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While there’s still some hesitancy among some of the networks, outlets such as Google, the Wall Street Journal and the Associated Press have finally declared a winner. It was framed as the unaccountable elites versus the common people. The powerful versus the powerless. The government versus the governed. But manifestly, for the more than 100 million Americans who own firearms and care about their civil right to keep and bear arms, the 2016 election has also been about the gun-grabbers versus law-abiding gun owners.

The biggest victory, though, for The People of the Gun — assuming President-elect Trump follows through on his promise — will be in who is nominated to fill the Scalia vacancy on the Supreme Court. Not to mention the expected one, two, or more expected vacancies in the next four to eight years.

If you saw this coming, I’d like to talk to you about my fantasy football team. Not to mention some cattle futures I’ve been thinking of buying. In the mean time, join us in breathing a deep sigh or relief. At least for now. As anyone who’s been around for the last 20 to 30 years knows, defending Second Amendment rights is a job that can never truly be considered accomplished. But it seems it just got considerably less perilous.

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    • The Republic is SAVED !!!!!!!!!

      Wonderfully reminiscent of that great November in 1980 when Reagan was elected and America was promptly turned around from it’s National Malaise.

      I apologize to all the Trump supporters I insulted over the last months – I never though it could happen. Gladly eating a big bowl of crow for breakfast.

      • The Trump train hasn’t stopped yet. I, for one, welcome you onboard.

        President-elect Donald Trump and congress have an enormous task ahead of them. Much damage has been done to our country in the last 8 years. It will take a very long time to undo the damage.

        • The O’Jays predicted this. The next stop will be England/Brexit, tell all the folks in Russia, invite Putin to the first state dinner.

        • I say we introduce a constitutional amendment that would force any who threaten to renounce their US citizenship and immigrate must be forced to do so, or spend the term of the president elect they denounce wearing a dunce cap.

        • Can’t wait for Trump to repeal Obamacare, like Eisenhower repealed SocSec and Reagan repealed Medicare…oops. He’s a better man I’m sure.

    • Sigh.

      Until the Electoral College meets, Trump has won nothing more than the popular vote folks.

      There is no legal requirement for electors to reflect the will of the people. In fact, that’s exactly why the FF’s have the Electoral College elect the President, not the voters.

      So while I’d like to think the globalist/Soros/HRC machine has been stopped for now, it’s a bit early to make that claim. Trump won the people’s vote, nothing more. Doesn’t elect him President.

        • It’s *possible* that could happen, but it’s doubtful.

          According to the NYT, Trump has 218 electoral votes, and he has 279.

          The HildaBeast will need to flip about 40 electoral votes.

          That just ain’t happening…

        • I agree it’s highly unlikely. Just like 4 years ago I would have quoted Seth McFarlane when asked about a Trump Presidency – “Donald, it’s “I’m fking delusional”, not “I’m running for President””.

          And yet…

          All I’m saying is there still remains the possibility for chicanery, and after this election cycle, I kinda think anything is possible when out of 250MM-ish potential candidates, these, these were our choices.

        • Problem is she can concede all she wants but the electoral college can override all of what the people want.

          I’ll be happy with the USSC to be put in order, Obamacare gone, jobs back in the US, & the FULL constitution protected. The POTG must not relax but the rest must hold the politicians feet to the fire for everyone

        • Oh boy, here we go:

          The House is the closest thing we have to “democracy” of the people. The House is buffered by the Senate. The presidency is buffered by “electors”. The electors were created to prevent large population centers from eternally controlling politics. When a candidate can gain more votes simply through party politics in a few large centers, the possibility exists that the rest of the country is disenfranchised completely.

          Let’s venture that the population of voters is 100,000. Next, during an election, 40,000 are concentrated in two large cities, leaving 60,000 voters scattered throught the remainder of the geography. Party A gets 30,000 votes; Party B gets 20,000 votes, and Party C gets 10,000. Party A wins, and wins, and wins. However, the combined votes against Party A is 60,000. This is “winner take all” politics, and pure “majority rules”. Is this the sort of political system that serves the greatest good (which was a real consideration in 1787, unlike now where only power is important)? How does society attempt to provide the best opportunity for “good outcomes?

          The “electors” were created to essentially mitigate population bubbles (the kind of bubble abolutionists saw if southern states could expand congressional representation through the mere importation of slaves). The electors were and are the “buffer” against the tyranny of pure democracy. “Majority rule” democracy is wonderful so long as the rules favor your side. Not so good when the opposition can make the rules. Now, electors do not eliminate “majority rule”, they just put a damper/throttle on it. Not a bad thing.

        • @The Gray Poseur, ‘Where do I come up with this shit?’

          You really have no idea that the popular vote is window dressing right? Ultimately the College of Electors has the right to elect whoever the eff they want as President, no? That the FFs put this in as a check and balance exactly to keep a ginned-up electorate from voting Hitler(y) into office.

          Please, learn to be an informed American citizen who understands how their gov was designed to work. Please read the documents and at least The Federalist Papers. To quote Dean Wormer, “Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life son.” (The drunk part is fine…)

        • The role of electors is a bit diminished since all but two states require electors to vote for whomever wins the popular vote in the state. The reason it is still possible for the split between popular and elector votes is overloading the popularvote to one candidate or the other in a given state. If all the major cities voted for a single candidate, that just might be enough to “win the popular vote”, but the opposing party in the other states could win perhaps fewer total popular votes…and the electors in those states could be a larger number than the total electors in the states of the major cities (which seems to be what happened to Hilary). Electors now must reflect the popular vote in their states. But in the end, the voters still elect only the electors.

        • Reality, 16V, reality.

          I never said you weren’t correct. You are just typing extraneous bullshit in the comments section.

          You do all your fancy finger typing. I’ll deal with reality. Trump is being sworn in Jan, 2017. Period.

        • SamIAm, There’s actually only 29 states that “require” the electors to follow the popular vote. As you know, the law doesn’t actually stop anyone from doing anything. Nor would it nullify the votes of an elector, even if made breaking said law. It has happened in the past, and the worst punishment has been a misdemeanor and a grand in fines. Most scholars say the laws are unconstitutional anyway. Electors are free agents.

          Poseur, If 2 years ago I had suggested that a cheesy real-estate trustifarian with a bad comb-over and a horrible “reality” tv show would not only be a candidate for President, but actually get the votes, would anyone sane have believed it possible? The reality is that you may believe the Electoral College to be a formality, but if the Soros-paid protesters (and the rest of the nutters) make a large enough stink and cause enough trouble, nothing is written in stone until the College renders it’s vote.

        • Sam I Am, anything “normal” about this election? Once again, I’m not saying it will happen, just that it canhappen. Very realistically.

