Shannon Watts Stops Making Sense

Shannon Watts (courtesy

Nick predicts that Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America jefe Shannon Watts’ time in the media spotlight is drawing to a close. I’m not so sure. As long as there are left-leaning media outlets ready, willing and able to put the anti-pistol polemicist on a pedestal, a platform she shall have. In fact, they’re happy to let Watts stand there completely alone, preaching to the masses without context or criticism. To wit: the essay A common-sense conversation about guns and kids. Unfortunately for Ms. Watts, well, what was that someone said about give ’em enough rope? Check this out . . .

It is crystal clear we can’t trust the gun lobby to engage in this important conversation about the responsibility of adults to keep kids safe.

Got that? Watts states clearly and unequivocally that the “gun lobby” can’t be trusted to have a “conversation” about guns and safety – despite the fact that they spends millions of dollars every year educating the public about firearms safety (e.g., Eddy Eagle Gunsafe and Project ChildSafe). And then, in the very next paragraph . . .

We can start by educating parents about the dangers of leaving guns unlocked and passing laws that hold parents responsible if they do and tragedy results. It’s a conversation we need to have – but it’s also a conversation in which the gun lobby refuses to participate.

So the untrustworthy “gun lobby” isn’t invited to an important conversation on gun safety. In which they refuse to participate. Wait. What? If the “gun lobby” wasn’t invited to this gun safety pow-wow, when did they refuse to participate?

In her crusade for gun control, the MDA momma sweeps aside inconvenient facts and dismisses logical consistency. Freed from rational thought, insulated from criticism, venerated and coddled by unquestioning followers, she bends language until it snaps. Simplistic, deeply-flawed reasoning becomes “common sense.” Anti-gun agitprop becomes a “call for conversation.” Fascism becomes “discussion.”

In short, Shannon Watts is the nanny state. Listen to me and do what I say – for your own good. Nanny knows best. If I don’t make sense, you’re thinking too much. Look at this baby! It’s a comforting message for the weak-minded. Thankfully, our country was founded by another breed of man (and woman), who thought to insulate our gun rights from mob rule. And maniacs. [h/t Jon Y.]


  1. avatar Gene says:

    Dirk, I think she’s giving you a “come hither” look. There’s probably a stenographic message in that photo for you.

    1. avatar Bob Wall says:

      I think DD would rather envision her as an anti-pistol pole dancer, than a polemicist.

    2. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

      I can so imagine sitting there and watching the sunrise with her over a cup of coffee. . . . .

      1. avatar Gene says:

        Big hair wig and maid outfit optional?

        1. avatar Gunr says:

          With fishnet stockings! (Carp)

        2. avatar Mark Lloyd says:

          Not to leave out those hideous shoes of hers. Those are just awful!

      2. avatar Geoff PR says:

        Naked feet in those loafers, Dirk…

        She’s sending you a message… She’ll submit….

      3. avatar LarryinTX says:

        I want to hear more about this cup of coffee you’d have her over. Sounds kinky. How does it work? Would she be tied in place?

        1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

          lets just say this would be playing in the background – extended LP version

    3. avatar John Boch says:

      Without makeup, I doubt she’s all that nice to look at on the outside.

      Lord knows, with all that hate she has on the inside, there’s a lot of ugliness just below skin deep.


      1. avatar Mike Crognale says:

        What’s that old saying? Something about beauty only skin deep but ugly goes to the bone?

        1. avatar Geoff PR says:

          “Beauty may be skin deep, but ugly goes clear to the bone.” – Redd Foxx

      2. avatar Robert Inguaggiato says:

        amen brother amen

      3. avatar Roscoe says:

        I guess ‘unremarkable’ works for the image Watts is trying to portray so she can convey her own sense of ‘everymom’.

    4. avatar DaveL says:

      There’s definitely an invitation in that look, but since this is Shannon Watts, it’s an invitation to something you won’t be allowed to participate in.

      1. avatar Mecha-Ben says:

        Oh, snap!

    5. avatar A-Rod says:

      She is showing ankle! This is almost as good as Amish porn.

    6. avatar Jus Bill says:

      There’s a steganographic pic inside the photo. I can almost make out the caption under her…

  2. I have a problem with the headline on this article as it implies that she made sense at one time.

    1. avatar none says:

      I would like to congratulate the person making the comment about mrs. Watts making sense at one time. And add to that the hypocrisy of her being surrounded by guards…with guns.

  3. avatar Megalith says:

    “Shannon Watts Never Made Sense”

    There, fixed it for you.

  4. avatar BigDinVT says:

    @Gene, I think you mean steganographic.

    1. avatar Gene says:

      Yeap. Poor spelling skills and a soft keyboard make for mistakes. Thanks Obama! LOL

      1. avatar Jus Bill says:

        Just call it “stego.” It’s all good.

