Taliban fighters take control of Afghan presidential palace after the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country, in Kabul, Afghanistan, Sunday, Aug. 15, 2021. Person second from left is a former bodyguard for Ghani. (AP Photo/Zabi Karimi)
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It took Joe Biden just seven months to cripple this country’s economy, security and credibility.

On Sunday, Biden lost the moral authority he needs to govern, as well as the respect of voters, foreign leaders and the mainstream media, who have finally stopped asking about his daily dose of ice-cream and turned their attention to issues of real consequence.

The Atlantic published a story Sunday titled “Biden’s betrayal of Afghans will live in infamy.” MSNBC called the rout “Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan charade,” and even a news actor at CNN admitted that the Taliban’s blitzkrieg caught the Biden-Harris administration “flat-footed.”

Biden’s ineptness has turned this great nation into a laughingstock overseas, which the Chinese communists are already exploiting as a propaganda tool to stamp out dissent in Hong Kong. More of our enemies will likely follow, since a president’s foibles are always an enemy propagandist’s dream.

While Biden wants to ban American citizens from owning pistol braces and semi-autos, he has armed at least a division of bloodthirsty terrorists with real assault rifles, handguns, heavy and light machineguns, grenade launchers, precision rifles, artillery, tanks, armored vehicles of all types, both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft and sophisticated night vision, missiles and drones.

Our former Afghan allies – those brave souls that took a chance on us and worked with our troops – are so desperate to flee from the well-armed and up-armored Taliban that some even clung to the wheels of departing C-17s, only to plummet to their deaths as the aircraft gained speed and altitude. Their fears are well founded. Taliban terrorists are going door-to-door confiscating privately owned firearms and searching for anyone who supported our troops, as well as brides for their fighters.

As international pressure for Biden to comment increased, he finally cut his umpteenth vacation short, rushed back to the White House and brazenly told the American people that the fault for the Afghan rout was not his. Instead, Biden blamed the Afghan leaders for fleeing the country, the Afghan military for lacking the will to fight, and of course Donald Trump.

Joe Biden
(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

A defiant and angry looking Biden said, “The truth is, this did unfold more quickly than we anticipated.”

It’s not difficult to understand how the Taliban insurrection could have blindsided Biden, who spent most of his time in office pushing an unpopular domestic agenda rather than looking for threats overseas. Biden focused solely on diversity issues, COVID-19 mandates and gun control, including a nominee to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, David Chipman, whom even members of Biden’s own party found distasteful.

Alan M. Gottlieb, the Second Amendment Foundation’s founder and executive vice president, says that out of the swirling chaos may come a silver lining for American gun owners.

“The silver lining might be that there’s such a mess going on, they won’t have time to put through their anti-gun agenda, because right now they have so much other stuff on their plate,” Gottlieb said Sunday night on Armed American Radio.

“Gun control may not be anywhere near the front burner for Biden now because of all the other problems he’s got to worry about,” Gottlieb said. “Right now, we’ve got it bottled up … A lot of gun owners got engaged early to stop the gun-ban agenda.”

David Chipman ATF

He also predicts the Senate will reject Chipman. “Now, I think it’s actually 60/40 that we’re going to defeat the nomination,” he said.

Still, Gottlieb remains cautions.

I don’t want anybody to slow down, or to give anybody a sense of ease yet. All it takes is one incident – one big media barrage – and bingo, anything can pass,” he said. “I’m really proud of the Second Amendment/gun rights movement now. We’re pulling out all the stops we can, but we’ve still got a long way to go to get Biden out of the White House.


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  1. Here is the ultimate irony: Less than 24 hours after claiming victory Taliban are confiscating personal weapons.


    “Taliban fighters in the Afghan capital, Kabul, started collecting weapons from civilians on Monday because people no longer need them for personal protection, a Taliban official said.”

    No, really.

    If it were not so sad it would be funny.

    • Who is going to get first dibs on the leftover equipment?

      The Chinese?
      The Chinese via Pakistan?
      The Iranians? Even though they are Shia vs the Taliban’s Sunni they will agree to work against a common enemy for a while.

