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Going out of your way to argue with and then allegedly threaten protesters with a firearm is never a good idea.

From the Associated Press:

Police in South Carolina have arrested a man accused of pointing a gun at some “Black Lives Matter” demonstrators as he drove past the State House.

Authorities said Walter Peter Matulis Jr. was charged Saturday with pointing and presenting a firearm at a person, news outlets reported.

Two groups of protesters were outside the Capitol Friday on the fifth anniversary of the Confederate flag’s removal from the grounds. One gathered to support the Confederate flag; the other carried “Black Lives Matter” signs in opposition to this group.

Kamison Burgess, who was among these counter-protesters, told The State newspaper that this man driver stopped in the road, stuck his middle finger out at them, said “All Lives Matter” and pointed a gun at them before driving away.

Columbia police investigated using video taken by protesters, interviewed 64-year-old Matulis at his home and then arrested him. Pointing a firearm is a felony. It’s unclear whether Matulis had an attorney who could comment on his behalf.

Walter Peter Matulis Jr. (Courtesy Columbia Police Department)

The AP’s account is…incomplete. Here’s what The State reported:

Protester Kamison Burgess said the driver “pulled up sticking his middle finger out.”

“He stopped in the middle of the road at the green light and said ‘All lives matter,’” Burgess said. “One of the girls, she was explaining ‘Yes, all lives matter, but they can’t matter at the moment until Black lives matter.’

“At that point in time, he drove up a little more, the light was still green, and he started fidgeting around inside his car, and he pointed a gun out at us,” Burgess said.

If that account of what happened is accurate, it sounds like the driver was looking for a confrontation. And for all the fatuous comparisons that will probably be made to the McCloskeys, this isn’t at all the same thing. In St. Louis, a crowd of protesters trespassed in a private neighborhood and reportedly threatened a homeowner and his wife who were defending their home and property.


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    • Antifa/BLM (same movement, same leadership: different names) tactics involve identical black hoodies and face-masks so that their people who pillage, burn, and beat people, can’t be readily identified. Going after some some middle-class white schmuck with a car, mortgage, job, and bank-account is lots easier.

      • Those basement dwellers don’t have much to lose, except for their internet access.

  1. “South Carolina Man Arrested for Pointing a Gun At Black Lives Matter Protesters”

    Good. Fuckwits pointing guns at people for no damn good reason deserve to be arrested, charged, and lose their gun rights. Such morons threaten the Second Amendment, they should not be tolerated.

    That goes for the McCloskeys as well, who were under ZERO threat and defending nothing at all.

    • And here I thought the McCloskseys were standing in front of their own home prepared to defend it against protesters who were already trespassing on private property and verbally threatening to to burn things down…

      • Yeah that’s the narrative they are spinning, their lawyer is spinning and lots of people desperate to make their bad behavior fit into our pro-gun effort. They are liars. The gate had not been broken until much later, hundreds of people simply entered an open and to this day undamaged gate. The broken gate is a different gate, vandalized after the encounter with the McCloskeys. They were not under threat, no one had any interest in them or their property, they screwed up.

        The McCloskeys have a long history of being hotheads who file suit, make threats and damage property. They have filed suits against their own close family members, against their own neighborhood association and against neighbors and tenants. They claim a tiny piece of property belonging to the association is theirs and McCloskey has admitted to threatening a neighbor with a gun merely for walking across it. They have gone outside their wall to destroy bee hives being operated by the children of a synagogue and then threatened the synagogue with a lawsuit if they did not remove the wreckage. The McCloskeys have been in near constant conflict with someone around them since the sued to obtain their current home in 1988.

        • Citation to any of this? Read a decent amount about what happened in that incident.

          I got no problems with people pointing guns at people trespassing. If you don’t want a gun pointed at you stay off private property, especially when it is clearly marked.

        • I recall reading every bit of that as well. I was even attacked on here merely for pointing out the fake news about the gate. With that being said, it seems to be irrelevant to the self-defense statutes.

        • Which one is it? The gate was damaged, or remains undamaged to this day.

          Doesn’t matter. Private community. Maybe you live in a townhouse right on the street like the mayor and would have been cool with people on your porch… But brandishing aside, the RIOTERS had no business being beyond that gate, open or closed.

          And seriously, give it a rest. We’ve had…. Enuf.

        • “Which one is it?”

          Without going into detail again, a gate was damaged, but the crowd originally just walked through a gate that wasn’t bent. There’s a video of it. I’m not trying to take up for the crowd. I just prefer to get the facts straight. I’m not sure if these are the same gate or different ones. It looked the same, so perhaps it was damaged after the crowd began to pour in.

        • Sorry, enuf, but you won’t get much support for your stance on the McCloskeys. I’ve seen multiple videos from different camera phones, ironically all taken from the mob(sters) themselves, and all with enough evidence to support the McCloskeys. The most damning one for the mob is the one in which people can clearly be heard threatening to rush the husband/wife, take their guns from them, and kill them. That alone is ample justification for them to remain armed while on their own front steps/property as a deterrent to the threatened violence against them. This is what makes the Circuit Attorney an idiot for attempting to confiscate their guns, though I imagine a cursory “investigation” will be concluded soon and the C.A. will be required to return the McCloskeys’ property to them.