          Sorta like a 3rd rate trustifarian real-estate “mogul” with a crappy tv show becoming our most viable candidate. (Not that I’m not glad he theoretically “won”…)

        • Understand, fully, your theory. However, how many “unfaithful electors” evidenced since the founding? Last I read, 99.1x of elector votes were cast as promised.

          Interestingly, there are 10wks until inauguration. Those supposedly in the know say that is a very tight schedule. The actual casting of electoral ballots would not leave Hilary time to effectively place a transition team. Not that a transition period is set in law, but wouldn’t that be a hoot?

          For myself, I wanted this thing to really be historic by being tossed into the House.

      • He isn’t going to win the popular vote. So long as the electoral college electors hold true, trump will win. I’m blown away. I for one was one of the “Trump can’t win” people. Turns out he is who we needed to pull the Reagan democrats back. Folks, I’ve been laid off twice and been with a company that went out of business in the last 8yrs. I have a college education and am having a hard time finding a job. This is why Trump won! I am not alone.

      • Your suppressor becomes a helluva lot cheaper if it comes off the NFA as well. It’ll no longer be a specialty item.

        • As total sales volume goes up, price per unit plummets like a lead brick.

          If suppressors were pulled from the NFA list, demand would increase 100 FOLD overnight. You won’t be able to get a can for a couple years because every manufacturer will have far more demand than capacity to supply to that demand, but once the market stabilizes you’ll probably see most common use cans (22, 9mm, 5.56, 7.62) drop to around $300-$500 range.

          Truth be told, suppressors aren’t that hard or complicated to make. They’re price is inflated because of the artificals restrictions placed on them by the ATF, and the impact that has to demand and production volumes.

  1. Gun rights safe? One party now controls the Presidency and Congress. Lets roll back some of those gun control restrictions.

        • I am relieved, and cautiously optimistic that some good can be done to correct a lot of terrible and needless gun regulation, but it will require the Republicans to unite and actually get to work and not squander the chance. And a lot of patriotic bravery to continue to stand up for rights, and not just use it as an opposition talking point. I would love to see hearing protection act passed, even SBRs and machine gun relief, removal of import bans on assault/non sporting rifles, 922 US parts requirements, barrel import restrictions, silencer import ban, removal of restrictions on gun barrel length and design, remove military surplus buy back import ban, remove non-sporting and armor piercing ammo restrictions. Usually the Republicans would just oppose some new laws but leave all settled rules on the table. I would like to see some victories, better start contacting reps and that gun policy council Trump has.

    • …let’s start with a National carry permit – give ALL State CC permits reciprocity in all 50 states.

    • When was the last time the GOP had the White House and both Houses of Congress, and used that power to do anything to help the voters who gave it that power? With the exception of Bush vs Trump, we’re talking about the treasonous scum that gave us the Patriot Act.

      If it looks like the GOP will actually use the reins of government, the press will call them names, and they’ll crawl back under their putrid rocks.

      The best that we can hope for is a SCOTUS which will prevent the overthrow of the Bill of Rights for the remainder of my lifetime. That means I get to die of old age, not fighting in a civil war, and that is YUGE!

  2. Let’s say “safish”.

    Always vigilant my friends.

    The NRA did spend at metric shite-ton of $$ against Hillary. We better get some goodies out of this.

    • Courts, courts, courts.

      I cannot say that enough. Not just the Supreme Court, but every court of appeals, every circuit court. My pitchfork and torch is on standby if President Trump does not nominate judges that will follow and honor the Constitution. It will make Harriet Myers look like a picnic if he doesn’t.

      The left’side best weapon besides the courts is the ballot initiative and they really exploiting the public’s ignorance quite effectively. The courts can block them while we educate the public.

  3. I am really happy Hillary lost and I really hope Trump doesn’t stab us in the back. That being said, it might be a good opening to start convincing your liberal friends and family members that gun ownership is a good thing… since they think he’s Hitler.

    • The first words out of my wife’s mouth this morning were:

      “Maybe it’s good that you have all those damn guns.”

      Maybe Democrats will see the utility in firearms ownership now.

    • +1 to this. This may be a good opportunity for them rediscover the actual meaning of the 2nd Amendment. Pro-tips: 1. It’s an individual right, and 2. It’s got nothing to do with hunting.

      I guess I’m cautiously glad that he defied the odds and won. It sure surprised me, and I don’t necessarily mind being wrong in this instance. He’s still an awful person, and I think that he’s only slightly more trustworthy than Clinton. We’ll see how his Presidency goes…

      In the meantime, it’s nice to not feel the need to rush around making purchases and filling out ATF forms after a Presidential election for a change.

  4. Satan/shillary loses!

    Step 1 – get rid of DOJ Loretta Lynch
    Step 2 – start prosecuting lynch, comey, o’bama, both clintons, o’bama and most of congress

    • Just remember Obama still has a pen he can give them all executive pardons & resign on the last day have Biden sworn in & pardon him. Hillary & Bill have already got away with how many suicides? Start with Vince Foster & whitewater.

      • Her receiving a pardon will put her in the Nixon bucket and taint her for the history books.

        I almost like that hanging on her name rather than a court conviction that would be just labeled “political” by most of the MFM.

  5. You guys defied all odds and reason to reach step one toward the goal. I still say you made it a lot harder for us than needed, but hey, you still got us here. But it is still the first step of many, and you need to be prepared to prod a reluctant Donald toward the policies we favor. Sit on your laurels and we won’t get anything.

    • He needs us to win re election. Dems will put up somebody much better next time, and he will need the (new!) base to hold or he won’t get that feather in his cap. We can use his ego to our advantage!

  6. The first time the GOP has held everything on like 70 years.

    Are gun rights safe? No, my friends there is still much work to be done. However, now real ground just might be gained.

    • We had all three with Bush II, but squandered it by not holding his feet to the fire & assuming he would look to our interests

      • True, I should have stated that it’s with this large a majority in the House.

        Either way, this is good news but only the beginning of the work that’s to be done.

  7. “Safe”. Right. The day I trust a New Yorker to protect my 2A rights, I’ll check myself into an asylum. I’ll keep donating to 2A organizations to keep elected officials with big promises like him in check.

    • Realistically we have 2 years of open season before mid terms. The trick will be the senate invoking the “nuclear option” to overcome inevitable filibusters on every single piece of legislation. I’m 100% on board with NFA repeal. And it’s a tax bill technically so only simple majority’s needed.

      • And it’s a tax bill technically so only simple majority’s needed.
        Reconciliation takes 51 votes, but taxes, especially a repeal of tax, can’t automatically be included in reconciliation. The bill has to be revenue neutral, that is it can’t add to the deficit.. Since there would be a drop in revenue by removing items from the NFA or repealing the NFA, the bill would have to also include revenue sources to cover those expected losses. Then, because it was passed under reconciliation, the bill would sunset in 10 years.

