BREAKING: ATF Backs Down, Withdraws Guidance, Comment Request on Pistol Brace ‘Objective Factors’ Classification


The ATF has just posted a notice that they have withdrawn their guidance and request for public comment on “Objective Factors for Classifying Weapons with ‘Stabilizing Braces‘” in the Federal Register. Here is the full announcement from the ATF:

ATF is announcing the withdrawal of a notice and request for comments entitled “Objective Factors for Classifying Weapons with ‘Stabilizing Braces’,” that was published on December 18, 2020.

ATF Deputy Director Marvin Richardson has just issued the following statement:

As of this evening, more than 48,000 comments had been entered in the Federal Register objecting to the arbitrary and subjective nature of the ATF’s proposed classification of pistols equipped with stabilizing braces.

Yesterday, 90 members of Congress sent a letter to ATF Interim Director Regina Lombardo noting that the ATF’s proposed guidance was anything but objective and could put law-abiding Americans in potential legal jeopardy.

But TTAG has learned that the final straw that persuaded the ATF to back down and withdraw the guidance was serious pressure applied by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. A call took place over the weekend involving a number of firearms industry companies and McConnell’s office.

McConnell’s subsequent involvement in the matter, along with fast and furious (to coin a phrase) activism from the gun rights community in opposition to the ATF’s proposed move were what resulted in this evening’s win.

More details may be revealed over time, but this is an unqualified victory. One that many in the gun rights community likely weren’t expecting given recent news surrounding the ATF’s appetite for more firearms-related regulation in advance of a Biden inauguration.

This, however, is just one win in a larger battle to protect Americans’ Second Amendment rights. A battle that is never really won and will surely require more participation from gun owners in the weeks and months ahead. Stay tuned for more as it becomes available.


  1. avatar Sam I Am says:

    “More details may be revealed over time, but this is an unqualified victory.”

    Fort at least the next 12hrs.

    1. avatar napresto says:

      All pro gun victories are qualified victories. The left will soon be back, and in greater numbers.

      Still, it’s great to get a win!

      1. avatar Umm . . . says:

        What about this is a “win”?

        The announcement in no way ruled out any of the possible negative outcomes. It simply expressed the Bureau’s lack of any further interest in our input.

        1. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “It simply expressed the Bureau’s lack of any further interest in our input.”

          Which never existed in the first place.

        2. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

          “…Which never existed in the first place.”

          Oh, I’m confident ‘interest’ will return with the change of an administration in the very near future.

          To something far more draconian…

        3. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “Oh, I’m confident ‘interest’ will return with the change of an administration…”

          Government agencies are only interested in what they want, the way they want, when they want.

          Kinda like that waitress I once knew at the Pear Harbor O’Club.

        4. avatar IN Dave says:

          The fact that the ATF pulled it without getting half way through the comment time is the win. Why is that a win? Because they seen exponential growth curve in the amount of comments being submitted against it and the last thing they want is more steam being gained. More steam gained means more money to take a case to court, in an increasingly pro gun appeal and Supreme Court system. They became ATF to rule the peasants not get their asses handed to them, in court or the streets.

        5. avatar Umm . . . says:

          IN Dave,
          The rah-rah headline says “ATF Backs Down”, implying they “pulled it” [guidance]. Actual ATF announcement says nothing of the sort.

          I don’t know whether many commenters literally equate “I don’t care what you have to say” with “I concede the debate”, or if they read only the headlines before commenting.

        6. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

          “Kinda like that waitress I once knew at the Pear Harbor O’Club.”

          I’ve been in the Pearl Harbor O-club.

          (As a 5 year-old in around 1968…)

        7. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “I’ve been in the Pearl Harbor O-club.
          (As a 5 year-old in around 1968…)”

          Then you know who I am talking about.

        8. avatar Questioning says:

          Do you think the ATF got the memo that Trump is going to be in office for a second term?

        9. avatar anonymous says:

          My guidance to them was “leave people alone.”


    2. avatar Alfred Korndoerfer Jr. says:

      PTL! But we cannot let down our guard!!

    3. avatar frank speak says:

      seems a lot like a trial balloon….to gauge the strength of the opposition….

      1. avatar The Crimson Pirate says:

        If so then they gauged that there is more opposition than they bargained for. I commented on it, with all of my information there. I know 4 or 5 people who do not intend to comply and would not comment because they want to keep their heads down and fly under the radar. If each of the 48,000 commenters correlates to 4 or 5 who would not comment then that’s a lot more people they have to worry about.

        Or maybe they thought they had accumulated enough of a list to load the first train for the camps…………………….

    4. avatar Missouri_Mule Esquire Emeritus says:

      Do not doubt they will be back….
      Note; Objective standards do not require a “wholistic examination”

    5. avatar Rusty Williams says:

      Better rethink that “win”!!! Guns and Gadgets just posted a video saying that the request for comments is still open and taking comments. If you haven’t posted a comment yet you better do it so the ATF can’t say there wasn’t interest because it didn’t get enough comments by tricking us into believing we beat them. “Don’t Trust ATF! Pistol Brace Letter Still Up!”

  2. avatar ORCON says:

    “The withdrawal of the guidance does not change any law, regulation, or other legally binding requirement.”

    Conversely, neither does this nor the issuance of any other ATF guidance…

  3. avatar eagle10 says:

    ATF =

  4. avatar Debbie W. says:

    They received my reply just prior to shutdown. And if I was nitpicking over a brace and received something like my reply I’d shut down too.

    1. avatar PG13 says:

      I got mine in just in time too! I know there’s no way they saw it (and probably never will) but I still felt pretty satisfied lol

    2. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

      “And if I was nitpicking over a brace and received something like my reply I’d shut down too.”

      In a lint-licker’s office in DC somewhere (probably in a van down by the river) :

      “Holy crap! Boss, have you seen what Deborah W. just wrote?”… 😉

    3. avatar Douglas E Goree says:

      ATF Needs to be deregulated, done away with, broken up and any other you want to call it. All they do is terrorize law abiding people with laws they make up without going through legislature. Send ATF home never to be heard of again.

  5. avatar Not Left says:

    So how about this ATF, A regulating agency making law should be eliminated. Personally, there should be no “F” in ATF per the Bill of Rights.