          Not sure about Missouri law, but here in CA – even though we have our own political problems of course – deadly force is legally justified if there is imminent threat to a person’s home residence. So if that same mob were, for example, in front of my own home and threatening me, as soon as one of them presented a Molotov and lit it, I could shoot him/her dead regardless of whether he/she was standing on my property or in the public street. I would never wish to pull the trigger against another human being, but I sincerely hope nobody ever attempts to harm me, my family, or our home.

          Kudos to the McCloskeys for exercising their right to stand their ground and defend their home. The most important thing is that only insults were hurled, and the desirable outcome (no shots fired, no persons or property harmed) was achieved.

        • The trouble with these claims the McCloskey’s were under threat is all in the videos. A few people mouthed off at them. Not a one took any action and many in the crowd told the loud mouths to shut up and move on. People in the crowd moved on those tempted to stop and get into it with the McCloskeys, and moved them along.

          The crowd/trespassers/etc were there for the mayor and there were plenty of them making efforts to keep the rest on that target.

          As for the gates, there were three. Two pedestrian gates either side of a vehicle gate. A pedestrian gate was always open and hundreds came thru it. Sometime later, after the McCloskey over reaction, the second pedestrian gate was vandalized.

          The three gates from the east side:

          Now from the west end of the neighborhood, three gates:

          • Okay, seriously Enuf is enough! “The crowd/trespassers/etc were there for the mayor and there were plenty of them making efforts to keep the rest on that target.”

            Getting really tired of repeating this: The homeowners had no way of knowing the destination or intentions of the mob. A group of people performing an illegal action (trespassing) are not protesters, they’re a mob.

            Given the current climate nationally, including St. Louis, the homeowners had every right to be concerned for themselves and their property. Particularly after advising the mob that they were on private property and demanding that they leave only to be threatened with bodily injury, arson, and even the death of their dog.

            Give it a break. You are just plain wrong.

        • “the homeowners had every right to be concerned for themselves and their property.“

          Of course, but “concerned for themselves and their property” does not give you license to brandish a firearm in a threatening manner.

          Obviously they didn’t feel that threatened, or else they would’ve gone in their home and locked the door.

        • @Miner,

          Obviously they did feel threatened enough, which is the whole point why they (completely legally, according to Missouri State AG) presented arms and remained on their property to prevent further advance by the mob.

          “Presenting” arms is not the same as “brandishing”.

    • “Such morons threaten the Second Amendment, they should not be tolerated.”

      Actually, the thing that most threatens the 2nd Amendment is internal rot, cancer; self-righteous statists eager for government control and punishments, masquerading as lovers of freedom and liberty.

    • Lots of conflicting stories about the McClusters. They definitively have some muzzle management issues, though no one in the protest seemed the least bit concerned. That is troubling as well.

      The real question for me came when the police served a warrant to the confiscate the AR. Apparently not all firearms, just the AR. And at this time, there is no mention of a Red Flag or other charges against the McClusters. This is not to say their actions were what I feel was correct, but how do you get weapons confiscated without a charge of some type and why was the warrant not for all weapons instead of just the AR (and possibly the shiny little peashooter)?

      As far as when the gates were broken and whether or not the protestors were allowed to be there, the community was private property and they were told to leave. If they broke the gate, that should become criminal trespass. I would bet none of them were charged with anything.

      • “The real question for me came when the police served a warrant to the confiscate the AR. Apparently not all firearms, just the AR.”

        That was symbolic. Her trophy. A bone she threw to her base. That was the proof she ‘did something about it’.

        A lLeftist is, above *all else*, a Leftist first…

        • It’s my understanding that the warrant was for both firearms present in the videos. The McCloskeys’ had provided the handgun to their attorney for safekeeping in case such a warrant appeared. I’m assuming the cops went to the attorney’s office to get it.

      • The police were there for the pistol as well but it had already been given to the McCloskey’s lawyer, who confirmed his possession of it to the police.

        The fact that only the pistol was given to the lawyer ahead of time is rather telling. It shows the McCloskey’s and their lawyer had already assessed by the wife’s antics were most problematic with the law.

        • Or maybe they knew how much the Soros funded DA needed a scalp for her re election.

    • enuf…A mob of so called protesters broke down a gate to trespass onto private property. Some of the so called protesters have a history of assault, arson, violence, etc. With those factors in mind the game to defend life and property was on. Had looters or arsonists assumed they could burn and loot while residents watched they were justifyably forewarned residents were not having it.
      You on the other hand remain a slanderous libelous POTUS bashing politically inept history illiterate twit who talks guns and lint licks the democRat Party. That’s chiseled.