        • Reverse engineering?

          Who the Chicoms? They have all our data files before we even start cutting prototypes.

          The Tallis? Why we left 10 metric buttloads of equipment. Their arms exports may well surpass that of heroin.

      • The Taliban get the small arms and drugs, the Chinese get the fun toys like US helicopters and rare earth metal mining rights.
        I mean it’s not the first time, the Chicoms already implemented that all over Africa.

    • It really IS funny! As V.P., O’Biden destroyed thousands of cars and trucks turned in under the guise of cash for clunkers. This eliminated good used vehicles as well as ones for parts that lower income and teen drivers could have used. But he can’t figure out how to destroy weapons and vehicles that WILL be used against civilians. Follow the science Jo and Ho.

  2. Wrong. This will only distract people from the ongoing, active destruction of the Second Amendment.

  3. Usually to distract from your failures to pull out a token pseudo-win like sending parents their child tax credit before the end of the year or call attention to a staple Boogeyman like guns or violent media. Seems odd to distract from your many piecemeal failures by orchestrating an even bigger failure.

  4. The Mexican-American War was the last “good war” we fought. All those which followed were fought to enrich industrialists and financiers.

    • The Mexican American war really wasn’t just. It was a war of American aggression, and a land grab.

      We were in the right in 1812 however.

      • Good grab then. If we had kept the whole damn place we (and they) would be better off today. Even Obiden could defend/fence a border across S Mexico and keep the Central American invaders out.

    • I must disagree with your assessment of “the last good war”.. so would a lot of South Koreans, Chinese, Europeans, American Negroes, Pacific Islanders, Australians……

  5. Not just Hong Kong: The official Chinese Communist Party Newspaper has told Taiwan that when conflict comes, Taiwan will not have friends like the US to depend upon. Emphasis on “when.”

    • Do you want WWIII over Taiwan? Do you? You do realize that Nixon and Kissinger were the first to say Taiwan is part of China and not an independent nation?

      • ok, but you are a fool to think that they will stop at Taiwan. They wont. They will keep going until we decide to make them stop. Taiwan. Korea. Vietnam. Maybe Australia, for the natural resources.

        • So what? That’s not our problem, nor would be it worth the hundreds of thousands of American lives such a war would inevitably cost

        • We did a good job stopping the in the 50’s in Korea.

          We can’t even control our borders….get real.

          China is not a bunch of rag heads in caves.
          …oh the rag heads beat us too.

          Stop being delusional if you want to keep your guns.

      • Taiwan seems to feel they are separate. They have their own government, own military and own currency.

        • Since 1949.

          Until a red flag with gold stars flies over Taipei, the CCP doesn’t own it.

          Wait until they press for other “historical claims”, which include the West coast of the USA.

        • “Wait until they press for other “historical claims”, which include the West coast of the USA.”

          Maybe, but doubtful.

          When N Korea’s ‘dear leader’ was testing his nuclear weapons and missiles, Kim announced he would test a missile by aiming it a few hundred miles from Guam.

          That motivated China to state that if he launched missiles near Guam, Kim would be responsible for the consequences, even a US military strike on the launch site.

          The article then stated that if N. Korea picked a fight with the US, China would let the US retaliate. The article also stated that if the US struck N. Korea first, China would defend N. Korea militarily.

          The source of that article was a Chinese website known for publishing off-the-record statements by the Chinese leadership…

        • Taiwan seceded. Or Red China is the one that left.

          Same as USA. Conservatives didn’t secede. It is the dems who have left and refuse to follow Fed law, Constitution and Bill of Rights.

      • @Red -Doesn’t matter what the reason is, it’s going to happen. Creepy Joe is weak, weak, weak. Our Woke JCS is weak. The morale of our combat arms is bad because they are not allowed to do their primary mission without caveats.
        If I’m China this is the time to go for it. It’s possible that Creepy Joe and/or generals will panic and throw a couple of low yield nukes to show the world..something. Or Creepy Joe and his followers could roll over like a beaten dog just like we’ve done with every other ally that helped us.
        Montagnards ring any bells?

