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"Wait...Politifact called me out on an anti-gun lie? THAT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!" (Leon Neal/Pool Photo via AP)
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The text of the Second Amendment is short: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Harlan Reynolds said the amendment’s few words speak for themselves.

“The Second Amendment places no limits on individual ownership of cannon, or any other arms,” Reynolds said.

There have been many court cases to resolve whether the amendment confers an individual right to bear arms. In 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that it does. …

From the way Biden put it, the Second Amendment regulated weapons. The more immediate driver in 1787 was the desire to keep the federal government in check.

The framers of the Constitution agreed that a federal government might need a standing army. But coming out from under one despot, they wanted to avoid creating another. This was something that Federalists and Anti-Federalists could agree on, wrote Valparaiso law professor David Vandercoy.

“Both believed the greatest danger to the new republic was tyrannical government and that the ultimate check on tyranny was an armed population,” Vandercoy wrote in 1994.

— Jon Greenberg in Joe Biden gets history wrong on the Second Amendment limiting gun ownership

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  1. “The framers of the Constitution agreed that a federal government might need a standing army. But coming out from under one despot, they wanted to avoid creating another. This was something that Federalists and Anti-Federalists could agree on, wrote Valparaiso law professor David Vandercoy.

    ‘Both believed the greatest danger to the new republic was tyrannical government and that the ultimate check on tyranny was an armed population,’ Vandercoy wrote in 1994.”

    My new 2nd favorite quote, after-

    “A free man doesn’t ask permission to bear arms, he doesn’t have to.” – Thomas Jefferson

    • The 2A is a given and stands on its own. To go back and forth with imbeciles like biden and his ilk gives Gun Control standing and is just peeing in the wind. What is sad to say not being done on the floor is congress is holding Gun Control and the people who support it accountable for promoting an agenda in America that is rooted in racism and genocide.
      Biden and his Gun Control ilk might as well be adorned in sheets, pointed hats and swastikas. The way Gun Control is given standing and gullible people fall for it you’d think Gun Control was some genius idea hatched yesterday. The historical facts about Gun Control confirms Gun Control in any shape or form goes hand in hand with slave shacks, nooses, burning crosses, concentration camps and things of that nature.

      At the drop of a hat and with hopes of cleansing its past those in the democRat Party are quick to hang the race card around the Party of Lincoln. It’s even a bigger problem when certain pasty mouth finger pointing gun owners sit silent and allow it to happen on a daily basis. Failure to properly define Gun Control and remind Gun Control zealots about the diabolical roots of their agenda is not only gutless it holds the door open for Gun Control zealots to feel free to bully and kick the 2A around like a tin can.
      It’s even worse when pencil dick supposedly gun owners on a forum dedicated to free speech and the 2A attack those like myself who say what they do not have the guts or sense to say…ever.

      It is not a day that goes by that somewhere in the media some Gun Control political hack is hanging the race card around the necks of decent Americans who live by Content of Character. Well when the party of Jim Crow does things like that it’s fighting words where I come from and I’ll continue my mission to fight Gun Control on the behalf of those who endured its terrorism throughout history whether certain pasty mouth pencil dicks on this forum like it or not.

      • Saul Alinsky “Rules For Radicals” play….Accuse your opponent/enemy of what you are doing. There is the WHY behind calling Conservatives…..Racist.

    • yes,Joe….the 2nd amendment does allows you to own a cannon…true then, still true now

      • No, it doesn’t. The 2nd Amendment doesn’t ALLOW me to do anything at all; It GUARANTEES my right to own a cannon, and requires Government to fully support and defend my right to do so against all Government attempts to interfere.

        Or am I missing something?

        • The 2nd Amendment doesn’t guarantee anything. It’s not much more than a reminder. Only people willing to fight for it guarantee anything.

      • I have to clarify–I don’t want to start an argument, and you are not ‘wrong;’ It’s just that the words that people use seem to be carrying a lot more psychological ‘weight’ nowadays, and the words we choose can ‘mean’ something completely different that what we intend to convey.

        Sadly, there are so many instances where our enemies claim that the 2nd Amendment ‘grants’ rights, or ‘allows’ conduct, just as with the other Top Ten; The truth, of course, is that all of the Top Ten, our Bill of Rights, are clearly intended to codify the fact that these particular rights are unalienable, are things that Government has a specific duty to honor and to protect, and are not things that Government permits us to possess out of sheer Government benevolence, things that can be revoked, modified, ignored, or suspended in case of ’emergencies.’