      • DEBBIE OL’ GAL!!! There you are 🙂 I was worried you’d missed the party … but no .. just hiding in the tall bullshit, as usual …. 😉

      • “A mob of so called protesters broke down a gate to trespass onto private property.“

        Fake news. The protesters did not break down the gate to march on the street. They walked right through an open gate on their way to the mayors house to petition the government for a redress of grievances because the mayor had refused to meet with the citizens.

        It’s heartwarming to see citizens exercising their constitutional liberties to peaceably assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances. It’s just a little more difficult when the government politicians hide in their homes.

    • I’d be with you if the protesters were on a public street. Since the mob was trespassing on private property, that alone is reason to doubt their intentions. Did it justify pointing a gun at them? I don’t know. But I wasn’t there.

    • The biggest morons that threaten the second amendment are idiots like you who are willing to throw gun owners under the bus.

      If you can’t make a distinction between the guy in this story and the MO couple then maybe your the one who has no business owning a gun.

      • If a person behaves like an ass with a firearm it hurts us all. Trying to defend fuckwits with guns does none of us any favors.

        Don’t point guns at people who are not threatening you and don’t make up stories or grasp at straws to prove such fuckwits were in the right.

        OR, to save time, just donate to Brady or Moms or any of those other anti-Second Amedment outfits. At least that way your efforts get to the heart of the matter, no more berating about the bush.

        • People in the mob said they were going to kill them, their dog, and burn their house down, all while they were trespassing on private property in the context of country wide violent riots. The gun handling was cringe worthy but these people obviously feared for their safety. They called the police, but no one came. Their neighborhood security guard wasn’t around. Hindsight is 20/20. Monday morning quarterbacking is easy. How about this? Leave people the F_ alone. If you want to protest (threaten) a public figure, then do it in public.

        • For thes politicians and other “officials” not doing their jobs and protecting citizens it is a crime, a violation of the violent crime control and law enforcement act of 1994, 34 USC.12601

          So, yes these politicians and officials having police stand down should be going to jail.

    • No….fuckwits that say “jogger lives matter” need to be put in their place….
      We’re sick of their bs crying and stealing from America…. get the fk out if you don’t like it…. jogger lives are gonna be in danger if this crap doesn’t stop…..fuckwit

    • Enuf, you’re another troll like miner, Whiner 49. Theres no debating facts with trolls. You might want to get out of mommy’s basement and get some sun, i hear sunlight converts to vitamin D, it should help with not catching covid-19.

    • I get the sarcasm but hell yes massive harm and foul. For the police to leave that situation alone is inexcusable. The video alone is sufficient to convict. The clear threats made against motorists going about normal activity on the public streets should have been answered by a SWAT team.

      With judicious application of marksmanship.

      • So… U understand this, but not that entering a private community isn’t “going about normal activity”. It’s trespassing. If the Leo’s won’t protect it, maybe the good citizens that reside there will? Seems pretty Fucken 2nd amendment to me…

        • You’re completely correct, so that prompted a thought to form in my (admittedly foggy) head:

          LE Depts understandably discourage vigilantism. However, if an environment forms in which LE cannot or will not respond to a situation such as the one Geoff referred to (armed thug blocking traffic and pointing rifle at innocent detained motorist), and most jurisdictions assumedly allow for use of deadly force while in the defense of others, would the local LE remain passive if a group of local residents handled the situation themselves and defended the motorist by presenting their own arms and shooting the thug dead?

        • @Haz
          “would the local LE remain passive if a group of local residents handled the situation themselves and defended the motorist by presenting their own arms and shooting the thug dead?”

          Absolutely not! Those law abiding citizens would be shot, tagged, bagged, buried and labeled terrorists faster than you can say “I saw some_”. All with impunity and sanctioned by the state.

      • enuf…you get what your sorry POTUS bashing butt deserves. You are a sneaky clown who sits on a thrown criticizing others and hopes no one notices how you are too gutless to let this forum know what political party you to belong to and who you will vote for on Nov. Ain’t dat right?

        • No, that’s not right either. Because nobody fucking cares and it has nothing to do with the topic. Seriously, I just don’t understand how you turn everything into some pro trump rally.

    • Social justice is code for social revenge. This movement isn’t color blind. It’s designed to work one way. Anyone that actually thinks it’s about reform is naive. It’s about political power, and tearing down America to get it. Democrats are desperate to get blacks to show up to the polls like they did in 2008.

      • Exactly. Exactly this.

        All this “no justice, no peace” chanting is just revenge cloaked in sanctimony. Justice for George Floyd has already been done. The people who actually caused his death were arrested posthaste and will feel the full force of the law — but that’s not enough. The social justice mob wants to make an entire race of people pay.

        If the current protests really were about police murdering people, they’d have Daniel Shaver, Duncan Lemp, and several more white people on that list. But they care a hell of a lot more about some people more than others. (Just like the system they’re protesting; and we’re supposed to believe they’ll totally be fair to everybody if they get their way?) They’ve got racial tensions to inflame and political unrest to profit from, and nobody cares when some random white guy gets murdered.

