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This is TTAG’s weekly roundup of legal and legislative news affecting guns, the gun business and gun owners’ rights. For another look at the topics discussed here, check out this week in gun rights at FPC

Floyd family files request for United Nations to disarm the police

UN knotted gun SCULPTURE
 (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

The family of George Floyd has filed a petition to the United Nations requesting that they impose a series of reforms including the abolishment of qualified immunity, mandatory usage of body cameras, halting the transfer of military hardware to police forces, and establishing an independent investigatory committee to address claims of excessive force and extrajudicial killings by police officers.

The letter, addressed to the UN Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent, implies that the government has prioritized protection of Second Amendment rights over the lives of African Americans.

I’m more than sympathetic to the issue of police brutality. It’s a horrifying national embarrassment. I do think it’s important to point out a couple things. First, while the idea of abolishing qualified immunity, demilitarizing police forces, and requiring enhanced oversight are worthwhile, they simply can’t be done by the UN because it lacks the authority to regulate the conduct of the several states and the federal government. Any assertion of control would be a violation of both our Constitution and national sovereignty.

Second, if we’ve learned anything about the police and the government over the last couple weeks, it’s that some of them don’t respect the lives of civilians and absolutely don’t respect Second Amendment rights, even if President Trump may pay lip service for whatever purposes.

Instead of appealing to yet another organization like the UN, the Floyd family and their supporters should instead focus on direct, domestic action like lobbying and pushing out the politicians and institutional leaders who are part of the problem.

Likewise, members of minority communities should conspicuously embrace the Second Amendment. We’ve all learned that we can’t rely on the state to protect us, especially in uncertain times.

Federal court orders Connecticut to resume firearms licensing


One thing that’s become painfully obvious is that politicians love using a crisis as an excuse to suspend the right to buy firearms. And when they can’t get the job done by shutting down gun stores, they find more insidious ways to accomplish their goals.

That was the case in Connecticut, where Governor Ned Lamont issued an executive order allowing the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (that’s a mouthful) to suspend fingerprinting. That doesn’t sound like a big deal until you realize that in Connecticut, fingerprints have to be submitted in order to conduct background checks for handgun permits and certificates.

Fortunately for the citizens of Connecticut, a federal judge has issued a preliminary injunction, requiring the state to resume collection of fingerprints at least until the lawsuit concludes.

Maryland County school district considers dismantling school resource officer program

School Resource Officer courtesy Dixon, IL PD.

School resource officers: how do they work? According to Belinda Queen of the Prince George’s County School Board, they pretty much don’t.

On Monday evening, a proposal was brought before the board to dismantle the program which provides school resource officers to protect students in “gun free” zone schools. Instead the board will earmark the $5 million formerly used for armed protection to social workers and mental health professionals.

This is a complicated issue. We know the police don’t have an affirmative duty to protect us, and we also know their presence in schools allegedly worsens an awful school-to-prison pipeline. But leaving students totally unprotected in the case of a campus attack seems less than wise.

New York politicians want doctors to decide whether or not you can have a gun

gun prescription doctors

New York is one of the worst states in the union when it comes to being able to exercise your Second Amendment rights. Now they want to put up still more barriers to the right to keep and bear arms. New York Senate Bill S7065, sponsored by James Sanders Jr. (D-10th) would amend the state’s mental hygiene law to have doctors decide whether or not you should have the ability to own a firearm.

Specifically, the state would set up a division to process for mental health evaluations of anyone wanting to purchase a pistol, rifle, or shotgun. It would also standardize procedures for conducting these examinations, including the development of a form to be used by doctors.

New York putting up yet another barrier to the free exercise of a constitutional right shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. This is the same state where having too many speeding tickets can have you declared a “scofflaw,” which is a basis for denying your gun permit application.

Passing this law is a dodge. Many doctors are anti-gun, so of course they’re likely to find that you’re unsuitable. The point is that the state will be able to rely on the doctor’s findings as a fig leaf to be able to do what they want to do in the first place – ban you from buying a firearm.

