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The new gun buyer said the Zoom [training] session was part of his attempt to be responsible. [Trainer Chuck] Rossi, hefting his own high-end AR-15, recapped the principles of gun safety: always keep the weapon’s muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire. Be aware of what might be behind the target you’re shooting at. Treat every gun as if it’s loaded.

They did some troubleshooting: what should he do if an ammunition round got jammed inside his gun? How long would his military-surplus ammo be usable?

Ammo didn’t go bad, Rossi said. He was still “shooting shit” from the second world war and “surplus from the Korean war”.

While “white Americans tend to be more vocal about their gun ownership”, the new owner said, being a black gun owner didn’t feel special.

But it came with different concerns. He was more afraid a police officer might shoot him than that someone else might attack him on the street; he would “never” carry a gun in public.

If he ever had to call the police to his home, he said, he would emphasize: “The black guy with the gun is the homeowner.”

Owning guns had already shifted some of his political opinions. He said he still supported limits on larger-capacity ammunition magazines. But when he bought his guns, he said, he had to wait 10 days to get them. “That was an eternity to me,” he said. “Are these really common sense gun laws?”

Rossi was encouraged to hear this, and said he’d try to persuade the new gun owner about why he actually needed larger-capacity magazines next. The two men made a plan to go shooting in person as soon as possible.

– Lois Beckett in Meet the gun safety instructor holding ‘office hours’ on Zoom

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  1. Not sure if it will change many minds, some will just go back to their ways maybe even sale their weapon once they feel “safe.” The one for sure benefit is it will greatly limit the argument of people buying guns online and its easier then getting ice cream.

    • 2nd benefit being that, if it truly isn’t a mind changer, there’s gonna be a small flood of 2nd hand stuff online.

    • It depends on what the flavor-of-the month is. Folk’s priorities change, they have kids, move to a new state, let the left media brain wash them. I know some folks that own guns, but they are not POTG. Many of these new gun owners will just keep their gun hidden in the closet.

  2. Wholly crap! I read the entire Guardian article and in whole, they did interject too many gun control anecdotes in there. Usually any gun story that’s starting to look somewhat “pro-gun” gets a ton of anti-gun faux stats in there. They did a little in the fourth paragraph but then seemed to be positive the rest…..??? What gives? I’m looking at my calendar and today is not April 1st.

      • I get an “edit” option just after I post, also a time limit of about 3-4 minutes. Did you click on the “notify me of follow-up comments” and “notify me of new posts” and “save my name, email and website….”? Maybe that activates the edit feature.

      • People are catching on to the lying, propaganda-pushing news media. Maybe they decided to be semi-honest for a change.

  3. It starts with a handgun. Progresses to a shotgun then an AR. Bolt actions soon follow and then lever guns.

    A few years later the new gun owner can’t imagine not being able to possess his guns.

    • Very true. That describes my progression. Then you will want to learn more about the rules and laws dealing with firearms which is a good thing for all of us.

      • Yup. Handgun, then .22LR rifle, and then the horse was out of the barn from there and I have to stop and use all my fingers and toes to count what I have now, though I don’t have enough fingers and toes. Maybe if I were a possum…

        • After a few, it strikes you that it seems unnecessary to make you jump through all the same hoops you’ve jumped through so many times before, like maybe it is just to make the process complicated, more than anything real. Still haven’t seen any evidence it has accomplished jack shit, when asked all you’ll hear is how many firearm sales have been prevented, albeit temporarily. The law was not pushed as necessary to prevent gun sales, it is supposed to prevent CRIMES! Has there been ANY change? I also have not heard what the COST has been.

        • “… though I don’t have enough fingers and toes. Maybe if I were a possum…”

          You’ll be constantly looking over your shoulder and cringing in fear every time you see an F-150 with mud tires… 😉

        • I once witnessed a coyote get run over by a lifted F-150 while the ‘yote was attempting to make an ill-time road crossing. It had the miraculous fortune to meet with the Ford down its centerline (in between the tires), so it was rolled over and bounced until the truck passed. The ‘yote paused, stood up, shook off the encounter, and bounded away into the scrub on the other side.