    1. avatar frank speak says:

      shouldn’t alcohol and tobacco fall within the purview of the DEA?…I realize back when ATF was under treasury their primary responsibility was collecting taxes….[remember “T men”]…but now it seems it’s chasing guns…a pointless endeavor that could easily be handled by other agencies prosecuting under existing law when necessary…since its inception this agency has been in a continual struggle to justify its existence which has come close to elimination more than once as they constantly pursue the funding critical to their survival…frankly speaking,’s an agency we could do without……

    2. avatar Ed Schrade says:

      Make them go by the name ” Revenooers”.

  6. avatar Dog of War says:

    This looks like a win, but I’m personally far more interested in what they’re doing with 80% lowers.

    1. avatar Craig in IA says:

      Same tactic. Make them squirm a bit, apply the pressure.

      1. avatar Dog of War says:

        Different situation though. Unless I’m mistaken the ATF hasn’t asked for comment about those, they’re just trying to invent new rules on the fly. Suddenly deciding that selling both the the 80% and the jig as a package deal is now the same as selling it like a completed firearms lower.

        1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

          The majority of those have approval letters, do they not?

        2. avatar Dog of War says:

          That they do Geoff “I’m getting too old for this shit” PR, but the ATF does have a habit of changing their mind whenever the political winds shift.

        3. avatar strych9 says:

          Opinion Letters are just that, an opinion that’s subject to change.

    2. avatar Jim Warren says:

      ATF is wary of approaching anything AR lower related as their legal definition of a receiver and the legal definition of an AR lower are completely incongruous. According to Federal law, an AR lower, serialized or not, is not a firearm and ATF has nothing to say about it. For now.

      1. avatar MICHAEL A CROGNALE says:

        What Federal Law are you referring to?

        1. avatar Jim Warren says:

          The definition of what constitutes a firearm. Usually the receiver is serialized and considered to be the “firearm”, but the AR lower doesn’t meet the definition of a receiver. Look up “USC legal definition of a firearm”. Cases are being nolle prosequi rather than the government having egg on their face when the legal shit storm starts. The law will be fixed eventually, but as of now nothing on an AR-15 legally qualifies as needing FFL intervention. Getting a vendor to buck the system with ATF is another matter.

        2. avatar Mike says:

          I did. Pretty straight forward. The AR Receiver is a firearm:

          Summary Of Federal Firearms Laws—September 2010
          Definition of a Firearm
          For purposes of § 922 and § 924 violations 18 U.S.C. § 921(a)(3) defines a “firearm” as:

          A. any weapon (including a starter gun) which will or is designed to or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive;

          B. the frame or receiver of any such weapon;

          C. any firearm muffler or firearm silencer; or
          D. any destructive device. Such term does not include an antique firearm.
          This broad definition encompasses not only operable firearms but those that have been disassembled or dismantled or altered in such a way that they are inoperable at the time of the offense. For example, this definition has been found to include a firearm with the hammer filed down because it could be “readily converted” to expel a projectile. United States v. Ruiz, 986 F.2d 905 (5th Cir. 1993). This same justification applies for including starter guns within the definition of a firearm. “Firearm” is defined differently for violations of 26 U.S.C. § 5861. See 26 U.S.C. § 5845(a) and Appendix.

        3. avatar Serpent_Vision says:

          Check the definition of “receiver”; barrel doesn’t mount into the lower “receiver” of an AR-15, trigger mechanism doesn’t mount into the upper. The two together meet the definition, but neither does on it’s own (despite the lower being treated as the receiver, hence serialized and needed to be purchased through a FFL).

  7. avatar Craig in IA says:

    I’m sure if Harris/Biden enter the picture we’ve hardly seen the last of this but it’s good for those who love America and the Constitution to flex their muscles in a civilized manner and make ATF and some of the bed wetters in Congress take notice.

    My hope is that many who’ve never gotten involved will finally get off the couch and join in. The help and effort will be appreciated by the rest of us and possibly add some much-needed dismay to the Left. Welcome in- this is how America should work.

  8. avatar GunnyGene says:

    I have a feeling they expected this trial balloon to be shot down. It did provide a data point for future reference and political agenda’s at any rate.

  9. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    This is great news! Does it mean that we can talk about something else now?

    1. avatar Tsay Nguyen says:

      Yes, please tell us a story about your favorite 28 pound battle rifle and how it changed your life.

      1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

        Tsay, my battle rifles only weigh around ten pounds. Of course I know that sounds heavy to someone who’s rifles are only on video games.

        1. avatar Frustrated in VA says:


          Funny, I seem to remember having carried some of these “video game” rifles in real life for a period of time. Oh and I have a couple semi auto only versions in my gun safe right now…

        2. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

          Frustrated, if you carried them in real life the comment doesn’t apply to you. I carried them in real life all my life. You know, since you needed a quarter to play a video game.

        3. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

          Sam, I take no insult at the label FUDD. I’m just baiting them. I’ve loved firearms all my life. All firearms. And I’ve been very lucky. Through no real design of my own I fell into a lot of experience with them. I’ve tried to share my experiences with them. Some have appreciated my experience. Some have degraded my experience. That’s okay. Even though they don’t know me. Even though I posted my PX. Only possum was brave enough to call me. I think I have a new friend. The rest of you fall beneath my consideration.

        4. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “The rest of you fall beneath my consideration.”

          Well, that’s always good to know. Will add you to my list .

          Be safe and healthy out there.

          Merry Christmas

    2. avatar Jim Warren says:

      Plenty of other articles, Fudd.

      1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

        Jim, when are you guys going to learn. FUDD is a badge of honor for me. FUDDS can shoot and don’t do mag dumps.

        1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

          You keep saying that word. I do not think it means what you think it means…

        2. avatar TheBSonTTAG says:

          Ironically I agree with Haz.

        3. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

          Haz, if you mean FUDD I know what it means. I had to ask someone on TTAG for the definition, but I now know. The thing is people kept calling me a FUDD. Even though I own lots of firearms that Elmer never dreamed of. So I thought about it. After careful consideration I realized those guys are right. I am a FUDD! I mean I’ve sure as shit spent enough time trying to kill Bugs and Daffy. Of course, I was carrying a Scattergun Technologies 870, not a twice barrel. So there is that. Well, let me run. I’ve got to make a little breakfast, put on some FUDD clothes and dig a FUDD rifle out of the safe. Be daylight in a couple of hours and Bambi will be waiting.

