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Discovering a home invader in your house is frightening enough. Catching one in your child’s room — masked and naked — is probably every parent’s worst nightmare.

A Scottsdale physician was working in an outbuilding on his property Wednesday night when the family dog raised the alarm.


The man began to check the property armed with a shotgun. When the resident entered the room of one of his children, he was confronted by a naked man, police say.

Police say the suspect was holding a large piece of wood and charged the resident fired two shots, killing the intruder.

The Scottsdale PD believe this was one of several home the “18 or 19-year-old suspect” had tried to enter Wednesday night.

As Dr. Aaron LaTowsky said in the video above, God bless American and the Second Amendment. Americans have the right to keep and bear arms, not only as a bulwark against tyranny, but also to ensure their natural right to armed self defense.

LaTowsky also praised the police for arriving so quickly. But no officer could have gotten there quickly enough to intervene had he not been armed and able to defend himself and his family.


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    • No kidding.

      The Petit family massacre is one of the most horrific, sad events that I have ever heard of.

      The attackers rightly received the death penalty — and the state rightly administered it within a few years of their conviction (rather than allowing the convicted attackers to remain in prison for 30+ years while attempting to appeal their sentence).

      • You must be thinking of something else, the animals that killed the Petit family had their death sentences commuted to life by the state supreme court. They’re still in prison.

        • You’re correct Eric. I watched a few different documentaries and other shows on that tragic event. They are alive and well in prison. I don’t how Dr Petit even stays in CT after the Court ended the death penalty. His self control of not finding himself in a tree overlooking the prison yard with an 06 is better than mine might be.

        • Dr, Petit no longer practices medicine. He is now a CT state representative. One of the loathsome perverts who raped and murdered his family is now transitioning at the taxpayer’s expense. The other piece of human detritus is demanding a retrial. His motion is before the same court that commuted his well-deserved death sentence.

          Take notice. The law serves the criminals. It does not have your back.

        • Jeff. How many times have you heard some variation on the ‘ it can’t happen here, we live in a good neighborhood.’ theme from folks?

          This was a good neighborhood. In both these cases.

        • “In August 2015, the Connecticut Supreme Court, in defiance of the General Assembly which had abolished the death penalty ONLY for future cases, ruled that the death penalty was unconstitutional and commuted all death sentences to life imprisonment, even if that sentencing took place prior to the date that the death penalty was abolished”

          WT? It’s like they just make up the rules as they go.

  1. The only thing that would have made this story better if he had used an AR15 instead of a shotgun, but otherwise good job!

        • On the decibel scale, an increase of 3 doubles the loudness. 167db is therefore 16 times louder than 155db. That is a pretty big difference.

          Shotgun and AR15 both work pretty darn well. These home defense stories that include a shotgun also seem to almost always include a dead bad guy.

          Sorry these people had to go through this ordeal, but I’m glad that the man was ready to deal with it. Well done đź‘Ť. Mom and kids sleep safe with dads like that.

        • No difference, except one is more than twice as loud than the other. Logarithmic scale, +10 dB=twice as loud sound.

        • Yeah I know physics too dude, but medically speaking it isn’t going to matter to the ears. Anything over 140 dB is gonna fry them.

        • Seconding Lazrbeams observation that news stories that include the words intruder/suspect/home invasion, in conjunction with the words homeowner/shotgun almost always seem to lead to ambient temperatures on the part of the intruder.

        • Logarithmic scale means +10 is 10x louder not 2x. Plus 12db is 16x louder. Loudness basically doubles every 3db.

          Not that it matters that much anyway.

          Shotguns and ARs are both great.

        • Never have fired a rifle or shotgun inside a building. I have fired a 1911, and all I knew was, “That’s freaking LOUD!” As in, I was all but deaf for a few minutes, and full hearing didn’t return for – hours, I guess. So, I looked it up. 157 db for .45 ACP. Doesn’t look like there’s much to choose from, on the noise level. You’re going to be hammered if you’re using anything bigger than a .22 or a .410. Found the numbers here –

        • Marcus (Aurelius) Payne,
          You do not recall correctly, and a 5 second Google search would have revealed that to you.

