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While gun control advocates see the rise in gun violence as cause for more restrictive gun control, there are many Americans who see this as a reason to own more guns.

“People have been lawfully purchasing firearms this year for concerns of their safety,” said Oliva. “They are watching crime occur around them.”

Oliva expects demand for guns and ammunition to remain strong “for the foreseeable future” and believes the issues with inventory will eventually “settle out.”

Rommel Dionisio, gun industry analyst for Aegis Capital, also believes that the gun and ammunition industries face “considerable pent-up consumer demand” driven by concerns over personal safety and the specter of more restrictive gun control during the Biden administration.

But he said the industries for guns and ammunition are “capacity constrained” and their greatest challenge going forward is producing enough supply to meet demand.

“I believe these markets have yet to realize the full extent of such pent-up consumer demand, given the current supply limitations,” he said.

— Aaron Smith in America’s Pre-Biden Gun Spree Outstrips Supplies For AR-15s, Ammo

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    • Yeah, in times of peace prepare for war…we had almost 6 years of readily available components.

      It just sucks for the newbies or when you get a bug up your backside about getting into a new caliber and facing the fact that it’s probably not going to happen for 18 months…

      • I got a great deal on a very gently used SP101 in .357 Magnum in November. Couldn’t pass it up. But if I want to actually SHOOT it, it’s gonna cost me as much for 6 boxes of ammo as the gun cost me.

        • If it’s the expense ratio that is troubling, I would look into a Casull or S&W PC, or heck the new Python.

    • The real beauty of guns is that they are manufactured to last longer than liberal politicians live. Guns have been around longer than any kind of registration has been in effect. So, if they ban all the guns they know about, there will be millions of guns that they don’t know about. The right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed.

  1. Better line up all the best lawyers you can afford in the meantime! You know how this game is played.

    • What are the lawyers gonna do in a lawless society. That’s where we’re at now, with the Supreme Court allowing a stolen election.

        • That’s the truth, Possum. China is buying our country right out from under us. Our current President is bought and paid for.

        • Who was no friend of the 2A either. Red flags? “Take the guns first,” he said. “Worry about due process later.” Regardless, he might have still been president this time next month if he’d stayed off Twitter. No shortage of ascerbic remarks to use against him. And “Fire Fauci!”? I don’t care what you think of the Kung Flu, Trump failed the public relations component.

        • Exactly – That’s why he had more votes than any other Republican Presidential Candidate ever, and gained votes in every Demographic except white males (the majority of whom already voted for him)

          No wait, that all implies the opposite.

        • We have a corrupt media that mucked-up Theresa’s thinking. We will continue to have crooked elections and voter fraud as long as so many Americans like Theresa remain asleep at the wheel.

      • Apparently Trump had the same kind of evidence as did Adam Schiff. It was all in his mind. Both delusional.

        • Closing your eyes to reality and declaring it not to exist doesn’t mean it ceases to be, even if the MSM join you in doing so. Asking the people accused of election fraud if they committed it, hearing them say “no” while they refuse to turn over any evidence or information to that effect and then saying “well, good enough for me, looks like there’s no evidence” doesn’t mean there was none. Moving your goalposts from “there is NO evidence” to “there is not evidence of widespread fraud” and finally resorting to “there wasn’t enough to make a difference” doesn’t make me trust or believe you.

          You like the result so you’ll look the other way in the face of obvious corruption – and it’s that attitude which is destroying this Republic. I’m half-considering changing my party affiliation and voting (D) in the future. Full accelerationist. Let’s get this over with. Between the blatant theft that the (D) party now KNOWS it can get away with, people like me who are disgusted beyond words and nontraditional Trump voters who won’t turn out for McCain/Romney/Christie RINO’s.. shortsighted cuckservative never-trumpers should be very worried.

        • The last president that was a friend to gun owners was Teddy Roosevelt, all the rest, Republicans and Democrats, want to limit our right to have arms.

  2. Most countries screw the population over without worrying about armed individuals resisting the mobs they create.
    This should be interesting material for future textbooks. A blanket ban on all this us guns will be largely unenforceable and logistically impossible. Get rid of police departments and what do they have? Will they go the route of dictatorships and create their own armed force to do the dirty work?
    Let’s see how that works in an armed yet polite society.