        Social justice is a hell of a racket, you gotta admit. I’m *almost* jealous. I mean, I wouldn’t mind if blame only attached to other people, and the profit always flowed to me.

        • Miner, I never took anything from a black person. I’m just trying to live my life and support my family. If black people want justice and restitution, they should seek out the people that had a hand in the decline of the nuclear family and the murder of innocent babies (both of which affected black families the most). By the way, democrats are still pushing these policies now more than ever.

          You know what’s sad? In two decades of business, I’ve only had two black clients. They were both return clients, but I’ve lost count of how many Indian, Middle Eastern, and Hispanic clients I’ve had. Immigrants are able to come to this country with nothing and thrive. Why do you think everyone wants to come here? The opportunities are there to be had for those that want it, and aren’t told their entire lives that white people are oppressing them. The first step to equality is treating everyone the same.

    • Well, I watched a video and no one points anything at anybody.

      The weapon is kept almost exclusively at low ready, although he does swing it around and accidentally muzzle several different people.

      But there was no intentional brandishing a firearm in a threatening manner, if there had been the cops on the scene would’ve made an arrest.

      • Maybe you need to watch another video then. Multiple videos where he’s actually pointing it.

        Honestly though doesn’t really matter, in the middle of the street…

      • Video and photo stills I saw paint a very different picture. I saw protesters blocking traffic and detaining at least three vehicles, one of which was the motorcyclist. I then watched as the thug not only pointed the muzzle of his rifle at the motorist’s chest, but looked down the barrel’s sight picture as he did so, indicating the action of “aiming”. It was not accidental by any means.

      • I was very confused at first; I thought Miner was pointing out evidence in favor of the guy in this story. It was kind of painful, but I almost started to revise my opinion of him. But if he’s defending that BurnLootMurder supporter who was stopping motorists in a public street and pointing an assaulty-weapon at them, it makes so much more sense.

        • Ing, Burn Loot Murder is right and what we should be calling them going forward, I will.
          Thanks for the label!

        • Very appropriate, isn’t it. I would say you’re welcome (because you are), but I can’t claim it. Somebody else here was using it a few days ago in the comments. Can’t remember who, or I’d credit them.

  2. The first thing the BLM protestors did was yell for the cops, they wont be there retards you want them defunded and disbanded.

    • I don’t think “they” care, most of “them” want zero police presence anyways.

      • What will the snow flakes do when they defund the police? Cuss the Leos one minute but cry for help at the first sign of trouble. Maybe they will grow up as the left turns on itself more and more. Probably not.

      • I’ve even seen videos of a couple protesters telling a cop they don’t need a victim to arrest somebody.

    • The Sheriff Office is not the Police Department.

      Officers are for politicians. Deputies are for the people.

      • Lmao you never worked in a SO did you? Sheriff is a politician and deputies best be onboard

        • Yes, it is important to listen to the will of the voters, as expressed by their votes.

  3. Exactly what we dont need! But on the other hand, you dont want cops but that your first phone call!?

  4. Part of the point of BLM is to raise the everyones stress levels high enough for things like this to happen as an effort to disarm as many non-supporters as possible. Anyone that owns firearms should go in knowing that.

    • Yes, they intentionally get in your face in order to provoke emotion. Any reaction is usually a win-win situation. De Blasio painted BLM in front of Trump Tower as an F_you to Trump. Anyone with a brain knows this isn’t helping black people live better lives.

      A white and Hispanic group made the mistake of saying all lives matter to a black group recently. The black group shouted back black lives matter. Both drew guns, then thinking it was over, left. The BLM group later ambushed them and killed a young mother. It will be interesting to see if the story gets much attention.

      • Recently though I have seen a lot of black people come out and say the Democrats are manipulating and using them. Still, not enough understand this.

        I watched the Steven Crowder video the other day about Black history. The comment section was filled with black people talking about they learned more in 20 minutes than an entire high school education.

  5. ‘Yes, all lives matter, but they can’t matter at the moment until Black lives matter.’

    The literal definition of all lives matter, means that black lives matter. Leftists come up with the dumbest talking points. They’re just twisting it around so everyone will think they’re helping injustices, when they’re really helping to promote an admitted Marxist group. The dems know how to take advantage of well-meaning people.

    • That’s not true when a white person says all lives matter and refuses to say black lives matter. White nationalists have created the “all lives matter” response to deflect and to advocate for white interests. Hence why Pence refused to say black lives matter. To white supremacists saying those three words is like apologizing, white supremacists do not apologize for anything, it’s a rule they live by. Any horrible act they commit doesn’t count if they win in the end.

      • You’re a very confused person, as usual. Black lives are included as part of all lives. People don’t want to support the BLM movement simply because it isn’t about improving or saving black lives. It’s about pushing a Marxist political movement. It’s merely conducted under the guise of improving black lives so they can pick up an army of weak-minded supporters that don’t know any better.

        How does that video even tie into what you’re saying? Is the traitor white supremacist giving our enemies the location of only black troops? If he’s giving away classified information, wouldn’t that be detrimental to all races of American troops?