  8. Just want to say to all the readers and regulars here, Congratulations brothers and sisters, you did it!

    I can’t tell you the unholy glee with which I watched all of those elite liberal bums on MSNBC, CNN, etc… crying, huffing and pufffing, and the shock and horror on their stupid faces as reality started sinking in once Clinton conceded to Trump. Ditto for the tears of the left as their Presumptive Insurmountable Queen of the Establishment went down in flames, I was happy to see all of their BS fall away and reveal how darn wrong they were in their hubris.

    Congrats to you all, job well done, the work lies ahead.

    p.s. can you ask President Trump to do some work on California Prop. 63 please? For all the brothers and sisters in Candyland who voted against that mess. Trump 2016!! FTW.

    • “I can’t tell you the unholy glee with which I watched all of those elite liberal bums on MSNBC, CNN, etc… crying, huffing and pufffing, and the shock and horror on their stupid faces as reality started sinking in once Clinton conceded to Trump.”

      This about sums it up. I just sat on my couch laughing at the indignation and disbelief of these news anchors as Hillary’s loss slowly became inevitable. The number of times I heard them desperately complain about “uneducated, white, male voters” shows the absolute disdain with which these liberal elites view the people of this country. Screw them.

      • My best laugh so far is the MSNBC talking heads suddenly discovering that there are constitutional limits on the executive branch.

        Really?! Where has that observation been for the past eight years? Two weeks ago the constitution was open to interpretation by anyone the DNC deemed worthy and, now, its suddenly a limiter on what the president can do.

      • The best part I caught was when the stat that DJT won college educated whites by 4%.

        I was hoping for some Rob Zombie type head explosions but what I got was worth watching.

        • Your watching the wrong news. But, no matter, they’re all about to hit a two year nuclear winter of no $$$ until the next election. Look for POS (D) impeachment out of the Fing woodwork in 3, 2, 1 . . .

    • Yeah, it was nice seeing Van Jones having to eat a big ol’ poop sandwich on CNN last night. He was in the bag for Hillary since the primaries kicked off, and watching the annoyingly smug attitude he’s had for over a year turn into whiny fear and unrealistic concerns was pretty satisifying.

  9. Now is not the time to spike the football and relax. Our rights are almost certainly not safe. California continue to whack at the gun control piñata and more and more states are adding ballot initiatives on gun control. Bloomberg still has deep pockets and Obama has 2 more months to roll around in the mud and make a real mess of things.

    Celebrating like this is foolish.

    • In general, I agree. I’m going to take the time to “spike the football” but you’re right, not time to relax. We can go back on the offensive after playing defense so long. I hope everyone joins NRA, GOA, all of them. Get things in motion now with a look toward the mid terms…

  10. Don’t forget to put out a jar or two to catch some of those SJW tears. Not only are they an excellent gun lubricant and diesel fuel additive, but their extreme bitterness also makes them a great addition to an Old Fashioned or Manhattan cocktail.

  11. Congratulations to us all. It was certainly one heck of a ride and as Donald Trump himself just said in a marvelous speech, we have a lot of work to do.

    • Roger that- my sentiments exactly. Maybe 2020 we can get a legitimate 3rd Party (Constitution Party) candidate and bust the two-party-system wide open.

      Until then, I’ll take anything over Hillary Clinton.

  12. As perhaps the most anti-Trumper on this site, let me just say…

    I am an idiot. I know nothing. It has been an incredibly illuminating moment to realize that everything I “knew” turned out to be horse exhaust.

    I apologize for all the prognosticating and sermonizing. I knew, I just absolutely knew, that I was right — and I had all the evidence in the world to back me up. But I clearly was dead wrong. In all possible ways.

    Listening to his acceptance speech, it makes me yearn desperately for it to be true. I hope that you all have been right and that he will be what you have believed him to be.

    Since I have definitively proven that I have no idea what I’m talking about, further speaking would be counterproductive to my goal (Truth), and therefore, I’m going to shut up now. My last contribution — please, please, please, for the love of all that’s holy, lobby your representatives for the Hearing Protection Act! As others have said, let’s not squander this incredibly rare opportunity.

    • I hope you are right. Trump has made many promises; he may not keep them. Both President Bushes(spit) received the backing of the NRA and then betrayed us.

      Still, take comfort in this; Trump has the right enemies.

  13. So glad McMuffin was thrown into the trash heap where he belonged. I hope Romney, McSame and Cuck Ryan reads the writing on the wall and shuffles back to the DNC where those RINO’s belong.

  14. Hell if Trump really is eager to drain the swamp maybe we can get some new Federal Judges and get an actual legal challenge to the Hughes Amendment. 😮

  15. There was another post in here somewhere (wtf ever) not even a flame deleted.

    HOPE THE CHANGE WAS EXPENSIVE. Hope Hillocr_p can find a seat on Carter’s book-tour bus to pay it all back.

    Hope the globalists go senile or die of old age before the end of Trump’s second term.

    F all not US who hoped for the opposite.

  16. Gird your loins, the battle’s not over, much less the fight. You still have ~ all of the same POS in the senate and house and they are all globalist POS.

  17. Almost Forgot!!!
    The World is going to try to characterize this one way or another (likely in negative light).

    F y’all y ain’t from here. Don’t hurt yourself trying to figure it out.

  18. Well, that was surprising. I really didn’t think he had it in him, but he pulled it off.

    Trump was really gracious in his acceptance speech. Very good to see.

    • I hope he manages to keep that tone as much as possible.

      Now that the campaign is over, I expect (hope, actually) to see more of a Trump like that.

  19. Could not be happier right now. That bitch ran on a very open anti-gun platform and lost big time. That will set a precedent for years to come.

    But don’t get overconfident and cocky everyone. Barry may be on suicide watch, but he still has just over a month in office. There’s still a metric shit ton of work to be done domestically and internationally.

    Celebrate today, get back in the saddle tomorrow. We’ve all got work ahead of us.

    • Now, we need the analysis on whether the PotG came out and made the difference for Trump. Either we arose and voted (i.e., against Hillary) and fired the ballot heard round-the-world; or, ours wasn’t the constituency that turned gun-metal into a third-rail.
      We will be rewarded; or not, accordingly.
      As others have said, it’s time we communicate with our Representative and Senators to make it clear that our handwriting is on-the-wall.
      And, it’s crucial that we remember this night 2 years from now when we will have to decide whether to return incumbents to Congress.
      We have to make it clear to all Congressmen, of each party, that we are scoring their votes and co-sponsorships. We expect our gun-rights agenda to be brought to the floors of each chamber and get up-/down-votes so we will know who to support in the next primaries.