        4. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “Haz, if you mean FUDD I know what it means.”

          Not seeing what you are reading, but….

          FUDD, as commonly used here, describes a gun owner who thinks the Second Amendment only applies to hunting, and “common” hunting rifles. Handguns and scary black rifles are of no interest, and certainly not covered by 2A. Essentially, a FUDD does not care what government does about firearms so long as hunting rifles are left alone.

          Not sure the “commonly used” definition fits you.

        5. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

          BSon where’s the irony in agreeing with Haz? Do you ordinarily not agree with him?

        6. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

          Sam, your definition of FUDD is exactly what I understand it to be. possum and I exchanged texts on the subject this morning when I was getting ready to hunt. That guy is an interesting character. In a good way. Please understand, much of what I say on the subject is tounge in cheek. Also, the term is not an insult to me. I once killed a nice buck with a Galil AR in 5.56. Soft point ammo. Neck shot. Dropped in his tracks. It was the only rifle I had with me. Guess that makes a Galil a FUDD gun too.

        7. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “Sam, your definition of FUDD is exactly what I understand it to be…..Guess that makes a Galil a FUDD gun too.”

          I like to keep the language from dissolving. Not to disagree, but a FUDD is not a POTG who hunts. A FUDD would never own a scary black rifle (Galil), or pistol). A FUDD could never really be considered among the POTG (or 2A activists/defenders).

          Even in this era of preferred noun nazis/cheka, I would never consider you a FUDD.

        8. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

          Sam, I appreciate the sentiment, but I wish I had a $100 bill for everytime I’ve been called a FUDD on TTAG. I’d go buy a very expensive O/U bird gun. 😆

        9. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “Sam, I appreciate the sentiment, but I wish I had a $100 bill for everytime I’ve been called a FUDD on TTAG”

          I keep a list of the screen names that deserve no respect, and reward accordingly (as in no interaction). I disagree with your self-assessment of being a FUDD, but defend to the death your right to be mistaken.

    3. avatar Ron says:

      I actually would like to read a story you have about a battle rifle. I personally love battle rifles. They’re my favorite type of gun.

      We have our differences but I’m glad you participated in this latest effort.

      1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

        Ron, I’m no longer sure I own a battle rifle. Apparently since I don’t own an AR all my firearms are FUDD guns by default.

        1. avatar Ragnar says:

          A “battle” rifle is whatever rifle you take into a battle. It doesn’t matter what it looks like or has attached to it. Saying “battle” rifle is as silly as saying “assault” rifle or “hunting” rifle.

        2. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

          Ragner, I agree. I’m just pushing the basement seller’s buttons. It’s so easy to do! 😆

        3. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

          Dweller’s sometimes I really hate spell ✔.

  10. avatar Phil LA says:

    If we were like the democrats we wouldn’t be satisfied or stop here. What next? Honestly, how can we keep the momentum and take the next hill?

    Let’s focus on the next thing. Ideas? How? Somebody point us in the right direction!

  11. avatar GRA says:

    Too soon to call it a clear victory IMHO. Wouldn’t surprise me if they stopped the comments because they decided to do it anyway.

    1. avatar Rando says:

      So here’s the tricky thing. This notice technically did nothing more than inform the public about what they’ve already been doing.

      You’ll notice it wasn’t a rule making, because it was simply informing us, not changing anything. Probably because they’d lost enough prosecutions by trying to hold people to their secret unpublished standards.

    2. avatar GS650G says:

      Maybe a decision to wait until February.

      1. avatar This guy is a prophet ^^^^^^ says:


  12. avatar Tim says:

    So “withdrawing request for public comment” means the regulation goes away?
    Or are they just done asking for comment & they’ll do whatever the hell they want anyway?

    1. avatar MADDMAXX says:


      1. avatar Wally1 says:

        Exactly, they just do not care about the publics opinion. Reading any further into the statement means nothing.

        1. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “Exactly, they just do not care about the publics opinion.”

          More accurate than perhaps you know. Public comments are advisory, not determinative(?). Illuminating, but not directive. Opinion, not mandate. Etc.

        2. avatar John in AK says:

          Apparently, so are ‘votes,’ and ‘elections.’ They are now merely advisory, and not indicative of any imperative or mandate whatsoever. I am quietly proud, though, that I was allowed this one last time to give my opinion on whom should be President, but that people far smarter and good-looking than am I were actually able to make the final choice for me and thus save me from myself.

    2. avatar Rando says:

      They said in their “notice” comments weren’t required anyways. The ATF simply allowed a comment period out of the kindness of their hearts.

  13. avatar Ted Unlis says:

    The pro Biden-Harris swampers embedded in ATF & DOJ probably like the chances of a stolen election power grab’s last hurdle to be overcome when the Dem’s steal the Georgia Senate race next week. All they have to do then is bide their time until after the Supreme Court is packed and Congress passes sweeping gun ban & confiscation legislation. If they take the Senate that’s what will happen. Get ready.

    1. avatar Miner49er says:

      Never fear, the racist Republicans are working hard to steal the election in Georgia:

      “In Cobb County, the state’s third most populous county with more than 760,000 residents, election officials have announced five early voting locations, fewer than half of the 11 used for early voting ahead of last month’s general election.

      Advocates warned that the reduction of early voting sites will particularly harm Black and Latino voters in the state by making it harder to access the polls.

      “We are especially concerned that these closures will be harmful to Cobb County’s Black and Latinx voters because many of the locations are in Black and Latinx communities,” a group of advocates, including Georgia branches of the NAACP and the American Civil Liberties Union, wrote in a letter Monday to local officials, calling on them to maintain 11 early voting sites for the runoff. They included a map that showed how most of the early voting locations are in areas with a higher shares of Black voters.“

      1. avatar GS650G says:

        Blah blah blah.

      2. avatar MICHAEL A CROGNALE says:

        That’s not Republican doing! The communists want to make sure that the blacks and Latins who voted decisively for President Trump can’t “screw this up”.

