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This apparently is what passes for hoplophobic humor north of the border.

This blanket policy is disrespectful to responsible gun owners like myself. As a gun enthusiast, I know the name, location, and safe carry practices for all 337 registered firearms on my premises. Each one has a practical use: I hunt with my Remington 700 to supplement my family’s food intake. I carry a sidearm in case some maniac goes off at the Costco, and a backup in case the first sidearm runs out of bullets, or if there is more than one maniac at the Costco. In that instance, I would hold my Beretta Nano in one hand and my Sig P238 in the other, and I would spin around and shoot them real fast like in the Matrix, and it would save the day. And while the Mossberg 500 on my back is always locked and loaded, it’s just for aesthetics. You gotta look good to feel good!

Which leads me to my most important guns: all 98 of my assault weapons. Anyone who says you don’t “need” an AR-15 has clearly never hunted the most dangerous game, which is a phrase I made up to describe the bears that eat my trash. The Doritos have made them dumb, thick, and strong, and I need a military-grade weapon to protect myself from them. And before you ask about bear mace, we found out the hard way that my wife is allergic, so we can’t keep it in the house. My only option here is an AR-15, preferably with a bump stock that enables me to shoot 600 rounds per minute. It’s the only way the bears will respect me.

And what about self-defence? You ever stop a home invasion with only a Glock 26 and a 357 Magnum? That might be enough firepower for a toddler or a large dog, but an adult man needs some heft behind him. In my experience, the man dressed as a garbage collector attempting to steal the rusted-out air conditioner off of your front lawn will just laugh at you and keep going.

– Megan MacKay in But if you take away my assault weapons, I’m just a regular man with hundreds of small guns

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    • If you aren’t paying attention, those same “progressive” ideals are in our country and waiting for their chance to pounce. Just because confiscation isn’t happening in your arena doesn’t mean the same playbook isn’t going to be used on your home turf.

      • It was meant tongue in cheek. And to be real, in the United States there have always been cucks that either are afraid of guns or the people. Here we get a say in who legislates and we have sent a lot of gun grabbers packing.

        • If you want to send Gun Grabbers Packing do not encourage them with, “who gives a crap” tongue in cheek crap. The only clear message Gun Grabbing nazis need to hear is…You mess with one of us you mess with all of us.

        • EricB,

          Here we get a say in who legislates and we have sent a lot of gun grabbers packing.

          Whew, so good to hear! That means I can be armed (either concealed or plainly visible) when I go visit California or New York and I will not have to worry about police arresting me and jailing me, right? (Hint: wrong!!!)

    • “It’s just the U.K. who gives a crap. It’s just Australia who gives a crap. It’s just New Zealand who gives a crap. It’s just Canada who gives a crap. It’s just New York and California, who gives a crap. Gee, it’s getting warmer in here. It’s just Massachusetts Oregon and Washington, who gives a crap…”

      • It is unfortunate that the liberal bastions have abandoned the American dream of self sufficiency but the article has to do with Canada, which is already socialist and they have a different rule of law than we enjoy. They’re more like subjects.

        • Many states in the US are as equally socialist as Canada. The constitution applies equally in New York and Wyoming, and yet it is ignored with impunity in one of those states compared to the other. It can happen in California, it can happen in Texas. There is nothing in the air or the dirt in currently less-restrictive states that is going to save them from turning into New York.

    • “I was able to chuckle a little. It’s Canada after all. Who gives a crap?”

      Canada sneezes, the US catches a cold.

    • I don’t know if she’s stupid. She did get a lot of the general technical aspects correct, which is more than I can say for most of these types of people.

      That being said, emotions can make one stupid, and I would say she is an emotional woman who sees the world through her emotions. She talks about carrying guns to “save the day”, “look badass”, and “so I get respect”. She views us with so much dehumanizing contempt that I wonder what sort of insecurities bounce around inside her head throughout the day. Or, at least, what sort of insecurities she has about the idea of gun ownership.

    • comedian? Is that what she is? I thought she was a steaming pile and what I was reading was from hallucinations from the vile stench

      • HAHAHahahaahaaa*SNORT*AHAAHAAAaaa. Oh gawd, the coffee, it burns…

        Well and truly eviscerated verbally. My man. :p

  1. the clueless are long overdue for a deeply stressful mugging.
    even if they don’t come around i’d rather them to be bewildered than smug.

    • It’s not a mugging when they hide in their homes from the virus, it’s home invasion. But it won’t happen to them, because in magic land no bad stuff happens to liberals, until it does. Then they will either learn or most likely blame the law abiding people for their problems.