        • Great comment, John. And unfortunately the illegitimate POTATUS (or more accurately, his handlers including Obama) has been going on camera and managing to string a few sentences together that say the government grants us these rights.

          The thing that is even worse than that is that a good half of the US population is so stupid now, have so willingly given up the responsibility to think for themselves, that they will unquestioningly believe him. It’s a big, big problem.

        • The willingness of the Government to enforce the constitution and the bill of rights is the justification and validation for it’s existence.

  2. I saw a clip of that yesterday…the problem with invoking the 25th is that it would land us with Kamala. All I can say is God help us!

    • Let’s keep Sleazy, Sniffy, Senile, “Fire-Two-Blasts-In-The-Air” Joey in there. He is hilarious,and will only become more so as his dementia advances. Besides, the Libturds’ agenda/tactics are the same regardless of which puppet’s strings they are pulling on any day.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree the 2A imposes no limitations because at minimum it provides for the private ownership, use, and wearing of military-grade small arms. There is no time designation factored in. Everything these pathetic and paranoid control freaks do is motivated toward the absolute removal of our rights to keep and bear arms. Such traitors and like-minded others are true enemies of the US Constitution and therefore must be destroyed.

    • A rhetorical question, perhaps, but how does the 2A allegedly limit the private ownership of arms to those that are ‘small’? What about the big ones?

      Given that “Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birthright of an American… The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people,” according to Tench Coxe, it is apparent that ‘the militia’ is certainly entitled to arms that are NOT ‘small,’ such as those served by crews comprised of multiple soldiers. Does it not follow that ‘every other terrible implement of the soldier’ should also be available for private ownership, especially as the New Tyrants flaunt their possession of F-15s and nuclear weapons?

      Asking for a friend, of course.

      • “Asking for a friend, of course.”

        Of course … you and your friend might take another reading and comprehension class and one that’s strong on comprehension.

        I said “at minimum”. This identifies only a starting point and I never mentioned an end. Most elementary level school children would’ve picked up on this at first reading. But I guess from your comment you need to hear yourself talk and get some attention from somewhere.

        • Wow, why do defensive, GRA? He just asked a question- he didn’t insult you. For some reason your little ego took it as an insult and your reply was stupid.

          Don’t do that. Our community has to stick together. I hate to see shit like this. I suppose you will retort back with some kind of insult to me for pointing out your inexplicable hurt feelings, so go ahead. I’m just pointing out your ridiculousness in hopes that you will stop and think about it, because bad times are coming and we can’t have our community acting like baby dicks to one another over perceived insults. Make yourself have better self-esteem than that.

        • You even attack a guy who was basically AGREEING with YOU? Talk about needing remedial reading comprehension… If you can’t handle a response to your posts then perhaps you need to consider another passtime.. And what is it with “ZOOM”, straight to personal attacks… You must be dealing with some serious insecurity issues or did mommy find your secret stash of porn? Perhaps YOU need to get back on YOUR meds…

        • Having followed this to the end, I can only say that you’re being needlessly defensive, aggressive, confrontational, and obtuse.

          I didn’t disagree with you. I didn’t insult your mother, or your dog. I didn’t, I hope, threaten your manhood.

          I asked a RHETORICAL question, based upon a common misunderstanding of what the 2nd Amendment ‘allows,’ expanding on your own thought about ‘minimums,’ simply because there ARE no apparent limitations beyond what one can afford, maintain, and secure.

          I see that you continued your rudeness to the very end. That does not speak well of your upbringing or your maturity.

          Bless your heart.

      • @John,

        In regards to “F-15s and nuclear weapons” and whatever limitations may reasonably be placed on what private citizens may personally own:

        Firearms? Yes, absolutely. Cannons? Of course. Tanks, armaments, vehicles, planes? Yes to all. But I think a reasonable “line in the sand” is where an accidental mishandling won’t result in the death and destruction of large numbers of innocents. For example, if I negligently discharge my gun, I might accidentally kill a bystander. Tragic, but limited to one person, and someone else with their own gun can stop me from continuing if I did it on purpose. A “check and balance” sort of thing.

        Similar outcome if I run my military-style vehicle or tank through a crowd. There will be casualties, but eventually I can be stopped (does anyone remember the guy who stole and ran a tank through the streets of San Diego back in 1995?)

