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South Carolina's legal "no guns allowed" sign (courtesy

Once again, there’s a big kerfuffle about a law liberating Americans from restrictions on their natural, civil and constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. The media milks the mindless misegos from the gun control extremists opposing the suggested change. The streets will run red with the blood of innocents! It’ll be the Wild West all over again! The change goes through. Nothing happens. Here’s’s summary of South Carolina’s “guns in bars” legislative aftermath . . .

Restaurant owners and law enforcement officials say no problems have arisen from the new concealed-weapon law that allows permit holders to carry guns in restaurants that serve alcohol. Anti-gun advocates say the size of the sign is an issue.

Yup, you read that right. The antis’ are bitching about the official sign that allows private establishments to ban legal concealed carriers from their premises.

State law enforcement and restaurant officials say they know of no problems since the law went into effect seven months ago. The law allows permit holders to take guns into places that serve alcohol but allows businesses to prohibit guns and doesn’t allow permit holders to consume alcohol.

Erin Dando, leader of the South Carolina Chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a gun reform group, said more businesses would prohibit guns but the new law requires the signs banning guns be 8 by 12 inches with 1-inch lettering.

“Frankly, the size requirement is alarming for business owners and it’s prevented some from putting them up,” she said. She said one business that has posted a sign has heard negative feedback from members of a gun rights organization.

See? Size does matter. While it’s important to concentrate on the big battles for firearms freedom (e.g., licensing restrictions in CA, NJ, etc.), these seemingly small fights for gun rights are just as important. The more the antis’ anti-gun agitprop is revealed as a tissue of lies, the easier it is for pro-gun side to blow them off. So to speak.

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  1. “…the easier it is for pro-gun side to blow them off. So to speak.”
    I’m sure Dirk wishes it was literal…

  2. State law enforcement and restaurant officials say they know of no problems since the law went into effect seven months ago. The law allows permit holders to take guns into places that serve alcohol but allows businesses to prohibit guns and doesn’t allow permit holders to consume alcohol. Yawn. People just make too big of a deal about guns. It is true that most people in rural areas view guns in the same light as lawnmowers. Really, my Grandparents and Great Uncles had loaded guns around the house when I was a little kid. I was told where they were and what status they were in.

    • Me too… I was taught to treat all guns as loaded, because all of the guns in the house WERE LOADED!!! As a teen (well 10 up) I had a shotgun, 30-06, and a muzzle loader on the wall in my bedroom. The muzzleloader is the only gun we ever kept empty… I never went to school to shoot people or let my friends “play” with them!!! It’s all about education and more imprtantly, being raised with MORALS… something this country is seriously lacking these days!!! I am FAR from a bible thumper, but removing religion from our country is a leading cause of this in my opinion!!!

    • The gun-grabbers aren’t really unhappy about the size of the signs. That’s just a feeble excuse.
      What REALLY ticks them off, is that there is no blood in the streets, and dead bodies lying around.
      These idiots just can’t stand the peace & quiet.

  3. “She said one business that has posted a sign has heard negative feedback from members of a gun rights organization.”

    Okay, so…apparently it is okay for all these businesses to hear from THEM about how Teh Ev1L Open Carry is, but it’s news for ONE business to hear a complaint from a gun owner about the prohibition on premises?

    Wait, this makes no sense. What did the size of the sign have to do with the gun owner complaining? Is she saying it’s a problem because the business should not have to post a sign..that guns should just be banned?

    These people make no sense…which is ironic with “sense” in the name of their organization.

    • It can’t be that they’re ashamed for the business, since they like the idea of a gun-free America. I think they’re nervous about advertising gun free zones, because then criminals would know.

      Oh wait, they are just supposed to think that, not say it out loud.

  4. I think it’s funny that the no concealed weapons sign has a silhouette of a desert eagle on it.

    Thankfully in SC groups like mom’s demand action are pretty small and nobody gives a shit about their opinions for the most part.

    • Yup, I live in Dalzell just outside Columbia, we don’t have problems from moms demanding action….wait we do but that’s a milf…damn two diffrent things my bad

  5. More self-righteous, recalcitrant, and petulant whining from elitist blowhards pissing and moaning about losing. Again. For the umpteenth time.

    Especially repulsive is their highlighting the fact that businesses rightly receive criticism from civil rights organizations. This is exactly all they can do in the face of people ready, willing, and able to deliver the much-deserved (and complete) sundering of their dystopian delusions: point at their detractors and tell Mommy those other people are being mean by pointing out that they’re wrong and thus unwilling to simply shut up, sit down, and comply.