Wild, Wild Washington: Seattle warlord and Spokane militia guarding downtown businesses

(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

You’ve surely heard about Seattle, where what seem to be anarcho-communists have established an “autonomous zone,” excluding the police from accessing about six city blocks. Their plan was simple; live communally while relying on assistance from the outside in the form of food, water, and other supplies.

Raz, a local rapper known for handing out his mix-tapes in his pre-war days, has emerged as a leader of the camp. He’s being accused of “warlording.” What a timeline we live in.

In contrast, farther to the east, things in Spokane are comparatively tame. There, armed militia groups have been protecting stores from looting. The store owners and some elected officials, fascinatingly, have expressed “concern” about the presence of the militiamen.

Can’t stop the signal, eh?

Courtesy Ivan the Troll

After Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued his massive gun ban list, it should come as no surprise that a black market for firearms quickly established itself in Canada. It’s almost like this concept could have been gleaned from other North American bans, like Prohibition and the War on Drugs. Nonetheless, the Winnipeg police were baffled to find a spooky ghost gun made with a 3D printer.

Inspector Max Wadell said of the phantasmagorical AR “I can only think of one reason where anyone would manufacture a firearm that cannot be registered or detected and that is to circumvent the laws that are in place to protect us all.”

Well, Inspector, you’re partially correct. By banning all of those guns, you forced people who would’ve purchased firearms legally to find an alternative means of acquisition, but I’ve got to disagree with the rest of your statement.

There’s nothing “undetectable” about those guns, and the laws you had on the books didn’t stop the tragedy that precipitated this massive gun grab. It’s more than a little unfair to place the blame on those who simply want to possess guns.

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  1. I’ll decide if I should bear arms, all he needs to do is keep me healthy enough to use them!

  2. Firearms contain evil spirits which climb up the arms of their new owners into their hearts, turning otherwise normal, law-abiding citizens into sick and twisted murderers.

  3. I am eyeing that gun statue I don’t like and reaching for the latest issue of Popular Mechanics

    • I assume you’re talking about “Non Violence, or the Knotted Gun,” the statue of the revolver with the knotted barrel that stands outside the UN headquarters.

      When are we all going to rally and tear that twisted abomination down?

      They say it’s about peace…while their peacekeepers rape women in Africa and sell children into slavery. It’s symbolic of a giant government violating the universal human right to self-defense and exploiting already helpless people in the name of charity, and I find that idea — and any statue that celebrates it — highly offensive.

      Genocidal regimes *always* disarm the people before systematically victimizing them, and this statue, in the courtyard of the world’s biggest government entity — one which clearly doesn’t want people like you and me to be able to defend ourselves — is a gigantic middle finger to all of us. It says *we* have to be helpless and dependent…and that *they* think we deserve to be stepped on.

      That statue is a celebration of repression and a symbol of genocide. It’s a threat to our human rights, to our safety, and our dignity as individuals in this country.


      • I think it would be cooler to chop that tangled shit off the front and make it a snubby. Turning an antigun statue into just a giant gun would be delicious.

      • BLOODY HELL RIGHT!!! CHOP CHOP CHOP the knotted gun & MAKE IT A SNUB SNUB SNUBBY!!! (Getchya one a them “quickie saws” & it’ll make quick work of it!!!)

  4. Regarding all this back-and-forth about police reforms and protests/riots, it really all comes down to our social contract:

    If we fail to police ourselves from within, we will require policing from without.

    In other words, for several decades now, the Left has championed the effort to separate the People from the underlying moral (yes, Biblical) foundation with which our nation was founded. We’re now at least three full generations into this experiment of secularism, and society’s moral compass has been seeking a new North in the void, which (for many) has been Self. 100% Me, Myself, and I. There can be no surprise at the logical outcome we’re seeing today, and it will certainly get progressively worse.