        But if I have nuclear weapons, or a large quantity of trinitrotoluene, or even a garage full of thousands of pounds of ammonium based fertilizer, an accident can have massive consequences. The ability of others to keep me in “check” after an event has already started is non-existent.

        • Think about the cost of purchasing and maintaining said weapons, they also have a shelf life, not many people can afford that.

        • thousands of pounds of ammonium based fertilizer,

          Man, when I was a kid we farmed a couple hundred acres including about 50 acres of tobacco and we went though tons of Ammonium Nitrate, but somehow managed to NOT mix it with the necessary ingredients to make it go BOOM, in fact I have NEVER heard of an accidental fertilizer explosion on a farm… Scary thing though, there are thousands of old barns in the midwest with tons of that stuff lying around forgotten just waiting for someone to find them and do just that… And no one, not even government should have nuclear weapons capable of killing millions of people…

        • {Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer}

          “Scary thing though, there are thousands of old barns in the midwest with tons of that stuff lying around forgotten just waiting for someone to find them and do just that…”

          Ammonium Nitrate that old is rather unstable stuff. That’s basically what was in that warehouse at the port in Lebanon. It’s usually difficult to get it to go *Boom*, but years of exposure to humid air and temperature swings ‘sensitized’ it somewhat, so that when the fireworks also stored there caught fire, that’s all it took…

        • @Maddmaxx
          “…And no one, not even government should have nuclear weapons capable of killing millions of people…”

          Agree 100%. All governments should destroy their stockpiles. If only we could make this true….I believe that some gov. is going to push the button one day just because everyone has forgotten what Nuke’s do. Everyone loses in a war with these weapons…there is no winning…..But if we have to…I think Canada is a good first strike target. isn’t Jim Carry from there? lol

      • Are you asking if there should be a limit? Simply put no there should not. Putting limits is in response to an imagined threat rather than a previous or existing one. Until someone abuses aircraft carriers and nukes they theoretically are protected under the second amendment.

        When people use the argument that nukes should be banned the real purpose is to establish there should be limits, limits which they try to extend to ar15’s and 30 round pistols and full autos, and silencers. Since they are using switch and bait tactics it is considered deceitful which means they are not honest and can not be trusted to uphold fairness. This terminates their argument.

        So we are taking bombs rather than guns. Using large bombs implies strikes against the standing federal government. That is treason. At that point you have to finish the job and overthrow government and do the job of creating a new government. You cant just bomb them, you have to make plans for installing yourself as leader and run the nation yourself.

        Yes you are protected legally to own bombs but won’t because it is impractical. The problem with rhetorical or theoretical questions is that they are impractical and do not really matter. They are dumb questions but you have a right to know so I answered.

        p.s. the atf doesn’t want people owning bombs but I question their authority on matters of 2a.

      • Historically (as Lexington/Concord) crewserved weapons are a community asset. Why the kings men were marching.

  4. To the idiot Leftists who believe that you can only have guns while in an organized militia like the National Guard ask them this question…..

    So a National Guardsman has the “RIGHT” to carry weapons? Nope, the guardsman only carries what his commanding officer tells him to carry. So the idea that the 2A was directed to a person in an organized militia and that it would override the commanding officer makes no sense.

  5. There are practical limitations only…such as cost and storage and maintenance …of things like nuclear chemical and biological weapons…and large items such as aircraft carriers, aircraft and lerger military vehicles. At least in theory.
    And after all…it is the only right that says “shall not be infringed”.

  6. The analysis should always start with a review of the entire BOR.
    That BOR is simply a list of things that the People did not cede to the Govt when they agreed to come together as a nation.
    It was a recognition that a single Federal Govt, detached from its constituent States, could become tyrannical.

    Feds cannot create a national religion or abridge any other religion.
    Feds cannot infringe on the individuals right to defend his life and property.
    Feds cannot force an individual to pay for the upkeep of the Fed military.
    Feds cannot force themselves onto an individuals property for the purpose of incriminating him.
    Feds cannot try an individual without a public indictment or force him to testify against himself.
    Feds cannot secretly try an individual or hold him indefinitely or without representation.
    Feds cannot suspend the publics right to a civil jury of peers and create its own civil law.
    Feds cannot create capricious criminal or quasi-criminal punishments.
    Feds cannot create any rights not otherwise given to it.
    Feds cannot usurp any rights not given to them but given to the state.

    See, its pretty simple; no where in there does it say the Feds “can” do anything, particularly limit the rights of the people.

    • Good summary- thanks for posting.

