SHOT Show: Two Simple AR Upgrades From Armaspec

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Who among us hasn’t struggled while changing the grip on an AR platform rifle? No, it isn’t difficult — or shouldn’t be — because all it takes is the turn of a screw. But that screw is shrouded by three-plus inches of polymer that can make getting at that screw a challenge.

The Armaspec Battle Grip screw is a V8 moment forehead-slapper. It’s simply an extended screw that brings the screw head up to the opening in the bottom of your AR grip so you can get at it quickly and easily. Duh.

It sells for a mere $14.99 and is worth every damned penny just in reduced aggravation levels.

Another simple upgrade you can make to your AR is swapping out that standard safety selector switch with one that’s quicker and easier to use.

Armaspec’s new Fulcrum safety selector makes switching from safe to hot and back again incredibly quick and easy. All it takes is a quick flip of your thumb without having to alter your grip. It’s perfect for people with smaller hands (like me), but it doesn’t protrude so much as to snag or get in the way.

The Fulcrum is shipping now. Forty-five degree short throw or 90-degree full throw models are $39.95. A 45/90 version is $44.99.

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  1. If you have a big problem taking your grip screw out, then you probably shouldn’t be messing with a gun or any mechanical things for that matter.

    • INB4 someone designs a QD grip… for the swap when you are booging in CA, but don’t want to get caught breaking any rules…

    • Yeah I genuinely hate to disparage either someone trying to make a buck or anyone who just likes to buy shiny new things, but come on now.

    • Ha ha, I was thinking the same. Never had an issue and it’s just more stupid stuff for the mod queers. I do like their 45 degree safety selectors tho — have them on most of my builds.

  2. ….because I change my grip every other Tuesday? I could see this of being of use to certain gunsmiths but that’s about it.

    • Those of us in California will get a lot of benefit from this. Makes changing our highly safe, non-assault weapon grip to a regular pistol grip whenever we leave occupied territory and back again when we have to return behind enemy lines a little bit easier.

      Yeah, yeah, leave California….. in due time my friends

    • Tell me what I’m missing here – what gunsmiths would have high enough volume to want this yet not just have a long handled screwdriver that they already have a ton of practice with?

  3. I don’t see either gizmos as a “need”. I just plan on keeping my rifle without immoral bs registration(hear that all you sbr boyz?)

  4. No need here to switch grips, I have never used but one grip and that’s the USGI version that comes with the LPK, same holds true for the Safety…not to berate anyone’s investment, hard work, ingenuity, etc…who knows the thing could help harmonics, recoil, etc.

  5. The screw is a fairly harmless, though overpriced trinket. It does negate any notion of storing spare batteries for your RDO or what have you in that grip cavity.

  6. All the cool kids know the only specialty thing you need to do with your grip screw is modify your lower so that you can take up your trigger slack.

  7. “Who among us hasn’t struggled while changing the grip on an AR platform rifle?”

    Me. I haven’t struggled while changing the grip on an AR platform rifle due to the screw.

    Ya get the right tools its not a struggle at all, easy peasy. hex screws and long allen wrench (or allen bits and driver). Common tools that most people who work on their own firearms have or can get easily. Like any task, use the correct tool for the task at hand.

    “The Armaspec Battle Grip screw is a V8 moment forehead-slapper.”

    Yeah, well maybe in a “hey, we can say its an accessory, create a need, and someone will buy it.” way. That’s what all ‘sales’ and ‘marketing’ people do to sell something they ‘create the need’ with words by making someone think they need it.

    Armaspec’s new Fulcrum safety selector – mehhhhh maybe yeah no. For people with small hands, yeah ok I can see that use. For someone who just wants to do it and ‘customize’ with something that’s kinda ‘clunky ugly’, yeah ok I can see that use. But other wise, nah can’t see a use for it considering the standard selector works just fine and if one is so inclined there are already options for this for customization out there that are not as ‘clunky ugly’ as this one and can be gotten for the same or lower price and do the same thing for those niche cases.

  8. There are a couple of things from Armaspec I have used that are ‘decent’.

    One is their ambidextrous ‘Victory TM Charging Handle’ >

    The other is their ‘XPDW Stock Gen 2’ > – but, I had to modify it because although ‘gucci cool’ in concept its not that cool in use because it removes cheek weld surface and leaves a ‘gap’ and ‘inside edge of the butt’ that did not suit me. I got it for a gift so I didn’t spend anything on it. A friend designed and 3D printed a screw on cheek rest for it, a couple of holes and a few screws later it was attached. After adding that it was a whole lot better. Overall its not something I would spend money on as there are better stocks out there, but for the ‘gucci cool’ factor it was decent.

    • I’ve used their one-piece buffer/spring assemblies a few times. They’re pricey but the captured springs mean you don’t need the buffer retainer, and you don’t get the annoying twang a traditional buffer and spring can have.

  9. SHOT Show Reveal: PSA Drops STG-44 Replica, Announces New “Battlefield” Line >

    “a replica of the German-made STG-44. … Will reportedly be available in 5.56/.223, .300 Blackout, 7.62x39mm, and, astonishingly, 7.92mm Kurtz, the round the firearm was originally chambered in. There will also reportedly be a 5.56 adapter available for the firing of blanks for those reenactors out there.”

  10. Just remove the dumb switch altogether. Pointless if you can’t switch between semi and full. Treat all guns as loaded anyway. Lever “safeties” are dumb.

  11. “He Who Dies With The Most Tools Wins!”

    Yeah, don’t need this “tool” at all. I’ve Screw Starters for Straight and Phillips, and long shaft Hex and Tork T Handle wrenches.


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