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Finally. Lincolnwood gun range cleared to open after decades-long fight for permit – “After nearly three decades, several attempts, a court battle and opposition by some nearby residents, a Lincolnwood gun shop has been cleared to open a shooting range. Under court order, Lincolnwood issued a building permit Wednesday to Shore Galleries, allowing the gun dealer to construct a 10-lane shooting range on the second floor of its shop at 3318 W. Devon Ave., just north of the Chicago border. ‘Our hands are tied. We have to adhere to the court order,’ Village Manager Timothy Wiberg said.” You can almost taste the disgust in those words. Good luck to the new owners. They’ll probably need it.

Meanwhile, a little further south…

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 12.01.47 PM

Chicago police release video related to shooting of unarmed man – “Chicago police, in a nationwide conference call and bulletin, warned of “civil unrest” and potential violence against cops following the department’s anticipated release of video related to an incident in which a black man was fatally shot in the back, two law enforcement officials said Friday. The officer violated policy in last week’s shooting of 18-year-old Paul O’Neal, the bulletin said. Sharon Fairley, head of Chicago’s police oversight board, described the video in a statement as “shocking and disturbing” and offered her condolences to O’Neal’s family and friends.” Brace yourselves.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 11.35.57 AM

Florida woman shoots self while using Snapchat, deputies say – “According to the Sheriff’s Office, Powell said that she was “foolishly playing” with her uncle’s .40-caliber pistol when she pulled the trigger and shot her cellphone, which she was holding in her right hand. Powell suffered lacerations on her thumb and index fingers, likely caused by her phone shattering, deputies said.” Why do these things always seem to happen in The Gunshine State?

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 11.51.03 AM

Microsoft replaced its toy gun emoji with a real revolver – “It’s unclear why Microsoft felt the need to replace its old toy gun, which resembled a sci-fi space blaster, with a real firearm. It does, however, put the company at philosophical odds with Apple. The iPhone maker just last week announced new emoji, including a squirt gun to replace its revolver in an effort to promote a more playful attitude with its collection of icons.” I don’t think ‘real’ means what they think it means.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 12.05.57 PM

George Zimmerman reportedly punched in face – “According to a Seminole County sheriff’s report on the Sunday evening incident, Zimmerman told the officers he had a short conversation with another man over the man’s tattoos and was trying to prove who he was when another man identified only as Eddie asked if he was bragging about the 2012 shooting for which Zimmerman was acquitted. Zimmerman told deputies he said, “No,” and went back to his table after the man made a profane remark and demanded he leave the restaurant. A few minutes later, the man approached Zimmerman and his friends and punched him in the face, Zimmerman said.” Some people just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

Springfield Armory Daily Digest: Kaine's Progress, CEOs' Concerns, and ISIS's Plans">Previous Post
Springfield Armory Daily Digest: Peaceful Open Carry, a Quieter Bronx, and 'Assault Rifle Camp'">Next Post


  1. It isn’t a perfect representation, but it is an only slightly-stylized variant on an existing arm. I’m not familiar with any firearms that have the appearance similar to the ray gun above. It’s a lot better than Apple’s squirt gun.

    • katy,
      About the only pistol that I can think of that somewhat resembles the “Ray Gun” emoji would be the Beretta U22 Neos. A friend had one and he called it his “George Jettson” gun.

  2. Zimmerman need to move somewhere that he’s not immediately recognizable and keep his head down. If someone asks about the shooting, just say “no comment” and leave. He shouldn’t have to, but it seems he has no ability to sense that stupid stuff is going to happen…

    • So he would leave the country? Because that’s his only real option for avoiding being recognized. Hell, avoid the entire Western world in general. I’m sure that there are more than a few folks in Western Europe who would recognize him, as they love nothing more than highlighting American “gun violence” so they can feel smug and superior.

      • “…he had a short conversation with another man over the man’s tattoos and was trying to prove who he was…”

        Sounds like there’s at least one place in the Western world where he’s not recognized: whatever restaurant he was eating at. Seems like he might have let the cat out of the bag himself in this instance.

        That said, moving somewhere else isn’t going to keep George out of trouble. The guy seems to be a shit magnet with poor judgment.

    • Doppleganger.