      Makes men sad and angry, though, because our current illegitimate potato-in-chief (or more accurately, Obama and the other people running him) has gone against almost every one of those, and is currently working to go against those that haven’t yet been breached.

      And it’s not just the illegitimate regime currently illegally at the helm. Our lawmakers, both parties (because there is really just a uniparty behind the closed doors in DC) have been screwing us for decades now. Most of us have been asleep and fallen for the theater they put on for us, pretending that they are representing our interest and desires. They have not- they have only represented themselves and their buddies.

      • “the illegitimate regime currently illegally at the helm“

        Thanks for the morning laugh!

        “In Michigan, the Republican-led state Senate Oversight Committee said in a report released Wednesday that there was “no evidence of widespread or systematic fraud” in the state’s 2020 election. The report included a stinging condemnation of the lies about voter fraud pushed by Trump and his supporters.

        “Our clear finding is that citizens should be confident the results represent the true results of the ballots cast by the people of Michigan,” the committee, chaired by Republican state Sen. Ed McBroom, said in its report. “The Committee strongly recommends citizens use a critical eye and ear toward those who have pushed demonstrably false theories for their own personal gain.”

        • Are you quoting the “findings” of the crooks at the helm in Michigan as proof that the election there was clean? Is that what you’re trying to say?

        • In Michigan, the Republican-led state Senate Oversight Committee said in a report released Wednesday that there was “no evidence of widespread or systematic fraud”

          How would they know? The fukin RINOs (you know Republican in name only, aka sellouts) shut down the investigation in Detroit (where the REAL shit happened) BEFORE it even got started… That’s okay, even Wisconsin has decided to take another look and eventually the wide spread fraud will come to light and steps WILL be taken to ensure that it won’t happen again… Enjoy it while you can, by the end of the year everything will be clear and maybe the courts might even actually look at the evidence they refused earlier…

        • Nothing to see here. Move along. Copy, paste, copy, paste. See a pattern there?
          And, of course, were there any fraud in reality, the Libturds/RINOs/all politicians/MSM would be honestly acknowledging same.
          Are you in the market for an ocean view in Arizona???
          I was on a conference call with family member’s doctor when I caught bits and pieces of an interview/announcement where someone is ready to break a real “BREAKING NEWS” dealing with the election fraud. Anyone else catch that report?? No it wasn’t Rudy or Sidney.

      • Stephanie, so accurate. Those tyrants continue to do as you outline because they fear not We The Little Peeps. They do fear We The Little Peeps’ individually held arms (firearms….). Our Founding Fathers put fear in King Georgie’s Redcoats, and they went home never to return. Today, and for many decades, the Redcoats have been replaced with enemy from within. Much harder to mount a fear instilling action against “one’s own countrymen.” Cancer consumes one’s self from within. Politicians have accomplished what armies have failed/feared to attempt. Only one obstacle remaining…..those pesky 27 words, The Second Amendment,
        And, there, you have the WHY behind Libturds’ gun control fetish. Same old same old for centuries. History….learn from it, be doomed to re-live it; or die from it.

  7. “ Stephanie June 26, 2021 At 09:06
    Wow, why do defensive, GRA? He just asked a question- he didn’t insult you. For some reason your little ego took it as an insult and your reply was stupid.”

    WRONG; He’s just plain stupid to ask such a silly-assed question if he indeed read what I wrote. ARE YOU THE FRIEND HE WAS ASKING THAT STUPID QUESTION FOR?

    Proof you’re just as ignorant and desperate for attention as he is. Got nothing to do with ego. Everything to do with reading and thinking before you act.

    • Bet you’re big fun at parties, dude.

      Why don’t you get the knot out of your panties, and respond to a legitimate question, and a legitimate criticism, like a mensch, instead of an @$$hole? Or, continue being an @$$hole, and let us draw our own conclusions. By the way, “at a minimum”?? It does not mean what you think it means. Yes, it IMPLIES more, but . . . how much more? Under what conditions and limitations? See, there is no limitation in the 2A, so when you IMPLY one, people – rational people – might very well ask what your agenda is. So, maybe, chill out. You ain’t as smart as you seem to think you are.

      • Why don’t you put yourself out of your misery and everyone else’s … ???

        Again you’ve spoken like the true leftist you are.

        Somebody states something direct and simple and you try to spin it because you have no life and nothing else to do. Some of y’all really are jesters.