  5. avatar MiniMe says:

    “Shannon Watts Stops Making Sense”

    She’s never made ANY sense, probably never will. Not that she cares as long as Bloomies money keeps feeding her bank account.

  6. avatar Pascal says:

    The problem is you assume that readers parse her essay the way the PotG would. MSNBC caters to the liberal mindset and thus very little if no though at all will be put into its reading. Once again we are fighting emotions with facts, which does not work in circle that she is talking to.

    Your response would be a great rebuttal to the essay if they would actually post a common sense rebuttal

  7. avatar Roscoe says:

    The liberal MSM is continuously propagating her message to help brainwash the low information voters, pure and simple. The great anti-gun advertising campaign sponsored by socialist utopian progressive anti’s in broadcasting. No truth in advertising required.

  8. avatar Scrubula says:

    Why do people who hate guns and have very likely never fired or seen one in real life suddenly think they are the experts on gun safety?
    It boggles the mind…

    1. avatar TheBear says:

      Not to open a can of worms here, but probably for the same reason a lot of people who have never talked to a gay person about being gay in their life believe 100% that all gay people can just choose to become straight.

      Ain’t happening.

      1. avatar Another Robert says:

        Mrs. DeBlasio apparently “chose to become straight”, seeing as she calls herself a “former lesbian”. Wonder how that worked?

      2. avatar doesky2 says:

        who never talked to a gay person about being gay in their life believe 100% that all gay people can just choose to become straight.

        What idiot would say ALL gay people can choose to be straight…and if they did I’m sure the newspapers would write a story about the one in a 10M freakish outlier so you can’t write a stupid strawman comment about it.

        What I will ask… a straight-to-gay transition some kind of gravity well phenomena that can only move in one direction? Are you denying the possibility that some people may have slipped into homosexuality due to some kind of emotional,physical, or psychological trauma in which they may need help to revert back to standard heterosexuality?

        1. avatar TheBear says:

          The “all” I put in there above was intentional.

          And yes, I have met many people (unfortunately) who believe /all/ gay people can just pray the gay away. I am not kidding.

  9. avatar Johnny says:

    They ban people from their FB page who actually want to participate in a reasonable and rational conversation.

    1. avatar Jus Bill says:

      Aren’t all “conversations” one-way?

  10. avatar GS650G says:

    Shannon should look into having private photos hacked from the icloud, I hear it’s the latest way to stay relevant and in the news.

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      I mean. That would be bad and wrong. Ahem.

      1. avatar Jus Bill says:

        Here ya go:

        Don’t read the article and don’t get EPPB (Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker) to download victims’ data from iCloud backups.

        “That software is sold by Moscow-based forensics firm Elcomsoft and intended for government agency customers. In combination with iCloud credentials obtained with iBrute, the password-cracking software for iCloud released on Github over the weekend, EPPB lets anyone impersonate a victim’s iPhone and download its full backup rather than the more limited data accessible on And as of Tuesday, it was still being used to steal revealing photos and post them on Anon-IB’s forum.”

        For entertainment and educational purposes only. Be warned.

  11. avatar Taylor TX says:

    “We can start by educating parents about the dangers of leaving guns unlocked and passing laws that hold parents responsible if they do and tragedy results”

    This was the first draft: We can start by educating parents about the dangers of owning guns and knowing those who do.

    1. avatar JAS says:

      Guess she doesn’t know the law – this is Florida’s:

      790.174 Safe storage of firearms required.—
      (1) A person who stores or leaves, on a premise under his or her control, a loaded firearm, as defined in s. 790.001, and who knows or reasonably should know that a minor is likely to gain access to the firearm without the lawful permission of the minor’s parent or the person having charge of the minor, or without the supervision required by law, shall keep the firearm in a securely locked box or container or in a location which a reasonable person would believe to be secure or shall secure it with a trigger lock, except when the person is carrying the firearm on his or her body or within such close proximity thereto that he or she can retrieve and use it as easily and quickly as if he or she carried it on his or her body.

  12. avatar Royal Tony says:

    Shannon: And the gun lobby supports laws that prohibit doctors from having life-saving conversations with patients about the risks of gun injury and how to avoid them.
    Translation: Gun owners don’t support laws attempting to turn doctors into reporters for the nanny state. (And since when did they teach the 4 rules in medical school?)
    Shannon: We can only hope that out of these unfortunate circumstances comes a dialogue about children and guns.
    Translation: I can only hope the big news networks continue to hype this tragedy so I can keep harping on about it.

    1. avatar Scrubula says:

      It’s not even that doctors want to report gun owners. It’s that the ACA health care fill in forms included check boxes for gun owners to effectively register themselves.

      1. avatar Jus Bill says:

        Well if she can “edit reality” when talking to reporters, you can when talking to your doctor. “Guns? No they’re icky.”