      Some years ago my ex-wife (still married at the time) found a picture in the paper of a man who was the spitting image of me. Not just looked like he could be my brother, he looked exactly like me, beard and all. He was a Mormon, had seven or so wives, and was being charged with the family being a welfare cheat, as I recall.

      Mr. Zimmerman, change your name. It is not a difficult legal process as I understand it, so long as you convince the court that you have no nefarious purpose. Then move the hell out of Florida. If anyone says they think you are George Zimmerman, show them your Driver’s License with the new name and tell them to FO, you are not GZ, you just look like him.

      Oh well, free advice is worth exactly what you pay for it.

  3. Clinton News Network spins it again. Not a word that the car was stolen, used to ram a police car, sitting the airbag off….but….but Mr. Oneal was making something of himself.

    The poverty pimps are out in force.

    Chicago new policy should be ram a cop, refuse to comply, crash and run away they’re authorized to unload all available rounds into the perp.

    • O’Neal tried to run over a responding officer before he ran into the other cruiser.

      As a reminder to the boyz in the ‘hood:

      • But now they’ve figured out how to earn money while being criminal pieces of sheet!

        No, wait, not smart enough. And the settlement money will be blown on leather jackets, lottery tickets, and strippers in a year. The cycle of life…

      • Great observation.

        I grew up in south FLA in the 60 & 70’s. Watched the Northern migration invade a southern culture and over time dominant it. After years in the military all over the country, I interviewed for a job taking a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Tampa. Once the wheels were in the wells, looked port and starboard at the flatland, and recalling the attitude of the people, decided I wasn’t taking the job and never went back.

        Folks moved to Northern GA

      • That’s *exactly* what I tell folks.

        Rat-Lanta, (Atlanta), Ga. is in the heart of the ‘Deep South’. I’m so deep in the ‘Deep South’, Atlanta is 400 miles *North* of my Florida ass…

  4. i got started shooting large calibers at a range in lincolnwood, underneath the gabby hartnett’s bowling alley. that town was one of the first in this state to outlaw handguns, so suddenly no range.
    shore galleries catered exclusively to leo and security. here’s hoping that they’ll allow mere pedestrians in to practice. they are less than two miles away from home, compared to ten for my usual spot.

  5. Ummm.. from what I know Shore Galleries on Devon is mainly a COP shop- quite unfriendly to non LEO. But yeah I’m certain the Hebraic sensibilities are upset in Lincolnwood(I worked out of a window company there in the 80’s). Yeah a real tragedy in Chicago. 18 year old steals a Jaguar and tries to run over several overweight cops…they did shoot at his thug azz as he sped away. A no-no.Trying to portray his criminal behavior as “victimhood”.Hey I’d punch GZ-quit hanging out in bars talking about Trayvon…

    • “May you live in interesting times “interesting?!? If I got a quarter mil for a KEL-TEC(!) I’d move…

    • “George Zimmerman got punched in the face and it’s all his fault?”

      Different sources are reporting this differently down here. One version has the ‘N-Bomb-lover’ being dropped, other versions don’t…

      • What, for shooting a thug trying to smash his brains out against concrete?

        Maybe you weren’t on this site back when his trial occurred, but we covered his trail extensively here, and he was justified in ending the life of that burglarizing, underground fighting, illegal gun running, drug using S.O.B. named Trayvon Martin.

    • GZ reminds me of an abused woman who keeps hooking up with abusers. There is something in his psyche that attracts trouble. Is it his “fault?” Maybe, maybe not. Is he the only one who can change it? Yes.

  6. So criminal rams a cop car and the cops can’t shoot? I’ve seen lots of officer involved shootings involving fleeing cars and they were all considered good shoots on the grounds that the driver was a danger to innocents. What if the dindu nuffin carjacked somebody down the block?

    Shoot, you think those cops are going to keep running just because you want to? They aren’t paid to play your game. You play theirs.

    • Different rules/policies in different agencies. The policy at mine was “thou shalt NOT shoot at or into a moving car”. Period.

        • The 10 minutes or so video is mindboggling. Yeah the boy is (was) a thug but most of the po-leece are obese. And shooting in a residential street as he sped away is a Chiraq no-no…yeah the “grieving” family will get a check; (

    • luckily, your use of “dindu nuffin” confirms that you’re not defending the shoot on the merits, but rather, because of who got shot.

  7. Free advice to blm and their supporters. Cops is edgy after recent events. If you want to get shot, start some shit.

    The advice is free. Do with it what you will.