  8. “See, its pretty simple; no where in there does it say the Feds “can” do anything, particularly limit the rights of the people.”

    And yet “they” do so at every opportunity for the last 200 years. Do I need to explain how this can be?

    • Yeah, . . . we became lazy. Our rights haven’t changed materially since 1791. Our willingness to protect them?? Eh, not so much.

  9. It’s absolutely clear that there are powers on the Left that want to strip Americans of weapons that could be used to fight a guerrilla war against a tyrannical government so that they can impose an authorization Leftist regime. The goal Biden is pursuing is simple: Defang the Right. And then crush them.

    All that stuff You’ve read about what happens when a government start stripping its civilian population of weapons is all true. Besides that, there are many instances when having an AR could be helpful. The collapse of society and law enforcement due to an EMP strike, widespread uncontrolled rioting, the Internet going down for a year due to a solar flare, the electrical grid collapsing, the Chinese invading the homeland in 25 years after successfully decapitating our military in a war. I’m sure you have many other scenarios you can think of.

    The bottom line is that the Biden administration wants to strip you or force you to give up a CIVIL RIGHT that’s ENSHRINED in the Constitution. And a large part of the public have become brain dead sock puppets parroting the Left’s bullshit talking points: “commonsense gun laws” (we already have thousands of those), “mass shootings” (that would imply *many* dozens of people shot not four or more), “you don’t need an AR to hunt” (that’s not what they’re for), “the Second Amendment is a historical legislative artifact we don’t need anymore and we can safely do away with” (no it’s not and no we can’t). I could go on.

    Now here’s the kicker. Everything you just read was written my me … a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT.

    • Biden’s motivations are not original to him. The policy goal of total individual disarmament was implemented long ago. This was increased after being prioritized by paranoid liberal and leftist Democrats (communists) with the advent of the civil rights movement of the 60(s). It has only escalated since by the never-ending increase in corruption of the same political party. This is how we got to where we are today of course with the assistance of degenerate sell-out cheap RINO Republicans and the screwball lunatic Libertarians.

    • “The goal Biden is pursuing is simple: Defang the Right. And then crush them.”

      Why else have they declared that ‘White Supremacy’ is the number one threat in America?

      They are going to goad someone into doing something stupid, and using that as an excuse to grab guns…

      • I fear you’re right. I noticed how several years ago the US communists started saying firearms ownership in the USA is almost exclusive to the “white supremacist culture”. This was started as I recall by Holder-the-Hater while Soetoro and his man-wife Michael (Michelle) just echoed it time and again until it has become part of the platform for ANTIFA, BLM, and other such racist/terrorist groups.

        With the Democrat’s (communist’s) increasing aptitude for false-flag mass shootings it’s clear these degenerates are desperate to use every trick available and imaginable to achieve their globalist goals. They will succeed if we don’t secure our election processes as I get the impression more and more each day that very few have the stomach the leftists have for a hot civil war.

        • “With the Democrat’s (communist’s) increasing aptitude for false-flag mass shootings“

          Oh please, providing some evidence to support your claim, otherwise it’s just empty speech betraying your empty head.

  10. 27 words and NOT ONE of them references the types, size or number of ARMS “THE PEOPLE” may KEEP and BEAR…

  11. While this may still be on your minds the rest of the day (at least) it must be realized and remembered the only reason Biden is in office is because he is EASY TO CONTROL, and such because he’s bern bought by every communist and dictator that has come and gone since he’s been in office. He will be replaced by the same if something is not done to secure our ballot systems.


    Let us suppose that the Second Amendment had been written by honest true patriotic men, not by the greed monger dangerous power mad criminals that did write it. Suppose it had been written in plain English such as “The right to own weapons for all American Citizens shall not be restricted, banned, taxed or in any way denied to the people. Would this have made any difference down through history and of course in modern times in regards to restricting and banning weapons?

    The answer is it would have made “no difference” because to argue otherwise is to ignore the nature of the “power mad” naked ape who is only a half step removed from the animal kingdom. Desmond Morris in his 1960’s era book “The Naked Ape” draws numerous parallels between human behavior and biological function and the animal kingdom finding little difference between them.

    It must be remembered that despite the disingenuous Scalia rant in the Heller Case the decision was far more anti-gun than pro-gun because the court stated that the power mad courts had the right to “regulate” firearms, (double talk for the right to restrict or ban firearms). This was an “out” to let them circumvent the statement that “guns in common use” are guaranteed by 2A, (government today is still every bit a slick and disingenuous as it was when the Criminals who founded the country wrote 2A.)