        • @Dude
          You are partially correct but there’s also the problem that to say “Black Lives Matter” causes many to infer that other lives don’t. If they want total support change the name to “Black Lives Matter Too” which implies that they feel they are not part of “All Lives” and, with equal importance, that they want to be. They would also, of course, have to drop the Marxist agenda.

        • Smart point. That would make sense if it were a face value movement, and not political in nature. Any reasonable person agrees that all life is precious, which is why they’ve managed to ensnare so many useful idiots into their movement. Any reasonable person would also want justice regarding police brutality regardless of race.

  6. Am I missing something here? Where do they get their money? How do they transport around state to state? Are they staying in hotels are what? And protest. I got bills to pay and mouths to feed, my God my old lady just had a blowout on a tire, all this crap cost money, at least in my world it does

    • Soros, Bloomberg, the NFL, Dicks Sporting Goods, CNN, foreign interests, etc. etc.

      Take your pick. There are plenty of sources with plenty of money to go around. Something to think about when you buy your next iPhone.

  7. Well the trolls are out and they are mad mad…
    Unless the armed BLM protestors are arrested for threatening and brandishing, then nothing to see here.
    If he is convicted I say there is systemic racism against white people!!!

    • I guess “white privilege” doesn’t include pointing guns at people. The radicles from both sides make us all look bad.

      • White people should be able to shout “all lives matter” then pull out guns on black Americans for questioning a white man’s logic. Anything less is racist even if the protesters are mostly white young people.

        • ” a white man’s logic” tells me all I need to know about your logic. You are blowing smoke out your ass with these type of statements. Yes the majority of rioters are young leftist brainwashed kids. Does nothing to the fact that this is controlled by communist sympothisers. All this violence has little to do with true racial grievanences. Everyone needs to quit listening when Satan whispers in ones ear to hate and attack those who are not of the same tribe.

    • Sad but true. It’s just funny that we’re the races for acknowledging that racism isn’t secluded to one race. It’s worldwide.

  8. Since when did TTAG readers start believing the accounts of Fake News/Liberal Media “journalists” I mean “activists” and their ever-lying BLM/Anarchist/Revolutionary Comunists/Democratic Socialist allies?

    There’s likely a whole lot more to this story, I’ll reserve judgement until a full unedited video arises and/or all evidence both for and against the driver is revealed in court.

  9. This is an AP report, the story told by only one side… The kid said he has a gun. That can mean he saw a gun, doesn’t necessarily mean it was pointed at him.

    First reports are virtually always wrong. Stop falling into the trap. Hold judgement until you know more facts.

  10. I’m eagerly looking forward in the next 10 years when whites become a minority. Just think of all the “free shit” and exemption from lawlessness we be gittin’ then!!! Gonna be whole lot of Libtard kissin’ white ass…..

  11. No sense of irony here. A BLM protester advocating to defund the police get gun pulled on him/her and the first thing they do is look for a cop.

    • True. Defunding the over funded police department isn’t the same as abolishing the police. Someone has to enforce the gun control the left wants.

  12. The pressure will continue to build until people stop pointing and start shooting. That’s when the streets will clear.

    • They don’t seem to understand where this is going, or, more likely, do, and are eagerly awaiting the breaking point.

      I have to admit, the timing is pretty good. There’s a solid chance this will boil over around early November and the good people of this country will make them pay for it on election day. A repeat of Nixon’s election (or was it re-election?)…

      • Trump apparently believes he is going to lose evidenced by the things he has been doing lately. Like wearing a mask in public as he visits Walter Reed to see wounded soldiers and commuting his friend’s [Roger Stone] criminal sentence before the election. Trump even slipped up and said Biden was going to be the next president.

        • So true GS.
          Obama and Clinton let off around TWO THOUSAND combined.
          Trump, under a dozen.
          But…..but……Orange Man BAD.
          Enjoy the TDS in November trolls.

        • What headline did you pull that from. Someone like you can even browse for news, and still manage to focus on your own agenda.

        • If he is going into a closed facility with patients, of course he’s going to wear a mask.

          You do realize that Trump could commute and pardon anyone after the election, regardless if he wins re election.

  13. “Going out of your way to argue” is your right. It’s the same one they use to protest and these days with cuck politicians to burn, loot and kill. Now you cross the line at pulling the gun but get your argue on cause they don’t have a monopoly of free speech cause of skin color.

  14. Very foolish if the dumb dumb had ever shot and killed a human being he never would have pointed his weapon at anyone again. It’s clear from the protesters that they would have shit there panties if the police hadn’t of been there you cannot have it both ways it just goes to show you they have no idea what they want it’s either law or mob rule. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS

  15. Might as well mag dump if you’re going down anyway.

    It’s gonna be bad when good men figure out it’s safer to not play by the rules.

  16. I’d be interested in seeing the video myself before judging. A lot of times the media seems to think it’s perfectly fine to attack people in their car, beating on it and even trying to flip it as if that’s “peacefully protesting.”