        • Well, look at what happened a few years ago in Crimea. Putin waited for his moment, and then pounced in early 2014 to carve it out from Ukraine and annex it into Russia. Nations of the world (including the U.S. under Obummer) wailed and moaned, but Putin knew he could take it.

          Fast forward to 2021. The United States President is meat puppet who has trouble finding the front door of the White House even when his Secret Service point at it for him. Internationally, we plead with Mexico to please hold back the throngs of people crossing over our border, and we plead with the Taliban to please spare our Embassy (hint: neither plea was obeyed). Internally, we’re on the cusp of a potential civil war to some degree, with Marxists threatening Patriots, and Patriots just about at the point where they’ll set aside their manners and kick the Marxists’ asses so that their grandchildren will remember the lesson.

          And China is watching all of this, with Xi rubbing his hands together and ready to (finally) make good his claim on the economic powerhouse that is Taiwan. If that happens, the entire Western world will be thrown into chaos. But who’s going to stop him?

        • dacian, do you even English?

          “just like we’ve done with every other ally that helped us.”

          (‘We’ve’) as in the United States. I don’t give a damn who was in charge, it doesn’t matter. We, as in America, turned our backs on people who helped us, people who depended on us. WE own this because WE keep accepting this outcome. It’s not as if Creepy Joe is the first to show his belly and he won’t be the last until WE stop enabling cowardice.

        • “Putin waited for his moment, and then pounced in early 2014 to carve it out from Ukraine and annex it into Russia.”

          Putin gambled (and won) that the recent winner of the ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ (Obama) wouldn’t do jack shit out of fear of what he wanted to preserve his ‘legacy’ as with the ‘progressives’…

        • dacian is just like Miner. He’s invested in partisan politics. That’s all that matters to them.

      • If you think the chip shortage was bad, wait for the sequel. TSMC had a bit of a slowdown. When Taiwan falls, they’re completely gone and China jumps 10-20 yeats ahead in their tech. Almost every tech company except Intel would be gone.

        • Why else do you think that chip company is building a next-generation ‘fab’ in on American soil?

          I fully expect that Taiwan plant is wired with explosives right now on the most critical fab tooling to deny the Chinese the technology, similar to the way that the Swiss in WW2 did to their critical infrastructure, the bridges and tunnels leading into Sweden. If China invades, just push the button.

          “No soup for you, Nazi”…

        • The Swiss boobytrapped the critical infrastructure leading into Sweden?! That’s quite the depth of power projection for a militia of watchmakers and dairymen, don’t you think?😋

          Your minor oversight pales in comparison to this misleading article. Nothing happened whatsoever. One guy, known to be firmly on our side, was quoted saying some good things “might” happen, and TTAG spun that into a clickbait article declaring matter-of-factly that they are happening.

        • Tech company .
          Like how to get one acre to grow 180 bushels of rice.?
          Tech is tech but sometimes a cow dragging a stick through a mud hole is cheaper, and you’ve got freedom per se.

    • Why do you think the Democrats are working so hard and so fast to BANKRUPT the U.S.? Giving it all up to the Chinese without a fight is their plan. They can even keep the house majority by two seats. The senate is already gone, ask turtle Mitch.

  6. Sorry, I am fed up when you stray from the Pro-Second Amendment line. We were lied to for 20 years in Afghanistan and somehow it is all Biden’s fault because he didn’t fight for another 4 years. Done. So long.

    • Watch out for that door, I have seen it hit a bunch of “Reds” on the way out.

    • seriously? we lost 7,000 good young soldiers there for nothing now, and you are whining about 2a? sad.

      • I think red my be get-lost. Another clown who rants and runs so he can think he had the last word. What a douche.

      • “we lost 7,000 good young soldiers there for nothing now”

        The American lives lost there always have been and always will be “for nothing”. Getting even more of our young men killed just because we’ve gotten a bunch killed previously is psychotic. There’s no victory to be had in Afghanistan

        • “Getting even more of our young men killed just because we’ve gotten a bunch killed previously is psychotic.”