          I also once personally watched a coyote literally bolt up a 25-foot sheer vertical cliffside like it was nuthin’ but a Tuesday. If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I wouldn’t have believed it.

          Wolves, jackals, coyotes, dingos…those are built to last. All these sorry attempts at messing with God’s genetic palette to come up with things like Pomeranians, Pugs, Teacup Poodles, Shar-Peis, etc. just result in creatures with medical problems.

        • My route was Daisy BB gun, single shot .22LR rifle, Winchester modle 94 30-30, a WWII M-1 carbine in 30-06, THEN my first pistol, a little .380 that fit nicely into the wife’s purse, the glove box, or even in a pocket if neither of us wanted to carry the holster. I was 23 years old before I bothered with a pistol, believe it or not.

      • Saving up for a quad 50 cal at the moment. My dad used to make cannons with 2 and 3 inch bores that shot cans filled with concrete. I’d like a howitzer for the front yard.

    • Similar here. .22LR pistol –> revolver –> 1911 –> (moved out of California) –> lever-action rifle –> AR –> shotgun –> …

      (We won’t talk about what happened after that as Mrs. C. reads this sometimes… Living in a free state is nice, let me just say that.)

    • Started the other way, 22lr rifle, shotguns, bolts, handguns, black powder, semi-autos. Only bought the semi-autos when the gubbermint started saying we shouldn’t have them. Never wanted one ’til then. Got me thinking something was wrong with this picture.

  4. Times like these demonstrate the utility of owning firearms and the folly of the belief that you can rely on law enforcement to protect you. Usually, these lessons are learned individually, like when my antigun neighbor’s house was broken into and she asked me to clear it for her with a firearm (I told her I wouldn’t do that) or the Joseph Lozito story where police watched him get stabbed by Maksim Gelman but did nothing. This time we all get to feel the anxiety of being responsible for own safety.

  5. Uh huh. And when Democrats sweep in November, the first thing on their legislative agenda, smack dab in the middle of a pandemic and economic depression, will be gun control. And over 60% of Americans will respond with thunderous applause.

      • Again, uh huh. Bet you were saying the same thing 18 months ago right before Democrats gained 40 seats in the House and won the national popular vote by 8.6%.

        • cgray…Your very own beloved democRat Party owns lock, stock and barrel the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, lynching, the KKK, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities. With such overwhelming mountains of evidence I ask you cgray to join me and call for the democRat Party to be held liable for Monetary Reparations payable to the victims and descendants of victims of the aforementioned democRat Party race based atrocities. So cgray are you a man who sees a colossal injustice and wants to correct it or do you wish to continue to be a gutless, lowlife mealy mouth democRat?

        • And Obama the eternal narcissist was shocked he lost even more seats in 2010 in the house. Nearly all presidents have lost house seats half way through the first term.
          In trumps second term he might have more flexibility.

        • Yo, cgray, That was good for a laugh! Those Dems made promises in 2018 about what great things they were going to accomplish if elected, and they have not even attempted to introduce any of them, just played the impeachment game resulting in NOTHING. After such a resounding failure, you may want to look at the election of 1994 to see what this November is going to look like.

    • cgray…You have previously established yourself as a useful idiot for the democRat Party and you obviously savor Gun Control and you have visions of democRats ordering jack booted thugs to storm homes and confiscate firearms, etc.

      Since Gun Control is Rooted In Racism and Genocide I ask you cgray on this Day of Our Lord Friday May 15, 2020 to Justify Your Racist And Nazi Based Gun Control Agenda or gfy.

    • The election could go either way on the Presidency. There is a lot of speculation on the Senate changing party control, but nothing convincing.