  14. avatar John Boch says:

    This was just a probe.

    They will be back. Count on it.

    1. avatar GS650G says:

      Back with a bigger list next time.

      1. avatar Ron says:

        Or back with a bigger probe…

    2. avatar Sam I Am says:

      “They will be back. Count on it.”

      This is all very curious. ATF did “Bump Stock = Machine Gun” in about an hour after directed by Trump. Claimed it was not new regulation, but clarification of existing regulation. The “What is a handgun?” transmogrification is just another incidence of clarifying a regulation. IIRC, clarifying regulations does not require public comment (Chevron Rule?).

      What is the game?

      1. avatar GunnyGene says:

        “The Game” is the same as it’s been for the last 200 years: Disembowel the Constitution an inch at a time.

        1. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “Disembowel the Constitution an inch at a time.”

          Most inefficient, and wastefully time-consuming. “They” can do better than that.

          The Rabbit had it right, all along.

        2. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          Most inefficient, and wastefully time-consuming.

          It’s called “The long game” for a reason… Take a chunk, give SOME back, keep nibbling around the edges til you get it all… ALWAYS take more than you want but NEVER give it all back….

        3. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “It’s called “The long game” for a reason… Take chunk, give SOME back…”

          “They” never give SOME back, and “they” have the power to take it all, now. Why the stall?

  15. avatar former water walker says:

    I guarantee it was 90 Congress critters that did the trick. Not us ordinary lowly plebians…still a win is a win. Remember Greentip ammo?!?

    1. avatar FedUp says:

      M855 ban proposal triggered Congressional backlash too.

      I don’t seem to remember Congresscritters sticking up for Slide Fire, do you?

      1. avatar TheUnspoken says:

        No, Trump told them not to worry about having to vote on it, he would sweep it away with a regulation. They were scared the Dems would wave the bloody shirts and they didn’t want to have “voted for gun control” on their reputations, but since the NRA told them bump stocks were bad, illegal machine guns, they were all too happy to see them vanish. Trump and the republicans are proud to have eliminated that illegal, Obama- approved machine gun!

    2. avatar strych9 says:

      Yup. Congress holds the purse strings and the ATF knows it.

      Now, if the Democrats take both Senate seats in Georgia this may all go out the window but for now 90 members of the House would be enough to at least get the ATF thinking.

  16. avatar GS650G says:

    I fail to see how crime is prevented by banning pistol braces.

    1. avatar Sam I Am says:

      “I fail to see how crime is prevented by banning pistol braces.”

      Simple, actually. Braces make it possible to shoot more accurately. Devices that make rifles (AR/AK) more accurate adds to the body count in a mass shooting in malls and schools. If the firearms are inherently inaccurate in mass shootings, fewer people get shot. Since so many publications and videos show brace-equipped pistols being fired from the shoulder, we have prima facie evidence that rifle caliber pistols are being converted to SBRs, while being made more accurate. Banning is the only solution.

      (I can do government bureaucrat logic all day)

      1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

        “Devices that make rifles (AR/AK) more accurate adds to the body count in a mass shooting in malls and schools.”

        Damn good thing malls are dying out rapidly and the schools are all closed, then… 😉

        1. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “Damn good thing malls are dying out rapidly and the schools are all closed, then…”

          I can’t wait for the death-dealing meltdown anti-gunners will have when some online school teacher sees an 8yr old showing his BB pistol with the chainsaw bayonet attached.

        2. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

          A kid was already suspended or expelled for having a BB-rifle in a rack on a wall behind him while on-line class was in session.

          None of the other kids could see it, just the teacher…

        3. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “A kid was already suspended or expelled for having a BB-rifle in a rack on a wall behind him while on-line class was in session.”

          True, but the kid didn’t have the chainsaw bayonet attached. Can you imagine the response???

      2. avatar James says:

        Yeah, or one could just use a standard AR-15 rifle which would have a little more muzzle velocity and do slightly more damage. SBR’s should not be an NFA item they have no real advantage for use in crime.

        1. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “SBR’s should not be an NFA item they have no real advantage for use in crime.”

          Perhaps not today, but when SBRs were “outlawed” (regulated), the public image was of a mobster in a fine suit, covered with an expensive overcoat, hiding an SBR beneath the overcoat. Nobody could see the rifle and call the cops until after the SBR was used. Same with the image of a pistol with a silencer allowing that same mobster to shoot someone in a crown, and no one would know until the victim fell to the ground.

        2. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          And don’t forget the 12 inch barrel side by side 12 ga with the pistol grip, a REAL crowd pleaser…

        3. avatar andrew lias says:

          or they could put a stock on their sbr instead as they do not care since killing someone is already a lot of years in jail.

        4. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “or they could put a stock on their sbr instead as they do not care since killing someone is already a lot of years in jail.”

          Yeah, but….

          Killing someone with an SBR, or rifle with a bump stock, any firearm with a silencer, or an 80% lower makes the victim more deaderer.

          And is irrefutable evidence of a hate crime.

      3. avatar frank speak says:

        there are actually rifles available in Canada that wouldn’t be legal here…[largely due to barrel length]….with weapons like the “shockwave” now legal…can SBR’s be far behind?

        1. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “with weapons like the “shockwave” now legal…can SBR’s be far behind?”

          If the ATF (Biden, etc) decide that all decisions on firearms are subjective, eventually nothing is going to be legal. The “Shockwave” can easily and readily be declared no longer “approved”.

    2. avatar UpInArms says:

      Well, if you fail to see that then you just ain’t been woke.

    3. avatar Bcb says:

      I just want to say I’m proud of you all for the hilarious sarcastic comments that everyone seemed to “get” and not get mad about for once. This is a win too.

  17. avatar Keith says:

    They were testing the waters ahead of Biden’s coronation! They will be back once he takes office and will claim the support of the “President” when they tell Mitch to take a long walk off a short pier!!

  18. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

    And a great big sack of coal to the ATF and gun grabbers everywhere,Eff Em !
    The ATF received over 21,000 letters plus one signed by 90 congressmen in the first 2 days the comment was open,A Very Merry Christmas for Liberty & Freedom indeed.