  3. then add this…name what the 5 cites below have in common?

    “Violent crime including homicide is going up in major cities including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Washington, D.C. According to the Gun Violence Archive, there have been 42,299 deaths from gun violence year-to-date from all causes including homicide, unintentional, defensive gun use and suicide. That an increase of 7% from the 39,523 gun violence deaths in all of 2019.””
    yep run by dems!

    then this line ….”defensive gun use” is a crime or a bad thing now? so a woman shooting a rapist is a bad thing? she should just not commit the crime of protecting herself or in some cases the lives of her kids?

  4. Let’s see, I bought my Rem7400( yeah it’s an assault rifle, goes bang bang bang , has detachable magazine) for $358 now I’m going to have to spend another $200 to keep it. Well at least the government is going to get some of their stimulus money back. Now what’s the plan to get the money back from them other countries Our government gave boatloads of money to.

  5. What’s the difference between a criminal and a Gun Control Zealot? Absolutely Nothing. They both savor the idea of you being unarmed.
    Put that fact in your dope pipe Jim Crow Gun Control joe and smoke it.

      • Nope, not even that. Take a look at the state of arms bans in the UK. Plastic sporks may not be purchased by persons under 18. You need a loisence to bring your chef’s knives to your job in a kitchen. Shotgun ownership is restricted to single shot designs, and you have to pay a lot of money for the privilege of storing them in the only hunting club at which you’re permitted to shoot them. This is exactly what leftists in the US want. You can’t force starvation on a populace that can respond with armed resistance.

        • Screw the uk just a bunch of sissy bois. This isn’t the uk,Australia, NZ or anywhere else its the USA . How muck longer we the patriots can keep it is unknowable. The shit is lining up by the fan. Get ready and hold on.

      • Deborah is more man than you’ll ever be, and more woman that you’ll ever get… 🙂

        • Beware of fakes. Seems like we’re getting a slew of them again. Might be the ghost of All Hail lurking…

          …makes me miss the days of ‘ol PeeGeeToo…

        • PeeGeeToo is busy ramping up hysteria about the Covid vaccination to bother about guns. He wants to make his choice our choice.

    • Not all of those that want to disarm law-abiding people are criminals, but all criminals are guilty of wanting to disarm law-abiding people for selfish reasons. Remember that you can’t fix stupid the next time you vote.

  6. The federal government is losing control. Congress can’t even pass a stimulus measure. They’ll have their hands full dealing with the deepening economic depression. If they open the borders, the chaos will just get worse. Meanwhile, the population is sorting into red and blue states. Many red states will just say no to gun bans and confiscation. There aren’t enough federal agents to enforce it, especially in hostile red states. Entire red states will declare themselves 2A sanctuaries. Chaos and uncertainty will reign for several years to come. How it all ends, no one knows, but I suspect it won’t turn out anything like the Democrats expect.

    If you have food in your belly, a roof over your head, and a firearm and ammunition, consider yourself lucky. Things have changed forever; we as a nation are about to get poorer and even more divided. Choose your friends wisely.

    • “How it all ends” buddy they haven’t decided how it’s gonna start yet, it might be worse than how it ends.

    • Just going to leave these right here:

      Sort the wiki link by date of formation, then look for the countries that have been around since 1789 without one or more violent upheavals. Hint: Egypt is not 5,000 years old. Neither is China, Germany, Russia, every other country in Africa….. You get the picture.

      • As a student of history I’ve always thought in these terms. I started to get nervous in the mid-nineties. 2001 was an eye-opener, and the winner of the 2008 Presidential election made me even more nervous, but I didn’t really do anything about it until 2010. I moved from one of the largest urban areas in the country to a sparsely populated red state, bought some firearms, learned how to use them properly, and have been building up my resources since.

        Needless to say, the social and political situation in this country is on a steepening curve downward. Anyone that doesn’t have a safe full of ammo and a full larder by now hasn’t been paying attention.

