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Picture of Bundy Ranch militia man accompanying Daily Kos article on slowing AR-15 sales (courtesy

“The problem, you see, is that a whole lot of very stupid people went out and bought assault rifles because the NRA and other conspiracy groups were very, very sure that Barack Obama was going to ban them when he took office, or after he took office, or during any particular season, or when he re-took office, and so on. And more very stupid people went out and bought them after the brutal shootings of elementary school students in Newtown, Connecticut, because they too thought there was some slim chance that America would pull its head out of its ass and finally do something to maybe stop very stupid and/or crazy people from purchasing assault rifles in order to ‘protect themselves’ from elementary school children, people who walk on the neighbor’s property without permission, or car crash victims who knock on their doors seeking help.” – Hunter, Assault rifle sales sluggish because cruel dictator Obama still hasn’t banned them [via]

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    • Yes indeed. If the article and comments is the intellectual tenor of the opposition, we don’t have much to worry about.

      Scroll down near the bottom, some gun guy starts pressing a poster to define these laws they would impose…. The slightest bit of scrutiny and the whole argument collapses.

      Daily Kos isn’t reason or policy, its left wing naval gazing.

      • I respectfully disagree that this is something we do not need to worry about. Yes, from an intellectual and logical stand point, there is nothing there, but the lefties haven’t bothered with logic or intellect for years. The play on the field of emotion. There goal is to pry and manipulate the public’s emotions, one person at a time if necessary, until that person religiously and reflexively believes what they’ve been manipulated to believe. It is simple bully and mob mentalities. Demonize and try yo whip up hatred against those you disagree with until you have a sufficient mob. It has worked before and will work again unless countered, no matter how small or inane.

        • Agree. Just because they lack reason doesn’t mean they aren’t a force to be reckoned with. The more people they convert the more people they have to vote for initiatives and candidates that do not serve the interests of the Armed Intelligensia.

      • It’s not in 2008 he had a section on his campaign website said he wanted to reinstate the 1994 gun ban, for a few days before he realized how unpopular the position was and removed it.
        Or that in 2012 he openly ran on the platform of reinstating it.
        Or that he introduced legislation that would reinstate it.
        Or that he did ban, by dictatorial fiat, the importation of certain semi-auto rifles.

        Oh wait…he did do all that stuff.

        • Agreed, I am finding a disturbing trend in gun Prohibitionists that are pretending none of these things ever happened. The threat of a ban on an item you were considering purchasing is a sure-fire way to provoke rushed sales of the item. You could do the same thing with BMWs and the outcome would be no different. It’s economics.

  1. The Daily KOS might as well be a collection point for the truly vile and reprehensible. Read comments on that site sometime.

    Also no one cares what the Daily KOS thinks. People do stupid and crazy stuff all the time. Some guy pulled his own head off with a cable tied to a tree. Should we ban cables? I mean I dont own any so I cant see why you need to either unless you want to pull your own head off or perhaps someone else’s head.

  2. Actually, this article is encouraging to me. The author admits that the sales slump is abnormal, and the actual baseline of sales continues to increase year by year. To me, that is an admission that the “more guns in fewer hands” meme was a lie. And by reading the comments, one senses that his audience knows this,as well. Anything that increases their hand wringing and consternation just warms my heart.

      • Have you read the comments section? It is either the biggest collection of pompous asses on the planet (not including government of course) OR it is the DK staff filling in the comments section with more propaganda.

        • I try not to poison my mind with comments on sites like that. Once in a while I can handle it, but only in small doses.

          Make no mistake, I salute those that can read that stuff and even more so those that can engage them. It’s just not for me.

          But it strikes me as funny in a very weird way just how stupid sites like DK have to assume their own audience is to buy the stuff they peddle KNOWING it is fecal matter. For some reason, it makes me think of sticking a fish hook through the nose of a minnow to be used as bait.

        • It’s a cesspool JR in NC. You can’t engage over there. I’ve tried on several occasions. Approaching a topic to debate is similar to approaching an asylum of people walking around in circles in the desert, and you are trying to just find out what they are doing and why they are there, and they can’t even explain that. They just yell that you’re stupid and then mumble something about the Koch brothers. Waste of time.

    • It’s called projection. If you’re batshit crazy stupid, then you tend to assume everybody else is just like you.
      Sometimes I think kos and salon exist to make HuffPo look mainstream.