        • That’s why our home defense firearms have cans on them. Suppressed, for when you are jumping out of bed at 3 AM and forget hearing protection.

    • A couple of blasts of shotgun at close range are much more effective than the AR-15.

      AR-15s are overrated. I’ll take the M1A Scout Squad Rifle in 308.

      • I’m talking politics here not terminal ballistics. The AR15 is always demonized by the progressive left, so having it used defensively by a law abiding MD is good optics for our side. I wouldn’t expect someone that likes a pos M14 to understand that though…..(the AR10/SR25 shits all over your obsolete M14 btw)

        • There is a reason it only lasted 6 years and it should never have been implemented in the first place. Utter garbage. It was military politics as usual.

        • Correct. I wish he would have used an AR15 for the political benefit. AR15 always gets a bad rap. Shotguns are for Fudds.

        • No worries there. Not interested in the writings of a bunch of 70+ year old Fudds getting boners over an obsolete piece of shit rifle that is the M14.

        • Mark, AR-15s are for guys who had yellow shit running down the back there leg when real riflemen were more common in the United States. Of course, I understand. You have no experience with real rifles. Won’t spend the money on one if you if did and a .30 caliber rile just hurts to shoot. They kick so hard!

        • Um yeah ok grandpa. That’s why I own/shoot a KAC SR25, SCAR 17S and 20S, HK MR762A1, LMT MWS, and several AR10s from Daniel Defense. I just don’t shoot obsolete shit like the M14. But you can certainly keep on stroking your dick thinking the M14 is a good platform. Technology advances, but apparently you do not.

        • Mark, technology advances? You mean like the 60 year old AR platform? I never owned a M-14/M-1A. Shot plenty though. Closest I came was a Beretta BM-62. That was a finely made rifle. Thought I had me a BM-59 a couple days ago but the deal fell through. I had even located 11 spare mags @ $40.00 each. My poor opinion of the AR comes from having to shoot and qualify with them from 1979 until 2014. M-16A1 to M-4. Even owned a few personally. Always a disappointment. I understand you would like to of seen the bad guy shot with an AR for some sort of political statement. You, sir, are naive if you think that would have made one bit of difference to the anti 2A crowd. BTW I’ve relied on the HK G-3 pattern for 7.62 NATO and the Galil for 5.56 since the ’80s. Never a malfunction. Not one. If I had a $100 bill for every malfunction I’ve had with an AR I’d go on safari in Africa. For a month. It would cover the taxidermy fees too.

        • The major selling points of the whole AR15/M16 thing, was troop’s ability to carry more ammo, and to put more ammo downrange, than any .30 caliber rifles. There was also that standardization with Europe thing. I’m a fan of the M14, actually – it’s what I carried. If the AR could shit all over the M14, then the Marines wouldn’t have converted M14’s into sniper rifles. They would have used M16’s instead.

          When someone starts talking bad about a weapon, we have to suspect that either the man doing the talking doesn’t understand the purpose of that weapon, or that weapon doesn’t fit his needs. Which, usually amounts to the same thing.

        • First of all I’m not necessarily comparing the AR15 directly with the M14 albeit the former was superior for the type of warfare in Vietnam. Rather, I’m referring to the fact that if you desire a gun that fires the 7.62 mm NATO cartridge and you choose a M14 over the other options (SR-25, HK MR 762A1, SCAR 17s, AR10) then you are an imbecile. All those weapons are superior to the M14 in every aspect. Hell, the FAL is even way better than the M14 and even that gun is also obsolete. The M14 is obsolete garbage for collectors only. And if you can’t understand that then it is you that has zero knowledge of modern day small arms. The M14 should have never won the contract over Stoner’s AR-10. It was military politics via old men stuck with their antiquated idea of “guns must be wood and steel” bullshit.

        • If you believe that an AR10 is a superior weapon to the M14 you should try beating someone with each and get back to us with your findings.

        • Not only do I believe the AR10 is superior to the M14, but so does every military in the world as well as anyone with an IQ > 80. Good luck with your M14.