    1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

      “And a great big sack of coal to the ATF and gun grabbers everywhere,Eff Em !”

      A dirty fuel like coal?

      The EPA will fine him millions for violating the clean air act…

      1. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

        The EPA is yet another un Constitutional agency that needs to be flushed along with the ATF.

  19. avatar Peter Gunn says:

    One could suggest that they now have a useful list of individuals to scrutinize (lots of electronic data to peruse- who they are, what they do, where they go, who they talk to, what they talk about, what they own, what websites they visit, what they post online, what Apps they use, what’s in their fridge, what temp they set their thermostat to, what they say in the “privacy” of their own home, who their “accomplices” are, who their “accomplices” are talking to, what they are talking about, and so on, and so on… Yay technology!).

    One could also have an initial read with no presupposition of any kind of “win”, rather- more of a queasy feeling of a unilateral decision having previously been made.

    But, who knows?

    1. avatar Sam I Am says:

      “One could suggest that they now have a useful list of individuals to scrutinize…”

      The unfortunate boomerang of getting on a list.

    2. avatar Serpent_Vision says:

      If so, why cut the comment period short when the names and addresses were still flooding in?

      1. avatar Sam I Am says:

        “If so, why cut the comment period short when the names and addresses were still flooding in?”

        Shortage of investigators?

  20. avatar Frank says:

    Take a moment and write to thank these 90 officials who are at least trying to stop the further erosion of our Rights

  21. avatar James Shi says:

    While good news in the short term, if this fraudulent election is not overturned we will see this and a great many more attacks on the 2d Amendment by all parts of the federal government, not merely the jackbooted and very frustrated ATF who do not like being reined in under Trump.

    For example, other agencies have been maneuvering to make gun violence a national health emergency. Our enemies will continue to come against the 2d Amendment obliquely rather than head on. They have seen such tactics work very well.

    In spite of their coded language (“common sense” gun “safety” etc.), their end game is confiscation and Obama and Holder proved they will do false flag ops (mass shootings etc.) to support their going after specific types of firearms just as occurred in Australia after each tragedy.

    Incrementally they will get to where they want to be. The American people as a whole showed in this Covid farce our totalitarian enemies they can be scared or coerced into readily surrendering their rights. This is made even easier by the shifting demographics where younger generations do not care about having guns—just as more and more are not interested in learning to drive given the availability of Uber etc.

    1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

      “… if this fraudulent election is not overturned…”

      There’s one more chance of that happening. Members of the House and Senate can lodge a challenge to the electoral college tally and throw the election to the House of Representatives.

      Pelosi may control it, but the way it is structured, state delegations are *firmly* in Republican control.

      1. avatar MADDMAXX says:

        “Challenges” get a two hour debate and then are voted on by the FULL House and Senate where they will be shot down and the original count unfortunately WILL stand… This will never come to a vote of State Delegations…

        1. avatar Miner49er says:

          “the original count unfortunately WILL stand… “

          Yes, the original count should stand, that’s how elections work. A candidate does not get a do over if they are displeased with the result.

          And there’s been no evidence presented in any legal venue that supports the harebrained allegations of widespread voter fraud.
          In fact, the hokey witness testimony has been proven fraudulent, I am especially impressed with the so-called “military intelligence officer” claiming to be an “expert” when he couldn’t even pass the entrance exam for the MI unit.

          And the Kraken, what a hilarious joke.
          I hear menopause is a real bitch.

        2. avatar Dude says:

          Do your progressive buddies know that you’re a misogynist?

        3. avatar Miner49er says:

          I’m certainly no woman hater, I believe a calm and objective appraisal of biological functions may yield useful insights into others behavior.

          I’m happy to entertain any theories you may offer that could explain Sidney Powell’s delusional claims and embarrassing conduct.

        4. avatar Dude says:

          Yeah okay. It was a blatant put down based on her sex, just like you put down people by insinuating non-hetero sexuality. You keep proving that you’re a liar. By the way, I don’t get torn up about put downs, especially if it’s in jest, I just despise hypocrisy. Progressives wield identities as a weapon, yet when it comes down to it they tend to be the worst offenders.

        5. avatar Peter Gunn says:

          Square in the X-ring, Dude.

          Some find it interesting that brains affected by testosterone are typically unaware of, or simply refuse to acknowledge testosterone’s effect on their brains.

        6. avatar Miner49er says:

          You read far too much into my simple comment, such an easily offended snowflake, what a surprise.

          You folks are so easily exposed.

          What hypocrites populate this list.

          I mention no names, speak in generalities, you are so outraged!

          Yet I miss your outrage when everyone on this list posts about Kameltoe Ho or Slo Joe’s Ho.

          Hypocrisy, thy name is conservative Republican.

    2. avatar frank speak says:

      they do not care about hunting…which is in steep decline…as are the sale of firearms tailored to that purpose….but “black guns” ….often seen in video games. and the movies…continue to sell well….

  22. avatar Hannibal says:

    “But TTAG has learned that the final straw that persuaded the ATF to back down was serious pressure applied by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell…”

    Wow, Mitch actually cares about the rights of his constituents?

    “A call took place over the weekend involving a number of firearms industry companies and McConnell’s office.”:

    Oh. His wealthy benefactors yelled at him.

    It’s kinda sad that such a call from industry is what it takes, yeah?

    1. avatar strych9 says:

      Election year. Especially since a lot of people have campaigned on the idea that if the Dems win both seats they’ll force gun control through the Senate.

      Mitch wants to throw the gun folks in Georgia a bone because he wants to keep the Senate. I doubt he’s worried about the 2A or bureaucratic rule-by-fiat.

      1. avatar Dude says:

        Good point. No senate republican majority means Mitch loses a ton of power, which is what it’s all about for them.

  23. avatar MICHAEL A CROGNALE says:

    They no longer needed the comments. The decision to change the classification has already been made. It will be announced on 1/21/21 after the groper and the whore are sworn in.

    1. avatar Sam I Am says:

      “It will be announced on 1/21/21 after the groper and the whore are sworn in.”

      Trump should show up at the inauguration wearing a MAGA cap, or a “Trump 2024” cap.