        • There is no room in my safe for ammo. Shall I have Santa bring me another just for ammo? With a different shelf for each caliber? Hmm, now there’s a thought….I just sold my house and will be moving soon. I used to think that boxes of books were heavy–until I filled one with ammo and couldn’t pick it up. Every once in a while, I’d have 500 rounds or so shipped to my daughter at her office. People always knew that if the UPS man brought in a small box on a dolly what was in it.

        • I sorta got my chit together Mark…got a bunch of poly ammo cans for EZ storage & moving. No metal boxes(BTW it doesn’t matter if they’re metal-just have some desicant). I’m just happy I have “enough” for now!

        • “There is no room in my safe for ammo. Shall I have Santa bring me another just for ammo?”

          No, just get ammo cans from Wal-Mart or China Freight. Water-tight and a handle on top for ease of moving.

          Oh, the .50 cal version can store 5,000 rounds of .22lr up to an inch of the top…

        • Jimmy: If one safe isn’t enough, replace it with a bigger one or buy a second one. However, don’t store guns in one safe and ammunition in the other. That’s what the gun controllers advocate so that, before you can defend yourself, you need to access both safes. Instead, divide your guns between safes and store ammunition for each gun in the safe with the gun. You can even store your guns with the magazine loaded. However, I wouldn’t store them with rounds in the chamber in case of fire.

        • Jimmy beam says “ You should have two safes. One for firearms and one for ammo.”

          Sorry, but you should have minimum two safes just for firearms and a few more firearms (preferably non 4473) around the house.

          If you want to get another safe for ammo, I guess that’s ok just as long as you can’t fit all of it in there.

          Best thing to do is talk to the missus and tell her she’s going to have to throw out some clothes and shoes to make room for framing up a secure room. Or just do it and surprise her when she gets home. Women love surprises.

          -Sent from my blackberry I found in tool shed when was locked out of house

        • I need 2 safes for guns…maybe 2 for ammo as well…and not small ones…Liberty 50s might suffice
          oh wait…i lost all that stuff in a boating accident offshore
          dang it…

    • Pontificator,

      I was an ant over the last 6 years.

      Having said that, I purchased firearms and especially ammunition with the idea of weathering one to two years of both being in short supply. What I did not do is purchase enough ammunition to last through several years — or quite possibly a permanent shortage of ammunition.

  7. Supplies are still trickling into my LGS. I picked up 500 CCI #250 primers yesterday for $3.99 / 100. Never used Mag primers before. A little hotter spark and, supposedly, adds 20 – 30 fps to that particular load…I can live with that.

    The ammo shelves are pretty barren…a few boxes of .204 Ruger, .224 Valkyrie and, surprisingly, 30-06…and some .338 LaPuta and 50BMG. Handgun ammo: 32 S&W.

    • .30-06 ( great round, mind you) is so passe only Fudds buy it, and then only one box at a time. That’s why it is always in stock.

  8. When it comes to gun rights the worst kind of gun owner is the seasonal blowbag hunter who spends more time talking than hunting. These guys are usually the first to fall. While they are passing gas they’ll tell you things are gettin’ out of control and we need some gun control, after all if you can’t get it done with 10 rounds you can’t get it done son. Then it’s on to who needs an assault rifle? Yada Yada.

    When encountering such a blowbag tell them once what gun control zealots label as an assault rifle is gone next on the list their beloved huntin’ rifle will become a sniper rifle and his duck gun will be a riot shotgun.
    And ask him to sign a document guaranteeing he’ll be there to protect you and yours after you empty 10 rounds fighting multiple home invaders, etc. Failure to show up for battle means the blowbag forfeits all of his worldly possessions to you or your estate,. etc. Don’t hold your breath waiting for such a blowbag to sign anything.
    When you give Gun Control Zealots1 inch they will take a mile. Those ratbassturds have threatened law abiding gun owners long enough and it’s time to turn the tables. Bottom line…If Gun Control Ratbassturds want them they can try to come and get them otherwise they can stfu.