    All those opportunistic looters were the very same people they were the day before they chose to steal…they simply acted upon their true character the moment they perceived the absence of any hindrance to their desire to steal. They refuse to “police themselves” internally, so Law Enforcement will always be necessary to some degree.

    The #DefundPolice movement is a two-edged sword. If people want a smaller, less intrusive police force, then We The People have a responsibility to balance that with our own moral restraint.

    • “the Left has championed the effort to separate the People from the underlying moral (yes, Biblical) foundation”

      What you’re doing is talking about the Actual problem instead of the Pretend problem. That sort of talk will go nowhere, simply because it won’t increase the power of the Left. It’s in their best interest to create division by holding people back and putting the blame on others. The Party of Science could use real data to solve these problems, but that’s the thing; they aren’t interested in solving problems.

      A person’s skin color doesn’t force anyone to live the life of a criminal, have children out of wedlock, or refuse to better themselves by acquiring a marketable skill or a marketable education. People of ALL skin colors legally immigrate here and do better than white citizens all the time. Legal black and brown immigrants outperform black citizens in the areas of education, income, and getting married before having kids. It really isn’t complicated at all. The Left’s answer to fake racism is to double down on ACTUAL racism. What they should be doing, is to first stop treating people differently based on their skin color, and secondly, be honest about what the actual scientific data says you should do in order to succeed.

    • One of our Priest/Professors in Seminary dedicated his academic career to proving that a relative ethics can lead to the same moral compass as can be found in the Judeo-Christian tradition. I was interested in his work, so we discussed it, occasionally. In the end, he ended with an approximation of Jeremy Bentham. Decided not to write his book.

      • LifeSavor,

        This is an excellent video explaining the two opposing worldviews of secularism vs. Judeo-Christianity.

        • Haz,

          Thanks for posting that. Clear, concise exposition.
          Makes it clear that morality is a choice, also: we chose that which we want to believe.
          That is the free will with which we have been blessed.

        • The USSR was officially an atheist state, as is communist China. But murder is still illegal in both places (unless the government is doing the killing.). Murder is a breach of the social contract, the contract implicit in all groups of humans that orders their mutual existence from time immemorial.

        • Show me the hard evidence that a god posits anything at all. To borrow a line from the unhealthy guy in the video, ‘you can’t’. You can want on it real hard though. Close your eyes and comb the air with your fingers trying to feel a god’s will, yeah brilliant.

        • @Mark…there is no social contract. It’s communist gobbledegook used by people trying to justify the elimination of individual rights in the alleged name of the greater good, public health.

      • Not relativism, certainly, but reason can arrive at a fair approximation, as Paul wrote in his second letter to the Romans: “For when the Gentiles, which have not the Law, do by nature the things contained in the Law, these . . . show the work of the Law written in their hearts . . .”

        The fact that the greatest Classical philosophers arrived at a core moral code virtually identical to the Apostles’ (Commandments of the Torah minus purely ritual laws – not only the basic sic utere / Golden Rule stuff but also consensual heterosexual monogamy, and the oneness, omnipotence, and omniscience of God) is one of the strongest arguments in its favor.

        The metaphor of the “moral compass” is relevant here: God created the Natural Law along with the natural world; He chose at first to reveal it only to one people, but gave all of us the instrument of reason, which – when we distance ourselves from the attraction of spurious ideas – gradually discovers and aligns itself with the will of God as though with an all-pervasive magnetic field.

  5. Oh yeah, the UN; that’s the group that sends peacekeepers to Africa where they rape the locals.

    • What an absolute joke. This is another way that the Left hurts our national security. Notice the line of attacks on our country from Iran, China, and Russia just co-opt left wing attacks on our country, as if they have any moral standing to criticize us.