      It is doubtful that even if Biden wins he will be successful in all these idiotic new gun laws he is talking about. Remember, no President-Elect’s agenda ever survives combat with the House and the Senate, or all those lobbyists, big money political movers and shakers, all that.

      • The first 2 years of Trump got pretty close, with reduced taxes, a start on the border wall, and vastly reduced regulation, *many* new conservative judges, and the results just as he had predicted; screaming economic growth, lowest black unemployment *ever*, lowest overall unemployment in 50-75 years, shrinking trade deficit, exploding markets, and a nation full of happy people. My vote will continue to be for a successful nation, not for some cult of personality. I would think most of the country would have seen the difference by now, Obama’s term was a DISASTER!!! Trump promised an administration devoted to advancing America, where Obama was devoted to tearing America down throughout the world.

        • ^This exactly. Let’s just add that Obama plotted against Trump’s administration with the FBI and if there is any justice left, he will serve some serious time for the Obamagate.

  6. I would not try to equate sales with actual public opinion. Years and years ago the firearms industry did a study to analyze their market. They concluded that over the course of a lifetime, the average gun buyer gets a gun and a few boxes of ammunition, and that’s it. That was an average of both “guy who owns a gun” and “guy who shoots 50,000 rounds a year.”

    Most of the shops I’ve been lately in still have a low firearms inventory BUT ammunition is back on the shelves, in case someone out there doesn’t reload.

    Meanwhile, there were retards wearing gas masks browsing the ammunition aisle…

    • Maybe it was in jest? I bought a surplus gas mask as a joke in reaction to the coronavirus panicdemic rules.

  7. Unfortunately some of these non thinking new gun buyers fall in line with limiting magazine capacity which means when push comes to shove they are basically good for nothing. It’s not the Bill of Needs it is The Bill of Rights.
    These new gun owners have to be asked…Where will the Gun Control Zealots that want to limit your self defense capabilities be should you and yours be corned by a criminal? The answer is where Gun Control Zealots always are…NOWHERE.

  8. The best unintended consequence of the lock down/shut down may be that Americans are learning a new appreciation for their rights and liberty albeit at a terrible cost to persons, families and the economy. The best instruction for the value of personal liberty, self reliance and the wisdom written into the U.S. Constitution is the direct experience of tyranny.

  9. I have gats for the lowlife criminal’s AND the po-leece. And .gov…often one and the same. Life in Cook County,IL.

  10. My question is, “how long will those hearts and minds stay changed?”
    I know I’m not the only one who’s asked this, but I’m skeptical that this is truly a “win” in the long run.

    • Ahhh, but at least the “non’s” now have SKIN$$$ in the game. And since many were buying in LATE they were also paying top dollar. That makes outright confiscation a lot less acceptable based on LO$$ alone.

  11. Hopefully so. At the end of the day, the only person or persons that are definately going to be there to help you when you’re in trouble is you. That applies to a lot more than guns, self defense and second amendment issues. If this coronavirus business helps people figure that out, then some good came out of it.

  12. Larryin TX is exactly right when he stated, “After a few, it strikes you that it seems unnecessary to make you jump through all the same hoops you’ve jumped through so many times before, like maybe it is just to make the process complicated, more than anything real. Still haven’t seen any evidence it has accomplished jack shit”
    The laws are used as a discouragement to anyone trying to buy a gun. These laws have not saved lives, but if just one person decides it is not worth the hassle(bull S) and does not make a purchase, the left figures it is working.

  13. It started with a Daisy Red Ryder, then came the marlin model 60 , a Savage single 12 soon followed , And the number of safes has never stopped growing. Next in line to enter one of my safes– a jm stamped model 444.

  14. Got my bank statement today and found the government has sent me $2400 to purchase guns and ammo.

  15. “He said he still supported limits on larger-capacity ammunition magazines.”

    Numbskulls are numbskulls, and don’t expect ’em to change.


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