  2. Comedienne!? Yeah, that’s what libs call comedy or biting satirical wit these days. We still call it childish ridicule! Please stay on your side of the border.

  3. I’ve been literally sitting here at my keyboard for several minutes, staring at the screen and trying to think of something witty to say. The problem is, we’re talking about Canada, Trudeau, some wannabe non-celebrity, and YouTube. All four of which are part of the same process that has been trying for decades to rid individuals of their ability to protect themselves. And that process continually boasts of perceived “wins” that it later loses.

    …and then I think, “where am I and where’s my coffee?…”

  4. F**ktards, f**ktards evvvrywheeeere.

    Sorry folks, usually much more congenial online, but in this case… “If the sh!t fit’s, wear it”.

  5. Megan…To Gun Control zealots your post filled with ” Common Sense Logic” is humorous. They’ve heard it a million times before and it goes nowhere. When it comes to Gun Control there is no difference between pompous, giggling Gun Control zealots and master race nazis being amused by unarmed Jews or the KKK being amused by unarmed Black Americans.
    Since the roots of Gun Control are in racism and genocide save your explanations and ask Gun Control zealots to justify their racist and nazi based Gun Control Agenda.

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

        • If it were not megan and it was not Dan perhaps you can go beyond 2 words and let me know who you think penned the post….Otherwise credit belongs to Dan as previously noted..

      • It has a quote bar on the left, an attribution to Megan at the bottom, and a link to the Twitter post where she says it. How is not clear who wrote it to you?

  6. More Incoherent ramblings from another person on Twitter. But they do deserve the privilege to keep and bear arms.

    I can’t say they have a right because they didn’t have a war, like we did. With the mother country. England.

    It’s a human right to have guns. But you have to kill in order to secure that right. And then be prepared to possibly kill to keep it. But the Welfare State makes people very compliant.

    • Speaking of compliance, I’m just gobsmacked at the “new normal procedures” public schools have been putting the kids through as they’ve been re-opening over the past week. Teaching them to be non-questioning sheeple at an early age.

      • Oh both of you useful idiots will roll over for whatever stupid infringement the morons you voted for implement. Like the kettle calling the pot black. Any minute moron number 3 is sure to respond I am sure.

        • Um…okay…I think you started typing with a point in mind, but your incoherence got in the way. Looks like the third moron showed up to the conversation and didn’t realize it.

      • schools have been teaching that to gradually greater degrees for decades. In past decades it was more focused on nationalism which “can” be just as bad as any other ism if not carefully controlled by the people themselves

      • So what you are saying is that I should pull my kid (8 year old boy) out of Catholic school and put him in public school because they will teach him to listen and follow orders blindly! Sold! That little jackwagon needs to learn to listen and follow directions the first time. As a libertarian I am saddened that I wish my son was a little more of a sheep. It’s just so exhausting. LOL.

        In all seriousness, I agree with your point. Indoctrinate them young is the school motto. It’s just important to find a school that will indoctrinate them with the right information.

  7. Oh I don’t know, it looks to me that with those two front upper teeth, she could cut down trees and dam up a stream as well as any beaver, if she can swim.

  8. Great option if bear mace isn’t viable as a deterrent. Black Flag Wasp and Hornet spray. It shoots up to a 15 foot stream. It also works as People deterrent where mace is not legal.
    As far as the Gun Grabbers goes. They are who they are. THE Enemy. No only definition required. A part of a bigger Reich. In a War between Responsible Freedom and Tyrannical Control. Whether in Canada and parts of the “United States”???. They are Winning simply because they control the game and make the rules up to suit their needs. The End will always Justify The Means. When Tyranny is the Goal. Each citizen will have to decide under which they want to live. It has taken the combined efforts of Control oriented Elite Liberal Cabal and an apathetic Citizenry. Many decades for their Ideology to reach this point in history. The time is fast approaching when the choice will have to be made. Even those who chose not decide. Will have still made a choice. Allowing “The Enemy’ to continue in their quest has proven to be a losing strategy for the side of Freedom. Slowly yet continually advancing their cause. Even when it’s 2 steps forward and 1 step back. It’s still a victory in a 50+ year protracted “War”. Where Control has more victories than Freedom. Whether it’s by Choice, Apathy, Relying on Pols and/or Courts or Fear. Freedom continues to be the casualty and the Citizenry suffers the pain. Keep Your Powder Dry…

    • “This apparently is what passes for hoplophobic humor north of the border.”

      Seems to me that Dan already made his opinion known.

    • I chuckled to myself when I read that sign. Then I sighed in resignation. So many just will not ever get it.