  6. I already deal with doctor BS…having Medicare means some a-hole lectures me on pretty much everything-GUNS included. What is a gun?!? And the Floyd family is worse than their violent felon brother/daddy/uncle. Homie wasn’t killed by a gun…

      • One of the big advantages of being a retired Fed is no Medicare. I still got the questions last time before I asked why are you asking me this stuff? When I found out it was required by Medicare I informed them that I am not on Medicare. I won’t be answering those questions again.

        • Hmmm? A retired fed *what*? I’m retired federal military, and I am certainly on Medicare (what a ripoff), how was I to avoid that?

        • Civil servants may retain their regular health cover or get the equivalent of Tricare. Why you would do that I don’t know since you get superior coverage for less total premium but you pay more out of pocket. Total cost is probably lower with Medicare option but you face fewer restrictions. You get what you pay for.

    • If you are getting that bullshit from your doctor, you need a different doctor. Do you belong to a gun club? Ask the other members for the names of doctors who respect them. Some might be members.

      • I think the Dr’s are following a script issued by Medicare as the questions are practically the same . I changed Dr’s thanks to my previous deciding to move and the new one is about the same. Spends most of his time on a laptop tapping away and ask a question then taps away again. If it wasn’t for the fact I need him to write prescriptions I’d just see him if I was sick.

        • Yeah, mine has done exactly the same over the years. This is a typical wellness visit, which is supposed to include a physical exam:

          DOCTOR: “Hello, Mr. Haz, how are you today?”

          ME: “Doing well, feeling well.”

          DOCTOR: “Great” [looks away to type on the computer keyboard] “Let’s look at your blood panel from your lab draw last week…cholesterol is good, testosterone is good, Vitamin D levels are good, etc. etc.”

          ME: “That’s good to hear.”

          DOCTOR: “Anything bothering you today? Any aches or pains that seem out of place?”

          ME: “No. Nothing more than the ‘morning stretch blues’ or a post-workout soreness from the gym. All’s good.”

          DOCTOR: “Okay, well, according to the charts and graphs provided by the major medical organizations, your numbers all fall into acceptable parameters, so I’ll see you again in six months.”

          ME: “You’re not going to perform a visual dermal check, or digital prostrate exam? You didn’t do either last time. Are they standard procedure for my age bracket?”

          DOCTOR: [spends ten seconds looking at the skin on my back and arms] “I see nothing that concerns me. Your PSA levels are good, so no digital exam is necessary.”

          ME: “Ok. Well, it has been three years since you last checked, so I was just wondering…”

          DOCTOR: “Do you want the digital exam?” [reaches for a latex glove from a drawer]

          ME: “Not particularly. It’s your call. You’re the doctor. I’m looking to you for medical guidance.”

          DOCTOR: “Naw, we can skip it again. We’ll wait until the computer tells me we should be concerned.”

          True story.

          At least he never asks about guns.

  7. We always fault POLITICIANS, media and dramacrats, but the real blame for current 2nd amendment crisis / issues comes down to average citizen. It takes 18 years to raise a child. If we want to keep 2nd amendment as intended, we need to reach.youth and ignorant folks. A lot of people don’t even understand semi-auto from revolver from pistol. If gun owners and gun advocates put ENERGY into gun rights like Black Lives Matter, we’d have all we need because people would pay attention!! Educate, communicate and enact.

    • That’s a losing stratagem, the main problem is the indoctrination camps schools which are re-educating our youth. Don’t you recall, post Parkland, the students which were forced to participate in the “grass roots” rallies, or excommunicated for their resistance to joining the protest that went against their beliefs through expulsions & suspensions?

      Corrupting the minds of the children is why the newer generations are so upside down on the concept freedom. It’s necessary to remove that source influence before we’ll be able to make headway in the oncoming generations.

  8. I’m no fan of the cops, but if you drive drunk, fall asleep at the wheel, and then resist arrest, or if you’re high on meth and fenny, and resist arrest, you run the risk of being injured or killed. For every action, there is a reaction. Wouldn’t the rational thing to do be to avoid trouble?? Don’t be a d*bag, and you won’t put yourself at risk of being killed.