    …Or back down in the face of their one-sided media shouting match.

    …Or stop peacefully exercising their right to keep and bear arms, and of free speech, in public.

    …Or stop legally defending themselves, at home or in public, instead of letting a police officer who may chose to not respond and be a good little victim.

    …Or stop training with guns.

    …Or stop training others to use guns.

    …Or stop owning guns.

    …Or stop thinking differently from them.

    • “More self-righteous, recalcitrant, and petulant whining from elitist blowhards pissing and moaning about losing. Again. For the umpteenth time.” — Excedrine

      Don’t hold back Excedrine … tell us how you really feel!

  6. I call BS on that sign. No one is going to try to conceal carry a Desert Eagle. They should have gone with the Beretta 92 or Glock shadow for a proper No Guns sign.

  7. I’m all for bar carry, but carrying a Desert Eagle? Concealed?

    Anyway, in Iowa you can not only bar carry but you’re free to drink as long as you keep your BAC under .08%, so party on. Oh yea, Iowa is always in the lowest 5 or so states for homicide rate.

      • On one hand it makes sense, if you’re too intoxicated to drive you’re too intoxicated to use a firearm, but on the other hand having a concealed firearm is kind of like having your keys in your pocket – as long as you don’t get it out I don’t see the harm in having it on your person. Anyway, it seems to me that it’s the drivers that are blowing .26 that are the problem, not the ones blowing .08. It is nice having a little more freedom though.

  8. Man they need a little Beretta/Taurus sign. Not 8″by 12″. THAT’S what’s upsetting them…BTW I just spotted a 92 in airplane crash scene in The Amazing Spider-Man 2-it might be my next pistol 🙂

    • You won’t be disappointed. Unless you like clearing jams or missing your target – the 92 as about as good as an auto can get, IMHO.

  9. Now there’s an idea. If businesses want to forbid firearms on their premises and they want their prohibition to have the force of law, the local government should require a sign on the door that is at least 24 inches wide by 36 inches tall with letters that are at least three inches tall.

    What’s that? Such a huge sign requirement is onerous and disruptive to the business? So are all the myriad laws that “law abiding” firearms owners are supposed to observe. Turnabout is fair play.

  10. I wonder if someone could challenge that sign in court for being too vague? The sign says, “No concealable weapons allowed.” Fact: violent criminals have used their hands, feet, rope, pens, pencils, scarves, and fabric to kill people. And anyone in a restaurant or bar could have any of those “weapons” concealed on their person (especially hands and feet). Of course it is impractical or silly to ban hands, feet, pens, pencils, scarves, and fabric because just about everyone has those things (at least during certain times of the year) in a restaurant or bar. But all of those items are “concealable weapons”. So now we get to a point where the application of the sign is inconsistent and vague … thus compelling the courts to throw it out.

    • On the other hand, those things are all tools and are only dangerous if misused. Just like a firearm. Anyway, my .357 is more of a range toy anyway, so that’s not really a weapon.

  11. Up here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, guns in bars (or other drinking establishments) hasn’t been illegal since forever. Sorry, no massive outbreaks of drunks with guns to report. And the numbers are just in – 10.4% of Pennsylvanians age 21 or over have licenses to carry. That’s roughly 990,707 licenses currently in effect. And open carry has always been legal.

    • I think most states prohibit concealed carry while drunk, so there never has been a problem in the law.
      Even if there are some that don’t, a cop could easily get away with public endangerment charges (I wouldn’t think badly for it) if they catch it.

  12. Technical comment: what in the world is misegos? Did you mean meshugas [alt. sp. mishegas]? From the root “meshuga” [alt sp. “progressive”].

  13. “She said one business that has posted a sign has heard negative feedback from members of a gun rights organization.”
    Excuse me, didn’t know that properly informing your customers of a serious legal consequence for breaking a law was a bad thing. They just want more gun owners in jail.

    • Keep up the good work in South Carolina. I’m from Kentucky and like vacationing in your state, but I always hated that I couldn’t bring my weapon into most restaurants where we were eating family dinner! The new law is a big improvement. Now North Carolina needs to pass something similar and my trip down there will be a much less confusing mishmash of stupid gun laws 🙂

      • NC has restaurant carry, just no actual drinking while carrying.

