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Walking past the Precision Armament booth I was surprised to see that they’ve taken the plunge into silencers. After winning the first two of my muzzle brake shootouts with their M4-72 brakes and me being a fan of their products ever since, I was intrigued and I popped in to learn more about their new AeroMod 22+ silencer.

As you can see, it’s a completely modular design in that each and every baffle can be removed and reinstalled per the shooter’s preference. You can balance weight, length, and sound suppression to your needs.

Each modified K-style baffle is lightweight, yet is machined from 17-4 PH stainless steel. With very high strength and heat resistance, the use of 17-4 means the AeroMod is up for far more abuse than many .22 LR silencers, whether in terms of how it’s cleaned or what cartridges are fired through it.

The truly unique feature, however, is the AeroMod’s TriCentric Interface. Precision Armament designed a fresh type of threads, which are tapered on one side and not exactly uniform in pitch or shape.

When a baffle is screwed onto another one, the threads feel normal for most of their rotation, but then they snug up a little before seating/snapping into place. They lock together and are apparently impervious to cross threading, carbon locking, and they even function when muddy or dirty.

I didn’t catch all of the technical details of what’s going on in the threading and the slightly not-round design that helps them lock in place and seal up more completely than the competition, but it looked, sounded, and felt really good.

The AeroMod 22+’s mount is the serialized component and baffles can be installed in any order.

Overall it looks good and I’m excited to try one out. I prefer stainless steel rimfire silencers to other materials and I’m intrigued by the unique thread creation that Precision Armament has come up with and potential other applications for it in the future.


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  1. The ability to replace baffles indefinitely without going through more forms for new cans could be amazing.

    • Hello TrueDisciple, what you say is in-fact correct! You will be able to ship your AeroMod suppressor (you must send the entire unit) straight to us, the manufacturer, where we can replace your damaged baffle and have it back in the mail within the hour- no paperwork required.

      If you have any more questions, please let us know at [email protected]

  2. So, it’s made in a State which does not allow it’s own citizens (subjects) to purchase them? Weird.

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