  20. I spoke of this path to victory on here in the last couple of days when I declared anyone saying that Hillary was guaranteed to win was and idiot. Turns out what I was talking about is very nearly what happened. (Granted I didn’t predict that it would happen I merely pointed out that it was a serious possibility.)

    Apparently I read an electoral map and polls better than anyone in the media. Nate Silver should pack it in and hand his company over to me. Strych9’s Political Research at your service. “Unlike the competition, we’re not retarded.”

  21. Here’s the view from DownUnder.

    With the local media presenting future “President Clinton” as a foregone conclusion and capable of walking on water, anyone would have thought the election was a mere formality for her ascendancy. The amount of gushing prose of her campaign would make the result an apparent walkover.

    I at least considered a narrow Clinton victory at best, with challenges and court hearings occupying the news for the next month or two.

    But the result was more of a surprise than I ever expected. A clear Trump victory on election day.

    And a lot of people in this part of the world can’t believe it either.

    I would say the Democrats made the mistake of believing their own propaganda and taking the voters for granted. I’m wondering what the voter turnout rates were because I think there were a lot of first-time voters this time round that pushed the Republican vote. Or Democrats who simply hated Clinton. From the mid 30% voter turn out in the 80s and 90s to the 60+% turn out rate in the Obama years, I’m guessing the voter turn out rate must have past 70%.

  22. Hillary’s conceded, polls are closed. . .

    Still finding votes in “un-reported precincts”, strangely all for Hillary.

  23. Literally EVERY news organization besides IBD and Breitbart got this wrong. While they scramble to explain why their polls were so wrong without admitting they rigged them, it will occur to them what the real fallout will be; nobody trusts them anymore. Their opinions are worthless. They don’t command any respect, and they exert no intellectual authority. If I was Trump, I would make Milo Yiannopolous press secretary, just to rub it in. First press conference title; “Why America Chose Cancer Over Feminism.”

    • ^This- I never took polls as Gospel, but now any poll spouted by the MSM or any of the big think tanks, I will forever ignore. Even when they state the day of the week, I will check my calendar.

  24. Okay. We have 2 years to get this done. Make the appointments now. Find the people who will listen: senators, congressmen, etc. We need the NFA gone for good. Here’s the order of business:

    1. SBRs, SBSs, silencers off the list completely.
    2. CCW accepted across all state lines.
    3. Machine gun ban gone (you can keep the tax stamp for those if you must).

    Get these three done and I will official declare a 2A victory, at least at a federal level.

  25. I donated a lot of money to the campaign, and also volunteered for it. I support gun rights across the nation, even though California voted itself more tyranny. I’ll be looking at jobs when I go to WI for deer hunting.

    Congratulations, USA! Let’s keep Trump accountable to supporting our nation and our Constitution.

    Now, I’ve got to get my riot gear ready for work tomorrow.

      • Thanks! I’ve been in a few riots before. They’re a pain in the ass, really. Hopefully, it’ll be somewhat quiet, but it’s an unpredictable world!

        • The problem with the peace-loving-coexistence crowd is that they’re prone to violence and looting when everyone else doesn’t do exactly what they want. Plus, paid professional agitators.

          Oh well, lots of OT.

      • I heard a rumor of some Hell’s Angels busting up a BLM Riot in the LA area last night – literally.
        Have you heard about anything like that?

        • Not yet, but I’ve just been paying attention to the election and getting ready for deer hunting. I (mostly) work the graveyard shift and will know more tonight.

  26. 2 options for the left, they either assassinate the poor man, and use terrorism as the deus ex machina explanation, or they trigger a shootin war with the rooskies.

    and provisional 3rd option is the Electoral College swings AGAINST the popular vote and causes all kinds of much yearned for chaos for the left to exploit in Obamas last round of swill slinging overreaches.

    I want none of that hyperbole to ever be thought of, but we are talking about a crime organization that has killed many people JUST to get her to the point of losing this election, won’t be too far a throw to add another couple bodies to the heap. I’m prayin right now until year 4.

    • Thanks for understanding that the popular vote is, for all intents and purposes, merely for show.

      The President is elected by the electors. In the end, if they wanted to vote you or me into office, they could. There is still the very real possibility that they don’t choose Trump. Disturbing that so many people don’t understand even the basics about how our republic is designed to work.

      He hasn’t won anything but the popular vote folks. He hasn’t won the Presidency yet.

      • They will need to flip at least 40 electoral votes to do that.

        Not saying they *can’t*, mind you…

        It’s 10:26 AM EST, Hillary is about to deliver her concession speech live…

      • It matters. Obama’s 3 million vote win in the PV gave him the “mandate” for Obamacare…

        “Safe staters” should have marched to the polls, to run up the score.

  27. I recall a few weeks ago someone was touting the pre-data saying a Trump victory. I read into that and for sure he was right. I kept repeating this at my liberal work place, and today I will go in and look like a champ. I think this election was mostly a 2A vote as millions of more people went and got a carry permit, and voted to say FU, youre not gonna tell me what I can do in the great USA. Go Trump, and go America. Screw Hillary and the liberal jerk offs.

    • The metadata was there and the primary model has been wrong exactly once. Though, to be fair, even I didn’t dare hope for WI, PA, and MI.

      • You may recall my comment yesterday where I stated Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania were very real possibilities.

        Pennsylvania was in play due to their hard times in coal mining and steel production. Hillary basically said “p!ss off” to blue collar coal and steel workers. The Donald embraced blue collar coal and steel workers … as well as blue collar workers in smaller manufacturing operations as well as auto industry jobs which appealed to people in Michigan and Wisconsin.

  28. I agree with many comments above:

    NYC2AZ: “I am really happy Hillary lost and I
    really hope Trump doesn’t stab us in the back”

    IYearn4nARnCali: “I can’t tell you the unholy
    glee with which I watched all of those elite
    liberal bums on MSNBC, CNN, etc”

    Tex300BLK: “Now is not the time to spike
    the football and relax”

    HannibalL: “I am completely gobsmacked. Never
    would have believed it. I still voted, but I
    never believed it.”

    I still don’t trust Trump, but I voted
    for him because I was more scared of Hillary.

    • “Every single one of you GOP TH UGS will be killed along with your Nazi Fuherer Kurt.”

      When you people post stuff like that, it makes clear how wise it is to vote for people like Trump and own guns. A government headed by the likes of Trump will punish you for trying to murder us; our guns can be used to defend ourselves from the likes of you by shooting you dead.

    • Hahaha, awesome, awesome! Pig Farmer Bill, invite all your pals to come troll the site too, for now today is a day of joy and glee and nothing is funnier to me than butthurt liberals.