    • edit: Looks like there’s supposed to be a video attached but I can’t see it right now because of my browser or settings. Oops.

  17. The lawyer couple are close to being charged for assault with a deadly weapon. The wife is the most at risk for a charge, which is why their new lawyers took possession of the handgun and claimed it wasn’t functional and was unloaded at the time she pointed it at protesters going to the mayor’s home. Hence why the police seized the rifle first when they went to the home.

    That lawyer couple are liars. Their original lawyers moved on after they learned the details of the confrontation.

    You cannot point guns at people unless you need to shoot them because they are going to commit or have committed grievous bodily harm and/or death. Under law only cops have the privilege to commit that criminal act during their duties. You can be charged for a felony if you take out your gun and point it at people you do not have to shoot. Only taking out the gun could be considered reasonable under the correct circumstances, but pointing the gun escalates the situation and will be deemed a crime if not done within the confines of the law.

    I have seen many “lawful” gun owners arrested for pointing guns a protesters. For some reason gun owners believe it’s not a crime to point a gun at someone that isn’t posing a grievous bodily harm to them nor attempting to murder them. Your feelings and the fake news in your heads does not give you the right to commit crimes. Only cops get to use the “I was in fear” excuse to wash away their crime without question.

    Video doesn’t lie and the entire government is anti gun.

    Gun owners need more training and an education about the law, clearly they are lacking greatly in the understanding of self defense. The Ahmaud Arbery and Michael Drejka case are perfect examples showing the lack of knowledge with long time gun owners trained by people like the NRA. Don’t forget that your carry insurance doesn’t cover clear criminal behavior. You will get treated just like a gang member does. You will learn how criminals facing gun charges plea bargain.

    Republican gun owners have to realize if you get in trouble for a gun charge you will lose your right to vote for Trump and your right to carry a firearm forever. Also, in some places gun charges carry a minimum sentence, which will likely make you want to plea down to a lesser offense.

    Some concealed carry courses tell you do not take out your gun unless you have to use it because they know you are not a (privileged) cop, thus you will be charged for something. They want you to walk away, to flee, to not engage, to stay out of confrontations…

    • Nice video Bloomy-stooge but where were the White couple suppossed to flee when their vehicle was being blocked by a big brown turd and her teenage turdlet both of whom were highly provocative, demonstrably emotionally and mentally unstable, physically confrontational, and exhibited a lack of a bare minimum of self-control (all typical traits among those of THAT “unevolved” culture”)?

      • The woman started it by bumping into the teen and refusing to apologize for doing so. Then she said she feels sorry for the crazy black people that think every white person thinks they’re better than non whites.

        The white woman told the black woman she was blocking her from getting into the car. The black woman moved so she could get into her car. The black woman went to the back of the van to record her license plate number. The white man then backed up the van motivating the black woman to hit the window with her hand. Then the white woman got mad and jumped out of her van to pull her gun.

        There was no threat of physical harm to the white couple although there was a lot of posturing from the mad mama. The black woman was simply a loud mouth streaming for her social media friends. If there was a true danger requiring deadly force, the disabled former military man driving the van would have ran over the black woman and drove off rather than allowing his wife to get out of the van to engage two unarmed females.

        A car is a deadly weapon. If they needed it they could have used it. But of course the lawyers are saying the van has a safety feature that doesn’t allow the van to run people over, thus they were trapped by unarmed black females and had to go to gun.

        All that white woman had to do to deescalate was to apologize for bumping into the teen. It’s also the right thing to do. But white supremacists have told white people to never apologize for anything.

        • Wow. You’re never ending comments prove one thing. You’re a bigger racist than my uncle was. He was a klansman. I thought his twisted sense of right had died out in America. You’re living proof that it hasn’t.

        • @Mister Fleas

          I already watched that and compared it to the two videos of the incident. I came to the same conclusion as the police did.

          So I guess you don’t support law and order? And you don’d support the police?

        • @jwm

          Good job assuming my “race.” If I am an American, what is the likelihood I am white? Do you think I am not white because I stand up for law and order or what is morally correct? Is there a percentage of whiteness that qualifies you as white? If racism is a social construct then I can’t be racist, especially not racist towards myself.

          If your papa’s brother was a white supremacist.. he must have gotten that from your grandpa. Looks like it runs in the family. So I will guess you live in Northern California in a low population area because you can’t openly behave like you want in socal.

          I use evidence as best I can to point out behaviors. You guys on the other hand like to post opinions.

        • “Good job assuming my “race.” If I am an American, what is the likelihood I am white? Do you think I am not white because I stand up for law and order or what is morally correct?”

          This is too funny. Where did he call out your race? You can tell Chief is an indoctrinated leftist because he seems to be of the opinion that only white people can be racist. By the way Chief, the racist is the person that is obsessed with skin color. You know, like about 90% of your comments, which revolve around skin color. If you want to be fair and use evidence, as you say, then you should start paying more attention to the content of someone’s character instead of the color of their skin.