    • Like I said, my Rem7400 is an assault rifle( whatever that means) I doubt the blow bag duck hunter will be the first to fall, the AR/AK guys will. Come and get them, if the government wants to they will, one buy one, Branch Davidian for instance, remeber Ruby Ridge. So far the only ones to make the gov stand down was a bunch of cattlemen and some cold ass Indians on a hill. But that was with a different president. I think Biden, if it flies, and he does what he boast, will be all to happy to role the tanks in. And sister it dont matter how many bullets and gunms you got if your holed up in your castle, you’ll lose. It would have to be a hit and run with the support of the people , not going to happen. Just for fun, today turn off your electricity and gas, dont get your water from a faucet, dont drive a car, go with what food you’ve got now, the freezer is thawing. Home remedies for illness, no doctor’s because the clinics a choke point. A hundred years ago yeah, today we’ve become dependent on the ” luxuries ” and if the gov wants too their gone. In about six months we’d be waving a white flag. We ain’t Afghanistan or Vietnam. Americans ( the majority) have never done without.

      • Well possum…we know what will happen when your home or your neighbor’s home is invaded by jack booted thugs….You’ll surrender without a fight. Obviously you cannot survive without creature comforts so here are my guns at your feet joe. In exchange for my creature comforts, I am your loyal subject joe please don’t hurt me. You call that living? The difference between you and me posso is I bow to no man. I also treat everyone equally…IE. I treat rapists, murderers, kidnappers, perverts, tyrants, jack booted thugs and child molesters equally and I don’t miss.

  9. curious what the eventual new ‘normal’ price for 9mm will be assuming things do eventually return to a non panic buying state. I figure the days of sub-$200 cases of range ammo are over.

    I’m not saying i’d enjoy it, but i could live with 30 cpr..

    • Most big box stores in Texas are still able to sell it for well south of 30cpr when they have it in stock.

  10. The problem is that you’re going to be able to buy a nice gun at a reasonable price, BUT where you’re gonna get hosed is on the ammunition side of the problem, ammo & components to make ammunition are going to be expensive or very hard to get. & without ammunition all you got is a pretty wall hanger or rock, which every you prefer, I’ve already seen very expensive ammo , or no ammo at all in the stores. & as far as trying to buy cases or battle packs, all I can say is good luck .

    • “….without ammunition all you got is a pretty wall hanger or rock….”

      Not necessarily true. My M1903A3 has a sharp pointing thing on it. I learned how to deploy it under the hot Georgia sun in another life.

      I think everyone needs a sharp pointy thing to put on at least one rifle.

      `just sayin.

      • All you AR folk need to be aware that if you want a pointy thing, you need to have either a 14.5″ or 20″ barrel, won’t fit on a 16″. And the old fashioned (original style) front sight is what has the bayonet lug, assuming it wasn’t ground off during the ban which saved millions of children from being bayoneted every year.

  11. Nah, there’s no capacity issue. It’s all price gouging from the greedy corporations!

    [Say it in your best Bernie voice for maximum irony.]

    And yes, /s

  12. It wouldn’t offend me if the manufacturers of firearms, ammunition and accessories raised their prices. Distributors and retailers have been making extra profits out of the shortage. Manufacturers deserve their share, too. What they should avoid, as they strive to meet demand, is letting quality slip. That would come back to bite them after demand subsides.

  13. Unless you have NO Firearm, or are out of Ammo . . .this low supply of available firearms and ammo is a Non-Issue. Don’t fall prey to ammo and firearm scalpers, ride the wave out.

  14. By purchasing more supplies than anticipated needs I have maintained a net gain of on-hand consumables. This has allowed me to comfortably ride out market fluctuations.

  15. How Lax Regulations on Ammunition Contribute to America’s Gun Violence Epidemic

    ~They have BIG plans about BULLETS. The organization has the BIDEN plan for bullets all set to go. Most have no clue or idea about it. Too late to stop it now. What use are guns with no or very expensive ammo? You’ll be lucky to have a six shooter and six bullets.

    COVID is to blame for many things > including the run on and sell out of most ALL guns and ammo …

    Was the coronavirus created by Chinese scientist who tried to cover her tracks – and failed? ANSWER: YES


    Dr. Shi Zhengli’s, known as China’s batwoman, January 2020 ‘discovery’ was the equivalent of trying to wipe the fingerprints from a gun that had just been used to commit murder

  16. Seems like it’s (past) time for the ammo industry to start building additional manufacturing facilities, simply to meet the demand of the ~5 to 8 million NEW gun owners who came onboard in 2020, if nothing else.

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