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The Guns of U.S. Presidents – “In this, an election year, the candidates’ positions on Second Amendment issues are being debated at many levels. New Executive Orders and legislation have placed the White House at the center of the never-ending discussion on a citizen’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms. However, it wasn’t that long ago when firearms were not only welcome in the executive mansion, but at least eight of our Chief Executives* were proud of their NRA Life member status. One Commander in Chief, Ulysses S. Grant, even served as President of the NRA following his tenure in the White House.” Hell, even President Obama has at least shot a gun. If elected, what gun would President Hillary shoot?


On the heels of it acquisition spree and diversification efforts, S&W wants a new moniker . . . Smith & Wesson Wants to Change Its Name – “Smith & Wesson Holding Corp., maker of handguns carried by Civil War soldiers and Clint Eastwood’s 1970s police character Dirty Harry, is looking to change its name. The board already approved a new moniker for the 164-year-old company starting Jan. 1: American Outdoor Brands Corp. Investors will vote on the change at a Dec. 13 meeting, Smith & Wesson said in a statement Monday. The change only affects the holding company, not the brand name of its guns.”


Man who video-recorded police from parked car — stocked with guns — gets probation – “A 39-year-old man who video-recorded Portland police while sitting in a parked SUV stocked with guns and ammunition avoided trial Monday by agreeing to a misdemeanor conviction. Eric Eugene Crowl pleaded no contest Friday to unlawful possession of a firearm and was sentenced to three years of probation. He must not take videos of police or watch them during that time. Crowl also can’t call or talk to police for three years unless it’s for a legitimate purpose — if he needs their help, for example.”


Not that Hillary and her minions aren’t going to give it the ol’ college try . . . It’s already too late for gun control to work – “There are already 300 million guns in circulation, and more than 12 million enter the market each year. With 3-D metal printers, more people will be able to make weapons that are indistinguishable from those purchased in stores. It would be almost impossible to remove those weapons from circulation. Getting rid of these weapons would require a door-to-door campaign by law enforcement officials, and even that would be of only limited effectiveness.”


Another one of those situations that never happens in which someone with a gun saves lives . . . Cedar Falls stabbing suspect was stopped by citizen with gun permit – A man with a permit to carry a firearm detained a Cedar Falls man when he started stabbing people at his apartment building last month, according to authorities. According to police, Adam Scott Jacobsen had stabbed fellow tenant Jeffrey Miller 24 times and apartment manager Denice Bennett eight times at University Avenue Studios apartments before Daniel Williams drew his firearm. ‘He pulled the gun and ordered him to lie on the ground,’ said Chief Jeff Olson with the Cedar Falls Police Department. He said Jacobsen complied and remained there until police arrived.”


The triumph of hope over experience? . . . Improved access to ATF database may help police more quickly make cases via casings – “The ATF is working with local law enforcement agencies to encourage them to use the network. The agency says the system can give local law enforcement an advantage in preventing street violence by identifying the small number of people behind a disproportionate number of shootings. But police have to pursue all gun offenses similarly in order to build a ‘comprehensive collection’ to find matches, said James Ferguson, chief of the Firearms Operation Division at ATF. If police only submit casings from homicides or injuries, they miss out on tracking other shootings or those carrying firearms and are prohibited from doing so. ‘The more you put into it, the more you get out of it,’ Ferguson said.”

Well, it depends . . . Can you bring your gun to vote? – “(T)he restrictions on firearms around polling places in most battleground states are a messy patchwork of state and local regulations — with some banning guns completely and others only restricting firearms around schools or government buildings. So, before you head to the polls on Election Day with your gun, know the rules in these key states…”


Seattle won’t release its gun tax revenue; here’s why – In the spring, (Dave) Workman sought the city’s tax revenue from the gun violence tax, but the city government declined to divulge the information, claiming that such records could compromise the identities of the people who have paid the tax. Even though Workman, editor of, clarified his request to indicate that he wasn’t interested in taxpayer information, just an aggregate figure, the city maintained its stance. Its logic: When the tax base is so small, release of the aggregate data could reveal the identity of individual taxpayers and how much they paid, which is protected information by state law. Furthermore, only some businesses file taxes quarterly, while others do so annually. filed the same public records request at the end of September and received the same response.

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    • Understandable, since electioneering at a polling station is prohibited. I recall stories of my grandfather, when he barely spoke English, being accompanied by both Republican and Democratic poll watchers into his voting booth to cast his ballot.

      • Wearing a shirt is hardly “electioneering”. It’s called freedom of speech. I told the Demokkkrats to go fuck themselves.

        • They can go f@#k themselves. Wearing a t-shirt isn’t electioneering. Carrying a concealed weapon is an exercise in self-preservation.

          Go Trump!

    • I brought my gun to vote, but it was wholly covered. No law against carrying a firearm in a church in Iowa.