        • Oh, and Chief, in case you don’t understand, someone can be racist toward their own race as well. In other words, your race is irrelevant.

        • Never mentioned your race, chief. Just that all your comments are basically racist in nature.

          And if your grandpa was a horse thief that makes you a horse thief as well? Talk about throwing out opinion, not fact.

          chief. You and miner49er are working over time to ensure that Trump gets a second term. I hate to thank a racist for anything, but thank you.

        • @jwm

          So white people can be racist against white people? Hmm… I know they can be prejudice against other European ethnicities like East Asians are, but in Asia everyone is considered a certain nationality if they integrate into that culture and are East Asian. America is similar in that regard, every European descendant is white in America and considered American.

          You know you have been saying for months that I am racist towards white people and I protect non whites because they are not white. Just because you didn’t throw out a color in your comment doesn’t mean you were not implying such and following up on your previous comments. You know you can’t bring up skin tone when you address me because then you would be doing what you say is wrong.

          I know racism exists. I know white supremacy exists. I know some Americans history. That’s not exclusive knowledge to the Democrats. If Republicans continue to refuse to acknowledge America’s past they will lose their future, especially when a lot of white supremacy came out of the Democrat party. Republicans are not going to win by being the old Democrat party when the Democrat party still exists and the Democrats cater to the future demographics.

          The reason I mention the people involved in the altercation skin tone is because I don’t know their names and I assume others don’t care about their names to follow along. So I do what the cops do when describing people in their reports, I mention their race and gender. I don’t understand why white people are offended by calling them white. I know some African people are not happy to be called black, but a lot of Americans don’t like to be called African because they think of themselves as black. I usually try to refer to white people as European but they get offended because they believe they are Americans. Americans are way to confused and sensitive.

          How about you tell your government to stop asking Americans about their race on forms and the census? The Democrats don’t like when you ask them to identity their gender.

          When you call the cops to report a crime make sure to chastise the dispatcher for asking you the suspect’s race. Make sure to call them racist for always asking for a detailed description.

          When it comes to your family of white supremacists… It’s called tradition and culture. If your family was in the clan they got that mentality from someone because they are not born to be that way. Usually the father is the one to teach their sons how to behave in society. So the chances your uncle was taught by his father to be that way is very high because racism comes from the parents or the government. White supremacy usually comes from the ruling class as a means to empower the majority by demonizing the others so the ruling class can benefit from division and emotion. I don’t think your uncle was taught not to be racist by your family then became a white supremacist all on his own. Usually people learn from their environment and they spend most of their formative years learning their social behaviors from their parents.

          The Yankee Marshal had racist family. He is not some horrible racist. I think he said some of his family are because of the men in his family taught them that. In the end, adults have the mental ability to use their free will to change or not follow along with the crowd.

          So maybe you are not a white supremacist, but that’s if you make the effort not to be or your father did that for you, your uncle surely didn’t. If you follow men like Tucker Carlson you might very well be in love with him because his scripts were written by a white supremacist. Some self reflection will be necessary if you think Tucker is right.

          Tucker, remember what white supremacists (like your long time friend) tell white people: Never apologize.

        • chief. ‘Your government’. So you’re not an American? And your long winded screed does nothing to tell me that you are not a racist. The exact opposite, actually.

          As for tucker. I’ve never listened to him. Or hannity or rush……but it fits your narrative to pretend I’m a racist. Because, you know, I’m white. Again, proving that you are the racist.

    • “…The lawyer couple are close to being charged for assault with a deadly weapon..”

      Charges, if any, will be reduced. There will be no further news of this I bet.

      • Charged with assault when they didn’t assault anyone.
        Terrorist threats made by dozens of people and no charges.

        Cross STL pff the list of places to visit or live.

    • “You cannot point guns at people unless you need to shoot them because they are going to commit or have committed grievous bodily harm and/or death”

      I think when the threatened to kill them and ransack their house their immunity from gun shots disappeared.
      Notice how they stayed off the lawn, unlike unarmed people who watched them destroy and assault them.

      It would be justice if you were in that position and had to defend yourself. You would be kinda screwed.

      • Shitbags like him would take a knee and any cock to the face presented to them. Pro skiers.

        • If you keep it up and don’t respect law and order you will be bending over for some man in the shower room. I bet it won’t be one of the Aryan Brothers…

          Follow the law. Don’t be a “lawful gun owner” who advocates breaking the law to hurt black lives matter protesters.

          This will be your fate.

        • You need to lay off the YT agenda based videos. You always find some video to share, and it’s pointless. Your opinions, because that’s what they are, are continually countered on here, and all over the YT videos you apparently don’t watch. You search for a headline that fits your agenda and share it because you have no understanding how to counter without doing so. This whole white guilt trip is a new low, even for you. Nobody, and I mean nobody, here give a fuck. You are literally just commenting to make yourself feel better about your opinions. It’s not hard to understand the psychology of your stances, but it is tiring how naive and secluded they are. No matter who says what, you never, and I mean NEVER learn, or even so much as acknowledge the truth about the false narrative you are swallowing. When you grow up, and your parents stop paying your BMW and berkley bills, maybe you will learn there is a distinguished difference between factual evidence, and opinion piece articles/videos. You keep telling yourself that the law exists to protect you, and I hope it plays out when YOU go to court after being mugged by a “protester”. Play that white guilt then. Actually, can you even explain how to deal with white guilt? What action are you taking to combat it? What changes have you made? lol.