      1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

        With red twinkling lights on the brim and a Stars And Stripes necktie…

        1. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “With red twinkling lights on the brim and a Stars And Stripes necktie…”

          I was thinking carrying his golf club bag over his shoulder.

        2. avatar Miner49er says:

          You may be right, I can easily see Trump with his golf clubs at the inauguration.

          After all, golf seemed to be his first priority all throughout his presidency.

        3. avatar Miner49er says:

          No shit, he’s golfing his way through the pandemic.

          On the same day 2800 Americans died of COVID-19, Donald Trump is at Palm Beach, golfing.

          Remember when he said when he became president he would be too busy to golf, he would be working all the time at the White House, promises made, promises kept.

          In other news, Emperor Nero fiddles as Rome burns.

        4. avatar Miner49er says:

          “Trump Tweet:

          President Obama has a major meeting on the N.Y.C. Ebola outbreak, with people flying in from all over the country, but decided to play golf!
          11:54 PM · Oct 23, 2014”

          Ebola death toll 2

          COVID-19 death toll 300,000 with a bullet.

          Trump is winning his War against America.

    2. avatar Miner49er says:

      “The Whore”

      Well there you go, another member of the he-man woman haters club. Hey, you better watch out, many on this list apparently are feminists who object to such descriptions of women.

  24. avatar FedUp says:

    Marvin Richardson could have just issued the following statement:

    “With 89 members of Congress opposing this move, we believe it’s in the best interest of our budget to drop the proposed change. After all, we are still the same agency that shot up a church outside of Waco just to draw attention to ourselves during the Congressional Budget season back in 1993…”

  25. avatar Rusty - Molon Labe - Chains says:

    This helps to show the power of twisting your Congressman’s tail. The ATF may well not care what we think, but they care about what the people who can squeeze their budget think especially if a quarter of the House yells at them. I didn’t get a harumph outta that guy…

  26. avatar J.Smith says:

    I don’t consider holding ground a victory, I call it survival. Victory is when you conquer and take real estate and move forward.

  27. avatar possum says:

    What I’m seeing is they got tired of the comments and took it down, nowhere did I read they wasn’t going on with banning them

  28. avatar Mark Conrad says:

    This is not over by a long shot. I am guessing the incoming administration asked the ATF to stand down for now. The type of brace is not going to matter when Biden makes all AR pattern firearms NFA weapons as he has suggested he would like to do. Anything with a brace on it would essentially become an SBR. The Georgia runoff Senate elections will determine if this happens.

    1. avatar Rusty - Molon Labe - Chains says:

      The GA elections are indeed critical, because if the Democrats take them both they will kill the Filibuster and then modify the Supreme Court by adding more members, then add DC, Puerto Rico and Guam as states and then they will go after the Constitution and the Bill of Rights hammer and tongs.

      They have become the enemy of a free America and they are proud of it!

      1. avatar Miner49er says:

        “Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler, who has maintained a strong anti-illegal immigration stance during her short tenure in office, has raised tens of thousands of dollars for her Georgia Senate runoff campaign from donors linked to a family owned company that was forced to pay out more than $95 million in fines for unlawful immigration practices and alleged hiring discrimination, disclosure records show.

        Between late November and early December, Loeffler’s campaign received more than $28,000 in contributions from at least 11 members of the Asplundh family, according to new campaign finance reports filed to the Federal Election Commission. The Asplundh family owns and operates the large, privately held Asplundh Tree Company, which has done work for the U.S. Department of Energy.

        In 2017, the Pennsylvania-based tree-trimming and vegetation management company had to pay the largest civil settlement ever levied by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement after a yearslong investigation resulted in the company pleading guilty to “unlawfully employing aliens.” Additionally, in January 2019, Asplundh agreed to pay $55,000 in back wages to settle hiring discrimination allegations stemming from one of its facilities in Georgia.

        None of the donations to Loeffler from the family members properly listed their association with the company as required by the FEC, and instead, the Loeffler campaign wrote under the employer and occupation sections: “INFORMATION REQUESTED PER BEST EFFORTS.”

  29. avatar Mudhunter says:

    We should pressure our senators and representatives to eliminate the ATF for being a capricious and illegal agency. It violates the Constitutions restraint ON GOVERNMENT.

    While they are asking for commentary, we should be working to cut the head off the snake.

    1. avatar Dude says:

      “working to cut the head off the snake”

      80% of the federal government would be a decent start. It’s completely out of hand and completely unnecessary.

  30. avatar Ragnarredbeard says:

    Yeah, withdrawing it until a more pliant DOJ is installed. This will come back. Guaranteed.

  31. avatar christmas gun says:

    It’s a Christmas Miracle!!!

  32. avatar SK Skeeter says:

    This was the first wave. Let’s not start yanking each others tallywackers, old bean. They will try to throw everything at the the wall, including the kitchen sink, and see what sticks. They are many ways to attack our rights and they only have to win once for us to lose our rights.

    The gun control BS in New Yorkistan, Commiefornia and New Jersey is coming to town near you. Pay attention to the local elections, never take anything for granted.

    Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.

    Shore up our defences by supporting the Republican candidates in GA. Go and vote early if you or send in your ballots by mail as soon as possible. If you are from out of state; any time, effort or financial resources are welcome.

  33. avatar Shawn says:

    I’m surprised. I thought it would take another 310,000 comments to make them stop like it did with the XM855 debacle. Of course this probably won’t get the ATF director to resign like the last time.

  34. avatar Billb says:

    I’m still surprised that the kitten stomping jack booted thugs haven’t screwed around with black powder “firearms” but if it comes up soon it won’t be a shocker.

  35. avatar Mat says:

    Wait, wait are suppressors getting legalized? Or was that 4 years ago??

    1. avatar Bubba says:

      Suppressors are already legal

  36. avatar Born Free says:

    McConnell is a trogg. He’s selling you down the river with open borders and other Big Tech mandates as we speak.

    1. avatar MADDMAXX says:

      McConnell is just another play along to get along politician (like most)… He’s safe now for 6 more years and then probably retirement…..