      • Ironically, no law against carrying in Illinois either. Unconstitutional law about “electioneering” that can be readily abused, but I carried and gave the big ‘ole one finger salute to the DNC shills who gave me shit.

        • As long as that’s your middle finger and not your trigger finger it’s nobody’s GD business what’s under your sweatshirt when you walk into the polls.

  1. We all know why the loons in Seattle won’t release the tax info. Because it is likely very nearly zero as compared to their projections that they used to sell it to public.

    It was never anything more than a tool to drive gun stores out of the city.

  2. Democrats are freaking out, lol.

    It seems that if Trump loses it will be because he stubbornly refused to create even a tenth of the ground game Clinton did.

  3. At the very least it appears Republican will keep the house & Senate. Brexit in America if you will. Anyone postulate what GUN Donnie our possible president carries??

    • Trump’s bodyguard carries his gat.

      This looking very promising at 10:45 EST, Trump won Florida, NC, and Ohio.

      Crap, we just may win *everything*, house and senate!!!

        • 16v, I can put most rounds in a 12″ circle at 100 yards from a rest and I can make contact shots without pushing the slide out of battery with my EDC wheel gun. Plus I’m pushing out about 50% more muzzle energy than 9mm+p. Seems pretty serious to me.

        • I bet he carries an overpriced Kimber compact 1911, or maybe an HK P7M10.

          Also 16V, I’m not sure what you mean by “serious about carrying.” Revolvers are fine for CCWs. Do you expect everyone to lug around a Glock 17 with C-Mags, or a select-fire SCAR 17 CQC?

        • If you’re carrying a wheel-gun as anything but a secondary or tertiary, I wish you the best, and hope that your encounters are limited to flourish-and-they-run. (Which most are, so likely it’ll work out for you.)

          I’m trying to remember anyone who was actually in a firefight who wished for 6 shots in a revolver instead of 18+ in a semi. After meeting around a hundred (mostly cops) over the last few decades, to a man they all were very happy that they had the extra rounds available.

          Your life, your choice, a revolver is sorta better than nothing. Maybe you shoot as well as Jerry Miculek and are as cool as Steve McQueen in a movie firefight. Maybe you have 4 attackers and put them all down with 4 shots. Me? I know what happens to people when they’re drawn on, assaulted, whatever. Unless you are a sociopath, the adrenaline kicks in. I prefer to have 18 chances to succeed versus 6.

        • (replay disappeared, so there may be 2 of these if the other re-appears….)

          Perhaps you are as accurate as Jerry Miculek and have icewater in your veins. Which tells me you’ve never actually been in a firefight – which is great. Everyone should avoid it if they can. (Or, you’re an emotionless sociopath…)

          I’ve met around a hundred folks who have actually been in firefights over the decades (mostly cops). Not a one of them ever wished for one third the rounds, and a slow to reload device to put them in. Because being shot at or assaulted isn’t punching paper. Even battle hardened soldiers get the adrenaline dump, and they can get shot at every day.

          Your life, your decision. Personally, I like my odds much better with 18+ chances to succeed, but it’s up to you. Most DGUs are a flourish and they run, so odds are you’ll be fine.

          (Oh, personally my most expensive carry piece is still NIB around $600, though I bought it for about $350 back in the day…)

        • When you’re constantly followed around by armed bodyguards, a wheel gun is more than sufficient.

        • Statistically you’re far more likely to be struck by lightning than to actually need a 7th round in a gunfight. Compare that with the odds that you’ll be able to get your weak hand free to push the slide back into battery while some thug is beating your head into the concrete and the wheel gun starts making a lot of sense.

        • Statistically you’re far more likely to be struck by lightning than to actually need a 7th round in a gunfight.

          If you believe that data encompasses all,. or even a majority of shootouts, you are free to stake your life on it. I’m not trying to disabuse you of your beliefs, or what’s appropriate for your scenario. My point of the whole thing was more about where Sergei went with it – the guy’s a casual carrier at best, constantly surrounded by bodyguards anyway.

          (and my most expensive carry gun cost $350 back in the day)

        • According to Wikipedia, your odds of being struck by lightning in a given year (in the USA) is one in 960,000 and on average 51 people are killed by lightning strikes each year. Most defensive gun uses require no shots fired at all. The vast majority of those that do require a shot to be fired are resolved with a psychological stop, not an immediately fatal wound. Only a tiny fraction of defensive gun uses require multiple shots. Sure, you have your occasional full mag dump, but they’re almost never necessary (and can get you in a bit of a pickle with the local authorities).