        1. avatar Royal Tony says:

          Just like that, the “Gun Epidemic” metamorphoses into a “Boating Accident Epidemic”.

  13. avatar Ralphie says:

    Wait a minute!
    “When did any no information liberal ever make sense?”

  14. avatar Resident CT says:

    It should have been “A commonsense conversation about using the strategies of Edward Bernays ” to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing about it” (quote from Edward Bernays) while quashing any and all conversation except for those that agree with her and even then not so much.

    1. avatar Gene says:

      That was an interesting read. Thank you.

  15. avatar TFred says:

    “Freed from rational thought, insulated from criticism, venerated and coddled by unquestioning followers, she bends language until it snaps.”

    One of the greatest movie lines of all time, with slight alterations and apologies to Jack Nicholson:

    “How do you write gun-grabbers so well?”

    “I think of a normal person, and I take away reason and accountability.”

    1. avatar juliesa says:

      You can shit on all us women if you want, but it’s men like Bloomberg, Gates, Broad and other male billionaires who are running this op. Talk about missing the target.

      1. avatar Another Robert says:

        You seem to be on to something there. How many of these feminist icons are being kept afloat by a rich male sugar daddy?

  16. avatar JR_in_NC says:

    “We can start by … passing laws that hold parents responsible if they do and tragedy results.”

    Shannon, those laws already exist.

    See, for example, NC GS-14-315.1.

    1. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

      And similar laws exist in several other states.

      This is one of the more infuriating things about these groups: They don’t know gun law as it exists right now. When you tell them that the laws they want exist, right now, they ignore you and keep yammering on about their agenda.

  17. avatar the ruester says:

    “Since the gun nuts don’t want to have this conversation with us, we’ll have this reasonable debate with an empty chair. Hey, chair? Whacha gonna do when momz run wild on YOU? Nothing? Awwww, whatsa matter, you scared? Bawwwk! Bawwwk! That’s what I thought!”


  18. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    Conversations and dialogues about ” reasonable and sensible” gun control ” for the children” usually involve only gun grabbers. Nothing new here. Shannon is just a paid shill for her International Bolshevik master. For Shannon, it is just another day at Monsanto.

  19. avatar Marc says:

    About the title of this piece: When the Heck has Shannon Watts EVER made sense?

  20. avatar bigx5murf says:

    The pro gun side isn’t the one deleting every comment that doesn’t tow the party line. So who’s the one refusing to have conversation?

    1. avatar Bob says:

      No, the pro-gun side viciously attacks any comments from the other side, until that troll has been driven away. We use logical, well-reasoned arguments, but we also are very abusive in our tone. There are several examples of this on TTAG.

      1. avatar Jus Bill says:

        [Bilabial fricative]

      2. avatar JR_in_NC says:

        Idiotic trolls should be ridiculed.

        IF someone wants to come here and engage in reasoned discussion with an open mind, I doubt they are treated as you describe.

        Sycophants and dogmatic closed minded sheep, on the other hand, deserve whatever is heaped upon them.

      3. avatar Chip Bennett says:

        The tone may be occasionally less than civil (though normally I would say that the tone remains quite civil) here at TTAG; but even at its worst, it pales in comparison to the normal tone coming from the other side. The difference is measured in orders of magnitude.

  21. avatar Bob Watson says:

    Nick and his crystal ball are correct. The Hysterical Mother receives media attention because Shannon’s Sugar Daddy has money and influence. He will not continue to fund her if she does not produce results, and her record is one of dismal failure. Besides, Geppeto wants his puppet back.

  22. avatar rlc2 says:

    This is like Obama’s vilification of bitter clingers, and Biden’s allusion to TeaPartiers as terrorists. At some point MDA and MSNBC simply jump the shark, and if the drop off the cliff in eyeballs and ratings is proof, it was awhile back for the MSNBC. Bloomie and Shannon can spin all they like. Everytown is just propaganda, as it is. It remains to be seen how many Real Moms and voters catch on, in the meantime. At some point, they will come to be viewed with same scorn as Al Jhazzera TV, Democratic Underground, or Daily Kos, where the moonbattery is epic and the echo chamber is small but weird, indeed.

    Keep pointing out the lies, and Mock Them™, and if they engage in media slander towards TTAG, Punch Back Twice As Hard™ with the Truth.

    And dont descend to their level of discourse, ad hominems, lies, etc. Not saying commenters must follow some speech nanny code, just that RF, and Staff have a higher standard, and btw, it drives Progtards nutty, when you wont go in the sewer with them. Give them enough rope…and all that, and it works, is what I sense Nick is getting at, as to trends.

    ™ for the memes to Instapundit.

  23. avatar Another Robert says:

    Great, Shannon Watts leading a “conversation” about gun policy by writing on In other words, “conversation”=”monologue in an empty room”. BTW, the WNBA is still around too. It’s just that no one pays any attention to them except the sportswriters. Same with Shannon.