    Since the Heller decision banning guns and magazines is exactly what has already happened as the double dealing, back stabbing, power mad courts have banned firearms and their accoutrements with mad abandon ever since i.e. magazine bans, weapons bans, right to carry bans, etc. ad nauseam. In 2020 the largely rabidly Conservative gun hating Supreme Court has refused to hear 12 Second Amendment cases letting the lower court anti-gun rulings stand and done by a largely conservative staffed lower courts proving the lust for power crosses party lines with Conservative Judges hating gun ownership as much as the Liberal Justices.

    It must also be remembered the courts have reversed themselves since the 30’s since they once declared only weapons of war were covered by 2A while during the anti-gun Reagan years they reversed course, banned machine guns, and then stated 2A was about duck hunting and sporting weapons. Again just another use of smoke and mirrors to ban any and all weapons that are a threat to themselves and their absolute power over the people.

    The past and current mess of what the Second Amendment really meant when written has had the criminals who originally wrote it turning over in their graves and laughing hysterically as it resulted in exactly what the disingenuous Founders wanted to happen and that is it let the established Oligarchy in power do as they pleased in regards to the right to own weapons, which ended up giving no one any rights what-so-ever.

    If none of this were true then you could still today walk into your local mom and pop hardware store and buy a Thompson machine gun over the counter with no paperwork. Can you imagine what the streets of Capitalvania would be like today if they had not banned machine guns and heavily vetted used ones? IF THE SECOND AMENDMENT WERE NOT AN ABSOLUTE FKING JOKE THEN PLEASE TELL ME HOW YOU LOST THAT RIGHT????? I will be waiting for you Second Amendment worshipers to explain that one in plain English.


    • “Desmond Morris in his 1960’s era book “The Naked Ape”

      Nope, white supremacy is not an issue today, we live in a post racial America.

      Tragically comic.

  13. History has proven that Congress and the Courts will ban or restrict weapons no matter what 2A says or what prior decisions the courts may have made. The Courts have reversed themselves before on 2A that is historical fact.

    • Yep congress and courts have not held up to ” Shall not be infringed,” we can vote the congressmen out but not the Supreme court’s appointed for lifes.

  14. dacian, how were the unicorn rides at ProgWorld with mom ? I see the Soros direct deposit allowed you to buy a shit-ton of internet ink, wow, you must be full !! Psst, you still have glitter on your crotch.

  15. dacian wrote:

    …Let us suppose that the Second Amendment had been written by honest true patriotic men, not by the greed monger dangerous power mad criminals that did write it.”

    Hahahahahaha….Sure Dacian, but the reality check is that you, as a typical moronic, communist, racist and treasonous leftist jackal, are completely incapable of a single clear and cogent statement that is not chock full of lies and totally devoid of logic.

    Your mind is just like dementia Joe’s, squishy, mushy, and liberally sprinkled with fecal matter. It must really stink in there.

    Why are you even here? Is Georgie Soros the one paying you so that you can be insulted? You must be a masochist, since you seemingly enjoy it….

  16. “ John in AK June 26, 2021 At 23:45
    Having followed this to the end, I can only say that you’re being needlessly defensive, aggressive, confrontational, and obtuse.

    I asked a RHETORICAL question … “

    No you asked a stupid question and I don’t have time for those. I especially don’t have time for those who asked stupid questions for somebody else. Confrontational or not, seeing how it took you hours to respond with more stupid rhetoric for either yourself and/or somebody else I’d say my comments were absolutely valid. So congrats as this has gone from stupid to comical. Interesting how I, amongst many others, was the one you asked.

    Did it ever dawn on you why somebody had you ask the question instead of them asking it themselves? Hint; I don’t really care what your motivation was.

    I’ll suggest a real simple remedy; next time focus on someone for your question. You may also tell the person you asked for from now on to ask their own question.

    Like I’ve pointed out before; it’s always amazing how easy it is to draw certain folks in here out of their hiding space so their nonsense gets righteously exposed.

  17. Miner49er June 27, 2021 At 08:11

    “Oh please, providing some evidence to support your claim, otherwise it’s just empty speech betraying your empty head.”

    Like I’m going to waste my precious time providing anything to you AT ALL for any reason you stupid inbred idiot. I wouldn’t so much as give you an aspirin even it would prevent your simple empty head from caving in. Pathetic fool.

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