      Try not to firebomb any buildings in the name of unity, tolerance and common sense today though.

    • Wait… who the F is “nazi fuerher kurt?” Do we have to worry about this guy? Dang it dang it, we just beat Hillary and now Nazi Kurt is eFFing with us, what the hell are we going to do oh yeah keep winning and winning (until we’re tired of it, we go to president Trump like “Mr. President, we’re too tired, we are winning too much!” and he’s like “get your ass back out there, there is more winning to do!”) dang it, guys, we’re finished. Doomed, I tell you.

  29. The Republic has been saved! (for now).

    I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA and I saw the Trump victory coming in PA.

    Normally, my area is very blue but this time the Trump lawn signs outnumbered the Hillary signs by 3 or 4 to one. Outside of my area, most of the rest of PA (mostly rural), Trump signs outnumbered Hillary signs by 100 to 1.

    Trump won because the Fudds finally decided to vote. They should have voted in the election for the State Supreme Court last year. The Dems got 5 seats with hardly any turnout.

  30. Really thought he would lose, but WOW!!!!So glad to have been wrong. Now I just hope he acts presidential and doesn’t start getting into Twitter wars at 3AM each night, and that when the inevitable mass shooting happens again, that he stands for gun rights.

    Also so glad I voted, even though here in NY state it doesn’t mean much (but did contribute to popular vote).

  31. I take great comfort in knowing that the SCOTUS has been saved from becoming the politburo by Trump’s victory.

      • There’s news in that department:

        “The Kremlin announced that Putin had sent a telegram to Trump on Wednesday morning expressing “his hope they can work together toward the end of the crisis in Russian-American relations, as well address the pressing issues of the international agenda and the search for effective responses to global security challenges.”

        “Additionally, speaking at the presentation ceremony of foreign ambassadors’ letters of credentials in Moscow, President Putin said that Russia is ready and looks forward to restoring bilateral relations with the United States, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, commenting on the news of Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election.”

  32. With all the decreased gun sales from this, gun stores/websites should have a Trump celebration sale! Can I just say Black Friday this year will be sweet!

  33. I called it and have been calling it. I live in the liberal heartland and saw no love for hillary. None. Yes CA went blue. But that’s more a result of dem corruption than voter love.

    We need constitutional carry nationwide. I urge all gun owners who voted for the donald to respectfully remind him and the gop that they have a very short window to reward our efforts or we can make a third party viable.

    And we need a federal intervention to restore civil rights in CA. 55 electoral votes is too much to allow the dems to lock away thru corruption.

  34. Hopefully we dont have to bite our nails every 4 years trying to dodge imposed tyranny. Trump needs to stack the Supreme Court, and every other court appointment with solid Constitutional Conservatives. This will go a long way in protecting what never should have been in jeopardy, our God given rights.

    Trumps YUGE victory was more a repudiation of Obamas horrible stain on America, more than Clintons. Obamas “legacy” of destruction will be swept into the dustbin of history like Jimmy Carter. His loathsome divisive hardcore radical Communist America hating rhetoric will be largely forgotten, except as a reminder that We The People still have self determination.

    Let us hold President Trumps feet to the fire, and keep him from dalliances with leftism. The pressures in DC will be YUGE for him to be swayed. Vice President Pence will go far in keeping him on track.

    And never forget the stinking filthy foul lying MSM that insanely tried to push a brain damaged Marxist career criminal into the highest office, had it not been for We The People.

    A major battle has been won, but the enemies of freedom were in full display over the last months and years. The war will continue against them into infinity. They never stop plotting and planning, and play the long game. The next 4 years must be spent rooting them out of our institutions of learning and the massive administrative state.

    MAGA and God Bless President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence!

  35. Remember, BHO is still president. He’s got a phone and a pen and maybe more apt to use them now than he was before. I’ll breath a sigh of relief on Jan. Twenty whatever, but not now.

  36. To every single one of my brothers and sisters of the gun:


    You all are awesome. We needed literally every single vote to make this happen. You got your friends and family out there to defend our values and protect a fundamental freedom. You saw through the distractions to see what was absolutely crucial in the election of our lifetimes. You all rock.

    Also, +1 for the Hearing Protection Act and getting rid of the ridiculous SBR restrictions. They are meaningless relics at this point.

    Finally: hooray that the next gun show won’t be a frenzied madhouse of panic-buying. Or, at least, any more frenzied than usual.

  37. It is a great day to be alive in america!!!
    Freedom sings.
    Senator Rand Paul defeated the freedom hating open homosexual challenger Jim Gray, the mayor of Lexington kentucky.
    It is a great day in the bluegrass state.

  38. Congratulations. You are still free people and spit in the eyes of the spin doctors that tried to brainwash you. I’m having a lot of fun listening to European news. Hahaha!

  39. This election The People voted for a candidate neither the socialist nor the “republican” party wanted. Perhaps a “new, uncertain” path needs to be traveled? The path back to A Democratic Republic under The Constitution, rather than a US Socialist Republic.

    • I can’t wait until we get to wear Type 3s. I hope we don’t have to wear our old boots with them though.

      Not holding my breath that the rule about carrying on bases will ever be relaxed though.

      • I thought that rule had been relaxed and that commanders have some discretion to allow people to carry. I haven’t done any research on the subject in almost a year, though.

    • Imagine how much that must suck: To lose to your handpicked, media promoted opponent that should have given you a landslide. That must suck unbearably.

  40. Time to hammer everyone on carry reciprocity/national Constitutional carry and repealing NFA bullshit.
    This is the best shot we’ve ever had to get some liberty back. Don’t let the “moral majority” morons squander the opportunity with bedroom legislation.

  41. Punched the button for Trump. It really was the only realistic choice to oppose a Clinton imperial regime, I hope it was worth it. I expect he’ll forget about 3/4 of the things he promised. Would love to see Hillary fitted for an orange jump suit but I’m not holding my breath. We better get a couple of Scalia-style SC justices out of this though. Stay vigilant my friends.

  42. I shoot bulls-eye at the Trump family’s favorite range/LGS. The owners have become friends with the Trumps and are quite confident of his pro-2A bona-fides.

  43. I too am eating crow this morning. I though the Trump primary voters had saddled us with a candidate that couldn’t possibly win. Once again I was wrong. However, I sure hope he starts to take more of an interest in the debt that he did during his campaign.

    • I’m surprised so many of the PotG are thinking of themselves. I think what’s most important is to gun rights back to the people that have been stripped of them – national carry / shall issue / reciprocity, restoration of castle and self defense law, removal of bans of weapons “in common use” (for the militia) and other arbitrary limits.