  9. Unsurprising Miss Mackay left one particular use for firearms out. The US 2nd Amendment spelled it out fairly plainly. It is, ultimately, the only one that matters.

    “…being necessary to the security of a free State”…

    • She’s speaking as a Canuck, from the land of Canucks. They do not bend the knee to our U.S.C., as they’re not American.

      • Oh I understand that. I was just pointing out the very obvious primary use of firearms she left out. If she’d like to know more about the use of firearms, there is a pretty famous document that would be easy for her to review. It’s not a long read.

        • True, but if she’s marching in the same parade as most other Leftists, they’ve never taken the 15 minutes to read the DOI, or the 20 minutes to read the USC. But they have plenty of time to pound all day on their social media.

        • The first 13 words of the 2nd Amendment have been ignored a lot longer than the rest of it.

  10. What do murderers, rapists, bullies, thieves, perverts, kidnappers, tyrants, child molesters and gun control zealots have in common? They all want you and yours to be disarmed. What Filth.

  11. Canadians didn’t fight for their freedom – they were granted freedom like a Roman grants freedom to his favorite slave after years of servitude.

    Hence, they don’t have a Second Amendment – nor could they be expected to understand that the right to keep and bear arms isn’t about hunting. It’s about PREVENTING the government from infringing upon the right to life, liberty, and property that our forefathers believe is imbued upon every living person from birth.

    • They are still Subjects of the Crown. Which owns 90% of Canadian lands. With Permission from the Crown to “Govern” Themselves. As goes England. So goes Canada.

    • Canadians count it a virtue that they trust their government whereas we gun toting Yanks don’t trust ours. Circumstances of national birth is the obvious reason.

      Canadians polled about what makes them different from Americans usually reply with a single word: GUNS. They are almost drowning in righteous superiority.

      Meanwhile, google “why Canada sucks”. All the cites are by Canadians and they do not paint a pretty picture.

    • On another forum I go to, there is a member who is Candian and ex military. He firmly believes civilians should not have semi autos, and that knowing hand to hand combat and knife fighting are far more important for self defence than knowing how to use firearms. Is there a term for military versions of Fudds like this guy?

      • “Is there a term for military versions of Fudds like this guy?”

        Not being fluent in Canadian, I can’t help you.

    • Then explain why I, an austrailan, understand that concept so well mate. to me it is the foundational underpinning of liberty and in the US even it has been horrendously debased and attacked even in the supreme court. The first major was NFA 1934. In my mind the people should be able to be better armed than the govt is allowed to be. Anything less creates an environment where the govt can force its will on the people

      • “In my mind the people should be able to be better armed than the govt is allowed to be. Anything less creates an environment where the govt can force its will on the people.”

        Correct-o-mundo. It is why the framers chose “arms”, not “small arms.”

  12. LOL, Megan McKay.

    I first stumbled upon her some years back on teh youtubes. Her takes on well, everything, are legendarily bad and consistently unfunny. Intersectional feminism and comedy do not mix.

  13. Sounds like Canada will be ripe for invasion in the next 24 months, eh?

    I say we take it before Russia.

  14. Yeah right, I raise the BS flag up real high on the “Doritos” in the trash comment. There is not a scrap of junk food that didn’t find it’s way into her cock holster.

  15. Wait, I thought that, “gun in each hand spinning around” was a good idea.

    Honestly that was no different than the usual interwebs posting on some of my favorite gun forums.

  16. For a bear I rather have a AR10 as .223s are a little small for large animals. Of course Megan wouldn’t know anything about caliber sizes and only knows scary black guns must be military, and military must be way ultra overpowered for mere peons.

  17. They will lead her into the camps too, maybe sooner than most. Or the arabs will deal with her once canada is part of the caliphate.

    Ever notice how most anti gun leftist women are not all that attractive?

    • Yes, we noticed. My hypothesis is that their unhappiness, self hate and twisted mind both push them towards the left extreme side and makes them fat, frowny and ugly.

  18. To the Moderators: I clicked on the link for gun reviews, and this article was at the top of the page. Say what you like about it’s merits, it’s definitely not a gun review.

    I appreciate and respect that folks want to discuss gun politics, and I’m all for that. But when I’m just in the mood for a gun review, I’d rather just see gun reviews. So can we confine the gun review page to gun reviews, and post political articles elsewhere?

  19. Gotta give her a little credit though…
    She used the right terms (assault weapon aside), and cited some very common schools of thought among the pro-gun crowd. She’s done her homework.
    I can at least respect that, even if I don’t agree with it (at all).

    Honestly, she seems to know enough not to include a particular roast of coffee beans on the list of banned firearms, which puts her FAR ahead of her masters in parliment.


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