    • @The Trouble

      This. Kos and his cronies drove off the sizable and active RKBA presence right around the same time they drove off anyone who thought Obama was as flawed and compromised as any other politician and that the Democratic establishment were little more than a revolving door to Big Finance and Big Media.

      I can’t imagine how many working and middle-class Democrats they turned-off licking Obama, Bloomberg, and Rahm’s shoes. It’s on my “Don’t Visit” list right alongside Free Republic. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  3. 1. They must’ve missed that part where Obama was backing an AWB written by Feinstein, the writer of the previous “assault weapons ban.”

    2. You mean the G proposed people could no longer have something that previously had and still wanted. So, the people ran out obtained said taboo item? Yep, that’s never happened in the course of American history, sans with the gun lobby, right. *cough* prohibition *cough*

      • Yeah, nobody want to take your guns… We just like using words like ban and confiscate because they sound better than a rape and pillage.

        It’s for the children, don’t-cha-know.

  4. Personally, I think most folks who wanted one now have one … and AR-type rifles are durable goods, more or less, not disposable.

    I’d also guess that at least some folks have discovered how much fun, and how easy, it is to assemble your own. You know, buy the first, build the rest. I wonder how the sales stats would look if they included lowers, uppers and parts kits.

    • Thanks, now the loonies will start demanding background checks for 80% lowers, mandatory registration of end-mills and power drills, concentration camps for certified machinists, etc.

    • Exactly. Basic capitalism. Many more people have them today with the US one breath away from tyranny, and most of these people only need one; thus, they aren’t buying. Me, on the other hand, I need… um… want more, so I like the prices. Something tells me that after the elections in November that Obama will try another round of Presidential Decrees, and the prices are not going to get much cheaper. In other words. I am looking for bargains now. Trying my hand at 3-gun next year, so need new toys.

      • “one breath away” There is no fight in anyone to take on the local, state, & Federal governments with guns. NV ranch and Ferguson is all the evidence needed to know citizens will carry weapons but not use them against law enforcement

  5. As usual, another well reasoned argument from the anti-‘s side. /sarc

    Although, they sure are adorable when they’re angry.

  6. Blah-blah-blah. I’m starting to think that most of these articles could be replaced with an continuously updated list of people who think their likes/dislikes out-weigh my rights.
    You know what? I don’t like pastels, except for stuff for babies. I want to see some meaningful legislation that mandates bold colors for anyone over the age of 3. Isn’t it time we had a meaningful conversation about house paint in this country?

  7. The Daily Kos is a bunch of elitist a-holes who have no particularly good reason to feel elite. Think of it like the A crowd in high school; they weren’t particularly smart, they weren’t really that good looking in any situation outside of the confines of high school, and they certainly weren’t nice to people, yet they somehow felt superior to everyone else. Although come to think of it, that seems like it describes large swaths of the internet …

    • “The Daily Kos is a bunch of elitist a-holes who have no particularly good reason to feel elite.”

      That describes the Young Dems I knew back in the day: Arrogant, nauseatingly pretentious, manipulative, wealthy scions leading around a group of nerdy, sanctimonious useful idiots to build their careers and resumes.

      The scions didn’t care at all about the issues, and had close frat connections with the Young Republicans. The useful idiots were simply tools to increase their social and business connections with the rest of the financial and cognitive elites.

      I quickly figured all this out and tried to get the idiots to defect to the Libertarian Party to make a point, but the elites quickly shut me down. Well, whatever guys, and thanks for the favor.

  8. Well, whenever you see ad-hominems thrown about like this, you know you’ve won the debate.

    People resort to ad-hominems because they are either too lazy to form a reasoned argument or because they don’t have one.

    The article is really nothing but name-calling and baseless claims. Move along, nothing to see here…

  9. The Daily Kos attempted to hide the fact that Jared Loughner was a reader and posted there. The DK attack on Gabby Giffords the week preceding Loughner’s attack was a likely trigger for the event.

    • IIRC, Loughner had been harassing Giffords for months if not years: writing her crazy letters and such. It’s possible that something on DailyKos set him off, but the obsession was there.

      Maybe DailyKos should post more trigger warnings.

      • Nah can’t be. According to the “enlightened” Pima County Sheriff Dupnik, it was rightwing hate radio that caused Loughner to shoot Gabby. It has to be true since he spewed it the day after the shooting without looking at the case firsthand. Plus he also said Arizona is the Mecca for intolerance and bigotry, so that’s just another feather in his cap. Surely his place in heaven is now secured.