          The military are simply hired gunslingers. They shoot when told to shoot, and don’t shoot when told not to shoot. Simple, but distasteful truth.

          When you join the military, you sign a one-sided contract that gives government (politicians) permission to use and abuse your life in pursuit of political goals and outcomes. In return for which you might get some useful stuff.

          There is no intrinsic virtue that sets the military up as some sort of moral resource that must be husbanded.

    • Biden abandoning our air base a few months back (like Obummer did in Iraq…which made the Taliban run wild) was beyond stupid. You keep an air base forever because we paid for it in blood and treasure. With an air base you can crush any movements in the country into perpetuity for pennies on the dollar and with only a few thousand personnel. The trained Afghan fighters threw their guns down and surrendered because they did not have that support.

      • You were doing great until you pulled “can crush any movement” out of your ass. AF/airplanes can’t “crush” diddly squat. Most of the time the can hit the ground. Sometimes the target. Then they go to the OClub. Takes grunts on the ground to “crush”.

        The Afgans threw the fight because they tribal muhammand barbarians. As soon as the pay/food stopped they went back their tribe.

        Another 20yrs (another generation) and perhaps we would have broken cycle of Islamic mediocracy over there. Took how long to civilize the American Indian? Maybe we should have just introduced Islam to firewater.

        • In their defense – a mild defense, because I agree with you for the most part – they didn’t fight to defend “Afghanistan” because it’s a made-up nonentity that wasn’t worth fighting for. It was a buffer zone between the British, Russians, and Persians that defaulted to being a “country” when those empires went away. There is no “Afghan” culture, history, or identity, but those are abundant at the tribal level.

          Ironically, many criticized the US for trying to impose “Jeffersonian democracy” / American values without any idea what they mean. The problem was trying to impose Eurocratic, nanny-state social democracy. We let them (or, more likely, some State Department bleeding-heart) write a Constitution that – no shit – makes the central government responsible for sewage treatment, and for providing every Afghan citizen an education up through a Bachelor’s Degree. Extravagance and micromanagement at that level are beyond the reach of any central government much bigger or less prosperous than Liechtenstein – guaranteed to fail (and serve as a lightning rod for the people’s discontent).

          Had the authors actually read US and local history, and delegated power (and, more importantly, responsibility) down to manageable, accountable local governments that “Afghans” could identify with, they might have had some small chance.

    • No one said fight for another four years. What is being said is that our exit should have been more orderly and planned. We should not have left the Afghans without air power to help their fight in at least slowing the Taliban. We trained them with close air support, we took it away. We also did not account for their loyalties stay within their tribal areas and not a National loyalty. So many issues at play and no real good solutions. Leaving in a chaotic manner is definitely not a solution as we have seen.

  7. One of the long term goals of socialists was to diminish and degrade the standing of the USA in the eyes of the world. They have succeeded.

    • Thank you Southern Cross.
      there it is USA, weve lost face.
      Best 8 man football team in the league, my pride exceeds my humility.

  8. Once again a country learns the hard way being our ally. I feel bad for those we lost but also for afghanis that believed in us. They’re as good as dead. A terrible business.

    • They, like others in the past, learned that we can’t do it all. The locals had 20 years of support to step up and they folded like a house of cards.

      • Problem was we pulled their air support and intelligence and told them to “man up” while we may have needed to exit, Sniffy picked the absolutely worst time to do it. He wanted out before 9/11 because optics, now he got far worse optics and essentially killed the Democrats for the next two elections and may have even killed the additional 3.5 trillion pork/gun control/green/everything including the kitchen sink add on bill in the Senate.

        • Yup. The air base we abandoned months ago was all we needed to control the bastards, and our trained Afghan fighters would not have surrendered because they knew we had their backs.

    • Once the hide gets tore off its easier chewing. I’d actually like my horse’s tenderized by an F150, preferably drivin by that jwm character, but that’s another story and I cant make fun of him because he rides a Cushman Eagle.