    Why is noone else saying this?? Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

    • Because it is not always as clear cut black & white as you’re making it out. Case in point; myself, the person replying to you is currently being railroaded on a clearly legal DGU with an absolute hoard of evidence to back up my position. Some, irrefutably & incredibly damning for the actual offender (not I).

      A fair amount of which is directly in the Prosecutors hands, and they are as of this moment, still pursuing clearly false charges. One only need read the official report and watch the body cam footage to determine the vast disparity between what statements I indeed made, what I did not, and that the report says to the contrary.

      You might consider that these sorts of things do happen, and more often than you care to think.

        • Do you also do 2AM jogs ten miles out of your way just to sightsee in unfinished residential homes?
          Not me, I’d use the high school track in broad daylight because it was way smarter than assuming people can be convinced you’re an insomniac construction worker who got lost.

        • No, respectful and cordial, though hyped on adrenaline. Didn’t find out the extent of what they’d done until reading the report the next morning in the pokey. Notably, being illegally taken into custody on false premise, was kidnapping, and would be well within your right to resist. So say’eth the Supreme’s on the matter. Not that it will work out in your favor legally most of the time, unless you manage to not get killed in the process & have the funds to potentially fight it all the way up the flag pole. I do not, and the current financial burden is crushing.

          It was a losing proposition on my part, would’ve been 6 on 1 in enclosed quarters (6′ x 8′ space, currently disarmed, and back to the door). Would’ve taken the odds anyway, if they’d been intent on causing me physical harm. As it were, I went peaceably to fight in court where it will make more of a difference.

          One hopes.

          Given the circumstances learned of since, I come near to regretting that decision. Their falsehoods have put my civil rights in jeopardy, with the perp having filed for an injunction against me predicated on the lies on the part of the arresting officers report, and the victim’s perpetrator’s own misdirection’s regarding his actions, of which he’s trying to pin on me. Attorney said it doesn’t meet the standards of, with respect to the law. That’s of little comfort due to the obvious disposition of the legal system to disregard law & evidence up to this point.

          Still, I’ve got the bastard(s) dead to rights, provably on purgery, falsifying government documents, filing (additional) false police reports, brandishing & threatening me with a firearm, and a litany of others. Can’t let both barrels of that go until the case’s are heard. I cannot add anything specific further on the subject. Needless to say, the very moment this concludes, I’ll be filing multiple injunctions of my own. Before anyone asks the obvious critiquing question, I wasn’t armed at the time. That was the impetus for getting tooled up again. Carry always, heard loud & clear.

          Except when you can’t, because court orders to disarm in the face of continuous clear and present danger. So forgive if my occasional post seems short, I’m under a bit of potentially life ending or ruining pressure daily. What a great country we live in, right?

          Pardon my French, but this is as fucked up as a football bat.

        • @9×39

          That’s why you are on the right side of the grass. There is a lesson for everyone one their.

          @thanks. I ran urban cross country in Chicago when I was in high school and I some of the really hot days I hit the streets at midnight.

        • One would assume, but you know what they say about assumptions.

          I’ll give you a solitary hint, 22 years of Ng Moi’s personal style from the only direct successor in the lineage. No, not the commonly known ones attributed to her, though I know most of them too. As useful a tool set as they are, reality is it’s at a great disadvantage to a person several meters away with a gun. They were not.

          Something I probably should tell you, although it’s not meant in jest, nor insult. We’ve had a great many law enforcement & military members in & through our school over the decades. They either swallow their pride and have the sense to learn, or, more often than not like all the others they leave with that pride stinging them, and never return. I may not have survived in the end, or perhaps I may have, but I would not go alone.

          I allowed them to take me. Nothing more, nothing less. There’s a two-fold lesson in that, but only for those humble enough to listen & hear it.