      As for the national debt… the only way out is through inflation, I think Trump secretly knows this. If you’re going to have inflation, might as well run your economy hot and put people to work making money.

  44. Donald Trump has lied to, stiffed, sued, stolen from, bullied, and bamboozled everyone he has ever been involved with. But you guys are going to be different.

    Sure, Charlie Brown. Kick that football. And take the rest of the country down with you.

      • “Bitter?” Ummm……I really hate to be the grammar and spelling police today, but I think the word you intended is actually spelled “r-e-a-l-i-s-t”, which kinda sorta resembles “b-i-t-t-e-r”, so I can understand your error in spelling.

      • What in my comment above, Ralph, was untrue?

        You were scared shitless of Clinton, and that’s fine, but Trump is a horrible human being by any measure, and we are all going to be dealing with that reality.

    • “Donald Trump has lied to, stiffed, sued, stolen from, bullied, and bamboozled everyone he has ever been involved with.”

      And Hillary has not?

      • Actually Clintons have not. The enemies commit suicide by shooting themselves in the head multiple times, dying in their sleep by Ondines Curse some how the needle puncture gets missed on post-mortem “usually” or the families get threatened or have accidents that become fatal. Chicago politics lost out so don’t let your guard down folks. Politicians like Hill & Bill are just a special election or recall vote away. I have a job offer with an international hotel chain to work in Cuba. It truly was my back-up plan if we had come under the jurisdiction of the Democratic lunacy of her glass ceiling. Free healthcare and medicine I can afford; my copay for psoriasis, heart & Lupus meds which I got from the psoriasis mess with Medicare & supplements is still $12,000 yes 12thousand a year which is $9,400 less than my disability & state pension combined. So everyone that thinks people that are truly disabled are getting rich from Social Security need to get the scammers like my neighbor who had back surgery just so she could get drugs off & use it to help the rest of us. Before the primaries I had a chance to sit down with the President Elect & spent a full 10 minutes actually talking business & government with him. I offered to even give him input and advice. His handlers tried to push him along but when he found my degree was political sci, had owned my own businesses & made sense. Make me ambassador to the U.N. guarantee we’ll have them moved to Mexico behind the fence in less than a year. That building will become a business center and the world will become a better place with us not being the worlds police.

        My personal dream for this country Mr. President Elect I know you don’t remember the conversation but it went like this;
        Hemp will be grown for fiber, fuel & this country will punish businesses that ship jobs overseas. We will start importing Norinco & Tula guns again at reasonable prices, and our citizens will have pride in both personal and country life. People will take responsibility for their own actions and the police will remember that we are citizens not civilians. A little street justice will help correct the lack of parental skills of those that wish to deny us of our constitutional rights because if they riot they get a medal. Everyone that can legally own a firearm would legally be required to carry unless prohibited by disability, religion or conscience, but some form of mandatory teaching of basic firearm safety would become a requirement and annually they would have to fire at least 50 rounds. Even if it was laser trainer, similar to drivers license renewals.

    • I wonder if the self-important commentariat will ever figure it out.

      The people who swung this election didn’t vote for Trump. They didn’t even vote against Hillary. They voted against *you.*

      People voted against a continuation of a shameless state media, & Greek chorus of useful idiots, memory-holing anything inconvenient to protect their light-worker messiah. The next designated paragon of all that cant’ be wrong inherited the whirlwind. Even the Nobel committee who awarded President Newbie a prize in anticipation of what he’d do … have been walking that back. Oops.

      What were the words about Candidate Trump? Shyster? Bamboozled? Who else could we say that about?

      Which is the point. A President Trump will be treated with skepticism, rather than reverence. He’ll be working with agencies and bureaucracies full of strangers vs. stuffed with people he appointed. His media operation won’t be en familia with the heads of what is it, 3 networks?

      Herself should be elected because it’s time for a woman president? Ok, we elected a black President, and all we got was 8 more years of the race card, thrown down on any question or contrary opinion. (“The thing I am going to miss most about the Obama era is all the racial healing.” – David Burge blogging as IowaHawk) Yes, I am a white, hetero male of a certain age. “Those numbers don’t add up.” contains no reference to race, unless you hold that math itself is racist. (Yes, that’s been said, apparently with a straight face.)

      They — OK, we — didn’t vote for Trump, we voted *against* the unlilateralism, high-handedness, and inevitable backlash of another 4-8 years of “I won”, untempered by skepticism, other considerations, or even curiosity.

      — Being declared the most media-hostile in modern memory (by the press themselves.) Most secretive. Highest number of national security prosecutions. Etc. Repeatedly. Yet they — *you* — happily went to the Whitehouse Correspondent’s Dinner, AKA “Nerd Prom” to fete the Maximum Leader.

      — The casual broadening of “boots on the ground” that don’t count because … why again? “Justified” under the same AUMF that was not sufficient to authorize anything Bush-the-Younger did. “Don’t do stupid stuff.” seems a good idea, so explain to me why abandoning Iraq, toppling Lybia, paying off Iran, alternately antagonizing & appeasing Russia

      Russian apparently has a time machine, because they seem to be a 1980’s-ish geopolitical concern … just like Romney said … then The Current President snarked about it … and the media ate up the cool put-down … and has memory-holed the steady deterioration ever since. Responding to leader’s pronouncements with “Sick burn!” is not useful citizenship. First they enlist you to go after those people. Then they go after you.

      — The sudden discovery that the gang that can’t build a web site (despite being fused with the Google smarties) was maybe not telling the whole story about keeping your doctor, premiums, deductibles, and the like. Oh, wait, the “architect” of the grand scheme said as much, and that they were lying about it all along. That got memory holed, too.

      BTW, why exactly do medical device manufacturers pay an excise (sales tax on whole of revenue) to fund the bill, while drug companies don’t? One industry is more juiced in than the other? Or somebody, either Rahmbo’s brother, the LightWorker, or maybe both, knows that future medical devices will just be less effective than drugs developed with the same effort. (It they’re that smart, why couldn’t they predict the election?)

      BTW, where’s the bill to take care of people who hit lifetime maximums, get bounced from coverage, can’t get covered, or similar? Oh, right, that 36 pager never made it to the floor of the House, because … apparently the point was a bill “we have to pass …. so you can see what’s in it.”

      – Every person who has worked in a secure context saw themselves making little rocks out of big ones for the rest of their life, the whole time the security breach story drip, drip, dripped out past one delay and obfuscation after another; the whole time Comey read out that bill of particulars, then … “not enough to recommend an indictment.”

      Anybody else wouldn’t have been indicted, they’d have been shot: verdict first, trial after. The got away with that because *you let them*, and knew they’d get away with it, because *they knew you would let them.* We voted against you.