    • “You cannot point guns at people unless you need to shoot them because they are going to commit or have committed grievous bodily harm and/or death…”

      Strange, I’ve pointed a gun a numerous people without needing to shoot them and I haven’t been arrested. In one case, a guy I was pointing a gun at dropped his gun upon seeing mine pointed at his head. Should I still have shot him, because otherwise I’d be guilty of brandishing? Or was I legally required to drop my own gun because I no longer ‘needed to shoot him’ after he put his gun down on the floorboard?

      Something tells me you may want to recheck the grades you got at law school on this subject.

  18. But apparently it’s OK to point a rifle at a motorcyclist if you’re BLM. And if said motorcyclist dares rev the engine he will be charged, if he revs it at BLM.

    So can we self identify as BLM when carrying?

  19. When the police clearly take the side of the group that wants to defund the police, mounts physical attacks upon police, enters police stations and burns them, and in involved in property crimes and riots… well, it makes honest taxpayers wonder just how much we should feel sorry for police.

    There are only two sides in the battle that has shaped up between BLM/Antifa and American society. The police in major cities appear to be choosing the side of BLM/Antifa.

  20. That’s ok 👌….Militant Marxist ANTIFA/BLM. Mobs can Loot, pillage, burn, threaten, assault, murder, shoot, knife, rob, do whatever, etc.etc. To any regular “white folks”…MeanWhile, In certain states…Like Seattle, Woke Black, or White SJW Demo-Commie Officials are having Special Meeting with “normal white employees” giving them “H/R Removal Whitness/ White privilege….” One of the “re-education edicts is the “removal of guaranteed safety”. Meaning zero concept or the right to self defense and no self- weapons…” So there is YOUR “New World Order Folks.”(re: aka, Burn the Constitutional Bill of Rights Mob…Take away the civil Liberties of the general public through edict, force of law, and the Marxist Mob…)

    • So…Have you seen the BREATHE Act?

      They had to drop the defund ICE talk during the democrat primaries because the candidates didn’t have an answer for what they would replace it with (they don’t want it replaced with anything). Well, with the momentum of demonizing law enforcement (and white people), it’s back. They want it gone as well as federal prisons, illegal immigrant detention centers, no life sentences, no drug charges, no gang databases, etc.

      If democrats gain control of the executive and legislative branches this will just be scratching the surface. They aren’t even pretending to be reasonable anymore. They will have open borders and give citizenship to the estimated 20 million illegal immigrants here, so they will be guaranteed to stay in power for a generation. That’s what this is about. It isn’t about what’s best for America.

  21. I had folks come through my locked gate at my rural off the grid ranch and tried to intimidate me. I usually carry everywhere however left my weapon in my truck as I started my generator after being away for months.
    As soon as they surprised me after walking out my noisy generator shack. They surprised me with their presence. I ran to my truck got my weapon carried it at my side and yelled out they had to leave now real loud several times. Well, they left and closed my gate a couple of days later the sheriff came out with a restraining order and told me they said I pulled a gun on them. I told the deputy what happened. I live in the last few very isolated places out west. He told them and their lawyer using lots of curse words and profanity that his clients better not come out to my ranch unannounced because they could be or should be shot next time. Granted this is out in the sticks no phone, cell towers, or power available. Come Civil court date I told the judge that I did not brandish my gun but displayed it at my side for them to see it. I asked the deputy what brandishing criteria were he said need lots of witnesses and film. Personally and I told my wife this as well “do not point a gun unless you are going to shoot it”. They saw my gun and knew I was a good shooter. It was enough to scare them off, all four of them trespassers. Fortunately, I live in a “Gun Sanctuary County” as well. That guy in the car was an idiot. Dumb move and recorded give gun owners a bad rep. I am retired and stay away from cities and large population centers these days. Because like I told my kids if I cannot take my gun with me I ain’t going there. I have moved since then to another gun sanctuary county and shooting off my deck is no problem cause all my neighbors have AR’s. If a mob came up our private dirt road I would not get a chance to confront them before my three neighbors did from their 10-acre parcels. We would see them coming before they got within a mile of us from our hilltop homes. I am blessed and fortunate to be able to live my life this way. I am a long way from my birthplace NYC I escaped. Thank heavens. Those lawyers need some training in weapons. I was not there they should have stayed in their house with their weapons locked and loaded.

  22. lol than why have a issue if all matter and always try to counter BLM with “all lives matter” when it’s exactly what blm are saying they are apart of by saying it, which the racist isn’t having it saying that, finding an issue, for if all lives matter, he wouldn’t have found a issue with them saying they too matter.

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