          All else being equal, it doesn’t hurt to carry a few extra rounds, but you’re pretending that the only difference between a pistol and a revolver is the round count. Revolvers are more reliable, generally simpler to operate, are available in more powerful calibers, and are capable of better long range accuracy. Personally for me, one of the biggest advantages of a revolver is the fact that the grip size and shape is not limited by the need to load a magazine through it. A comfortable grip goes a long way toward accuracy. I used to carry a 9mm with 17 +1 capacity and I never felt undergunned, but having tried both I prefer the revolver. Try them both and make an educated decision.

        • “(and my most expensive carry gun cost $350 back in the day)”

          Must not have been very far back in the day, my first carry gun was bought new at retail for $160, and was the most expensive handgun in the world, a shiny blue 4″ Python.

  4. Breaking news: 91% chance Trump wins(FOX)…Foreign markets collapsing(they can’t control Donnie)…and I’m buying more guns?

    • Check out this New York Slimes (as Mark Levin calls them) comment:

      “I literally cannot believe what I am seeing. This will be the American Brexit. The Dow is dropping and soon to be followed by the dollar. What is happening??”

      What that Progressive fvckwit is seeing is the ultimate Leftist nightmare: a hard lock on SCOTUS for *decades*…


      • I’m seeing the same thing, and it means no civil war to restore the Constitution in what’s left of my lifetime.

        My only regret is I didn’t wager enough on Donald at 6:1 to pay off my mortgage.

        • While I was disappointed when he endorsed Trump, I hope and pray Ted is appointed to SCOTUS. It’s a better fit for him, and he will do WAY more good in the long run on the bench than in the oval.

        • My only concern with Cruz for SCOTUS would be that Trump obviously had something on him to make him flip so abruptly. Face it, Trump humiliated him and he just grinned and asked for more. He took a photo op of himself running the phones for Trump. I don’t know what kind of skeletons he’s got in his closet, but the guy is obviously extortable and that could be used against us if he’s on the court. I’d prefer Mike Lee if you’re going to take someone out of the Senate.

      • I have no objection to Cruz for SCOTUS, but wait until he’s finished his time in the Senate.

        How about Gowdy for AG? The Clintons might skip the country!

  5. Looks like Trump is pulling it off…now I have all this ammo and new guns to play with for at least the next four years 🙂

    • Me too. I bought 4 lowers and 2 complete ar pistol uppers. I will be having quite a bit of fun for the foreseeable future. I really didn’t think think our country was smart enough to keep the Hildabeast out of office. I am stunned.

    • Well, he hardly did it all himself. Hillary made the mistake of labeling anyone not voting for her as a bunch misogynists, racists, deplorables, etc. Tends to piss people off who aren’t misogynists, racists, etc.

      People voting for Trump were simply voting for a non-career politician. Obama is all talk on the 2A, whereas past Clintons actually banned guns. And with how bad the anti-gunners have been exposed and their concepts of gun control being complete and utter failures, it pretty much disqualifies anyone running for office that is for gun control.

      The realization is finally happening where the majority of Americans and even the media is starting to begrudgingly acknowledge that violence is perpetrated by evil people and that good people stop bad people with guns successfully and often. There are too many stories to filter out and the mainstream media knows “gun control” is losing favor with an increasingly educated public.

  6. By the way, I hope every liberal, elitist, asshole who said they were leaving the country if Trump won is on a plane out by morning.

  7. The scary part is that Trump has a decent chance of winning WI, PA, AND MI. Even in my most optimistic projections, I gave him two out of three.

  8. Maybe democrats will learn to stfu about guns. Probably not. But when you loose to a guy who is a total tool (still the better choice than the alternative) maybe it should indicate that most Americans still believe in the Bill of Rights.

    • If they don’t, we control the Senate, House, and the White House. Time to pass some bills of our own.

      Federal preemption of weapon and component bans.
      Mandatory reciprocity.
      Remove SBR, SBS, and AOW from NFA
      Open the machine-gun registry

      All of these can be done now that we hold the keys to the government.

  9. WI is already won. If he takes MI or PA (both extremely close so far), it’s all over but the recounts.

    Thank you, Hillary, for openly declaring war on the 2nd Amendment, I’m so glad you weren’t content with merely throwing away the 1994 House and Senate elections…

  10. Trumpster from the beginning here. I want you all to know, this isn’t just the nation dissing Hillary; it’s the nation embracing populism and nationalism. With the house and senate still firmly in our hands, we have a mandate for SCOTUS, gun rights, Obamacare repeal, term limits… that’s right, I said “we,” not “he.”

    We did it. God bless America.

  11. Haha! All you guys who thought Hillary would become president. This is why he is a winner, a billionaire, and the next president. I didn’t even break a sweat.

  12. You know it’s a busy news night when ” was sentenced to three years of probation. He must not take videos of police or watch them during that time…” goes unremarked in the comments section.

  13. Here in Florida I used my concealed weapon permit as my voter I.D.!
    However, it does not have my signature on it
    So they asked for my credit card as a second I.D. Because my signature was on the back and it matched my signature on file

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