  37. avatar John T McDougald says:

    They withdrew their request for comments, but I haven’t heard that they actually intend to NOT change their mind about these braces. If 50 years of watching government become increasingly corrupt, I have learned that if this means anything, it’s just a formality and they don’t care what you thing about what they are about to do. They probably just decided to wait it out for Biden and Harris to Presidentially Decree them illegal, so it’ll take the heat off them and they can just sit back and blame the executive branch.
    BTW…. Where was the NRA on this issue? I’ve been feeling kinda cheated out of my Benefactor dues that I paid in so they could use my money to help fight for my rights of protection and sport shooting lately.

  38. avatar Bubba says:

    This is only a temporary reprieve. The snakes will come back, they always do.
    We should hit the gas and end this abomination of an agency for good.

  39. avatar Ron says:

    the final straw that persuaded the ATF to back down and withdraw the guidance was serious pressure applied by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.”

    Good. I’m sure we’ll here endless crying out of Miner over that one.

  40. avatar MADDMAXX says:


    Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto is throwing the City’s support behind a national, multi-city push to get the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to regulate what are called “ghost guns.”

  41. avatar endDClies says:

    Wait until the puppet Biden takes office. We are going to see an assault on our civil rights like no other in history. We have to start pushing the “civil rights” issue with second amendment violations. Gun control is a civil rights violation, let’s make that the issue.

  42. avatar RedFlaggedandBagged says:

    Does this mean ammo will no longer be $1 a bullet? Or that Gen3 G19s will no longer be $589.00?

    Does this mean reciprocal carry permits? Or suppressors without years of paperwork?

    ATF giveth, ATF taketh. Just another day ruling the sheeple.

  43. avatar Jack says:

    All this is…
    Is , Delayed Execution

    It ain’t a win

  44. avatar enuf says:

    Good news for now. Still need lawsuits to reach the now five and one half Justices who will very likely repudiate and declare unconstitutional these idiotic infringements upon a Natural Born and Constitutionally Enumerated Right!

    1. avatar MICHAEL A CROGNALE says:

      The pray to Almighty GOD that the communists fail to steal the senate seats in GA. Otherwise SCOTUS will be neutered.

      1. avatar Theresa Inacker says:

        Oh please, all this fantasy talk about stolen a election is just that, a fantasy. More than that, there are no commies of any number or power in the USA. Hating on the Dems is one thing but inventing the Boogeyman is self destructive.

        1. avatar Election WAS STOLEN by commies and marxists says:

          Stop…… THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN!!!!!! PERIOD……

        2. avatar MADDMAXX says:


          Especially considering that a copious number of people whose ACTUAL body temperature is at or below room temperature voted for for the “Creepy One” in key districts…

        3. avatar Miner49er says:

          “voted for for the “Creepy One” in key districts… “

          Have you a source or citation to support your claim? Or is it just empty speech?

        4. avatar Serpent_Vision says:

          Must be true if it’s TYPED IN ALL CAPS WITH LOTS OF EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        5. avatar Miner49er says:

          Wait a minute, this may be true, President Donald Trump is in control of the situation and has energized the national command center to handle the election crisis:

          When the going gets tough, Donald Trump goes golfing.

  45. avatar Catboss says:

    Can’t help but wonder if they were testing the water for future potential restrictions. Hope they got the message, we’re not having this crap!

  46. avatar rt66paul says:

    The ATF got the message, loud and clear. All the input was 1 sided and they did not need anymore. That doesn’t mean they won’t act on it, it also means that they don’t have to show the true number of comments for the comment period.
    I wonder if they tried to pack the comments like the Dems did with the recent vote?

    1. avatar Daren says:

      Some Dems Commented in support of Gun Rights….Don’t forget your Liberal Supporters. We may be small but we are right there with you on Protecting Gun Rights.

      1. avatar MADDMAXX says:

        Speaking out and “voting” are two different things… We’ll see where the support is when Pelosi cracks her “whip”.. Threats of losing a committee seat are far stronger than concern over your silly Constitutional rights (just ask AOC)…

        1. avatar Daren says:

          From a Liberal side of things….The President has said nothing and done nothing to avert this ATF action. He actually requested the ATF to ban bump stocks and they did so illegally. I vote on a variety of issues including gun rights. I live in Arizona where gun rights are affirmed by both parties in the state. I don’t have to worry about the home front. Id like a real conservative Republican or Democrat to Vote for like Senator Krysten Sinema as President. I didn’t have that choice. The Current President is not a conservative and through his action is indifferent to Gun right….He talks like he is but his appointments to the ATF and Push for Regulations and lack of action when the ATF over steps is not helpful. So put a Conservative Pro Gun rights, Pro Civil Liberties, Fiscal Responsible, Adult for me to vote for and I will support them. For now I have to Vote the best I can splitting the vote or obtaining to vote in other situations.
          I need good candidates to choice from.

        2. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          Krysten Sinema? She’s voted against Democrats 27.5% of the time so far this Congress, according to a ProPublica database. That puts her at No. 2 on the list of senators who break with their party most frequently, behind Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia.
          Many of Sinema’s defections have been votes to confirm President Trump’s nominees to the executive branch and to federal courts,

          Democrat Kyrsten Sinema is running for Senate in gun-friendly Arizona but staying mum on the fact that she backed a gun control bill just last year. The bill, known as the Public Safety and Second Amendment Protection Act of 2017, was little more than a reconfigured–and regurgitated–version of the gun control bill Barack Obama unsuccessfully pushed following the December 14, 2012
          Source: Arizona 2006 Congressional National Political Awareness Test , Nov 1, 2006

          Supports background checks, gun licenses, and enforcement
          Sinema indicates support of the following principles regarding guns.
          Maintain and strengthen the enforcement of existing state restrictions on the purchase and possession of guns.
          Require background checks on gun sales between private citizens at gun shows.
          Require a license for gun possession.
          Supports restrictions on gun purchases.
          Sinema supports the PVS survey question on gun restrictions
          Project Vote Smart infers candidate issue stances on key topics by summarizing public speeches and public statements. Congressional candidates are given the opportunity to respond in detail; about 11% did so in the 2012 races.
          Project Vote Smart summarizes candidate stances on the following topic: ‘Guns: Do you support restrictions on the purchase and possession of guns?’
          Source: Project Vote Smart 12-PVS-q10 on Aug 30, 2012