        • Mark, you obviously never had bayonet training. We were instructed to place our right hand on the comb of the stock just in front of the butt plate on an AR. So the stock would not (maybe) break off. Don’t even know if they teach bayonet training with an M-4. I mean really; why would you? An M-1 rifle, an 03 and yes, an M-14 are deadly at 500+ yards and butt stroke distance. Keep your ARs. Oh, you do realize that the obsolete M-14, that was developed about the same time as the Armalite, is still in service. Stupid people should be quite.

        • Jeeze grampa what are you 98 years old? Sure, the highly modified (i.e. needs lots and lots of work to keep it running) M14 is still technically in service. Barely. But it is still an obsolete piece of shit that is outclassed by so many other rifles that only a nostalgic retard such as yourself would choose one over something vastly superior like an SR-25, SCAR 17, or HK G28. Seriously grampa you need to up your doses of donepezil and memantine. Look, I get that you are really old and live in the past, but let it go. Your time has passed. Now go play with your bayonet…

        • Mark, not only am not a grandfather, I’m not even not old enough to collect social security. What I am is a man that was paid to carry a firearm in harm’s way all of my adult life. I still do. You, junior, should sit down, shut the fuck up and try to learn a bit of wisdom from those who have been there before you. Last you’ll hear from me. You can’t educate stupid.

        • If you think the M14 is a great rifle compared to modern offerings then you are devoid of wisdom. You have zero to offer. So it is you who should shut the fuck up. You are nothing but a senile old retard living in the past. And honestly, I never asked for your opinion, but you old Fudds just get so butt hurt when someone bashes your shitty little M14. Get over yourself old man.

      • An AR in .300 Blackout, suppressed, seems a very good choice for indoor family protection. With an appropriate fast-to-the-eye sight (Aimpoint, EOTech, etc.) it has proven easier to be accurate than with a pistol. With a 205 or heavier bullet, it is essentially a PCC in .45ACP. Shotguns are more difficult to suppress and approximately no one does so. With a madman holding a family member, I’d be loath to stop him with a pistol or shotgun, though I use both of the latter in other circumstances. Opinions vary, as do skills. I’m sure there are those who feel rock-steady with a handgun, or who don’t mind the noise of the shotgun.

        • If a subsonic 300 blackout is basically a .45 acp pcc, why not just use a .45 pcc?

          I guess it is because you can also use supersonic 300 and pretty much have the equivalent of 7.62×39.

        • Yes, Art, that’s part of it. It’s very close to a .30-.30: If the latter is shooting the traditional round-nose bullets, the .300 BLK is somewhat better at 300 yards. It’s also possible to by a very high quality (accurate) .300 BLK upper than a good quality .45ACP PCC. The BLK will also come threaded, which for me is a major point: Except for deer/moose hunting, I’ve come to favor only shooting subsonic rounds, and with a suppressor. That roughly means I only regularly shoot 9mm 147 grain, 22LR (varied cartridges), and .300, all suppressed. I wear double ear pro with all but the 22LR, with which I just use in-the-ear pro. I dry fire much much more often than shoot live. My home defense long gun and pistol wear suppressors.

          The most unfortunate fact of all is that firing a long series of shots at a range is much worse for the cochlea than firing a mag or two for practice, both with ear pro. The other unfortunate fact is that a Glock 17 and an AR in .223, both with standard pressure loads, are nearly equally loud, dBC-measured with the particular baseline and factor (20) used in firearms studies. The military (NATO) has published lots in this area.

          I will never again remain in an indoor range with someone shooting .44 magnum.
          A 12 gauge shotgun fired (unsuppressed) indoors (standard field load) will cause permanent hearing damage: I used to be a shotguns-for-HD person. No more.

        • Excuse the typos. This site doesn’t offer me an edit function. I’ll try suggested fixes.

      • Garand was the greatest battle implement… in 1940. M14 took so long to develop into a half decent rifle, it was obsolescent even before it got into service. You like the SA copy in 2020?
        Okay, you do you, while I finish mounting the scope on my LR-308. In 6.5 CM.

