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“When you look at these events that have been occurring, they’ve been occurring in some of the strictest gun law countries in the world. You have Paris, you have San Bernardino, which was actually in a gun free zone, so yeah it’s actually something that you take into consideration. For me personally, I realize the first responsibility of a police officer is to respond to an incident and for me personally, in that five minutes or 10 minutes or 20 minutes in some cases that it takes for them to get there, how do you want to stand there? I would rather have my second amendment right.” – Kim Rhode in Rio 2016: top American Olympic shooter Kim Rhode attacks gun-control laws [via]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Open Carry is a Recipe for Disaster">Previous Post
Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Gun Rights Are an "Abysmal Failure"">Next Post


  1. I’d rather shoot back too!! Gun control is for victims, not folks with the guts to protect innocent lives.

  2. The real crime is her switch from Perazzi (best shotguns on earth) to Beretta and not winning as much. She make the Olympic team this year?

      • Somebody doesn’t do a lot of target shooting….yes, dynamics of guns are completely different and 1 target matters. So yes, she’s won a ton with perazzi’s yet nothing with her Beretta.

      • Haven’t you been watching CNN/Clinton’s News Network lately?

        EVERYTHING is a gun’s fault, even if it doesn’t involve shooting.

  3. The more “please disarm me!” nonsense I hear from anti’s the more I must conclude that they’re in some sort of death cult that fetishises bloodshed for the state.

    Nobody in their right mind would ever rather be, to paraphrase some lefty from the Atlantic, “in a massacre than a shootout.” Even that lefty said he’d “rather be in a shootout than a massacre.”

    • I’ve come to the same conclusion. Liberal/progressivism is ultimately a death cult.

      They teach a belief system of self-hatred and self loathing of oneself, ones culture and even of ones species.

      They teach that human beings are a plague upon the planet earth. A disease that needs to be eradicated.

      This is why the murder of the unborn is embraced so fervently by the left. They hate human beings to the point that the murder of the most helpless among us is viewed as not just a “right” , but as a sacrament of blood on the altar of progressivism, that worships death.

      This is also why they hate those of us that KABA. We, by our actions, are affirming the sanctity of life; we, by our actions, is declaring that life is worth defending. Everything that a liberal/progressive denies with their every breath.

      • You should cease to call them “Democrats”, “Liberals”, or “Progressives” and start calling them by their true name: Socialists.
        At that point you realize that their entire belief system is predicated upon violence.
        The confiscation of resources by force, or the threat thereof, from one group for the benefit of another group is an inherently violent process.

    • You need only to study Marx. Everybody who’s for statism thinks themselves part of the upper class in the new order. Not one of them thinks THEY would be the slave in the salt mine in Siberia or the person who gets murdered in a mass shooting, that’s what happens to OTHER people. It’s classic narcissism, embodied wholy in the Obamacare argument.

      • Yep. The “useful idiots”, per Stalin: all think they will be part of the ruling class in their “communist utopia”, until they are no longer useful. Then. of course, they will be eliminated, for the “collective good”.

  4. Care and consideration must always be given to the perpetrators of any altercation as these are sweet innocent children who are just about to turn their lives around.
    So anticipate what the sweet perpetrators will do to you and your family so that you may carefully and considerately plan the course of action to properly guide the misguided youth onto the path of social correctness.

    • Maybe we should ask criminal perpetrators for their future goals and ambitions before dropping the hammer… Never know, we might be shooting the next would be Rhodes Scholar.

  5. in that five minutes or 10 minutes or 20 minutes in some cases that it takes for them to get there,
    Really? That soon!

  6. Lol. The men of europe want their guns back. That’s what this article is, pre-emptive hen pecking, to convince them to behave. “No, love, this American lass is crazy, now reach into your manpurse and fetch my vibrator.”

    • It’s only took hordes of murderers and rapists from third world sh*tholes invading their lands for the males (men would be too generous) of Europe to realize maybe, just maybe, they need to be able to protect themselves and their families… And some still don’t get it and most will forget it afterwards.