  9. Is it just me, or does the appeal to the UN by the family of George Floyd seem like a request have the UN replace our constitutional government?

    Meant to deflect that George Floyd’s death was through a Democratic Party run Police force, City Council, and Mayor.

    • This looks like a ploy by the democrat political activists advising the Floyd family to get the world to co-opt BLM, etc., which is nothing more than a left wing political activist group.

      “Meant to deflect that George Floyd’s death was through a Democratic Party run Police force, City Council, and Mayor.”

      This is ALWAYS the case. There’s always a distraction to hide the true culprits. It’s never about solving problems, it’s always about gaining/maintaining power.

  10. Funny thing about Floyd though, he was a life long criminal. What do you expect the outcome of fake money and drugs to be? He lived life like a POS and he died like a POS. No one seems to be talking about his history with that specific officer and his last crimes, which might have had a big deal to do with how he died. I’m looking forward to a publicized trial of Chauvin.

      • There will be attempts to beatify George Floyd, but it will fail.
        Cops is bad enough, weez can’t have no church beatin’ peoples up, no sir.

    • Cruzo1981,

      Floyd’s previous crimes are irrelevant to the use of force which killed him. Even if Floyd had been violently resisting the officers before he was cuffed, it is irrelevant to the excessive use of force AFTER he was cuffed. Under US law, LEO’s may use force that is “reasonable and necessary” to make an arrest or to defend themselves or another person from harm, or prevent a suspect from escaping etc. Once a subject has stopped resisting, the continued use of physical force, either carelessly or as a malevolent or punitive measure is strictly forbidden by multiple well-established SCOTUS and lower court decisions.

      I am no lawyer, but I expect that if Floyd’s past is featured in the trial, it will be by the prosecution, in an attempt to demonstrate premeditation on Chauvin’s part. The defense has little to gain by bringing up his record except for perhaps as an emotional appeal to influence the jurors to subconsciously see him as less deserving of equal protection under the law.

    • They may be POTG in the sense that they know their way around firearms, but I hope you’re not counting on any of them to support *your* rights to the same.

      • Nope. Just pointing out that not all of the leftists can be simply laughed away, and that POTG can be turned.

        • Exactly. There definitely are people who know both guns and military tactics among the radical left. Anybody who dismisses all of them as feckless pajama boys hasn’t been paying attention.

          Combine that with the progressive left’s domination of the propaganda space, genius for organization, and extensive establishment support (plus the fecklessness of politicians in general), and you’re looking at some damn scary stuff.

  11. Wear a BLM shirt to visit the doc. Ask him if he supports the Cause or is he a racist.

    You’ll get your permit approved the same day.

  12. Why would the Floyd family want to disarm police, since no arms were used in the George Floyd situation, more like a leg. Oh that is what they mean, like literally chop off the arms and legs of police officers? Or…

    Typical progressive outage machine, lump everything and the kitchen sink together, generalize and blame everything rather than the actual people involved, don’t let a crisis go to waste, be sure to push for your standard want list even if not on topic. They throw it all together as they chant but then you can’t tell what we are actually talking about anymore. Which works a I guess, because they don’t really want to talk, more smash everything down while they have their moment in the spotlight.

    They will talk about police brutality and bring up non police involved cases like Trayvon or Arbery, or call for civilian gun control when talking about Floyd. Bump stock bans for Parkland, etc. And really it is an effort to grab the low hanging fruit. Why does my private company need to do something to address police brutality, etc…

    • The family sees an opportunity to become Youtube heroes, run off at the mouth about things they have no knowledge of or training about, issue silly demands and have stupid people pretend to approve. It happens all the time, that’s why whenever anything happens a video will show a dozen phones held up in the hope the holder will become famous.

  13. “Floyd family files request for United Nations to disarm the police”

    Please send in the blue helmets, please do…
    Time to break the back of the U.N. once and for all…

    • Someone should market targets with a blue helmet as the bullseye. I’d buy a hundred! Send a message.