  9. The most important thing that has to be done is to provide a Republican candidate for 2024 that is clever like Trump, but has passion for the bleeding heart Democrats. Then he would keep everybody happy without squandering all the taxpayer’s money on programs that do nothing but entice lazy people not to work. The economy would come back up to the levels that they were before Geriatric Joe took over, and the morale of the country would be better.

    • If Trump runs, Trump wins.

      I’m voting Trump, and making my vote count… 🙂

      • Mrs. Haz and I will be hand-delivering our Recall Newsom ballots directly to the local polling center. Newsom ordered absentee ballots to be mailed to everyone, and we want to be certain our votes (to unseat him and replace with Elder) will be accepted.

        Interesting tidbit…everyone on the Interwebs is screaming that Larry Elder is running as a Libertarian, but the sample ballot shows him as being registered to represent the Republican Party.

        • Haz says “we want to be certain our votes (to unseat him and replace with Elder) will be accepted.”

          Oh they will be “accepted”, and then they will be “adjudicated” just like they were in 2020.

          Here is another “tidbit”; Silly people, it’s not who votes, it’s who counts the vote.

      • Trumps negs are too high. Florida gov will get every Trump vote AND a bunch of moderates, but most importantly he won’t make every lib in the country crawl on broken glass to vote against him. No doubt it Trump runs he would be the likely GOP candidate…but you wanna win the general.

      • Dude even you cant stuff that many ballot boxes, Santa Claus couldn’t pull that off , and if he did they’d be an insurrection where a certain few in office retain possession of the many ballots that were lost or saved. count on counting

  10. Maybe I missed it but when exactly did president Biden have any moral authority to begin with? As far as Afghanistan we could have left 15 years ago saved tons of money and more importantly US lives and had the same results or we could have stayed another 20 years and likely had the same results.

    I will bet however that some defense contractors are foaming at the mouth to be allowed to sell replacement parts to the Taliban for all the gear we just left them.

  11. What were you watching?!? Slow Joe OWNED IT! The buck stops here. The only time I’ve ever agreed with him. How many “allies” murdered American troops? Hmmm? Never go to war to liberate moose-lims. Lying is a pillar of their “faith”…

  12. This is a massive train wreck in slow motion and it won’t end anytime soon. When you have an administration filled with pompous busy body Gun Control zealots you get all sorts of sewage that comes along with Gun Control everywhere it has been and everywhere it goes.

    democRats have turned US Cities over to criminals with such things as defund the police, release without bail, etc. And democRats opened the border for who knows what so why not hand the keys to the Taliban too? It’s the path democRats and RINOs have put America on.
    A bag of Doritos, another football game, passing gas and burying your head in the sand ain’t going to fix it.

  13. Biden blamed Trump for his Afghanistan debacle and Nixon for his inflation disaster. Who’s he going to blame for his Alzheimer’s?

  14. The Dims will also have difficulty pushing through their trillion dollar spending plans, especially if Congress sucks up time investigating the Afghanistan shitshow.

      • George Carlin once said ” hell no I’m not getting on the airplane, I’m getting IN the airplane”…..

      • That pisses me off as much as watching people on live TV fall to their deaths on 9-11-2001…

        • Even though our “intelligence” has been pretty bad, we need to find where “our” military equipment is stashed and bomb the living daylights out of it.
          The Taliban will probably sell it for U-235 and the last thing we need is a dirty bomb going off in the USA, because our border is not at all secure and sneaking across is just a walk.

          This way we destroy it before the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” either sells our stuff or learns to use it against us. We are in for 20 years and two trillion, we can spend another 11 billion and at least destroy what we gave to the “Afghan security forces.” We can use Chuckie Schumers pork tunnel money.

          The cost would be no more lives, just Chuckies money. The “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” doesn’t get to keep our planes, tanks and other equipment.
          Then they can keep that hole of “country”.
          B-52s and cruise missiles, lets see if sleepy Joe has any balls.

          We bombed Iraq heavily for far less and left.
          Now that we have left Afghanistan it’s time to use some of the GBU-57A/Bs and B2s that we have. “Oh look that mountain just fell down”.
          They can keep the Red Bulls and MREs.