  7. Oh you want to lawfully protect yourself…say goodby to endorsements.

    Her comment, “why are swimmers not interrogated in interviews after a publicized drowning accident?”….brilliant.

    • Non-super model women shooters get endorsements from…gun companies. Good luck in Rio Kim!

  8. Guardian reporter attacking some of Kim’s lack of knowledge of the specifics of the new CA laws is a lot like Hillary and smarmy Tim Kaine. Never attack the concept because you know you have no argument. Instead attack the details to show how smart or smart-ass you are.

    • I saw that. Then I went and read the Kommiefornia law…

      In short, yes, you can ‘lend’ to an immediate family member, HOWEVER…

      That person MUST have a Firearm Safety Card (FSC). And to obtain one, you pay $25, take a test, AND you have to be 18 years old.

      So, her comment about no longer being able to teach the youth of Kommiefornia is, technically, correct.

      Obviously, this is not a bug, it is a feature. Never let the facts get in the way of a leftist argument.

    • They mau-maued her shamefully.

      The first time a California gun owner is prosecuted precisely for one of the details that Kim listed, one of the details that the Guardian’s solicited “balance authorities” claim she was mistaken about, I envision the Guardian’s editors coming out the next morning to find their cars freshly keyed, with a note explaining why. I suspect that putting some of their own personal skin in the game may be the only way to get them to think twice before publishing their usual stock of complete and damaging nonsense.

  9. It is obvious that the one who wrote the article is hostile to the 2nd amendment and the american people the amendment protects, but he/she did not do the extremist,,leftist wacko bit.

  10. Easy answer – leave California (with your guns and money) Louisiana would love to have you.
    I love San Francisco, but really hesitating going back because of their mentality and gun laws.
    If California stood alone without government assistance, it would collapse.
    Another entitlement mentality.
    Governor Moonbeam – I’ll just say I’m glad I was never a hippie.

    • California is actually one of the states that is least dependent on government assistance, and Louisiana is one of the most dependent. California by itself is also the sixth largest economy in the world.

    • Did you also notice the number of flag bearers that were in the procession last night whose sport was ‘shooting’.

      To me it was a big FU to the anti-gun establishment. Because Guns!

  11. time to actively engage the Anti-American Demon-erratic party, know why all the illegal immigrants are let into this country because they vote the Demon-cratic party line, so then they give them free everything while the new vet suffers from no money, no job, PTSD and then has too literately kiss Bureaucratic ass to get hey asshole whats your problem! something is terribly wrong when true born Americans are subjugated to dirt while the goat roper, and bugger boy gets it all! then they want to disarm us because we are trained killers! Obama wants civil war so he can suspend the Constitution and be a Dictator! and the Democratic party is the progenitor of such! { how come Mass killings only happen in Democratic controlled States and towns?}
    Non Sidi Sed Patriae!

  12. Are attacks upon civil rights obscene?

    Should they be given an obscene response?
    (every once in a while I read an anti-rights quote from a public figure and catch myself muttering ‘blow me, c@cksucker’, but should we tell them that in public?)

    One English mother, protected by a law that forbids asking mothers not to nurse in public, reacted obscenely to a mother’s rights hating woman who asked her not to nurse in the park, and thereby drew great attention to the violation of her rights:

  13. After yesterday’s articles/ comments, I’m sitting here wondering about the toe of her buttstock.

    • …And of offering to assist her in fitting said buttstock to her shoulder-pectoral region?


  14. I wonder, why is an equality movement,so hell bent on preventing women from acquiring an “equalizer” for the 5-20 minutes before the cops arrive?

    I expect to see a vigorous ad campaign with exactly that message from N O W, with prominent placement on Jezebel, and a long, supporting think-piece in Rolling Stone. (Dare I hope penned by “mattress girl?”)

    Really, it’s about empowerment. Personal firearms are a relatively simple way to approximately “equalize” one of the unequivocal gender differences: women tend to be smaller, lighter, with less upper-body strength than men. Should a situation devolve into a contest of strength, it’s an unequal one … unless the woman has an equalizer.

  15. There is not always just one attacker
    A woman with a six shooter is now the equal of six attackers

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