          Restrict right to bear arms, according to CC survey.
          Sinema supports the CC survey question on Second Amendment
          The Christian Coalition Voter Guide inferred whether candidates agree or disagree with the statement, ‘Further Restrictions on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms’ Christian Coalition’s self-description: “Christian Voter Guide is a clearing-house for traditional, pro-family voter guides. We do not create voter guides, nor do we interview or endorse candidates.”
          Source: Christian Coalition Survey 18CC-10 on Jul 1, 2018

          Hmmmm can’t wait for HER to run for POTUS……
          YOUR idea of a Conservative Democrat is why Arizona NOW has two gun grabbing liberal Senators AND gave Arizona to JoMalla.. And ALL that gun FREEDOM you are enjoying and that HOMEFRONT you are not worried about? Maybe you need to be a bit MORE concerned because ALL that good stuff is in jeopardy, but then you did say you are a gun owning liberal.. And of course, even though I was only talking about “congressional” voting, YOU had to go straight for the throat of POTUS over a fucking NOVELTY TOY that NO ONE I know has/had or wants, bump stock is useless except for burning up ammo and melting barrels that were NEVER intended for full auto fire….

        3. avatar Daren says:

          It may be a novelty but the ATF said it was a Machine gun. If they get away with redefining what a machine gun is they can redefine a polished trigger as a machine gun or anything. What they did was over reach and illegal. The President was supposed not be at least A strong advocate for Gun Rights going to usher in Tax free surpressors which they never even Voted on he never mentioned. He is weak on gun rights. I may oppose him on a lot but I honestly hoped he expand my gun rights but he didn’t he shrink them. He is indifferent and maybe it is because the right does not hold him accountable. If all gun owners went straight to the throat when he does things that undermines our freedoms or is quiet when such things are taking place he be a stronger advocate.

        4. avatar daren says:

          Your idea of a Conservative Republican is why POTUS further restricted our gun rights and didn’t expand them….You talk about Senema and surveys and Support for Gun Control….Gun Control is not automatically an infringement…This is a fact not all people have 2nd amendment rights…Verification of your Right to keep and bare arms is the same as verifying a person has a right to Vote correct. Background checks is not an infringement just like photo id to vote is not an infringement right….how has she restricted your gun rights? I can name a long list of what the ATF has done in the last 4 years…..actual actions. I cant wait for her to run for President. I bet she would defend out rights to keep and bear arms more that the Lame Duck Potus has. If she crosses the line on gun rights she will be gone in Arizona. Mark Kelly as well. We will see….All I know is that when I called Senima’s office and Martha McSally’s Office and asked for a stance on “Assault Weapon” bans they both said the same thing…I will have to ask to see where she stands on that position. You never know what they will do until the do it.

          I have seen what has actually been done the last 4 years.

        5. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          is the same as verifying a person has a right to Vote correct.

          They could have used that concept on Nov 3rd.. I get it, you ARE a liberal, I disagree with your premise that 2nd does NOT apply to ALL American citizens (can’t seem to find that particular phraseology in MY copy of the Constitution)… You don’t like Orangeman because the Masters say so, that’s okay.. Other than “muh bumpstock” (which, by the way, stopped Congress from going scorched earth on gun owners) has happened in the past four years to hamper the legal purchase, ownership or use of firearms…. Trump pales in comparison to what Obama TRIED and FAILED to do and what JoMalla (with Sinema and Kelly in the Senate) will TRY to do starting Jan 20… It didn’t take long for YOU to expose yourself as another Minr clone.. I’ll put you on the list and will NOT give you any more opportunities to rant about the current POTUS though I’m sure you won’t need any outside help… And you can stop pretending to be on “OUR” side….

        6. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          If she crosses the line on gun rights she will be gone in Arizona. Mark Kelly as well. We will see….
          You ARE joking, RIGHT? Are you NOT aware of Giffords.Org? Did you REALLY believe Kelleys bullshit about not wanting to take your guns while RUNNING for the US Senate in a “RED” state? WOW…. You probably believe that JoMalla actually won the election legit as well……

          Advocating for Virginias Red Flag law…. LOOK IT UP…
          The gun-control group, run by Gabby Giffords and husband Mark Kelly, who is also the 2020 Senate candidate for Arizona, does not advocate for laws that focus on mental health. They have a community outreach program that targets communities and attempts to garner help from them in preventing gun violence. But they lack any law or program that helps those affected with mental illnesses. They target guns and want to take them away, since that is their end goal.

        7. avatar Daren says:

          I said we will see. He will have to choice if he wanted to keep his seat or not. If he represents the will of the Arizona people or his own personal interests will determine if he keeps his seat. The Supreme Court is very very “Conservative” and should block any gun control that is unconstitutional like Gun bans, Mag capacity bans, conceal or open carry bans so I am not worried about federal gun control. I know who Gabby Giffords is……she got shot in the face in Tucson outside of a Basha Grocer. I know all about what he and her have said and like I said Martha McSally wouldn’t commit to being against a “Assault” rifle ban. I called her office over a dozen times and finally her staff said she wont commit to anything that she wont be voting on and then she will make her position known right before she votes. She is no different, Republican Governor Ducey supports red flag laws that you hate…..So when Conservatives present themselves I will support them…Until then I will take my chances with moderate Dems and see if they keep their word becasue the Republicans in my state have not and the Pouts has not……at least we have the Supreme Court to defend our rights.

  47. avatar will Byrd says:

    I get it. This is probaly good for some people….But for me personally I already planned to SBR my AR-Pistol and put an actual stock on it….This would have waved my fee and let me file and get it approved very quickly and for free……No I have to wait the long process and pay the $200. Sucks for me.

    1. avatar MADDMAXX says:

      I plan to make my latest 80% lower into a 9mm SBR with a fully adjustable stock… Not for playtime or for public display so I think I’ll keep my 200 bucks and save the time and effort of registration…

  48. avatar Rusty Williams says:

    Better rethink that “win”!!! Guns and Gadgets just posted a video saying that the request for comments is still open and taking comments. If you haven’t posted a comment yet you better do it so the ATF can’t say there wasn’t interest because it didn’t get enough comments by tricking us into believing we beat them. “Don’t Trust ATF! Pistol Brace Letter Still Up!”

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