  15. Totally wrong. They’ll push for confiscation even harder now that they have first hand experience with how effective a bunch of deplorables can be.

      • I am not sure that the Taliban are competent. The real problem is that the Afghan people are acceding to the Taliban. Its easy to rule over sheep.

  16. Biden actually said, “The buck stops here, but…..” (sound familiar?)

    In the end, leftists, communists, whatever, always double down when they lose the first go ’round.

    Tomorrow’s headlines, today:

    “Because of the Taliban re-taking control of Afghanistan, and the releasing of thousands of jailed terrorists like Al Qaeda and ISIS, and the increased likelihood of those terrorists to find their way into our gloried nation, I am directing the BATF to issue a ban on civilian ownership of firearms. The reason is to ensure that terrorist infiltrators cannot hide among law abiding gun owners, appearing to be just a normal citizen armed with a firearm.

    My Attorney General assures me that this action is even more constitutional than the latest moratorium on home evictions and mortgage payments. We simply cannot let the failure of the last US administration in Afghanistan create a crisis, a public health risk to Americans as does the Covid-19 virus. Indeed, the crisis in Afghanistan may prove more deadly to Americans than the Covid-19 crisis; something we cannot risk because of our children.”

    • …. said Biden addressing three squirrels in a bush outside of the Whitehouse, while speaking into a pinecone.

    • Biden actually said: “The buck stops…wait where is my wallet? Was’nt I wearing pants for this briefing? Maybe they fell into my depends again.”

    • quote—————Afghanistan may prove more deadly to Americans than the Covid-19 crisis;——————-quote

      Not likely since Trump murdered over 600,000 Americans by trying to hide the covid crisis when he knew about it as early as November of 2019. Thousands also would have been saved if Trump had not also dismantled the pandemic response team. Thousands more died because of Trumps refusal to Federally fund and run the vaccination distribution by attempting to dump all the responsibility and costs on the states, many of which were already bankrupt and did not and could not do anything.

      • darcian…With piles and piles of poo coming from your slanderous, libelous politically inept useful idiot piehole your moniker should be darciandodo.

        • Pandemic Response Team? Is that like the A-Team or something? 600,000? Instead of impeaching POTUS DJT for a recorded conversation with the new guy in Ukraine about an already “ongoing” investigation about biden’s degenerate son why praytell wasn’t POTUS DJT charged with conspiracy and murder? With 600,000 dead and dying surely democRats could find someone to Testify, Testify, Testify, Tes tiii fyyyyyy…Bada Boom.

      • The Pandemic response team was never dismantled, boi !… in fact it was larger under Trump but had a new name…. and warp speed came from That team and Trump !…. I have yet to see Cho Bai Din come up with a cogent plan on anything, and I have been watching and getting a belly laugh out of that Idiot since before You were Born…. Too bad we haven’t had another Ike, He was a Good president

  17. Most recent statement from Kabul, Afghanistan:

    “We are from the Taliban and we are here to help…”

    Unfortunately, the microphone went dead and listeners were unable to hear the rest of that sentence, “… ourselves to your women and money.”

  18. To think this guy was in the Senate during the fall of Saigon, as the V.P. he saw to the mishap with the “J.V. team” AKA ISIS and now…

  19. quote————It took Joe Biden just seven months to cripple this country’s economy, security and credibility.————quote

    From “The Business Insider” that refutes your statement.


    quote—————-Biden’s ineptness has turned this great nation into a laughingstock overseas,————-quote

    Trump wanted to get out sooner so the reality is the Afghan Government was so corrupt and hated by its own people that its fall would have happened under either administration and with the same rapidity.

    quote—————Our former Afghan allies – those brave souls———-quote

    Give us all a break even the mentally handicapped on this forum are roaring in the aisles with laughter over that statement. Those so called brave allies ran like rabbits and never even in most cases fired a shot. Contrast this to the Vietnam Tet Offensive when outgunned North Vietnamese fought bravely to the death against overwhelming U.S. firepower.

    quote—————As international pressure for Biden to comment increased, he finally cut his umpteenth vacation short,———–quote

    Actually he has taken zero vacations. He was home for the weekend and the other times he was away were Presidential Trips, those were for government business such as touring disaster sites

    Trump on the other hand was off playing golf about every weekend.

    quote—————–“Gun control may not be anywhere near the front burner for Biden now because of all the other problems he’s got to worry about,”———-quote

    Do not crow before sunrise as Biden is only 8 months into his presidency, he has 3 1/2 years to go.