  10. And in their own brilliance, they neglect to note that despite stupidly believing that they were to be outlawed, millions of stupid Americans stupidly bought them anyway. As in, they stupidly do not intend to turn them in when so stupidly ordered. Those millions were stupidly preparing for a REALLY stupid war, pushed on by stupid journalists, for no reason..

  11. Ahh, it warms the cockles of my heart to see the ravings of these anti-freedom zealots.

    The reason they are raving is because they keep seeing their greatest fears manifest; an armed and free people; unbowed and uncowed, standing proud with gun in hand.

    So they attack what they fear. And they wreak of the stink of terror at the idea that human beings can be truly free and not subservient to their master, which is government.

  12. Since the discussion has devolved into name calling – I think the Daily KOS and their readers are stupid – so there you have it.

    More specifically, they are freedom-hating statists.

  13. The news story that Hunter cites for his post closes on a rather cheerful note. (for us)
    Unfortunately, you’d have to read to the very end of this Daily Kos post to find it.
    I will save you that painful task:

    ““Gun ownership has become normalized among a greater demographic,” said James, adding that the long-term trend is still favorable for gun makers. “Are people buying as many guns this year as they were last year? No. Are people buying more guns than they were three years ago? Yes. The industry is pretty healthy.”… said Andrea James, a Minneapolis-based analyst for Dougherty & Co.


    • Exactly. I’d suggest, however, that gun ownership hasn’t “become” normalized among a greater demographic because it’s always been there. The people I saw in gun-stores buying weapons, while often doing so for the first time in years, were generally quite well acquainted with weapons, most (like me) having grown up around guns and already possessing hunting guns. What I saw happening was an America arming itself. The symbolism of that was quite a profound thing to experience. The reverberation of that change is still being felt in American society. We got the militias running off government thugs at the Bundy Ranch while the gun-controllers got handed their heads in congress and in recall elections in Colorado.

      • @Garrison Hall

        Even people here miss the significance of Americans arming themselves, prepping in large numbers and the Tea Party maintaining political primacy. The global bankers and their tools in government cannot strip the renaming rights of Americans without paying a very hefty price.

  14. Funny enough (funny uh-oh, not funny ha-ha), the people you DO have to worry about shooting your neighbor, shooting the accident victim, or shooting kids because they actually have, are the same ones Progressives think are the only ones who should have guns.

  15. Bashing Americans because they woke up and realized that buying guns, shooting guns, was supporting the 2A,.. yes, even the “stupid” realized it.. The more guns bought, the better IMO. we don’t exercise our rights, we will loose them..

  16. You have to keep in mind that in their bubble world anybody who doesn’t agree completely if not religiously is either stupid or crazy. Socialist metrosexuals are the bestest people they ever met and anybody who doesn’t want to live they way they do should just DIE. They make so much noise it’s difficult to tell what their actual effect is, comedic or real nuisance.

  17. Why does every discussion with an anti quickly turn to ad hominem attack by them?

    Could it be that they don’t really have valid arguments?

    • Yeah, they don’t have valid arguments, and Markos has basically said that the DKos DBAD (Don’t Be a Dick) policy regarding how to treat fellow Kossacks doesn’t apply to RKBA Kossacks. It’s open season on us RKBA Kossacks.

      • DBAD was also lifted for Obama fanboys to bash critics to their hearts’ delight. He’s a fully mobbed-in political player now, and will happy exchange positive media coverage for money and access.

  18. Gah. I can’t stand DKos. Markos is basically allowing open season on RKBA Kossacks and anyone else who dares challenge his hoplophobia. I haven’t (yet) been banned from there, but a bunch of RKBA Kossacks have.

    • I haven’t been banned, but then again, I got out around the time the Dems lost Congress and the corporate hacks were busy looking for scapegoats to deflect blame for their bailout policy. The gun-grabbing, bailout excusing and amnesty flogging kept me away from the waste of electricity for good.

  19. If a rapist tries and keeps failing, that makes him no less a rapist.

    Apply to Obama/gun bans and their argument is destroyed.

  20. +1Nedd. And if you haven’t got that evil black rifle yet there’s some stupendous deals out there-like a pretty good ar for $450 on slickguns(after rebate). Wish I had some $. BTW I never really thought about getting an ar/ak until 2 years ago.