        • It is worth noting that no infantry rifle has been in service with the US military longer than the M14, though only for a short time as the standard infantry rifle. Whether as the M14 or M25, etc., it is still in service today by specialized troops for specialized uses.

          I’m loathe to take sides in the M14 versus more recent products spat, I have to object, though, to the certainty expressed by those who take the “recent products” side. Due to a common flaw (delusions of immortality) present in many young men, I found myself working as a helicopter aircrewman providing taxi service every few weeks over many months for an over-the-top unit of MACV-SOG called (by the time I was around it) Task Force 1, circa 1971. The subsequent careers of many of the relatively young senior NCOs, chase medics, and team members have been remarkable.

          The point? A number of those men preferred the M14 over the M16A1 and other battle implements. They had, in their armory, eight or ten of everything you could imagine, foreign and domestic, so it wasn’t a problem of choice. The full panoply of Stoner System variants were there, for example, including the belt-fed variant.

          I think of one guy in particular in this regard. He was a Marine Sniper before volunteering for TF1. He later served in Detachment A (Berlin), was on the original roster of Delta years later, and served on the Eagle Claw mission. He preferred the M14 (and its custom variants) throughout, though it wasn’t always an option. The upgraded M14s are very accurate at range compared to most of the current “modern” offerings, offer fast follow-up shots compared to the Remington 700 bolt-action items, and were generally made of very good steel. Of course the short “Commando Model” M16s (CAR15s) were more suited for general use. Short. Less weight. More cartridges.

          I understand having a preference for recent offerings. I take exception to the confidence expressed about the M14’s inferiority by those who haven’t carried one into the jungles or mountains themselves on serious errands. I was briefly trained on an M14 during the last days of basic training, while the M16 was our standard rifle. Like any other well-designed weapon, it still has its place. I myself prefer the AR variants because they’re generally lighter, can be fired auto with good control, and I know them best. None of those three factors make the things the GOAT. There’s something to be said for moderate speech.

      • Tweekers do WEIRD and dangerous things.

        Reminds me of the case where the naked attacker, high on “bath salts” or that fake marijuana stuff tried to eat a man’s face.

        • When I was a utility engineer, tweeters were stealing copper wire from our substations (hurting or killing themselves) to from cell tower sites (taking down operation).

        • …and the woofers and mid-ranges…?

          Worked an investigation once on a (presumed) copper thief. A local tweeker cut through the industrial chain link at a substation to steal copper bus bars. After his body provided a direct-to-ground electrical path he resembled a moth caught in a bug zapper. No worries about future recidivism. I don’t know how coroners control their gag reflex when examining cooked human remains…yeah, I barfed along with the other officer responding.

    • Yes there is more to the story

      “A naked intruder shows up in your house and assumes room temperature.” All hail the 2nd. Amen

    • Jimmy, he wasn’t entirely naked. He was wearing a mask. If you think this story is implausible you don’t get out much.

    • If his juvenile record is unsealed it will probably show arrests for peeping in windows of minors or other lude conduct. This kind of conduct is almost always an escalation of other deviant behaviors. That is what is more to this story.

      • Somebody has worked in the criminal justice system and/or is an honest social worker/mental health worker.

    • Jimmy Beam.-The article even says *The Scottsdale PD believe this was one of several homes the “18 or 19-year-old suspect” had tried to enter Wednesday night.* Probably some tweaker high on something and looking to get into where ever he could find was unlocked and commit crimes. I’ve seen some tweakers like this on more than one occassion doing some really bizarre things. For some reason, they feel super hot when they’re on their high, take their clothes off and go running around stoned out of their minds. For awhile, some would concentrate or drink bottles of Robitussin or other medications that have Dextromethorphan (DXM) and hallucinate along with having violent behaviors. Just one of many examples.

      • I doubt they concentrate it.

        Triple C’s (pills) and Robotripping (drinking the liquid cough syrup) were common when I was in high school. Concentrating the stuff is unnecessary, chugging half to 3/4ths of a bottle or eating a handful of the pills will get your motor turning, I watched many people do exactly that. Plus, the chemistry is outside the skill set of the people who do this kind of thing.

        Also, intentional OD on Benadryl is statistically far more likely to result in violent behavior. Saw that too.