      • I would like to hear his reconciliation of the PRC worker’s paradise which has no welfare, no pensions, no free medical care, and working conditions unseen in the west since 1920, but capitalist Taiwan does have all this and modern working conditions.

        • I don’t want to hear or read any of his uncited nonsense. He’s on here because he is unbalanced and needs attention. Don’t acknowledge him, he knows not of what he writes and if he does, even he doesn’t believe it.
          quote————— this, quote————— that and in the end it’s all opinion strawman BS.

          “The optimism comes as Biden preps another $4.1 trillion in spending to boost the economic recovery.” If Biden does that every year he racks up 20 trillion dollars in debt and that comes out of our pockets. He’s a mentally disturbed troll who has been kicked off every other forum except for the “Hello Kitty” one. Ignore the TROLL and his strawman sealioning nonsense.

        • Actually Southern Cross you should study the government of Taiwan more closely. They have a Socialist programs just as the European Countries do and all Socialist governments these days are funded by businesses and the people paying taxes which you call Capitalism but it is controlled Capitalism and it is not totally out of control as it is here in the U.S.

          Yes the Far Right refuse to call Europe and Far Eastern Socialist Governments Socialist because it disproves their political beliefs and paranoia but it does not change the truth either. They have far more Socialist programs than we do and surprise , surprise what do you think Social Security or Medicare or Medicaid or aide to education or educational grants are or who do you think created the 40 hour work week (which we used to have) or Unemployment Insurance or Workers Compensation. Horror of horrors Southern Cross these programs are all Socialist and you have been conquered by us Socialist’s it’s just that our job here is far from finished. Join a civilized society and become one of us you will be glad you did because you see it’s called being civilized when you care for all the people not just the greed monger Capitalvanians

        • Dumbass – Yes France Germany, Denmark, Scotland, Sweden are socialist/marxists. Poland and Hungary are NOT.

          Yet you’re still a moron. How much is Soros paying you for your giberish/drivel on this thread?

        • I live in a part of the world that follows Westminster democratic process, is free market capitalist but with government oversight and intervention where necessary. We have a good welfare safety net and free universal medical care. We’re not perfect but it works well enough. Other countries also follow similar mixed systems with varying degrees of success.

      • Hey Pat I have good news for you even though its decades out of date. Communism died out with the death of Joseph Stalin. Yes we still have Capitalvanian dictatorships and Socialist dictatorships and good old fashioned medieval dictatorships.

        And by the way admiring the fighting spirit of an opposing army i.e. the North Vietnamese is not claiming to be one of them. And by the way if you had not flunked history class you would have known the Vietnamese never were Communists they were Nationalists just like you are.

        As a matter of fact after the North Vietnamese beat the asses of the jackbooted U.S. storm troopers they beat the hell out of the Chinese in a war they fought with them but I am sure you never heard of that war.

        • Still haven’t looked up Tet have you?

          The “war” was over after we destroyed the NV Regulars during their ill advised offensive. Yet Komrade Cronkite and the Demtard marxists managed to pull a defeat out.

  20. Afghanistan just proves the U.S. can’t be taken from the armed patriots. Thus the reason for the constant pounding on 2A.

  21. Democrats fall into 2 categories. The hate America and the brain dead. Keeping this in mind how many Democrats care about this. A few thousand maybe?

  22. Just for solidarity, I think when our political leadership takes a photo with a painting of a nationally historic moment in the background, our leadership should dress up like the dudes in the painting too…

  23. I disagree with the author. What we are seeing is the unfolding of a strategic plan. Yes this marks the beginning of the end for Biden. Harris waits for her moment. She is no more, nor more less, qualified but when you’re a figurehead it doesn’t matter.

