality permits an elected official to implement their agenda/policies.

        • Sure, but the truth is, anyone in power is going to try to implement their policies, no matter how much they won by. The left only has control of the house and they’re currently trying to sneak in illegal immigrant amnesty. The Majority of the country, including democrats, don’t even want that.

    • Only one big problem with your “none of the above”

      once enacted…the person ALREADY in office might be there forever! and is that a good option?

    • ” publicly spanked on his or her bare ass with a paddle from the principal’s office. On camera ”

      Yeah… I don’t know… I don’t think putting Nancy Pelosi’s bare ass on public television is such a good idea…

    • I will not accept lectures on public morality from an explosion in a Brillo factory with an extra eye in the chin.

  5. Oh God, please bless Biden with one of these idiots as a running mate so everyone gets told how racist, sexest, and stupid they are and let them announce their preferred pronouns before every event so those people who choose to see will wake the f*** up. Amen.

  6. ‘No one believes in eroding the Second Amendment’

    Why is this so hard to understand? Common sense gun control laws are designed to keep the Second Amendment in its original state: arms for the militia; the National Guard.

    The Second Amendment is about ensuring guns are kept in the hands of uniformed militia (National Guard), not just everyone who wants to have a gun. Uncontrolled gun ownership for purposes other than the Naitonal Guard is not covered by the Second Amendment.

    The founders intended that weapons of war be kept under control of the federal government (established armed services), and under control of the uniformed militia (National Guard), which is also subject to control and provisioning by the federal government. (Article 1, Clause 16). Private citizens who are not members of the uniformed, organized militia have no need for weapons of war to conduct sporting events, hunting of wild game, self-defense (who can justify an M134 mini-gun as suitable for sport, hunting and self-defense?).

    So it is that rather than eroding the Second Amendment, common sense gun control laws keep weapons of war in the hands of those intended by the framers, and out of the hands of those who are not members of the uniformed, organized militia.

    (Am I good at this, or what?)

    (An’ ain’t that jes’ a bit scary?)

      • “I surely hope you are being sarcastic.”

        Hello. If you read all the way to the bottom, the answer is there.


    • Of course, none of them actually believe this theory. Need proof? Ask them “So, if a state were to declare all its citizens of military age to be members of the militia*, the 2nd Amendment would bar the federal government from intervening and blocking that state from equipping everyone with military weaponry?”

      Not one would agree. Because it’s just a smokescreen for their real position: that the 2nd Amendment protects no right of any kind.

      *Indeed, in many states the militia is precisely so defined.

  7. S L O W Joe will “pick” a somewhat attractive so-called woman. This ain’t it! I’m thinking Kamaltoe…who may be worse.

  8. If I ran a gun making company, such as Ruger, I would be going to churches that predominantly serve black populations, sponsoring intro to firearms days. Safety, shooting at the range, how to select a firearm. Racist? No. Targeting a demographic with high potential to increase market share? Yes.

    Counter the lies from Stacey with actual education and experience.

  9. If you win the presidential election by a few states or almost all states, it doesn’t matter. You still won.

    If you lost the gubernatorial race by a few thousand or one million votes, it doesn’t matter. You still lost.

    Why would anyone vote for a person that can’t grasp such a simple concept?

    • “Why would anyone vote for a person that can’t grasp such a simple concept?”

      The woman is claiming that the Republicans stuffed the ballot boxes. The woman is claiming that Republicans disappeared enough of her votes to cause her to lose.

      Or both.

      • Yeah… I only wish the GOP had that level of balls. Instead, they just sit back and let the Demokkkommies do it.

        • The media would push back against those sort of claims by the GOP. That’s the difference.

      • Anyone can claim anything. Without proof, it’s meaningless. As a matter of fact, more blacks than usual voted. She even bragged about having more young people turn out to vote. The ONLY reason leftists are allowed to constantly spew this sort of BS is because the media not only never questions it, as they should, but they actually provide an assist. It’s disgusting.

      • She is confusing her contest in Georgia with her party’s game plane in California.

  10. That woman is the typical self serving lying lowlife democRat Gun Control Zealot who like the Gun Control Hypocrite mini mike bloomberg has armed security. Aren’t They Special.

  11. Stacy Abrams is an Auntie Tom for her sleazy democrat party slave masters. The democRat Party has a long, long history of despicable Race Based Atrocities that also includes Gun Control. Bottom line…Black Americans voting for a democRat makes as much sense as a Jew voting for a Nazi.

    • “Stacy Abrams is an Auntie Tom for her sleazy democrat party slave masters.”

      The “Tom” slur is popular, and widespread….among people who never read “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”.

      Spoiler Alert: Uncle Tom was a hero in Beecher’s novel; died refusing reveal anything about the runaway slaves.

  12. Abrams as a Marxist,what makes her think she could serve the people of a Republic,never mind that she is a would be petty tyrant.

  13. She isn’t eroding the second amendment, she just wants to limit you to weapons that were obsolete in World War 1. See, you can still have your Chassepot and Dryse needle guns! The extremely limited supply just means you will have to share your guns with others. Oh wait, you will need a background check before you can share. It’s at your expense but we have to think of the children. Look at this baby!

  14. Banning items, banning usage, background checks, licensing, arbitrary denial, fees, a gauntlet of traveling with….not erosion of a codified right.

    Asking a person seeking an abortion to get it done earlier than the babys birthday? How dare you trample on my rights you nazi summabitch!!!!!!!!!

  15. Naive people who believe Hillary, or just about all top democrats, are honest and care about you and your rights, watch shows like The View, believes CNN and the media are not bias , are the only ones who could believe a word that comes from this woman’s mouth.

  16. True because “eroding” doesn’t go far enough when your goal is “eliminating.”

  17. Not eroding…a slow process…they want it abolished/eliminated altogether…and they want it done yesterday

  18. Who in their right mind could walk into the booth and vote for this women for anything?? We’re doomed.

  19. Watts instead blamed the NRA. “They’re using this pandemic to fearmonger. To divide our communities. And of course, above all, to sell guns.” Abrams smiled and agreed.

    Really? I’m a member of the NRA and I haven’t heard peep one from them about the pandemic and guns together in any way that would make me fearful. In fact, for these two dimwits to claim such would be like saying that because Trump appears on the front page of the newspaper and the Dallas Cowboys appear on the front page of the sports section, then “Trump says the Cowboys will win the Super Bowl.”

    Absolute nonsense.

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