        • Strych9-We had teen patients coming into the ER exhibiting violent behavior and hallucinations from drinking Robitussin. Come to find out one of their “friends” thought it was funny to concentrate it by cooking down 3 large bottles so it would fit into one bottle, gave it to people at “skittles” parties and watched how they reacted. He told them he had made it “stronger” so they would get a better effect. We even had kids chewing up and eating morning glory seeds. The primary psychoactive substance in the morning glory plant is Ergine, or D-lysergic acid amide (LSA), which is similar to LSD and causes hallucinations. It’s definitely different on what people find to get high.

        • That’s interesting. In my school years (1980’s) one issue of a very popular youth magazine (dead tree carcass kind) brought us bag of morning glory seeds with planting and care instructions as a centerfold insert. I think they still grow where I planted them in my parents backyard. How little we knew back then.

        • I’m quite well aware of LSA. I know people who extracted it for exactly this purpose. I also know that they fucked it up and ended up with something that basically did nothing, so not knowing shit about chemistry they tweaked the recipe and ended up with something far, far stronger than they expected. However, that’s a very simple extraction compared to breaking DXM off of hydrobromide.

          I’m also quite well aware that it’s possible to concentrate DXM through an acid-base extraction that involves ammonia, lemon juice and naptha. However, I doubt very much that kids were doing this. Most AP chem students couldn’t pull it off. What they told you and what actually happened are likely two different things. And, on top of that there’s no reason to do this because… Chlorocidin tablets are a thing and are pre-measured for you. If you can get the liquid you can get the pills just as easy.

          All hallucinogenic drugs can create a bad experience that can result in violent outbursts. That’s the nature of screwing with your brain in this manner.

          DXM is a drug for which the dosage is based on your body weight. Most people have no idea what they’re doing in terms of a dosage and assume it’s like acid or mushrooms when it’s not. Just like the idiot from my high school that found out about Benadryl, ate 65 pills and end up in the hospital screaming nonsense and throwing shit until he was restrained. He lied forever about what he did and how much but those blister packs the cops found in his backpack told the story. I mean, it helped that he had all of them when he offered them to the rest of us and we told him to shove off and two hours later he was getting taken to the ER he had a lot of empty blister packs. Not exactly a mystery.

          Regardless of what the kids said to try to deflect blame/responsibility I would strongly suspect, since I have actual experience with this, that they lied to cover up the fact that they had no idea what they were doing, tried to get high without doing their homework and took way, way, way more than they thought they did. At that point they had no idea what was going on but feared getting in trouble.

        • Strych9-Why would your friends try to extract LSA from morning glory seeds? The patients we treated in the ER ingested just by chewing them. Also, I’m aware of the method you’re speaking of on DXM extraction, which it appears you got the information from Psychonautwiki. Do you have a degree in neuropsychology and worked with patients along with clinical/laboratory settings in regards to this?

    • The story suggests the freak had tried to get into other houses in the neighborhood, before trying the doctor’s house. Apparently, all the doors he had already tried were difficult to open, but he found an easy entry into the doctor’s house. The story seems to indicate that maybe the doctor was a little careless about securing his home, nothing more.

  2. There is nothing better than “lead poisoning” to stop a creep like this. I’ll be he was out on parole for doing the same sort of thing.

  3. He pulled a Joe Biden! “Get yourself a shotgun , fire 2 blasts.”

    Sorry , I couldn’t resist…

  4. Ah, this story has all sorts of win in it.

    It’s a shame the kid had to see some a-hole get hunks of flesh cleaved off his body, but better than killed or scarred for life in a sexual attack.

    Nice job, dad. Nice job.

  5. “G-d bless Police for coming so fast to take care of us”? Did i miss anything in this story? I thought it was him and his shotgun.

    • He probably doesn’t want to antagonize them. Saying “f the police” wouldn’t do him any favors. The fruitful tree bends forward

    • The fact that you can’t seem to distinguish between shooting an armed naked intruder in a child’s bedroom or chasing a guy through a neighborhood and shooting him down in the street because you think he trespassed through a construction site says a lot.