  21. The problem, you see, is that a whole lot of very stupid people went out and bought assault rifles because…there was some slim chance that America would pull its head out of its ass and finally do something to maybe stop very stupid and/or crazy people from purchasing assault rifles

    So, the person advocating for banning scary black guns is calling other people stupid for buying more scary black guns because of a perceived threat to their continued right to purchase said scary black guns?

    Well played, sir. Well played.

  22. So let me get this straight, they admit that the goal was to try to ban these firearms, and so people were right for buying them out of concern for a ban, but gun buyers are people they don’t like therefore they are stupid?

  23. I agree! People who go out and prepare for some fictitious threat must be morons. Can you believe I actually talked to a guy who was purchasing a FIRE EXTINGUISHER because he thought his house might catch fire! How absurd…must be one of those MORONS also! Ya think? LOL

  24. Gun grabbers like to portray gun owners as paranoid, but the conveniently forget that “reinstating the assault weapons ban, and making it permanent”, was in Obama’s 2008 campaign platform. And he did have a democrat majority in both houses of congress, so it wasn’t exactly unreasonable to rush out and buy your AR in late 2008/early 2009. Obviously we all underestimated just how marginalized the gun-banners had already become.

  25. Welp, the ban (which was in process at the time — eventual failure or no) brought me in, so… Derp away I guess. It wasn’t a passing phase either.

    They can go with their bad selves; if they think they aren’t alienating their own reader base – definitely mistaken. They’re only energizing the people who were already apoplectic about the ability for a non authority figure to own a rifle with a plastic hand guard.

    “Stupid” is thinking with such confidence that gun owners are such a narrow and pigeonholed demographic. It’s amazing with what confidence people like this, for example, presume I’m still an anti.

    Go ahead and call entire meta demographics stupid. Let’s see where that gets you.

  26. Let’s step back and take a look at why ‘The Left’, Communists/Socialists/Marxists will not stop in their efforts to disarm American citizens (but not it’s Militarized Police or Terrorists)
    #1 The core reason is r-Type vs K-Type reproduction strategy which is explained here:
    #2 More pressing is The Left’s control of the reigns of power in America and it’s once covert plan to destroy American’s ability to defend themselves against forced collectivization using a world wide jihad as both cover and military tool to wage the war that western collectivists are too cowardly to wage themselves. Case in point: Operation Zero Footprint shows The Left’s willingness to allow 1000’s to be murdered as a means of placing Al Queda in charge of Libya to arm Jihadists with modern weapons of war and further the World Caliphate:
    #3 The anti-gun propaganda campaign, directed by the WH Dept. Of Propaganda, follows Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals to the letter, is waged against the Middle Class, the group targeted by The Left for physical destruction and as with all serial killers disarming the selected victim is of paramount importance.
    #4 Socialists love guns and love violence, when they are the ones using it and look upon Jihadist’s barbarian use of violence not with distain but with well concealed envy. Genocide, is after all, every socialist’s default position it was Hitler who said decades before the Holocaust that the first Christian genocide of the 20th century , carried out by Muslims was a mere statistic. The Persians were so impressed with Hitler’s Collectivist anti-semitic vision that they changed their name and that of their entire culture to Aryan, or as they call it, Iran who is joined at the hip with the left perusing the destruction of America and Israel

    • Sorry, but it sounds like you read a bunch of Glen Beck’s conspiratorial screeds with no critical filter whatsoever. That’s not any better than regurgitating Hunter’s hissy fit IMHO.

  27. This kind of shizzay probably quadruples its hits by being cited on TTAG. I dig being informed of it, but I don’t want to pull your finger to find out what you had for lunch.

  28. He’s right in one respect. The people were actively arming themselves against the federal government.

    I also think that this administration knew that. I’ve a strong suspicion that it was that realization – and the sure response – that helped shut down any real gun control at the federal level. He hasn’t hesitated to use his pen and phone on any other issue.

    I also think that he knows how little of the military he actually would control in that kind of situation and that is why there’s been such a militarization of federal agencies. But that’s just my aluminum foil had talking…

    • @Raul

      That’s mostly correct. Many are also arming myself to deal with any future administration–Repub or Dem–who thinks civil rights are an inconvenience for the elites.

      They’re also arming in preparation for the inevitable economic breakdown caused by an excessively financialized economy that exported almost all of its productive industry.

  29. How many stupid people buy cars? More than the stupid who buy guns, I’ll bet.
    How many people are killed by cars every year? More than those killed with guns.

  30. Im confused though – wouldn’t the point still be they should be banned, ergo, all these people were right to worry that a ban was coming? How does that not make sense to the author?


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