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As a relatively new FFL holder myself, I can attest to the fact that maintaining perfect compliance with the myriad processes, technicalities, requirements, records, and regulations of manufacturing and dealing in firearms is a daunting task. Complicating things further, every aspect of this requires navigating multiple systems — software, websites, physical paperwork — with multiple Federal agencies and departments.

Orchid Advisors exists to simplify all of this for FFLs, and now they’ve teamed up with Silencer Shop to integrate regulatory compliance software with supply chain, retail, and other FFL needs.

This is something Black Collar Arms is going to be test driving this year for sure. In the meantime, here’s Silencer Shop and Orchid Advisors’ press release:

Silencer Shop and Orchid Advisors Join Forces to Serve the Shooting Sports Industry

AUSTIN, TX – Silencer Shop and Orchid Advisors are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership that will provide the firearms industry with innovative solutions focused on consumer engagement, supply chain operations, and regulatory compliance.

The partnership will include the delivery of integrated business, compliance, and software solutions. As part of this strategic partnership, Travis Glover, formerly the Executive Director of Retail and Wholesale Practice at Orchid Advisors, has joined Silencer Shop’s leadership team as the Director of Business Development. Together, Silencer Shop and Orchid Advisors seek to innovate the way firearm products are distributed and sold to customers.

“We’ve been working with Orchid for years and received peace of mind and security using their software services. We are excited to extend that same sense of security to our customers,” says Silencer Shop CEO, Dave Matheny.

“Our team is ecstatic about expanding our relationship with Dave and Travis,” says Orchid CEO, Jon Rydberg. “We have tremendous respect for their industry knowledge and technical experience. Both of which are an asset to industry retailers.”

In celebration of this partnership, Silencer Shop and Orchid are offering a no-risk, free 90-day trial to Orchid’s eBound Book and e4473 software.  Orchid has been widely adopted across the shooting sports industry, including both small businesses and large retail chains. Firearm businesses, regardless of size, have the opportunity to use the same features and functions that have assisted in larger companies’ success, all at an affordable and competitive price.

Promotion Details

Any retailer wishing to take advantage of the promotion will Click Here and enter “silencershop” in the coupon code during the checkout process. After checking out, users will have immediate access to the software application.


As the industry’s largest suppressor distributor, Silencer Shop’s goal is to supply customers with a suite of services that allow for a simpler silencer ownership process. With the most trafficked suppressor website, a robust nationwide network of kiosks, and ATF compliance and customer support, Silencer Shop provides the most efficient process of acquiring NFA items. For more information, visit


Orchid Advisors provides technology and services to the shooting sports industry. The company offers business and compliance software accompanied by expert consulting services which improves how products are imported, manufactured, distributed and sold to consumers both in-store and online. Orchid’s eBound Book application integrates directly with leading ERP and POS systems and decreases the risk of ATF inspection errors. The firm offers regulatory business training, FFL and import / export licensing and software solutions which aid in the commerce of firearms. For additional information, visit

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  1. That’s good news. Glad to see gun industry is coming up with ways to ensure compliance amid the labyrinthine requirements avoid citations or closures.

    As recently as a dozen years ago, the compliance inspections I had to experience whenever CalOSHA, Public Works, the Fire Marshall, et al, agents visited were largely dependent upon the agent’s ability to properly document the (insert pesky regulation code here) reference for an assumed violation. If the reference for a more obscure violation wasn’t available from memory, then no citation was issued.

    Completely different nowadays. Inspectors bring ruggedized tablets connected to the all-knowing Interwebz to easily and quickly look up documentation for every conceivable “crime” they can find against you. Inspections that – many years ago – used to result in perhaps only a couple hundred dollars in fines now regularly slap you with thousands, no matter how much you believe you’re in compliance.

    If this new system can help FFLs to keep their regulatory houses in order to avoid crippling fees or even charges, and allow them to remain in business, I’m all for it.

  2. Considering that OrchidAdvisors does not advertise a price on their website, it scares me on the possible cost to FFL’s. Considering the low profit margin in the gun sales field, this could potentially cost more than it is worth. Our focus *should* be on making the laws easier to follow instead of spending more to try and comply.

  3. FFLS holder maintaining perfact compliance and regulations of manufacturing of firearms. This software is used in multiple federal agencies in order to maintain the demand for orchid advisors.

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