      – Trump’s heath is an issue, while absent cell phones there’d be no video of the seizure at ground zero, which we all saw, despite the advocates, operatives and press (but, I repeat myself) studiously ignoring it. When the campaign finally settled on the “flu” story, third one, as I recall, all the useful idiots got in line. “Just the flu.” “Hot out there.”

      I’ve had the flu. I know it gave me seizures … wait, it didn’t. Not even a little bit. Meanwhile, Candidate Clinton’s movement reminded me of nothing so much as me … in the days immediately after my actual stroke. This is what an injured brain trying to operate looks like.

      – Trump’s tax returns are an issue, while the Clinton Foundation finances are not. I’m old enough to remember when presidential candidates put their assets into blind trusts, and the argument was whether the trust was blind enough. Where are the demands for a clean break with the foundation as a condition of taking the office? We voted against *you* because you’re not making them.

      Of course, that promise wouldn’t be worth much, and *you would let her get away with it.* Secretary Clinton executed multiple covenants as part of the job, not just for the management of classified information (before, during and after holding the job), but with the administration regarding personnel, and the foundation, violating all of them. Which gets no play.

      – Let’s have the ATF run guns, some more, to cartels in Mexico. All about tracing where drug guns that kill people in the US “come from” meaning the manufacturer and initial sale, not so much about tracing who pulled the trigger, let the guns get into the BGs hands, and similar. *And you help with the misdirection.*

      Of course, the current administration isn’t “coming for your guns” except for their repeated backing of weapons’ ban legislation, multiple executive orders, steady stream statements and remarks about what “must be done”, and inclusion of the issue in every policy and political speech. *And you are OK with that.*

      – TARP much? So banks and processing companies are still getting fees in the billions. How much of the ~$3,000 / person did you see? BTW, bailing out the financial industry included bailing out GM. And while the blue collar GM unions got some protection, the white collar did not. Where’s the call out on that?

      We voted against *you.* We voted this shallow, reactive buffoon into the presidency because *you* would let your designated paragon run amok. Again. Some more. “Four more years! Four more years!”

      The role of Citizenship in a Republic (<- Read it.) that we work together to govern ourselves. These functionaries are clerks, not prophets, and absolutely not to be trusted. We voted against *you* because having dragged this crippled opportunist into office, you'd have defended, encouraged, and enabled every impulse and aggrandizement that came within reach of her or Bill's … arm.

      H. L. Mencken, no friend of the great unwashed, famously said: ''it was the business of a journalist….to stand in a permanent Opposition.''

      *We voted against you* because after 8 years of watching bitter clinger-guy treat the people he called bitter clingers like bitter clingers, to be ignored, bullied, marginalized, and bulldozed, with your help, we're certain you'd be dragging herself to do her worst to the deplorables in their basked, let alone the irredeemables.

      *We voted against you*, because while a practicing politician may opportunisticly hold public contempt for most of the citizenry, **you* feel it, mean it, and will do anything you can do enact it.* We voted against you, to deny you another vehicle for your hate; another tool for your abuse.

      And the good news is, a President Trump will be conterbalanced rather than amplified, by the government around him. His excesses will be moderated, exactly how The Current President's were not, and Candidate Clinton's would not have been.

      The most important campaign "promise" we should try to hold President trump to, you'll never understand. It's the Supreme Court nominees.

      You won't get it because it isn't about policy, it's about process. Decide political issues politically, in the polity, not with a pen and a phone if you can't get your way through the legislature. You want to know why abortion remains such a live political issue? (Aside from one party keeping it alive as an advantageous wedge … pity all the citizens entangled in the mess because it remains unresolved.) Because it was a court case, stretching the plain language of the law.

      Major issues of the scope and authority of the government ought to be resolve politically, by adjusting the charter. Otherwise you get this kind of mess. *We voted against you" because you don't get that.

      What's the fate of the 2A under President Trump? If you want to disarm citizens have at an amendment. Otherwise, shut up. Let's pack the court with *constructionists* so political issues get resolved in the political process. *We voted against you* because that's the one thing you are against more than anything.

      Who knows. We might even get a Justice Department that'll enforce the 14th amendment, and the 4th, too. Wouldn't that be special.

  45. Curious to hear what everyone has to say about the NRA’s role in this win. Lot posted (good and bad) on this site and wanted to know if it’s changed perceptions at all. They spent a ton from what I’ve read but is it enough to get trust back. Thoughts?

    • I’d say it contributed. More Gun Laws has historically been a losing issue for the left, and one quite unpopular with the white, law-abiding, exurban and rural gun owners that turned the tide against them.

  46. Trump got lucky. His meglomania and a lot of people’s desire to be part of the reality show that was his campaign conveniently connected. All this election means is that the incredibly self-centered Trump’s presidential reality show pilot just got picked up for a four year season.

    You people thinking the “republic is saved”, like that first idiot poster, are going to be as sorely disappointed as everyone else has come to be who ever believed in Trump in the past.

    At BEST, this is a slight reprieve from the inevitable. The demographics are just not on our side. Diseased illiterates from every hell hole on the planet are flooding in and breeding, laying anchor and sign up for lifelong government benefits in exchange for their votes and your rights. They join effete Americans interested only in gorging at the government trough.

    We won’t have another celebrity, vanity candidacy in eight years (or four years, when Trump gets bored and decides not to run again) to keep the statists at bay. Nothing can save this country. The only sensible course is to plan for the peaceful, legal dissolution of America. Trump will waste that opportunity.

    • Although I don’t disagree with the outlook for the long term future based on demographics and nobody knows how the man who has held almost entirely democrat centric positions up until 15 mo. Ago is going to govern, there is at least some hope and it’s way better than the alternative. I do believe that our inevitable fall is well underway and don’t know I any force is strong enough to hold it off. However, today we can all agree that the biggest celebratory thing to be excited about is that the Clinton’s gravy train has come to a screeching halt. These traitors, in an instant, have had all the power and influence that they have been peddling for cash is finally OVER!

    • you’ll be disappointed to know that the canadian emigre website has locked up due to excessive activity.
      way to graceful, home shopper.

    • Regardless of Trump’s motivations or intentions, he accurately declared some of the most serious problems in our nation as well as real possible solutions … something that no other candidate nor politician was willing to do. And, unlike all other candidates and politicians, he did not owe anything to anyone. THAT is why he won the election.

      Note that his message won him the election in spite of:
      (a) his colossal verbal miscues
      (b) Democrats, Republicans, and mainstream media vigorously opposing his campaign
      (c) Hillary’s affinity for votes because she was the first woman candidate for President

      Regardless of what Trump does the next four or eight years, the next candidate who actually wants to win the Presidency simply has to repeat the same formula.