    • And note the UN usually sources its peacekeepers from third world nations. They are cheaper but often not very effective.

  14. I would rather have more oversight on the prescribed medications Doctors give out like candy than to have one opine on my fitness to own a firearm or any other object.

    Stay in your lane, you have done enough harm with opioids and psychotropic meds.

    • I was about to comment the same damn thing. It seems like the only thing they do now days is prescribe a medication. I specifically go to doctors who do NOT do that. In other words, avoiding the VA as much as possible. My primary health care physician is actually a chiropractor. I don’t even take tylenol. I can’t remember the last time I had a flu shot, probably in the army almost a decade ago. I’m not one of those anti vaxers because I do see the benefits in modern medicine, but holy shit, the side effects from just taking over the counter stuff is absolutely insane! No thanks.

  15. i don’t think it would take long to find a drunk driver who skipped out on being cuffed. add use of deadly force against an officer to the charges, that should carry some weight.

    this is my request to bulldoze the u.n. into the hudson. get off my lawn, man.

  16. How might doctors obtain the necessary expertise to determine who is or isn’t, who should or shouldn’t be allowed to exercise their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, should the individual so desire. Interesting to note is the following. Even in jurisdictions with virtually no restrictions, has the general public taken to going armed? It does not so appear.

  17. In the best case scenario the Floyd family likely has only a vague idea of the UN much less be able to locate the building to make their demand.

  18. “Should Your Doctor Decide Whether You Can Bear Arms?”

    Only if I can decide whether my doctor can practice medicine. Next question?

  19. I am petitioning the UN to send in a force of peacekeepers to stop the looters and rioters…

    • Since the peacekeepers will be from poor African or Asian nations, they are just as likely to either join in the looting or take a bribe to look the other way.

      • How right you are! Worse — they could be French and may steal all the wine and cheese.

        My comment was meant in jest.

    • I’d fire at those idiots before I fired at any American, looter or not.

      Your petition is vetoed.

  20. Dr. deciding on gun ownership – that is the surest way to prevent people who really need help with depression and other mental ailments that may lead to violence from seeking help. If you’re interested in preserving your liberties, then it’s back to the days of stigmatizing any form of mental treatment. The law of unintended consequences will be vicious on this one.

  21. New York politicians want doctors to decide whether or not you can have a gun

    I fail to read in the 2 nd. where it mentions a doctor must approve your use of your natural/God given rights, for that matter any of your rights,Eff the un American gun grabbers and their doctors

  22. Floyd family files request for United Nations to disarm the police

    Bravo Sierra,UN out of the US and US out of the UN.

    Those pretty blue helmets are the perfect target color.

  23. I don’t even have a doctor, I can’t afford insurance and so far other than teeth issues (I have basic dental coverage) I have been pretty lucky, praise the Lord. Anyway, the answer to that silly question should be an obvious no, but common sense isn’t common anymore so you never know. Don’t forget to get your placebo Covid 19/Microsoft vaccine folks, it’s coming, first 1,000 sheep to get vaccines get a free Microsoft Surface!

    • How do you have dental but no other health coverage? I have NEVER seen an employer do that. Not only that, but dental is the hardest one to get. I mean, even places like retail environments offer health care for $30-40 a month for a single person. You just have to actually be employed for a year to get it. Or, since we live in America, you can always find your own for literally the same price with about the same deductibles. Not trying to pry too much, just hard to believe you have dental but no health and cannot afford to find any. It’s a total myth in this country that healthcare is not affordable. Now if you are talking major practices and such, then yes, it can get very expensive which is sad and something that could and should be reformed. But basic coverage? Have you even looked?

  24. Only I decide if I can have a firearm. It is my right to own a firearm, the 2nd Amendment guarantees me that. Now, if I become mentally disabled, my physician along with my immediate family can decide if I can keep my weapon, PERIOD!!!

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