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FULL CONCEAL, inventors of the fold-in-half pistol that nobody needed, wanted, or asked for, has unfortunately filed for bankruptcy. Despite my snark, it truly is unfortunate, if not unforeseen.

Screenshot from Inforuptcy

I shot a few of FULL CONCEAL’s designs, both pistol and carbine conversion, and was surprised at how solid and well-sorted they were. If they put together such nice guns but didn’t chop the grip in half and make it fold and sh*t I might have been a buyer.

At any rate, it’s sad to see any small business go under. Innovation ain’t for wimps, isn’t always safe, and they made a good run at it.



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      • Pretty brutal comments here. But honestly, they are probably why they filed for bankruptcy. I wish them well, and hope for them to try again with another idea. Don’t give up.

        • I played around with a couple at the Indy NRA Meetings a couple years back and never found it to be a “better mousetrap”. For me, a lot more hassle than bringing my Sig 365 to bear from IWB carry, and fewer rounds.

    • Very cool product I wouldn’t have taken if it were free.

      +1 for innovation, though, even if it was a dead-end idea. Well, back to the drawing board.

        • “Give credit where credit is do, Haz….

          Wile E. Coyote”

          And the Acme Corporation’s direct drop-shipping system direct to the desert in a rugged wooden crate (that’s also recyclable)… 😉

        • a rugged wooden crate (that’s also recyclable)

          Yep! Just a stick to prop it up, a string to pull, some roadrunner bait and instant roadrunner trap!

      • For free?
        Hell yes I’d of taken it for free.
        Then I’d of put it up on Gun Broker, see what I could get for it.

  1. Aaannnddd nothing of value was lost.

    Honestly, I think the idea of a folding pistol like could have some merit. But trying to modify an existing pistol like this just seems a bit suspect. Especially when a lot of the parts of it look just flimsy as hell.

    • Folded with a 20 round magazine, deployment is a flick of the wrist, ready to fire. With a round in the chamber. They sold 80% lowers for a while. Truly innovative. let’s see you conceal your G19 with a 20 round magazine.

      • I conceal either a Walther PPQ or a Sig p226 everyday in Arizona (i.e. nothing more than cargo shorts and a short sleeve shirt), both of those are larger than a G19. With a proper holster it is not hard at all. No folding necessary

      • Any conventional pistol is faster to draw and fire than a quirky foldy glock. Its a neat idea just not practical in real life.

  2. A for idea, C- for engineering, D+ execution, F- for marketing research. Hopefully they didn’t lose their retirement savings for the future or their homes.

    • I disagree. The idea isn’t that good. Making a gun increasingly complex for some niche benefit of ‘folding’ when handguns are are already highly concealable is not a particularly good idea.

      This is where the small arms market is, right now: stagnant to the point where people come up with random derivations that don’t actually make guns better but just different.

  3. Makes almost as much sense as the CA workarounds for having “evil features” and a fixed magazine on your AR…

    I always said you could just hacksaw the grip off at the trigger guard and punch in a magazine in if needed – would take less steps and be less complicated than what they did here. It would also be really stupid, but who am I to judge?
    …oh yeah, it’s the internets!

    • I don’t think it’s stupid at all! The only potential drawback would be the ATF whim factor about whether they count the grip stub as a grip, since it could be fired in that position.

      My first thought when reading the article was that FULL CONCEAL’s product introduction, besides not being that great of an idea, also had the misfortune of happening at roughly the same time as the more concealable and more practical (fireable in concealed-state) P365.

      I see your idea as being like an “XS” or “XXS” version of that pistol. Right now it comes in regular (PPK-size, 10rd, 3-finger), 12rd or 15rd (4-finger) capacities. Besides cutting off the grip and carrying it magless as you said, you could even make low-cap 1- and 2-fingered magazines. Not pleasant, not conducive to follow-up shots, but certainly useful at bad-breath distance.

    • That sounds like and interesting 80/20 solution. Granted nobody asked the question. Perhaps somebody has a 3-D printer and could try one and report back. Perhaps add some flaring to the mag well.

      • If you have one (Santa?) that could work, but it seems like a hacksaw and Dremel would make for an easier experiment. Either way, Merry Christmas to all!

  4. FULL CONCEAL, maker of the folding Glock pistol, folds itself and files for bankruptcy.

    Such a missed headline opportunity…

    • possum, exactly. I was thinking the same thing before I even scrolled down to your comment. The last thing I want to do when I need a handgun is assemble it before I need to shoot it. Folding carbines are a horse of a different color. (Deference to your dad’s thoroughbreds.) A folding, or take down rifles are usually a matter of storage. They are usually made ready immediately upon exiting the vehicle, air plane or boat.

    • A folding rifle or shotgun or combination of both makes perfect sense for a survival or bush gun.

      A folding pistol is just a novelty.

      • Like this folding shotgun project. I keep thinking I want to do this. For a little over a hundred bucks it looks like fun.

        • I actually did buy one and tried that. I even when a step beyond and had the barrel threaded for chokes. It does fold in half now and is easy to pack just about anywhere. Now the bad part is the trigger is about the worst I have ever used and the punishment of full power 12ga 00 buck or slugs (even with a limb saver recoil pad) is not something I want to ever do again. I ended up patterning the thing at various ranges and with various loads and the chokes help but I ended up spending more money on the threading and the cokes then I did for the shotgun. It was still a very fun project and I’ll keep the thing but other than a something to throw in a backpack when I hit the trail I doubt it will see much time out of the safe.