  47. To all the concern tr0lls, sellouts, defeatists and other slimy life forms who predicted an overwhelming KKKlinton victory, all I have to say is:


  48. I started laughing last night when WI went Trump, and I haven’t stopped. Nope, I still don’t like Trump, nope, I didn’t vote for him. In Texas, I didn’t need to. But good lord I revel in Clinton’s defeat and the shock and misery of her supporters.
    I accurately predicted the popular vote over a year ago. I did not accurately predict the electoral vote. I would have never guessed WI, MI, and PA would have all gone Trump. The union bosses must be shitting blood right about now. I’ve never been so happy to owe RF a lunch.


    The assault on the 2nd Amendment has been staved for now. So take a break from stockpiling lowers and ammo, and enjoy our first 25% OFF Site Wide sale since Bin Laden was shot in the face.

    In order to take advantage of this discount you must type in GRABAMERICABYTHEPUSSY in the discount box at checkout. This sale ends at 10am Eastern time tomorrow (Nov. 10, 2016) and is limited to our inventory on hand. All sales are final.

    Thanks for helping to Make America Great Again, and long live the 2nd Amendment!

    Your friends at SKD Tactical

  50. As others have said, it isn’t a “done deal” until the Electoral College formally votes, so I’ll save any jubilation until Trump’s Election is confirmed by the EC. Then, we have to weather whatever garbage BHO pulls in his remaining 70+ days, and some pundits, like Mark Levin, are predicting a s**tstorm of Executive Orders, Presidential Pardons and God knows what else. He may try some desperate things because his “legacy” is already damaged and he has little left to lose.

    I started-out supporting Marco Rubio until he put forth the ridiculously juvenile “small hands” attack on Trump. I switched to supporting Trump and advocated for him the rest of the Campaign.

    Once President Trump is sworn-in on January 20, 2017, I will celebrate.

  51. All of you who voted for Trump over firearms rights issues, please bear in mind that while firearms are important to our right to defend and provide for ourselves, they are not the only issue.

    Trump has already showed his true colors in his eminent domain issues. He sues at the drop of a hat because he knows the system is rigged against those who accuse him. He’s already made threats about ignoring nations’ sovereignty to eliminate ISIS. These are not pro-freedom actions.

    Pence supports only traditional marriage. He voted to make the PATRIOT act permanent. He’s against warrants for FISA wiretaps and electronic surveillance. He voted for retroactive immunity for telecoms. He voted against online gambling by credit card. These are not pro-freedom actions.

    These two are people we need to watch carefully, especially Trump. Pence has a long record of being morally confused by his belief in a higher power- this can be dangerous at times.

  52. Thank God for Hillary! Had the Democrats nominated anyone else, we would now have a Democratic President-elect. Of course, the same can be said of Trump. Had any other Republican candidate been nominated, he or she would have beaten Hillary in a landslide.

    Let’s not take for granted that Trump is wholly on our side. He has been on both sides of many issues at different times. What’s most encouraging is that he is likely to nominate Supreme Court justices who will be more like Scalia and Thomas than like Breyer. (Something to remember is that, after they get on the Court, justices don’t always vote the way they were expected to vote.)

  53. I don’t understand some of the things I am hearing, even my own wife is saying them…

    “I’m scared to be a women/homosexual/muslim/immigrant today.”

    There are several variations but they all condense down to “im scared.”

    Forgive me for being blunt…. man the fook up. The world you woke up in today is exactly the same as the world you went to sleep in yesterday. They did not airlift in large groups of racist rednecks (or whatever it is you seem to be in so much fear from) into your cities and neighborhoods and tell them to do whatever they want. The rule of law was not suspended. Despite what the media is trying to tell you we did not just step into the next filming of “the Purge.”

    If all the progress of the last hundred years is so easily undone because a guy with nice suits and bad hair got elected then maybe all that progress wasn’t really.

  54. With Republicans having control of the senate, congress, most of governors, the white house, and for sure the Supreme Judge, there’s a lot of things that can actually be done to save gun rights for ever, such a constitutional national carry, the end of NFA, the end of Universal Background Check… or at least make sure to not pass any laws that would create a data base of name and serial number, etc…

    So in the end, it’s very positive… and luckily no ammo crisis and high prices!! 🙂

  55. Trump wins…probably the biggest political upset of our day. And, even more important, the Republicans preserved a majority in the U.S. Senate. So you’ll like see a strict Constitutionalist replace Scalia on the SCOTUS bench. That’s good news for the 2nd Amendment, the continuation of the Heller decision, and those of us who exercise our 2nd Amendment rights.

    But the fight is nowhere near being over. Note that California voted in the magazine ban and the mandatory background check for ammo purchases last night…yeah, same election. So there is still much to be done.

  56. Maybe safe from national legisltion, but not from states and courts. We are more likely at a “breathing space”, with the battle to resume full force within weeks.

  57. Getting my liberal friends to vote for Trump would have been asking just a little too much for them.
    My real effort was to at least to get them NOT to vote for Hillary.

    I never laid out any reason why someone should vote for any candidate.

    But I clearly showed
    why she was not fit to be president,
    how she lied to the American public about her handling classified material,
    how classified is supposed to be handled and marked,
    why she had her own email server and the fact that
    merely having her own private email server was against the law for
    conducting government business
    classified material or not.

    She knew what she was doing was against the law.
    She had been briefed on this before while she was the
    wife of the former president and while she was congresswoman.

    But she ignored the law and violated the constitution for her
    own personal gain and is a clear indication of how she
    would have run the office of the president.

    Her dream of being president someday was sabotaged by her
    own hand and is going to be replaced by her
    nightmare of serving time in federal prison.

    Now the FBI and the Department of Justice
    need to take their time to charge her prosecute for
    federal crimes until AFTER president Obama leaves office
    so he can’t pardon her.

    • “Now the FBI and the Department of Justice
      need to take their time to charge her prosecute for
      federal crimes until AFTER president Obama leaves office
      so he can’t pardon her.”


      Barry can “pardon” her anytime he wants, until he leaves office, whether she is charged or not.

      Trump should pardon Hilary, regardless. Ford avoided civil war by pardoning Nixon immediately. There was angst, but it dried-up quickly and did not haunt Ford’s efforts. Prosecution will alienate way too many people who will be needed to promote the Trump agenda.

  58. So here’s where I say I told you so: “I told you so.”
    Hillary was absolutely crushed.

    And here’s another prediction: While TTAG conjures up scenarios about Trump being the next Hitler (that comparison was actually made by the proprietors), I predict normalize trade with Russia and lifting of the arms embargo, assuming they don’t behave like a**hats. Firearm prices will tumble without a clear and present danger to the second amendment and with them, reasonably priced AKs and Saiga shotties.


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