      • The fact that you can jump to conclusions based on assumptions not supported by the record says a lot. How about we remember that in this country, we have this thing called “presumption of innocence” and that shooting somebody does not, in and of itself, prove any crime took place?

      • Let me expound on that…

        1. You don’t know what the defendants thought or why they thought it. Those are matters to be brought up at trial and up to a jury to decide on.
        2. A reasonable and probable suspicion that A occurred does not require A to actually occur.

        • Your posts make be believe that you will defend any white guy who kills a black guy. I’m certainly NOT some social justice warrior, not a liberal or a progressive, but FFS man – the black guy isn’t always wrong, and the white guy isn’t always right.

          Let me say this again: If I pick up a weapon, and chase a black man down to confront him, and he ends up dead, then I am a MURDERER. Any laws that say different are probably holdovers from decades and centuries ago, when black people were chattel. You cannot justify armed men chasing down an unarmed black man, just because he “matches a description” or some such happy zhit.

        • I will defend anybody who shoots anybody. That’s called “presumption of innocence”.

      • Finally, I would refer you to Illinois v. Wardlow for precedent as to the probative value of flight vis a vi probable cause.

  6. So it saved just one life, now it is mandatory that all parents have at least 1 shotgun in the home at all times?

  7. God bless the historians, I mean police for coming after the threat had passed to record what happened.

  8. I was unpleasantly surprised to hear the retired CofP say that Arizona lacks a proscription of civil suit in cases where the prosecutor finds the shooting was justified. Aside from CA, NY, and such, is that still common in the US?

    • It’s hit or miss… some states you wouldn’t expect have it (such as Illinois) others do not.


    Doctor of Urology at AUUA
    Aaron W. LaTowsky, MD

    Dr. Aaron W. LaTowsky, M.D. grew up on a cattle ranch in the Sandhills of western Nebraska where his family homesteaded during the land rush. His grandfather was a urologist in Omaha, Nebraska. He graduated from high school in Alliance, Nebraska ranked 2nd in his class. A bachelor’s degree in science was earned at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln while on several scholarships.

    After graduating within the honors program, he matriculated into medical school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. Through a highly competitive matching process he then secured a urology residency position at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, one of the premier urology- training programs. He is now a Board Certified, Ivy League-trained urologic surgeon bringing high quality surgical expertise to Arizona.

    During his five years in urologic training at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. LaTowsky developed a passion for surgical procedures requiring especially precise technique. Such procedures penile prosthesis placement, treatment of Peyronie’s disease, neurostimulator placement, vasectomy reversal, laser surgery of the prostate, and female pelvic reconstruction. Dr. LaTowsky has further developed special expertise in laparoscopic female pelvic reconstruction.He also enjoys treating general urologic disease such as kidney, bladder and prostate cancer, stone disease, painful bladder and prostate, overactive bladder, incontinence, and many other conditions.

    Throughout residency and afterwards, Dr. LaTowsky has sought to further advance his knowledge and surgical skill by continued training under leading urologists and urogynecologists. He has attended many specialized courses in cities such as Baltimore, Detroit, Atlanta, Houston, Rochester, Dallas, and Raleigh- Durham. He seeks to maintain the most up-to- date techniques and the highest degree of surgical excellence possible. Given his broad and extensive training, he is able to develop and offer a comprehensive treatment plan most appropriate for his patients on an individual basis.

    When not engaged in the arts of medicine and surgery, Dr. LaTowsky enjoys time with his family. His wife, Dr. Brenda LaTowsky, M.D. is a dermatologist with two offices in Scottsdale specializing in general dermatology with expertise in injectable cosmetics and laser cosmetic surgery. They have two wonderful sons, Henry and Oliver and a beautiful daughter, London. Together, they stay fit by hiking, cycling, running, weightlifting, and taking advantage of outdoor activities in the beautiful Sonoran Desert. As an avid gardener, Dr. LaTowsky has won blue ribbons in the prestigious Philadelphia Flower Show.

  10. This is the kind of stuff that upsets little liberal snowflakes who think that our homes should be left open for all invaders from outside


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