          I will say the pistol sub-caliber converters I also got are fun to shoot even if they are only really good at slightly more than rock throwing distances and once again cost more all together than the weapon they sit in.

          It was one of those things where I could do a thing and never stopped to think if I should 🙂

    • If I want to pack a micro on me, I’ll just go for a Derringer. This fold-a-Glock makes no sense.

      • Haz, I’ve looked at the pic a couple of times. I don’t even see how it’s more concealable than the unmodified pistol.

        • Yeah, I’m with you there. It really doesn’t look any more concealable than the unfolded version. Possibly, and I only mention it as a possibility, it is more COMFORTABLY concealed, depending on where and how you carry it. It would be fun to handle one for a few days. Maybe the hand-on experience would teach us something?

  5. “FULL CONCEAL, Maker of the Folding GLOCK Pistol, Files for Bankruptcy”

    Yeah,can you imagine that,LOL.

    • Specialist38, if I remember correctly you’re from the Florida panhandle also. I began carrying concealed in Florida when I got out of the army with the Colt Series 70 I bought while on active duty. Long before there was a CCW permit in Florida and even longer before I was LEO. Fuck the government! Before anyone begins to howl; I never arrested anyone for carrying concealed without a CCW if there wasn’t an underlying felony. Read armed robbery, etc.

      • Yup. Grew up in MS. No provision for a permit. You had several things you could use in your defense if you got caught.

        1. Carry more than 2500 in cash. (Hahahahahah way more money than I ever had).
        2. More than 50 miles from home and not a vagrant. (Or if you were an undesirable).
        3. Credible threat against your life.

        So ,,,, standard Jim Crow language.

        Easier to understand why snub 38s and 25s were popular. Out of sight.
        Long trips meant my S&W model 28 in a shoulder holster. Had to sweat a little.

      • “Never arrested someone for no CCW without an underlying felony”.

        And thats how it should be ……arrest people for misusing things…like alcohol or a fast car.

        • Specialist38, Mississippi? Really? My dad’s family is from Wayne County. It really is a small world. Killed my first squirrel in State Line. Deer hunting at the time. I got permission from my dad to switch from a .410 slug to #6 shot. We have our family reunion at Manor Creek Park. Saved a little girl from drowning there when I was eighteen. Her family was consumed with her care. I just walked away and got in my car and drove back to Grandpa’s. Yeah, I know a lot of you don’t believe my war stories. That was 1977. But, I like to think that woman has a nice family today. More than once I’ve been at the right place I the right time. I like to think it’s providence, but it may have been just luck. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to the TTAG family.

  6. Never want any busy to fail but their product just didn’t make sense. It filled a niche that didn’t have a buyers so it didn’t need to be filled.

    • I could be wrong, but i think I remember them advertising those foldy glocks for like $1,600 and that was long before covid hit. With a price like that I couldn’t imagine they sold too many units.

  7. Not surprising. It was a reasonably dumb idea. We are not obligated to purchase stupid products, no matter how much anyone tries to convince us to buy it.

  8. Hey TTAGERS!

    God’s Blessings for all of you and those whom you love.

    God’s Blessings for this great country, a return to faith, to the Constitution, and the strength of family.

    God’s Blessings for President Trump and those supporting him against the recent election-fraud insurrection.

    Have a joyful, healthful Christmas, filled with laughter, good food and drink, confidence, charity and prayer.

    Peace, introspection, and the inner strength that wells from faith.

  9. Their tech was cool. Double-naught-spy coo

    Just wasn’t useful when we can carry easily.

    I still want a Magpul FMK….who cares if its practical…..but I think it would be.

  10. I remember seeing this and thinking “why?” immediatley followed by “that’s dangerous and unfolding could cost your life”.

    That said, sucks for them, but not surprising. When you put all your eggs in one basket…

    Meanwhile: SIG is now 3d printing all their suppressors. lol. Suck it ATF.

    You get a can. You get a can. You get a can. A can for everyone! “download here”

  11. I liked the product. Could carry in a belt pouch where the design of the pouch would not alert people to what was really in the pouch.

  12. The only situation in which it sort of made sense to me was when it was combined with the CAA Roni chassis. One could put that, with the brace and the pistol folded, into a laptop bag. It would be the most compact shoulder-able option available.

    But that’s a very limited market.

  13. “Full Conceal”? How? Where? In what? The obvious comes to mind. A misguided innovation that assumed there was a market for buyers who needed a pistol they could fold, stash, & fit in places you’d least suspect a handgun to be hidden. I predict a future demand by Glock collectors desiring the odd, quirky, and only ridiculously impractical-inefficient Glock variant ever produced.

  14. UPDATE: The folks at Full Conceal are strategizing and planning a post bankruptcy comeback with their new radically de-horned Keister Stash model that comes standard with the advanced Perma-lube special coating. A pistol for that discerning buyer who will literally do whatever is required to accomplish carrying their Glock through a security check point. 🤠

  15. They couldn’t make my Glock 23 without the mag falling out every shot. It was up to me to find the correct magazines that would stay in the gun. They deserve to go out of business because they lied to me when I sent it back twice and they said I was limp wristing it. What a joke.

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