    The political agenda to diminish our rights and the Constitution will continue with increased focus. Soros funded AG’s will continue to selectively prosecute. Legislation will continue from outside the legislature.
    There are thousands of Chipman clones. The anti-gun movement will remain firmly entrenched.

    They are like the Taliban. It is unlikely they will ever be defeated. We can win only by believing in the core values of our culture, our constitution and ourselves.

    • “It is unlikely they will ever be defeated.”

      Correct. It took them a century to get to this point. They aren’t leaving anytime soon. Some people still don’t understand that the values of folks like Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and the Bush family are aligned closer to Bill and Hillary than to me and you. People are finally waking up to this. They aren’t your friends just because they’re Republicans. That’s why we were always on the same trajectory no matter who won elections. The key to the future is in state level election security reforms and purging RINOS in the primaries.

    • Otto is correct. The American Marxists have been looking for the opportunity to ditch Obiden and install Kameltoe as temporaty POTUS. Watch who they install as her VP. That will be the problem child. Can certainly happen in the next 12m.

      • “Can certainly happen in the next 12m.”

        Harris should be watchful about that. If she is elevated before two years and a day after Joe was inaugurated, she can serve only one term in her name. Would consider that a declaration that her time is up already, and she will not be nominated for even one full term.

  24. Uncle Joe has everything under control, all is going to plan. Nothing can go wrong……nothing can go wrong……..nothing can go wrong………

  25. Within the next four to six months I fully expect a Taliban attack on U.S. soil. There are Taliban “sympathizer” and “allied” groups here in the U.S., have been for years. But now that the Taliban has secured its position in Afghanistan and can consolidate their command and control, I expect these U.S. based groups to be used and emboldened by the Taliban in Afghanistan and directed to carry out attacks here in the U.S.

    • If I may offer a bit of hope Jack, I think the Taliban is more interested in making money and actually turning Afghanistan into a Caliphate, that will last, right now. I think they may be more Globalist and less religious than you think. I hope, anyway. Just a thought amigo!

  26. The Taliban is now the worlds most heavily armed terror group. The word is that the Taliban is “recruiting” pilots of the now ex-afgan airforce to fly the U.S. aircraft they now possess.

    The Brits have launched a military rescue mission to rescue over 2,000 British nationals trapped in Afghanistan.

    On Monday, US State Department spokesman Ned Price urged the Taliban to form an “inclusive” government that had women in it, and said the US would recognize the Taliban government if it followed “reforms”. A little while ago, today U.S. time, the Taliban announced ‘amnesty’ and now urges women to join government.

    • “The Taliban is the most heavily armed terror group in the world.”
      That title falls open the American citizens who devotedly honor the rights of we the people and the United States of America

  27. @neiowa
    “Sam – you’re as stupid as Red.”

    What? Too many syllables?

    I come here to be enlightened by the height of intellectual commentary such as yours.

  28. Biden is more focused on taking our 2nd Amendment rights away and put in a Director of the ATF that wants to do it for him than dealing with the Taliban it apparent to see. Biden and the commiecrats will not waste time thinking of what they have done in Afghanistan. Just like the Taliban going door to door telling people to give up their weapons after this weekend, Biden has plans to do the same thing to us.

  29. @Southern Cross
    “Other countries also follow similar mixed systems with varying degrees of success.”

    There is a huge difference between socialism and a welfare state. For instance, Scandinavian nations are too often accused of being “socialist” (which was probably true at one point), however those nations have since come to depend on robust capitalistic economies to fund their welfare states. The Scandinavian nations cannot be lumped in with Cuba, China, Russia, Venezuela, and other such types.



  30. This is maybe the worst editorial piece ever published on TTAG. Afghanistan was lost by the incompetence of four Presidents, some would say five when Reagan is included. Biden’s anti-gun agenda is absolutely not derailed by this completely unrelated disaster. Anyone who would think such a things is fooling themselves.

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