  8. The fvck is Zimmerman doing still using his real name and continuing to live in Florida? It’s almost like he wants to repeatedly get harassed and attacked. If he wanted to be left alone he would move to bumfvckville SD and live out his days in anonymity.

  9. ” ‘Our hands are tied. We have to adhere to the court order,’ Village Manager Timothy Wiberg said.” You can almost taste the disgust in those words. Good luck to the new owners. They’ll probably need it.”

    Now watch some enraged suicidal Progressive try and screw them by suiciding with a rental handgun at their range…

      • The rules at ranges here in the Seattle area is two or more people or if you have already brought your own guns.

        • On a recent business trip I went to a range in CA with similar rules, for similar reasons.

          I was able to convince the guy, by showing him my DL and CCW from Colorado, that I was not likely to be at his range to get access to a gun to commit suicide, when I clearly had others available to me.

  10. Re; Chicago shooting. The video says he “sideswiped” the officer. Actually, the airbag deployed and the cruiser was disabled because that kid rammed full speed, head on into that cop. That was obviously an attempted murder/suicide; the officer slowed down and pulled away from the parked car to present an avenue of escape, and by all appearances the suspect chose to ram him head on instead. He was trying to take that cop with him. At least a reasonable person would have cause to think that, from the crash footage. That’s intent to cause death or great bodily harm, and a reasonable expectation that the now violent felon will repeat that attempt on another officer or citizen, should he escape. Tennesse vs Garner, and Graham vs Connor should both cover this pretty well.

  11. The whole Zimmerman thing stinks to high heaven.

    This is a guy who’s had a bounty on his head, death threats and at least one guy try to kill him over the whole Treyvon Martin thing and we’re expected to believe that he walks up to people he doesn’t know to congratulate them on “racist tattoos” by saying “I love your tattoos. My name is George Zimmerman, you know, that guy who killed Trayvon Martin?”? Yeah, I know people who are mentally retarded who are smart enough not to do that so I don’t buy it. On top of that, if you have racist tattoos, you’re probably a racist…so why would you care if this guy shot a black person to death? If anything you’d be happy.

    Then on top of that we’re expected to believe that a guy with racist tattoos, who probably hangs out with racists, has a buddy who’s gonna punch Zimmerman over the Treyvon incident while calling Zimmerman a “n***er lover”? What the actual fuck?

    Drunks. That’s what this comes down to, drunks.

  12. The effing Chicago cop exits his car and sprays a city block with a 180 degree arc of continuous one hand pistol fire. Including sweeping a cop across the street as numbnuts CPD empties his mag. But thank God he’s all high stupidity low drag with a tacticool light n everything.

    And I’M too unskilled to be allowed a firearm? I shoot more in a single range session than this sad excuse for a “public servant” has fired his entire life.

    • Excellent point and your commitment to trading….when was the last time s felon was bearing down on you with a car? That could effect your aim could it not?

      • Prohibited to shoot moving cars in Chiraq. By the PO-leece. But yeah I don’t blame ’em. Gonna’ be hard to get that big check this time…

  13. “Some people just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.”

    You’re right. That jackass only identified as Eddie sure does seem like an habitual troublemaker. A grown man initiating violence in public, sucker punching someone in the face, just because he dislikes likes someone he’s followed in the news? Pure psycho who deserves whatever he’s likely on a collission course with.

    Zimmerman just happened to be the target this time, but that lunatic Eddie ai would bet money has had similar run-ins with others over just as inconsequential issues. That’s what you meant, right?

  14. So, aside from the PR campaign, which I would kick in to fund, where’s the funding page for the restraint of trade lawsuit?

    They wanna play, let’s play.

    Really, the casual enforcement by other means of stuff they can’t get into law is appalling, offensive, and deserving of action. “The process is the punishment.” is a really underhanded way, the “my way, or … or nothing, just my way” people insist on getting their way.

    The thing is, they hold anybody who holds a differing opinion – us – in utter contempt; contempt so strong they feel justified in tossing over civil behavior or even rule of law.

    I’m kinda OK with that. You feel justified in calling a riot, when the ref doesn’t call your way, well, at least we know what the game is. Raw power. By any means necessary. Law, process and equal protection are just fictions, convenient when they let the would-be overlords get their way without the contest of raw force.

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