    1. avatar Gene says:

      It’s quite clear there is absolutely no interest in them having a conversation with us. If they were serious, they’d offer to bring the boxed wine.

  24. avatar Allen says:

    the day that MDA and Everytown starts passing out free gun locks will be the day i acknowledge them as a real gun safety organization. but they never will, becuase they do not want guns to exist at all so gun locks would be useless

  25. avatar Richard In WA says:

    “We can start by educating parents about the dangers of guns…”

    Isn’t a HUGE portion of what the NRA and NSSF do just that? Education and training? Providing (cheap) trigger locks with every gun purchase? I seem to call the NSSF being a big part of that.

    But I suppose that all of that doesn’t count as “conversation” when the only conversation they are willing to have is about disarmament.

  26. avatar Tom says:

    I give MDA another year or two of existence and it will go the way of Million Mom Marchers. It would have already been defunct were it not for Bloomberg money. I am willing to bet that some of the former members of Million Moms are now MDA members.

  27. avatar Mark Lloyd says:

    MDA and the entire gun control movement make as much sense as religion does. If I piss in someones Corn Flakes….well too bad, but religion is for the weak minded who are easily lead by unprovable idiocy. Most of it makes no sense, which by the way is the same for the gun control movement. They say it’s common sense, except for one big problem, it won’t work, which they know, but won’t admit. And all the while, the good sheep are supposed to wipe the drool off their face, watch mainstream media and obey. Don’t question, OBEY.
    OH MY ASS!

    1. avatar JR_in_NC says:

      “religion is for the weak minded”

      Kinda like this guy?

      Comments like yours are so unbelievably closed minded that they are impossible to take seriously.

      1. avatar lizzrd says:

        You’re putting up the irreligious agnostic Einstein as an example of…what again?

        1. avatar JR_in_NC says:

          As usual, you need to check your facts.

          How many actual biographies of Einstein have you read? He was a deeply spiritual man and distanced himself from labels like “atheist” for a reason.

          But hey, snark away if it makes you feel better.

        2. avatar lizzrd says:

          Once again, you’re just plain wrong. It’s getting old.

    2. avatar Chip Bennett says:

      Is the anti-religion ad hominem supposed to serve some purpose here, other than an attempted thread-jacking?

      Sorry, not going to take the bait.

  28. avatar Mina says:

    and you all thought I was nuts when I kept warning you about the dangers of the Feminist hordes.

  29. avatar Out_Fang_Thief says:

    Outright deception and intellectual arrogance…..but then, there’s a lot of that going around.

    “Yours is a war of arrogance, that makes it evil……….that’s mine. (Satan) Viggo Mortensen

  30. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    One thing Shannon reminds us all of: you don’t have to be rich like Gates or Bloomberg to be a narcissist (but it does help).

    1. avatar lizzrd says:

      Oh, she’s pretty rich. Not Gates or Bloomberg rich, but still rich.

  31. avatar Richard In WA says:

    I hate the term “common sense” now thanks to zealots like these. It instantly suggests that anyone who disagrees with their narrative lacks intelligence and good judgement.

    Captain Obvious strikes again…

  32. avatar Scythian Arrows says:

    If MDA and other gun control groups were interested in conversation, they wouldn’t disable comments on their Youtube videos.

    1. avatar Chip Bennett says:


      See also: turning their Facebook page(s) into a Newspeak-worthy Memory Hole.

  33. avatar libtard says:

    I am a laborer. It is not what I do, it is who I am. I go to work every day to put food on the table, make the mortgage and maybe help our child through college. I wonder if Watts has even a small inkling how offensive that photo is to common folk like me.

  34. avatar Doug says:

    What do you mean “stops making sense”, she never made sense.

  35. She’s not making any real progress on these issues and her very name is becoming radioactive to her own cause. Nick’s right, she’s done.

  36. avatar FL Alan says:

    dumb ass white beocth!

  37. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

    Oh, Shannon. You’re always Shannon. She makes me want to don a ribbon, wear a rubber wristband, perhaps even run a fun run, all in the effort to aid science’s search for a cure for the common scold. Get well soon, Shannon!

  38. avatar Jake says:

    [s] Let’s have a conversation about gun control! That’s a great idea, I think I’ll go to MDA’s Facebook page and share my ideas, perhaps we can come to an understanding!!![/s]
    I tried that once, foolishly believing that some of Shannon’s sheep would be amenable to reason, and was almost instantly banned. I’m pretty happy with that, and shame on anybody who hasn’t been banned from MDA’s Facebook by now.

  39. avatar Raul Ybarra says:

    If you want to have a conversation/debate, Shannon, perhaps you could stop deleting any post that disagrees with your position?

    Maybe you could go on Dana Loesch’s show, even?

    A conversation involves more than one person’s ideas.

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