        Check out the law changes in 2013. NC took some steps in the right direction.

        Constitutional Carry bill has also been introduced.

    • That bill was introduced by Lee Bright, and it was struck down by the establishment repubs since Bright challenged Graham in the senatorial primaries. It may have a chance this go around, but it will need a major push from the public. The bad news, even with the number of gun owners and supporters we have here, most are of the mindset that permitting is a necessary evil. They are either so statist that they tip at the DMV, or they feel special for having a permit themselves and expect everyone else to follow suit.

      As gun friendly as SC is, it is very committed to statism and the dems migrating here aren’t helping.

      • Gov. Haley signed S308 into law on 11 Feb 2014 and has been law ever since. You are likely thinking of previous failed attempts. Google “restaurant carry in SC”.

  14. Now if they could get SC to recognize carry permits from other states. I avoid the state when I am driving from Atlanta to NC because I am not willing to stop and take my gun off and put it in the trunk to comply with their state law. Going up I 575 gets the job done with no BS. That is why I haven’t gone back to Edisto or Charleston in many years.

    • Rusty, you have made these statements before and they are inaccurate. SC has reciprocity with 20 states, just not Georgia. It would be inconsistent to require SC residents attend training, vetting, and testing but not require the same from non-residents. Georgia only requires a judge to sign your permit. So you cannot carry but you can keep your firearm in your vehicle; closed glove box or closed console in addition to the trunk. Note the word “closed”, does not mean locked.

  15. I would like Washington to get rid of the stupid no firearms in bars law, which is even dumber when you find out there’s nothing stopping you from carrying in a restaurant and drinking whatever you want. So, carrying while drinking Diet Cokes in the bar: felony. Carrying while knocking back whiskey sours with dinner: 100% A-OK.

  16. Slightly different down in my city. Concealed Carry rights extends to establishments (restaurants) that serve alcohol, but only those who receive less than x amount of business from alcohol in proportion to food. Pure bars are a no no to bring your Peacemaker.

    Here where I live we got the trifecta: good food, the most bars per capita in the states, and a high crime rate. My question is.. Why would you go to a bar and not drink?

  17. Maybe this will encourage signs to tool up to compensate for their inadequate signage. Now who is concerned about signs???

  18. Anti-gun advocates say the size of the sign is an issue….

    …If only the signs were smaller, we could have more problems.
    We need more gun violence so we can continue to fight against gun violence!!

    Sort of like Al Sharptongue’s rallying cry:
    We need to start more racial strife so people will pay me to fight racial strife.

    I think we all know the Wayne LaPierre version.

  19. Interesting coincidence here. Last night I took my bride and my best man to dinner at a really fine restaurant, cost me a bundle, but we were celebrating 47 years of marriage, as of yesterday. I had one of the 4 or 5 best steaks of my life, and one of the better margaritas I’ve had, as well. I was carrying. My bride was carrying (he had 2 margaritas). I have no idea whether there was a sign or not, and did not care. I literally did not think of it until I opened this thread just now.

    To be effective at all, signs should have only the first two words supersized, and placed eye level on every entry door, as in if your main entry is a double door, it needs two. In red, those two words should be “KEEP OUT”. The rest of the sign can be fine print for all of me.

  20. I just don’t get the anti’s.

    See, we have this thing called “The Bill of Rights” which allows us TO KEEP, and bear, arms.

    No one is forcing them to carry, they can opt out from concealment and carrying and partaking in shooting altogether. BUT- that’s just not enough for them, IS IT?

    Good God, antigun folks. Just move overseas or something. Go somewhere else. Please.

    What else do the anti’s hate about America? Backyard BBQ’s? Domestic vehicles? Just makes me sick.

  21. It’s just so bizarre. The antis claim the size of the signs is an issue? An issue involving what, pertaining to what, exactly? The sign size is the cause of what effect particularly?

    If nothing is happening with the concealed carriers in the bars, then what does the sign size (which at least we can agree is of mammoth and unwieldy proportions approximating a sheet of notebook paper!) have to do with anything?

  22. “She said one business that has posted a sign has heard negative feedback from members of a gun rights organization.”

    Wait! I thought that was the MOM’s number one play? Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    • I know, right? “Firearm Owners Provide Negative Feedback” still doesn’t sound anywhere near as in-your-face and bullying of a group as does “Moms Demand Action.” Omg, what’s next? “Second Amendment Supporters Agree to Disagree”, or something similar? Oh, the humanity!

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