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Matador Arms makes my favorite AR to PCC adapter. It’s a mag block that fits into a mil-spec magwell and allows me to use CZ 75 magazines in my AR. That’s what I knew Matador Arms for, but that was before the MAT-9.

The MAT-9 is a AR-9 upper designed to fit any AR 9mm lower and work with any lower parts kit. With the MAT-9, a bugger tube is no longer needed, and the entire operating system is contained in the upper receiver.

A New Kind Of Upper

With a simple, straight blowback design, this is fairly easy and makes it easy to put together a more modern subgun. This opens up the ability to use a folding brace or a stock with a tax stamp.

It’s a monolithic upper with an integrated handguard with M-LOK slots. A nice long rail gives you plenty of room for optics. The barrel is 7.825 inches long and features ½ x 28 threading.

What was impressive is that it works with a AR 9mm lower. That means any magazine platform that fits in a AR 9 lower receiver. Got a Quarter Circle 10 MP5 lower? Well, you can use MP5 mags. Do you have a PSA AR-V lower? Good. Now you can use Scorpion mags. The list goes on and on, so yes, you can use GLOCK, P320, Colt SMG, etc., with the MAT-9. It’s simple, easy to use, and versatile.

The folks at the Matador booth showed off some interesting setups showing off the potential of the MAT-9. The charging handle is moved from the AR style position and put over the barrel, HK style. It’s available in a few different colors to top everything off. Simple blowback uppers and designs are a dime a dozen, but the modularity and versatility of this design have me interested. The $585 price tag isn’t too crazy either.

We’ll be reaching out for a review sample.

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    • Oof. Hopefully they can tweak the design a bit and keep selling them. At that price point they should sell a ton.

  1. I built a 9mm upper and use pmags when shooting it. I purchased 3 Endomag adapters for the pmags and they work well.

    All I had to add to an upper and rail I already had was a 9mm bolt, buffer, and barrel.

    A lot cheaper than $600.

  2. By the time NY has the option of legal easy sub guns I am going to need to catch up on at least a decade of options and development for what to build.

  3. “The MAT-9 is a AR-9 upper designed to fit any AR 9mm lower.”

    that’s what they call ‘native.

    but you can also use it on a standard AR lower with their mag adapter (for glock or sig mags) and then you have a 9mm PCC. they call this ‘conversion ‘.

    so want a 9mm PCC … take the buffer tube off an AR lower, put this upper on it, get their mag-x adapter, attach a ‘stock’ to the rear pic rail.

        • Like I said I ain’t seen that law yet.
          Seen some folks post something they think is but it ain’t and ain’t seen a date or heard the court yet

        • Not sure what you are talking about then Matt. What “law” are you specifically wanting to see?

          Basically; a 16 inch barrel is what makes it a rifle vs a SBR type which needs a tax stamp. You don’t know that? Its why you can buy an M4 style carbine at the LGS without having to apply for the NFA $200.00 tax stamp, the 16″ min barrel.

          Its not a ‘think it is’ its a ‘it is’ thing.

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